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  • Cats are awesome, and super funny too! Who doesn't like cats and kittens? They make us laugh and happy! Just look how they play, sleep, fail, get along with dogs, get their heads stuck in boxes, react to mirrors, make funny sounds,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favourite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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  • Juansl Villatoro
    Juansl Villatoro 11 hours ago

    this was not funny

  • Shannan Oryan
    Shannan Oryan 11 hours ago

    I love you 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

  • FliesKey
    FliesKey 11 hours ago

    Most videos like this contain parts authors of which should be punched in the face. Like, help your cat you fucking retard, it can get hurt.

  • Catk82 Bloody warrior
    Catk82 Bloody warrior 14 hours ago


  • Catk82 Bloody warrior
    Catk82 Bloody warrior 14 hours ago

    Hear she is

  • Catk82 Bloody warrior
    Catk82 Bloody warrior 14 hours ago +1

    Omg look at my cat bat cat❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ale Juica
    Ale Juica 15 hours ago

    La rortyr. U

  • Marie Dempster
    Marie Dempster 18 hours ago

    So funny😂😂😂😂

  • Landon Fields
    Landon Fields 1 day ago


  • gfbcyf HV DC HK vc
    gfbcyf HV DC HK vc 1 day ago

    (tree of epicness)me

  • your average grunt your average grunt

    After having some fag spam over and over in injustice 2 I use this as stress relief

  • Hall Monitor
    Hall Monitor 2 days ago

    1:31 Aww the kitten has a little hitler mustache.

  • jishwasher bøi
    jishwasher bøi 2 days ago

    who else watched a scary/sad video then typed in "cat videos" to feel better?

  • Klaus Eiter
    Klaus Eiter 2 days ago


  • Pinky Panda987
    Pinky Panda987 3 days ago

    This vid was awesome, but when I clicked the video my cat walked away from me... it was the smarter one to... lol I have a fierce hunter cat and an idiotic cat

  • imagodtoya
    imagodtoya 3 days ago +1

    Sorry that your cat died 😢

  • Metal Peeker
    Metal Peeker 3 days ago

    So cute!

  • The Arbiter096
    The Arbiter096 3 days ago

    I so needed a laugh today and this got some lol

  • nicole Hamm
    nicole Hamm 3 days ago

    Lol I'm lapfing so hard good job tiger dude

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 3 days ago


  • Cheetah Girl
    Cheetah Girl 4 days ago

    4:12 when your bored as heck

  • Julie NYC
    Julie NYC 4 days ago

    1:27 Cat looks like Hitler

  • Who you callin pinhead

    Sadly I'm allergic to cats :(

  • Mimi K
    Mimi K 5 days ago


  • Sharlene Grey
    Sharlene Grey 5 days ago

    That cat is like a dog trying to catch its tell

  • Zack Jones
    Zack Jones 5 days ago

    Who's watching this while playing with a fidget spinner? Who else

  • cookie fordy lol
    cookie fordy lol 5 days ago

    You see me rolling......on a toitoise

  • Death Sweet
    Death Sweet 6 days ago

    When you put music over the videos you get a dislike

  • Miss Chelsea Bunny
    Miss Chelsea Bunny 6 days ago

    🔴🔴🔴PLEASE HELP!!!🔴🔴🔴
    *ANY AMOUNT HELPS!* --> If anyone can PLEASE find it in their heart to donate, itd mean SO much to me!!
    I want my cats to be healthy + live a long happy life!!!

  • crazykev176
    crazykev176 6 days ago

    Stop stealing money from videos you haven't made

  • maddy Cummings
    maddy Cummings 6 days ago


  • Yo Baby Daddy
    Yo Baby Daddy 6 days ago

    i just tricked you

    Read more

  • Kawaii RobloxGamer
    Kawaii RobloxGamer 6 days ago


  • Kawaii RobloxGamer
    Kawaii RobloxGamer 6 days ago

    4:23 is adorable on the paw it has a heart :33 I love this video

  • Kawaii RobloxGamer
    Kawaii RobloxGamer 6 days ago

    2:36 is cruel instead of helping the poor kitty meow meow they laughed at it :(

  • douglas holt
    douglas holt 7 days ago

    Great vids

  • Savannah Hundley
    Savannah Hundley 7 days ago


  • Jouria Chawkal
    Jouria Chawkal 7 days ago


  • Joy M
    Joy M 8 days ago

    Me at 3:45

  • DeathByHugger SCV
    DeathByHugger SCV 8 days ago

    that cat likes sunglasses!

  • DeathByHugger SCV
    DeathByHugger SCV 8 days ago

    It's a rug!

  • Jasmine Ali
    Jasmine Ali 8 days ago

    I'm only watching this because I have a hellopet cat

  • Saba Butt
    Saba Butt 8 days ago

    My dad rolled over your cat😥

  • Saba Butt
    Saba Butt 8 days ago

    i love it

  • Sooner Plays
    Sooner Plays 8 days ago

    Another one you have got to be kitten me

  • Ariane /motivation
    Ariane /motivation 8 days ago


  • jezebelart
    jezebelart 8 days ago

    Very cute and funny but I didn't like the one person pushing on the orange kittens head, kinda mean...

  • Isabella Grace
    Isabella Grace 8 days ago +1

    The 3rd one tho

  • Brandon Ronquillo
    Brandon Ronquillo 9 days ago

    I didn't laugh once

  • Its Jassy
    Its Jassy 9 days ago

    I'm watching cat videos because in getting one

  • Jennifer Frieda
    Jennifer Frieda 9 days ago

    you see when I tried to holed my laugh I thought what I'm I holeding because it's not a laugh that's FOR sure.

  • Vansy
    Vansy 9 days ago

    1:34 that cat looks like hitler.

  • Sebastian Michaelis
    Sebastian Michaelis 9 days ago

    I wish my master would let me have a cat.

  • sasuke uchiha
    sasuke uchiha 9 days ago

    1:00 is a DRAGON BALL Z FIGHT

  • David Erhabor
    David Erhabor 10 days ago

    I have nothing to watch so might as well watch this crap

  • Lucy Penney
    Lucy Penney 10 days ago

    The guy who was lifting the cats head while it was asleep when it woke it was like what day is it!!!!!

  • Leona-Trini Holland
    Leona-Trini Holland 10 days ago

    3:40 me on school mornings lol

  • Terry Shipley
    Terry Shipley 10 days ago

    OMG there's cute

  • Lukas Ruokolahti
    Lukas Ruokolahti 11 days ago

    So where's the funny videos?

  • HopesLife
    HopesLife 11 days ago

    The kitten on the tortoise! the absolute BEST!

  • Danish Saeed
    Danish Saeed 11 days ago


  • Danish Saeed
    Danish Saeed 11 days ago

    bruh the cat abuse stop ;-;

  • LegacyOfficial
    LegacyOfficial 11 days ago

    Why put so many ad's in your videos

  • Chaco Pudding
    Chaco Pudding 11 days ago

    Three people are in the house...
    Bob:what are you doing
    Bob:Internet is the only thing that people do
    Zack:that's sad
    Dan:aww whiskers keeps falling off the couch


  • StopMontionMan 64
    StopMontionMan 64 11 days ago

    Aren't cats sweet? CATS RULE

  • Aspen and Amanda Shafer

    Lol 😂😀😅😇😍😝😝🙂😝😉😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😹😹

  • Rikki Bramley
    Rikki Bramley 11 days ago

    I'm trying not to smile :)

  • theresa francis
    theresa francis 12 days ago

    How about the people help the cats that are struggling 😠

  • Sophia Fatimah
    Sophia Fatimah 12 days ago


  • Look Beyond
    Look Beyond 12 days ago

    I just saved a kit kit on the side of my block where my neighbors be postin up at. It has alot of eye pus so Im assuming its pink eye so I be washing my hands like crazy after each petting session. I made it a little box to sleep in at night and I might consider keeping it and calling it leo but idk yet. If the feline does happen to stay it might get diabetus from all the food in the pantry and my unconditional love for making an animal feel good about its self if that makes any sense... you guys ever had the fancy water called ice I just got some bottles of that today pink lemonade and watermelon strawberry that shit taste so good you people need to try it out...peace

  • ebleh wases
    ebleh wases 13 days ago

    so cute..visit my chanel

  • Addie Armadillo
    Addie Armadillo 13 days ago

    Lol it looks like Cat Pat (Skip) is in this video.

  • Jencjohn
    Jencjohn 13 days ago

    Omg so cute and so funny.

  • Kamela Benkhoucha
    Kamela Benkhoucha 13 days ago

    4:23 lol I thought that was a freaking pillow 😂

  • Alexander Jespersen
    Alexander Jespersen 13 days ago

    holy fuck tat is 2 adorable

  • Sweet Ella's
    Sweet Ella's 13 days ago

    5:43 i couldn't figure out where the head was lol

  • Golden Armor13
    Golden Armor13 13 days ago

    only one who heard the home advisor commercial right



  • Hailey Smith
    Hailey Smith 14 days ago

    LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mourad USA
    Mourad USA 14 days ago


  • Chera Riley
    Chera Riley 14 days ago

    5:40 thats a fluffy ass cat

  • David Hooker
    David Hooker 14 days ago


  • David Hooker
    David Hooker 14 days ago

    awww haha

  • Amyrose Glen
    Amyrose Glen 14 days ago

    Aww it's so cute & funny LOL

  • Michelle Nguyen
    Michelle Nguyen 15 days ago +1

    5:12 is the cat having a seizure? xD

  • Kaytlin Kenny
    Kaytlin Kenny 15 days ago

    Jimmy Dean breakfeast bowls are the best of anyone was wondering:)

  • Mast Wedr
    Mast Wedr 15 days ago


    • Mast Wedr
      Mast Wedr 15 days ago


  • Theresa Willett
    Theresa Willett 15 days ago

    That ktiin on the turderl that is so cute

  • Audrey Wade
    Audrey Wade 15 days ago

    cats rule

    the internet ohhhhhh

  • Makenzie Hayes
    Makenzie Hayes 16 days ago

    after my bf breaking up with me... this is the best thing to watch to make me feel better 😔🐱💙

  • Briana Lacascio
    Briana Lacascio 16 days ago

    i love cat

  • UkrGamerHD GT
    UkrGamerHD GT 16 days ago

    Fact: Cat videos let you stay awake more often

  • Игорь Николаев

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  • Игорь Николаев

    👍💜🐱😻👈 я. Софа

    • Lava Jar
      Lava Jar 13 days ago

      Игорь Николаев y

  • Lynne Thomson
    Lynne Thomson 16 days ago

    i havea cat and he makes a noise that sounds like a cipmunk is in the house lol

  • Joe Ning
    Joe Ning 16 days ago

    love you

  • 666 demon Daredevil
    666 demon Daredevil 17 days ago

    So funny

  • Tyler O.
    Tyler O. 17 days ago


  • Panchy Interests
    Panchy Interests 17 days ago

    The cat with the lollipop tho

  • KinG Zyful
    KinG Zyful 18 days ago


    me when i am cross faded

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