10+ Times Cats Found Catnip, And Cat.exe Stopped Functioning

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Comments: 726

  • buriedtoodeep
    buriedtoodeep 4 hours ago

    Everyone with a sense of humour is sooo lucky to live in the Free World.
    Catnip is illegal in Australia - like everything fun & funny.
    (Australia - Are we being forced to be the Control in some sick deprivation experiment?).

  • Brian Martel
    Brian Martel 9 hours ago

    My PC volume is only at 31%...and yet I still have to turn, the background music for this video, down!

  • MasterRichie
    MasterRichie 23 hours ago

    Wow they must be making catnip stronger theses days!

  • Renee Hope
    Renee Hope Day ago

    The bible says to keep the 7th day sabbath (Saturday), and if you are worshipping on Sunday you are breaking the 4th commandment. Sunday laws are being lobbied and when they are ENFORCED (fines, jail, buy/sell revocation, death) many will choose man's law over God's law, thus taking the Mark of the Beast. Don't remain ignorant. Prophecyagain.

  • Ian-Devon Lewis
    Ian-Devon Lewis Day ago

    4:04 Oh heavenly catnip, release me from this reality.

  • Joy Gandolfini
    Joy Gandolfini 2 days ago

    it's a shame they don't have anything like this for dogs....just imagine..... ;)

  • Karen Skinner
    Karen Skinner 2 days ago

    Cats know what's up! Catnip is to cats like pot is to humans....necessary!

  • Wendy Austin
    Wendy Austin 3 days ago

    #21 is not high. He's being held up the scruff. Cat ain't happy.
    Also, kittens cannot smell catnip well. They have no interest in it. Once they hit puberty they undergo a lot of chemical changes. When that happens, they begin to notice the aroma of the catnip and begin to experiment.

  • AprilBaby
    AprilBaby 4 days ago


  • PHILLIP Wethington
    PHILLIP Wethington 4 days ago

    My kitty got pulled over for catnip riding .

  • Tanya Z
    Tanya Z 4 days ago

    hmmmm.. I have an idea brewing... how about I try smoking some catnip and see what happens...

  • joan kemple
    joan kemple 4 days ago

    LOL that was so darn cute thank you

  • John Lamphier
    John Lamphier 4 days ago

    Cat cannabis

  • Srishti Mallik
    Srishti Mallik 5 days ago

    I love these videos but the second it says 10+ I am like well okay then only ten! And then you throw 83 on us, like when you say 10+ I think 15 or maybe 20 so I get prepared I'm not in the mood for 83 clips!

    Besides if you advertise it as 80+ then you would get people who want to see 83 clips of cats rolling around in catnip!

    PS: this was not hate simply me pointing out that 10+ is not an accurate description

  • karen sinclair
    karen sinclair 5 days ago

    Laughed so much I cried😂

  • Harbinger421
    Harbinger421 6 days ago

    #13 Bruh, I've seen some shit

  • goodgulf13
    goodgulf13 6 days ago

    Mine like catnip but only the good stuff. No Hartz Mountain. They ignore that.

  • lookpuke
    lookpuke 6 days ago


  • Asma & Kara
    Asma & Kara 8 days ago

    My dad gave our cat catnip when we got him he never got high tho..

  • Bolshoi Chyelovek
    Bolshoi Chyelovek 8 days ago

    Didn't Nancy Reagan say, "Just say MEOW to drugs?"

  • Paolo G
    Paolo G 9 days ago

    Just say no

  • Robert Gaines
    Robert Gaines 9 days ago

    So wonder cat nip isn't banned in conservative states....

  • Cat and Dog Lover
    Cat and Dog Lover 10 days ago

    Top ten biggest drug busts of all time

  • Bev Pittman
    Bev Pittman 11 days ago

    6:36 that is a fay cat

  • Pat Dawkins
    Pat Dawkins 11 days ago

    Several overweight cats. Munchies?? Lol

  • ladyi7609
    ladyi7609 12 days ago

    I so wish dogs had an equivalent so they can have an occasional treat, just like their humans can toast the end of another week of living with some potent potables. If I can enjoy my gin & tonics, my little girl should be allowed something equally intoxicating.

  • howard weitzell
    howard weitzell 12 days ago

    I'm so wasted!

  • War Horse RR
    War Horse RR 13 days ago

    It mostly just random cat pics with added text. Actually all the videos uploaded are. Weak. unsubscribe

  • John Resch
    John Resch 13 days ago

    Awful music.

    FOOBSEY 13 days ago

    Never mind the high AF cats this tune is banging!

  • peyton espinoza
    peyton espinoza 14 days ago +1

    Another 5 mins. Cat: gerald... where am i... what happened...

  • peyton espinoza
    peyton espinoza 14 days ago

    Cat: hey gerald ita been 5 mins and i still dont feel anything... HOLY SHIT WERE IN SPACEEEEE GERALD DO U SEE THAT DO U SEE OMG WHAT THE FUCK STARS AND PLANETS.... asleep.

  • Sojoboscribe
    Sojoboscribe 14 days ago

    If you think a cat's reaction to catnip is extreme, wait until they try cat THYME. If Catnip is kitty dope cat thyme is kitty crack. I one w trimming a plant and thew a leaf that had fallen off into the wire mesh wastebasket, and then had to hold my cat back from trying to CHEW through the basket to get at it.

    And then there is Japanese Drunken Cat vine a.k.a. kitty PCP......

  • GpD79
    GpD79 14 days ago

    Fucking hate slide shows!!!!

  • iggy082
    iggy082 14 days ago

    this video sucks too much

  • Ian Woollard
    Ian Woollard 14 days ago

    I used to feel the same about weed. Those were the days.......

    GFDSD FSDFS 14 days ago

    Maybe put images fullscreen????? Watching on phone and each picture 1/5 of the screen... fucking youtube noob can't even make a slideshow properly

  • Pertz Libers
    Pertz Libers 14 days ago


  • Lt ChugaCast
    Lt ChugaCast 15 days ago

    I think Bynx belongs to my cousin. Her twin's name is Grayson. He's a gray version of her with a bobtail he lives with my granny next door

  • Lt ChugaCast
    Lt ChugaCast 15 days ago

    I would actually try weed if it did to us what catnip does to cats

  • andrenegwer
    andrenegwer 15 days ago

    I'm Cat James bitch!

  • True
    True 15 days ago

    Go make a fucking Tumblr page or w.e if you want to post slideshows

  • Anonymously Observing
    Anonymously Observing 15 days ago

    First song?

  • Roland Dawson
    Roland Dawson 15 days ago

    1:30 That was so cool.

  • MrWolfiebites
    MrWolfiebites 15 days ago

    cat: you wanna get high coz I wanna get high I can only remember when I get high (towlie from south park quote)

  • Cryzen Raven
    Cryzen Raven 15 days ago

    catnip = marijuana for cats xDDD and the background music makes me highas fuck

  • R. G. W
    R. G. W 15 days ago

    They should do a remake of the movie "Half baked" with cats...

  • Yolo for life
    Yolo for life 15 days ago


  • Enderic Warlord
    Enderic Warlord 15 days ago

    What no one knows is catnip has a special effect on cats. It releases their psychic abilities and let's them see all manner of things. Effects depend on the cat, some can see the future, some only see ghosts, we have not put enough money into this research to know more. Dr. Catterson

  • Jeremy Usurp
    Jeremy Usurp 15 days ago

    Nice slideshow...

  • Jerry Ryan
    Jerry Ryan 15 days ago

    Evil to make God's helpless creatures that are meant to be our pets high!!! You will be judged on Judgement day for doing this be sure of it :(

  • Elix Crossing
    Elix Crossing 15 days ago

    I got that catnip nip nip nip got that catnip at at at at at one more time... XD

    Califormula blackbear

  • Nienna V.
    Nienna V. 15 days ago

    The music in this video is annoying

  • Kaoru Fuller
    Kaoru Fuller 16 days ago

    What if parents with teenagers gave their kids drugs just like parents with cats give theirs?

  • CGreyL3
    CGreyL3 16 days ago

    Khajiit did nothing wrong I did not take any skooma.

  • Blackberry The Bear
    Blackberry The Bear 16 days ago +1

    Most of these cats are probably like maaann I am high as fuck

  • Noufal Abdad Maulana
    Noufal Abdad Maulana 16 days ago

    cat nip are like weed for cats lol

  • Michael Mullen
    Michael Mullen 16 days ago

    Haven't you guys heard from FATHER OF THE PRIDE EPISODE Cat Nip and Trust. It's a hell of a drug for cats and EXOTIC cats like Lions

  • Jacob Baugh
    Jacob Baugh 16 days ago

    I love this video lol. I had a cat named, "Fluffy," and she never acted differently around it. CUTE

  • Rick Westbrooks
    Rick Westbrooks 16 days ago

    Wow....cats catching a buzz. Now ain't that special.

  • corvette broke
    corvette broke 16 days ago

    I can relate!

  • Aletha Wilhelm
    Aletha Wilhelm 16 days ago

    you ruined this video .why acant you let us see the whole screen its really hard enouf to see on a cell phone it was even distracting on a t.v screen screen all that good footage i liked what i could see .please cat lovers would like to see the cats not fancy editing.

  • Dismayed one
    Dismayed one 16 days ago

    Don't Bogart that joint my friend....

  • Cheng Liu
    Cheng Liu 16 days ago

    It would have been perfect if you had set this video to sitar music.

  • Craig Browning
    Craig Browning 16 days ago


  • A. Townsend
    A. Townsend 16 days ago


  • Tony T
    Tony T 16 days ago

    JUST SAY NO. . . ...

  • Rose Kats
    Rose Kats 16 days ago

    I have two cats, showed one cat nip and she turned her nose up at it and wouldn't eat it.. My other one just ate it and nothing really happened, although I did cone home one day to find the bag ripped open but it could have been slugs or mice but now I'm thinking it was my cat..

  • The Gaming Pug
    The Gaming Pug 16 days ago

    ya need more subs m8, seriously more subs

  • Retarded Rae
    Retarded Rae 16 days ago

    Where can I get capnip and how do I smoke it

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 16 days ago

    Catnip is basically weed for your cat.

  • digitalAngst
    digitalAngst 16 days ago

    Awful music.

  • Roze arlina
    Roze arlina 16 days ago

    Am I the only one who's more amused at the title of the video than the actual video?........okay its only me then..

  • Abhijit Banerjee
    Abhijit Banerjee 16 days ago

    cat #40 looks like the Dumbledore of cats

  • Jack Fishers
    Jack Fishers 17 days ago

    Oh when a cat gets high it's cute and funny but when I get high it's illegal.

  • Dancingdragon5 Aj
    Dancingdragon5 Aj 17 days ago

    Ironically my cat's name is ne-hi. so when she gets catnip we call her ne-high

  • Marko Junttila
    Marko Junttila 17 days ago

    Catnip is dangerous my cat almost died to it

  • jack allen
    jack allen 17 days ago

    Me high on water...

  • KawaiiNekoMionna
    KawaiiNekoMionna 18 days ago +2

    Cats + catnips = drugged

  • KoolAidtheRED
    KoolAidtheRED 18 days ago

    Everywhere I read says catnip is a sedative for dogs, but I swear my shih tzu acts like a cokehead whenever he gets around it, everytime we put some out he's on it immediately, I think he likes it more than our cat.

  • A-10Gaming - Andrew
    A-10Gaming - Andrew 18 days ago


  • Jeremiah Russell
    Jeremiah Russell 19 days ago

    Get some new music. Everyone uses the same 4 songs :P

  • Darth Overking
    Darth Overking 19 days ago +2

    Catnip is drugs for cats proven.

  • Nancy Buck
    Nancy Buck 19 days ago

    1 like=1 person that wasted 5 mins of their life to scroll all the way down here

  • Owen Cole
    Owen Cole 20 days ago

    Kitty crack.

  • ZippitPopular ABA
    ZippitPopular ABA 20 days ago

    You sure have a lot of cats

  • Mytwistedvoices
    Mytwistedvoices 20 days ago +1

    Catnip excites a cat but also calms humans. Cat nip tea or sleepy time tea will help you relax and go to sleep.

  • TheGameLord56
    TheGameLord56 21 day ago +2

    That cat is on a higher level than other cats

  • Loud Sketcher
    Loud Sketcher 21 day ago

    My cats don't react to cat nip :( I wish they did.

  • madscientistshusta
    madscientistshusta 22 days ago +1

    I gave my cat some catnip he bugged out then like a week later it just disapeared n i found an empty bottle behind the tv...
    Im just like...i felt like a parent who kid stold their weed lol

  • nibbletsqueek
    nibbletsqueek 22 days ago

    Do people makeing these vidios think of people useing there moble phones to watch tinny pics and text?

  • Völf Akzam
    Völf Akzam 23 days ago

    Cat is 🅱️roke

  • Cat Squid Oceans
    Cat Squid Oceans 24 days ago +1

    OH MY GOD MY CATS NAME IS CHEWY*he is my profile pic*

  • Justin Sangster
    Justin Sangster 24 days ago +1

    Awesome video cats are wonderful companions especially when they are niped up.

  • SnaggedCookie10
    SnaggedCookie10 24 days ago

    You said 10+... WHY NOT JUST SAY 83?!

    HYPR QWYK 24 days ago

    ...these are images of people's pets overdosed.....this may constitute cruelty.....maybe the appropriate authorities should be notified.......

  • K Liby
    K Liby 25 days ago +1

    I watched this video after learning that my cat is a catnip addict, and wow,

  • Tori Lewis
    Tori Lewis 26 days ago

    My cats on cat nip:

    2/4 lyes in it
    1/4 eats it
    1/4 has no effect...

  • Marc Perich
    Marc Perich 27 days ago

    I have pics of 4 cats high in my backyard. My cat , 2 of my neighbors and off my other neighbors cats. Super funny

  • Ricardo Rangel
    Ricardo Rangel 27 days ago

    Music sucks.

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