Logic - Everybody (Full Documentary Trailer)

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  • Isaac  Gallardo
    Isaac Gallardo 3 days ago

    okay so i bought the deluxe hardcover booket a while back and it barely came in today, how do i watch the documentary??? can someone please help a brotha out??

  • BootyTrappinAntonio
    BootyTrappinAntonio 14 days ago

    If Anybody Wants To Watch The Documentary Hit Me Up On The Dm's.
    Instagram: @Rattpack___logic
    (it's 3 underscores btw)

  • Isaiah Cruz
    Isaiah Cruz 1 month ago

    Who else was emotional af when logic started crying in the full documentary?

  • Skid Marky
    Skid Marky 1 month ago

    "We fuck with logic"

  • alien l-/
    alien l-/ 2 months ago

    so much hype i really want to watch it all

  • Liam Mullen
    Liam Mullen 2 months ago

    Can't wait to see it

  • Irie Jones
    Irie Jones 2 months ago

    Is that Lucy Rose?

  • JtRidin
    JtRidin 2 months ago

    the music in the documentary, hmm u better drop that single of the song at 1:55

  • Rui Gonçalves
    Rui Gonçalves 2 months ago +1

    Logic is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Délany Fonseca
    Délany Fonseca 2 months ago

    bobbys such an awkward nerdy motherfucker god i love him

  • Victoria Iglesias
    Victoria Iglesias 2 months ago

    I literally just watched the full documentary on here yesterday 😑😑😑 They mustve taken it down 😭

  • RunNeSh3 VEVO
    RunNeSh3 VEVO 2 months ago

    Did j Cole make an appearance?

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M 2 months ago

    What's the name of the first song on this video?

  • Noah O'Brien
    Noah O'Brien 2 months ago

    Lucy rose is fucking adorable

  • Diego Miranda
    Diego Miranda 2 months ago

    This album was ass

  • ziggy
    ziggy 2 months ago

    im here before the birth of youtube.

  • WC Hiker
    WC Hiker 2 months ago

    Can I watch this if I have apple music?

  • Ty Ryan
    Ty Ryan 2 months ago

    Whats the first song

  • Squiddy FTW
    Squiddy FTW 2 months ago

    17 time I watched this and counting

  • jose Martinez
    jose Martinez 2 months ago

    just realized that is Rose

  • Lane Walsh
    Lane Walsh 2 months ago

    Good album but wtf logic you didn't give juicy J enough feature time in that song

    SUDZY 2 months ago

    I'm half black btw

  • William Woidat
    William Woidat 2 months ago +1

    When's this shit coming out??

  • Jeremiah Rucker
    Jeremiah Rucker 2 months ago

    check my shirts out

  • Eight Six
    Eight Six 2 months ago

    When is Big Lenbo releasing his new shit? that shit is fire, Honestly I really didn't feel this project of yours Logic, I fuck with your other shit though

  • Frankie S
    Frankie S 2 months ago

    hat looks fake af at 1:20

  • treesap
    treesap 2 months ago

    "I may not need or want it. i gotta have it"

  • Melker Örnberg
    Melker Örnberg 2 months ago

    Just watched it and that is probably the best 45 minutes of my life.

  • Noot
    Noot 2 months ago

    Never heard of this guy before and I'm starting to see him everywhere

  • Random 21
    Random 21 2 months ago

    We need to see K.A.A.N with him

  • Lucas
    Lucas 2 months ago

    I hope the documentary will be available on Netflix

  • Orbit Obzeh
    Orbit Obzeh 2 months ago

    Antony Fantano's review sums up my feelings on this album, disappointing lyrically with nice instrumentals and a good message but focuses too much on blacks rather than 'everybody' and I don't mind the talking but there's way too much of it and the 3 tracks already released before the album were my favourites.

  • brobro34343
    brobro34343 2 months ago +1

    This album isn't really about everybody like the title suggest. It's about Logic's struggle with his own identity. That's why I think Cole's verse at the end raps up the album perfectly.

    "I need to cry and vent
    But I done built this wall up
    Actin' like everything's all good"

  • asdf asdf
    asdf asdf 2 months ago

    i put my hand on the bible swear im the truth, hand on my rifle i support the troops. NOT A LIGHT SKINT NIGGA

  • J M4Y
    J M4Y 2 months ago

    Hes not that great js has a few hits but that's all he needa get his head outta his ass.

  • Isaiah Howell
    Isaiah Howell 2 months ago

    I wonder if Logic would work wit DJ Khaled

  • mouheb khateeb
    mouheb khateeb 2 months ago

    I'm a simple man I see Lucy rose I click

  • Risslight
    Risslight 2 months ago

    This guy has the brain of yellow man, apperance of white man and xxxx of black man.

  • Kanza
    Kanza 2 months ago

    I fucking love you Logic

  • brobro34343
    brobro34343 2 months ago

    It's a shame some people aren't feeling this album. I like it a lot but I do understand how is could put some off. It's more understandable when you remember the album was originally called AfricAryan. Seems he searching for his own identity

  • PC Principal
    PC Principal 2 months ago

    What an overrated pile of dogshit. He's exactly what you expect an mlg 10 yearold to sound like rapping. Will never understand how these wanna be ballers get fame and fans. Such basic music.

  • Jeremy's world
    Jeremy's world 2 months ago

    why the fuck is this wigger in my recommended?

  • Evolutionz YT
    Evolutionz YT 2 months ago

    I was here im a true fan

  • CyEz - YT
    CyEz - YT 2 months ago +1

    Like NOW?


  • Michael Evans
    Michael Evans 2 months ago

    Kinda sad that in this day in age nobody cares to listen to an album from front to back anymore.

    All anyone cares about is instant gratification and hit singles. 90% of people will never understand the true meaning of the album.

  • aflacdude1234
    aflacdude1234 2 months ago

    Wait... Logics half black?!?!

  • Iso Evolutionzz
    Iso Evolutionzz 2 months ago

    1:45 Dude from Alvin and the chipmunks?

  • The 100 Challenge
    The 100 Challenge 2 months ago +1

    This is #41 on trending, I'm so happy! Logic is finally getting the reputation he deserves.



  • Nathan Gotti
    Nathan Gotti 2 months ago +1

    logic is so fucking bad. hes a pretty ass white boy that needs to get raped in da hood

  • ltsJynx
    ltsJynx 2 months ago

    is the deluxe album on apple music?

  • Ayy lmao
    Ayy lmao 2 months ago

    im black and white guys

  • Mayra Villasenor
    Mayra Villasenor 2 months ago

    He's such a beautiful human being that is so kind and understanding. Every time I watch any video with Logic in it or listen to his music it's a reminder that I can do anything I want to as long as I put the effort and time. Thank you Bobby for all of your beautiful art.

  • IGotAlotOfSocks
    IGotAlotOfSocks 2 months ago

    He's a con-artist.

  • Winter Rogue
    Winter Rogue 2 months ago

    Can you publish it in yourube for the ones that dont have IPHONE

    DEADLY&GAMING BROS 2 months ago

    well,seems it wasnt his chains afterall

  • Young Fly
    Young Fly 2 months ago

    I love you logic

  • Nicholas Rios
    Nicholas Rios 2 months ago

    Hyped, he is the G.O.A.T.!

  • adrian m
    adrian m 2 months ago

    can some one send me the documentary? #rattpack

  • blackorean
    blackorean 2 months ago

    Anyone else not like the fact that it's called "everybody" but he literally talks about only white and black people like they're the only two races

  • CalmThClam
    CalmThClam 2 months ago

    everythany bodytano controls my music choice

  • Phanic! at the twenty one clique ogre bois

    Who's here before 500k views?

  • Tony Barzuna
    Tony Barzuna 2 months ago

    Lets gooo #RattPack we on the #38 on Trending on Youtube!!!!

  • Jarret Randall
    Jarret Randall 2 months ago

    I got a bit of a Gary Vee vibe in this... keep killing it bru!

  • RAÚL Channel
    RAÚL Channel 2 months ago

    it was alright

  • Will Wesley
    Will Wesley 2 months ago

    Not gonna lie I really didn't like the album all that much, Logic still one of the goats tho🔥🔥

  • James Miley
    James Miley 2 months ago

    I appreciate what logic was trying to do with this album. I just feel it was executed was very poorly.

  • Einphoenixstein
    Einphoenixstein 2 months ago

    He's so negative now.

  • Xeferex
    Xeferex 2 months ago

    Me: Hey Logi-


  • dillon A
    dillon A 2 months ago

    For some reason got chills

  • Skert
    Skert 2 months ago

    Ultra 85...... the end

  • Memories55
    Memories55 2 months ago

    Logic needs to hop off the mixed point of view already . We get it bro like seriously you been rapping about it for years now change it up. I want that raw pre fame mixed tape feel again

  • SpongeBob Rosspants
    SpongeBob Rosspants 2 months ago

    This album was just ok

  • VCE
    VCE 2 months ago

    Id love to work with you logic, ill see you soon! Everybody, the vision, and the documentary and all the work behind it has truly paid off; I can feelit in the records. I love this album and youre already doing big things in such a small amount of time; I can't wait to see what your future hold, keep doin your thing man! One Love - VCE

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 2 months ago

    Man I love logic as a fan, but this album wasn't his best 😕 hope his next album is better than this one.

  • Logical_Boyee
    Logical_Boyee 2 months ago

    Is the Documentary gonna be on netflix?

  • Aiden Larson
    Aiden Larson 2 months ago

    smh you not jcole we don't love you like that to watch your doc

  • Ultra 85
    Ultra 85 2 months ago


  • Syrian Warlord
    Syrian Warlord 2 months ago

    "Let's do this shit, that was lit".

    DENSHA 2 months ago

    For anyone saying his latest album was trash: 2:01 ; 2:12

  • Kris Jordan
    Kris Jordan 2 months ago

    Rattpack where my family at? patiently waiting for this documentary to be dropped on YouTube

  • Avant-R
    Avant-R 2 months ago

    It's just pushing the same thing down our throats every song. I'm a huge fan, but man...

  • Pure_ARTIC
    Pure_ARTIC 2 months ago

    whats the song playing through this video?

    • Hideotic
      Hideotic 2 months ago

      Pure_ARTIC Confess and Ink Blot

  • Nonm Fluffy
    Nonm Fluffy 2 months ago

    what are the songs called

  • Fanrht 101
    Fanrht 101 2 months ago

    Whats the song starting from 0:15 ??? That's DOPE

    • Hideotic
      Hideotic 2 months ago

      Fanrht 101 Confess

  • Mo Money
    Mo Money 2 months ago

    that confidence gives me a boner

    AC6PILOT 2 months ago

    your music is amazing logic the only thing u said wrong is, we are not all amazing unfortunately

  • iLove2splurge
    iLove2splurge 2 months ago

    CLEARLY if you think this Concept album is trash, Logic doesn't give a shit 😂😂😂😂

  • CrazyMannGaming
    CrazyMannGaming 2 months ago

    All Logic Rapped On His New Album Was Race This Race That.
    I Wished We Could Have Just Erased That.
    Face Facts Guys. ;)

  • boi
    boi 2 months ago

    me - Hey logic

  • True Dope
    True Dope 2 months ago +3

    How come Logics fans, basically most white "hip hop heads", are so disappointed with everything, first they try to put Em down, then they were shittin on Kendricks TPAB and now they shitting on this album like? I know everyone has their oppinion but straight up trashing an incredibly solid project like Everybody IS, is just retarded, everyone of you is just swimming with a wave no matter what, nobody gets this albums messages and therefore it's "bad". Just stfu for now, we all know you'll change your oppinion in a month again when it gets less hype and ya'll actually understand it and "vibe" with it. Fucking morons.

    • Jake Semin
      Jake Semin 2 months ago

      True Dope the message was pretty deep but the beats are horrible, a lot of it is him just talking, and you can't really "bump" to this. TPAB was great it just had to grow on most people, but this was disappointing compared to his other music. I'm sorry but I don't want to listen to Logic talk half the time, I want to here him rap.

  • NickJamesRapper
    NickJamesRapper 2 months ago +20

    I feel like Logic was struggling with his racial identity on this album.. it's called "Everybody", but it's majority focus was on black people, and how he's black. He said it would change everything. But honestly the message wasn't written in his songs enough, and it sort of painted a weird image of him in my eyes now. Idk, I got mixed feelings wit this one. Still love him tho

    • Like Mike
      Like Mike 2 months ago

      NickJamesRapper the more I listen the more I like it. I know exactly what you're saying though, almost like he's dissing white people, but I don't think that was the goal of the album. A lot of interviews he said people bashed him for not doing the black lives matter thing and he said he's gonna make an album about it.

    • NickJamesRapper
      NickJamesRapper 2 months ago

      I B Vegito Which perfectly fits this album. It was more personal for him than anything. To title something "Everybody" makes me assume that he'll be discussing all sides, and every race, not just praising one race and sort of shitting on the other. The album overall disappointed me.

    • I B Vegito
      I B Vegito 2 months ago

      NickJamesRapper it was going 2 be called AfricAryan at first,but he changed the title.

    • whyaskmenoely25
      whyaskmenoely25 2 months ago

      Glad someone else picked up on that too. It was more for him. You could see it in the documentary that he was coming face to face with the life that he's made for himself and whether or not he believed he deserved it.

      I respect and appreciate where it comes from and if it somehow helps him with his identity (the Cole verse would have been for nothing if it didn't) then I can live with it not being on par with his other projects. He better come with the heat on the next album though.

    • Sean Watts Moore
      Sean Watts Moore 2 months ago

      NickJamesRapper yea

  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan Kim 2 months ago

    @darattpack on instagram

  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan Kim 2 months ago

    I love this man ✌️❤➕

    DEDSEC X 2 months ago


  • Kyle Dabrow
    Kyle Dabrow 2 months ago

    The only feeling I conveyed from this album was disappointment. I know Logic is better than this and I'll finish this by repeating what J. Cole said, "Fuck the black and white shit."

    • Kyle Dabrow
      Kyle Dabrow 2 months ago

      OrdinaryBeastYT I thought the concept of different perspectives was fine. I even thought the production was dope. Logic let me down on this album. His lyrics could've been better on this. However, I'm glad you enjoyed the album.

    • OrdinaryBeastYT
      OrdinaryBeastYT 2 months ago

      I'm sorry you feel that way. I thoroughly enjoyed the album

  • HorizonHD | Battlefield Gameplay

    I usually just don't bother with haters, but I cannot stand people who talk this man down. This guy's gone from having one of the worst childhoods imaginable, to where he is now, to spreading equality while making music that's fucking lit, in which he gets little recognition for.

    He's confirmed his next album will be his last, and people are glad? Like what the fuck, you have artists that make one good album (with little meaning usually) and then they pump out a project every year and a half. Like that ain't talent in my opinion. What this guy does is pure talent and I hate the fact that someone can hate on him for it.

  • Dank meme Expert
    Dank meme Expert 2 months ago

    Low-key logic looks like idubbbz

    • Hideotic
      Hideotic 2 months ago

      Dank meme Expert LMAO same head shape

    HELL YA TINY RICK 2 months ago +3

    But he only rapped from the perspective of black people

    • OrdinaryBeastYT
      OrdinaryBeastYT 2 months ago

      Before you comment some dumbass shit make sure it's not blatantly false.

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