♿ This is how 300 KM/H BIKE CRASH sounds like...

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  • City Spawn
    City Spawn 8 months ago +1321

    that is why i love my moped bike....

  • mohineesh nair
    mohineesh nair 3 hours ago

    Is he alive?

  • 1.999.999.999 görüntüleme


  • emir dildar
    emir dildar 23 hours ago

    Bursa yolu burası aq

  • Bartek rzeszotko
    Bartek rzeszotko 2 days ago

    only thisguysis dead i see full video its horrible

  • Серп Горный

    ну и хуйня же

  • 1423 171
    1423 171 3 days ago

    I honestly have zero sympathy for these guys they were asking for it it's no ones fault but their own you should never be doing 180 mph on a public road

  • zfghty uuyghju
    zfghty uuyghju 3 days ago

    I just realised how much I love my bicycle.

  • Karan Jamwal
    Karan Jamwal 3 days ago

    Sounds nice. I wanna die listening to such a sound. Amen

    UZUMAKI BORUTO 4 days ago

    Rest in piece

  • KrazyKiwi
    KrazyKiwi 4 days ago

    I think I'll be doing this in a more secluded area where it's one straight, and only me.

  • Hakan Kara
    Hakan Kara 4 days ago

    It happened in Turkey. I saw this on the news but of course the dead body was censored and I watched uncensored version of this. The guy was sliced like 6 or 7 piece .

  • boreteee
    boreteee 4 days ago

    nice video!this is the destiny of street racers!!

  • Mr. Kitty
    Mr. Kitty 4 days ago

    I don't group ride for this reason, it's risky enough already going that fast. Rest in peace riders, condolences to the families.

  • Daniel Wylie
    Daniel Wylie 4 days ago

    Any word about what might have happened to this poor guy? Is the full length video available?

  • Greg
    Greg 4 days ago

    The title is wrong. It says " ♿ " but actually it's " ☠ "

  • Mickxal
    Mickxal 7 days ago

    I cannot understand how people have the balls to go this fast. If I get over 200KM/H my spider senses activate and my balls turn cold then I pussy out.

  • David Fleming
    David Fleming 7 days ago

    Is he died? 🙂

  • T3rMu
    T3rMu 7 days ago

    they had no head to begin with

  • Afnan Suenaga
    Afnan Suenaga 7 days ago

    Im more impressed with the camera

  • Buğrahan Özkan Özkan

    that driver crashed at 300km/h his head cut of from body and waist cut from legs too he was like 5 or 6 pieces

  • john doe
    john doe 8 days ago

    Lmao people asking if they lived? hahaha no, dumb asses. The fkrs limbs seperated from their bodies. One guy's head severed and his face seperated from the skull like a bean bag. they are dead. beyond dead. well deserved.

  • Nicholas Aguilar
    Nicholas Aguilar 9 days ago

    Dam the guy flying took out the bike :0

  • Addbow 1
    Addbow 1 9 days ago

    forsure dead, better them than a family in a car

  • Manuel Mustaine
    Manuel Mustaine 9 days ago

    Good job... Fucking idiots .

  • mohd Irfan Sariman
    mohd Irfan Sariman 10 days ago

    fuk noob edit.. fake video edit

  • Aleš Sedlář
    Aleš Sedlář 10 days ago

    Stupid idiot

  • Cortez Taylor
    Cortez Taylor 11 days ago

    were they all racing eachother or no

    ROSATO 11 days ago

    So is the bike okay?

  • Schrader Bräu
    Schrader Bräu 11 days ago

    I know the Video after that accident 😪

  • korg karma
    korg karma 11 days ago

    stupid monkeys

  • Jesky 11
    Jesky 11 12 days ago

    He survived?

  • awder mahmod
    awder mahmod 12 days ago


  • All In One Media
    All In One Media 12 days ago +1

    that's why to travel at 300+ speed aeroplanes are used as they dont need road they need sky

  • Lewis McKernan
    Lewis McKernan 12 days ago

    he survived for sure

  • SAUD 00
    SAUD 00 13 days ago +1


  • Gaurav Krishnia
    Gaurav Krishnia 13 days ago

    they didn't published the whole video of the guy's body parts apart from his body

  • dangrous allera
    dangrous allera 13 days ago

    guys the aftermath of this video was horrid.body part were literally everywhere.

  • Vishnu Prasad
    Vishnu Prasad 13 days ago

    is that pilot ALIVE

  • Fabián Picón
    Fabián Picón 14 days ago

    Well...the idiot Driver die or not?

  • tremor rica
    tremor rica 14 days ago

    Better cameraman than a rider.

  • spezkay81
    spezkay81 15 days ago

    Hey mom look at me! I can go fast!

  • mojo 69
    mojo 69 16 days ago

    He is too young

  • EVIL- X
    EVIL- X 16 days ago

    r they dead or alive

  • Wtfsazerk
    Wtfsazerk 16 days ago

    Did he live

  • einfach krank
    einfach krank 17 days ago

    Thid video is not all film...i have a video on my handy from this motorbikecrash....puhhhhh the head left,,the body right and the food left right phuuuuuu

  • Al Pra
    Al Pra 19 days ago

    better you than me

  • blink dagger
    blink dagger 20 days ago

    fast but paper

  • niklas kunze
    niklas kunze 21 day ago

    Hat er es überlebt

  • Ömer Yücel
    Ömer Yücel 21 day ago

    this crash happend in turkey. one dead

  • Zach.
    Zach. 22 days ago

    Hope it killed his dumbass

  • Taavi Miku
    Taavi Miku 22 days ago

    This happens when you balls are bigger than your brain.

  • Frank Andersen
    Frank Andersen 23 days ago

    It's more the sound of stupidity...

  • pekka force
    pekka force 23 days ago

    how the riders?

  • N!cky
    N!cky 23 days ago

    2 bugs with one hit

  • SweetGamer
    SweetGamer 23 days ago

    Rest in spaghetti never forgettie

  • JC Lundy
    JC Lundy 24 days ago

    If you wondered how bad it was

  • Mr. Rex
    Mr. Rex 25 days ago

    Stupid Moslems

  • Thomas Hansen
    Thomas Hansen 25 days ago

    I saw a guy drive with about 200 km/h and i thought, if he falls, regardless of how he lands, he's dead.. Is it possible to survive a crash with that amount of speed?

  • rayhan fatemi
    rayhan fatemi 26 days ago

    Is he ok?

  • 90's Gangsta Life
    90's Gangsta Life 27 days ago

    I whent faster than that in a car the actual footage of me doing over 200 mph is on my channel if u wanna check it out this motorbike was doing 186.41 mph I actually also did 230+ mph on a super tricked out Yamaha R1 but didn't film it

  • minh nguyen
    minh nguyen 27 days ago

    why don't you show the aftermath? the leg and the head littered everywhere

  • Bruce Hood
    Bruce Hood 28 days ago

    Do high speed bikers catch the attention of women?

  • Lexa Lexa
    Lexa Lexa 28 days ago


  • iAreJoeRides
    iAreJoeRides 28 days ago

    A crash at 300 will kill you anywas, atleast in traffic, the aftermath on this one is brutal as it gets. Legs, limbs, heads, parts everywhere.

  • castlehackerz gone
    castlehackerz gone 28 days ago

    u fuck face.y r u doing 300/hr u moron on public road. and u end the video with ride safe huh? may ur soul rest in peace trust me ull need it

  • lindgrenland
    lindgrenland 28 days ago

    Fucking idiots endagering people in public traffic

  • bimo herwantoro
    bimo herwantoro 29 days ago

    I hope he died. What a stupid fuck.

  • Backlab
    Backlab 29 days ago

    Mi dispiace molto dirlo ma questa è selezione naturale...

  • Wesley GM
    Wesley GM 29 days ago

    One word to explain waths happen after for anyone who don't want see the full video: pieces

  • Γιάννης Μπρεδάκης

    what happend with the driver?

  • Christian Kron
    Christian Kron Month ago

    I hope they died

  • Barış TAŞ
    Barış TAŞ Month ago

    yep this video is from turkey. rider is dead. these metal barriers are shredders. one of the worst way to die r.i.p.

  • Assertive Biker
    Assertive Biker Month ago

    The sound of a 282km/h crash

  • RGBEES New zealand
    RGBEES New zealand Month ago

    not surprised with the bits and pieces all up all over the place , crazy people doing that sort of speeds - 140 kph is fast enough for me, the wind resistance is uncomfortable going any faster - only 140 during overtaking etc . stupid people

  • mad4tarmac
    mad4tarmac Month ago

    man this is why i track race...same every race I go to..the normal bikers who come to watch go home thinking yeah I can do this..met a good few guys in the ditch over the years! want to ride like that get a race bike.

  • Gerald Ilad
    Gerald Ilad Month ago

    aeww my paint!

  • sam saroj
    sam saroj Month ago +4

    People Who Comment Shit About That Biker Are Idiots. It's Definitely Not The Biker Fault.... He Is Going At 300 Km But He Is Stable. Even If He Goes At 50 Km This Accident Would Happen Because It's The Guy On The Another Bike Made The Accident. There Is Nothing To Do With Speed Here. Even If U Go At 50 Km And Some Materials Fall On Ur Face U Can't C The Road And U Wil Definitely Fall. So Stop Blaming That Biker. I Feel Sorry For That Rider

    • Zargonis
      Zargonis 10 days ago

      If he was going 50 km/h, 100 km/h or even 200 km/h he would have been fine because these other bikers would have been far ahead of him. It's the fact that he kept up with all of them going 300 km/h that makes it his fault.

  • Gang TV
    Gang TV Month ago

    I Love Kawasaki

  • Stevie Lowe
    Stevie Lowe Month ago

    piece of shit scum ..zero sympathy hope you spend rest of your sad lives in traction

  • Arda Yılmaz
    Arda Yılmaz Month ago

    this crash is turkey
    And his dead
    a lot of body parts everywhere its so mad

  • Сергей Сорокин

    www.liveleak.com/view?i=a71_1479937334 oh boy

  • Mel MacKinnon
    Mel MacKinnon Month ago

    All it takes to go very fast is good credit and no brains. Talent doesn't enter into it in these cases.

  • armin master
    armin master Month ago

    R.i.P better die fast, then never real lived.

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman Month ago

    did he died?

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis Month ago


  • Goran Farkas
    Goran Farkas Month ago

    was that fun dumb people ?

  • Mao Zedong
    Mao Zedong Month ago

    Ride like a idiot die like a total twat

  • Brigita Čeh
    Brigita Čeh Month ago


  • kahraman cizgi
    kahraman cizgi Month ago

    bursa istanbul yolunda oldu

  • Razia Sayed
    Razia Sayed Month ago

    good very good

  • Lukas Joketrack
    Lukas Joketrack Month ago +2


    wruuuuuummm....crhzcshschhhhhkrbamm queeetschgrakkrzntpffns

    good night

  • Muhammad Syamilo
    Muhammad Syamilo Month ago

    i have seen this video i see leg and head there

  • Riley Louis
    Riley Louis Month ago

    fucking he'll lucky guy if he didn't die

  • Lab Insight
    Lab Insight Month ago

    This is the result of idiots riding with idiots. Who put that darn car there?

  • Sloth Donger
    Sloth Donger Month ago

    in the full vid the guy gets completely dismembered and his body parts are everywhere

  • Laramendis
    Laramendis Month ago

    Oh dear, I hope they are alright...

  • St Louis Eagles
    St Louis Eagles Month ago

    298 mph No 300 mph incorrect information crash The event is in turkey.

  • Beff Jaker
    Beff Jaker Month ago

    Flipping and floppin like a bitch lmfao serves you right

  • Mario Karlović
    Mario Karlović Month ago

    one word for all of that: SATAN becouse he hate people and want people to do this crazy thing. God help all of you!

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