Triggered To Death By Milo Yiannopoulos

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  • Dagda Afternoon
    Dagda Afternoon 11 hours ago

    03:11 is that a young lady? Good grief

  • adrien
    adrien 6 days ago

    wait, isn't milo transphobic?

  • Party Guy
    Party Guy 11 days ago

    Great analysis! Moar plz!

  • Yoruichi Shihoin
    Yoruichi Shihoin 14 days ago

    I don't like Milo. However, I would never  act like a total brat. He is able to have his own opinion, and I'm able to have mine. Why do we need to act childish because  of contradicting  opinions ? It's stupid.

  • Anthony Ward
    Anthony Ward 19 days ago

    I cant get on board with or support this man's lifestyle but i totally agree with what he's saying about the video he's sharing of Milo. I think these libtards are a waste of the good clean air they are breathing

  • Tamereancreates
    Tamereancreates 19 days ago

    Shut the fuck up! Oh my goddess!!

  • Lauraflora
    Lauraflora 19 days ago

    The guy at 5:46 "blacks have never been supreme" well yeah bc we have equalityyyy
    What do you want to be supreme cause that ain't equal

  • Lost Brain cells
    Lost Brain cells 19 days ago

    Came for tits. Wish came on your tits, but i did it on the disgusting feminist.

  • Nis
    Nis 20 days ago

    Blaire... I am the father of a 19 yr old who just came out to me as tg. I am a two-time Iraqi war vet and have spent most of my life meaning to the right, so I must admit it's a little strange to me. I really do wish to show my support for my son and stand by him and his transition to my daughter... but I'm not going to sit here and lie and say understand this or that trying to be supportive is coming easy for me. I don't know how to express myself with him without sounding extremely selfish which is not at all how I desire to come off. He has shown me several videos of yours and I must admit I find that you and I are very like-minded and I feel that it is amazing to find someone in the LGBT community that share some of the same same views that I do. Having gone through a transition yourself I was wondering if you had any advice for family members of someone who is going through it? As I stated before I wish to be supportive but I cannot lie and say that it isn't a little strange to me... any advice you have would be welcome. And thank you.

  • Sable Youngblood
    Sable Youngblood 21 day ago

    There are things Milo said that I don't agree with. Like any public figure. As much as a i love blaire white. There are things I don't agree with. But that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve the most basic respect of sounding her opinion without fear. Same as milo.
    Love you so much blaire keep slayin!

  • IAmKrazyKyle
    IAmKrazyKyle 21 day ago

    No Blair, it was Voltorb. Goshhh

  • sofia
    sofia 21 day ago

    It would be impossible for me to be Milo for a day since the second a person got in my face or yelled at me, I'd honest to God go Rambo. He just stays calm, it's insane.

  • Angelous Greco
    Angelous Greco 21 day ago

    milo fer prezidint

  • Potterhead2082001
    Potterhead2082001 22 days ago

    I can't believe these people are actually adults. They are offended crybaby children and they shouldn't have the right to vote.

  • some internet dude
    some internet dude 22 days ago

    When will these idiots learn that rioting and protesting learn that going onto highways and screaming and dancing wont work anymore

  • Molly
    Molly 23 days ago

    That girl screaming looks like Christine from vine

  • Sean Mac Dughlais
    Sean Mac Dughlais 23 days ago

    Is this for or against Milo...?

  • cindyshtoodle
    cindyshtoodle 24 days ago

    You, madam, have earned a life long subscription from me. Although I'm not impressed by the way you include petty and snide remarks in your counter arguments, I think it's wonderful to hear another opinion from someone who listens to arguments and allows people to use their freedom of speech and then chooses to retaliate not with violence but with another opinion. I think you would be a lot stronger with better articulated counter arguments and less mean remarks based on a person's looks and rather than their opinion that you disagree with.

  • Civ6gamer 2017
    Civ6gamer 2017 24 days ago

    She didn't even speak one word!!!

  • Mystic Potato
    Mystic Potato 27 days ago

    wow that fat women was really passed that she couldn't get laid

  • Assassin 305
    Assassin 305 28 days ago

    id milo and blair had a baby, the baby would be logic

  • Jada Butler
    Jada Butler Month ago

    You can have dissenting opinions and express them but y'all lowkey being really annoying i hate the far left

  • Kate
    Kate Month ago

    I'm more left leaning and I don't agree with Milo's views at all but after this happened... I really don't know what to think. I hate these SJWs who came and protested, they didn't represent their causes well at all and I'm very disappointed no one condemned it from the left, and even encouraged it. Milo really acted calmly and well, I'm very impressed (and surprised) at how well he took it. The left need to understand that they are just pushing people away from their side and alienating people like me. What's wrong with challenging his ideas critically and respectfully, without interrupting him?

  • Moeller Mike
    Moeller Mike Month ago

    Blaire White, the sad thing is I do not think these SJWs will never regret their actions and opinions.

  • Lu Chan
    Lu Chan Month ago

    Milo seems like an arrogant piece of shit....the ones in the video trying to shut him down are stupid aswell though....

  • Arthur Serino
    Arthur Serino Month ago

    Milo is like a lightning rod for hypocrites.

  • nugsboodlepoo
    nugsboodlepoo Month ago

    i love how SJWs don't have enough self awareness to see how many lefties they are pushing to the right with their bratty attitudes and stupidity. they're their own worst enemy

  • Teacup ukulele
    Teacup ukulele Month ago

    She shouts "Keep your hatred out of this campus" as if it's some spell that'll get them to burst into flames and disappear

  • Nicole Zhang
    Nicole Zhang Month ago

    All hail to his royal faggotness!

  • Howzer The man
    Howzer The man Month ago

    How could she call that thing young lady? She looks an experiment went wrong and they were trying to hybridise a whale an elephant seal with the brain power of an amoeba and I bet she stinks to high heaven of BO and cheap takeaway food.

  • Nishant Thapa
    Nishant Thapa Month ago

    Milo is a smug asshole. But, he makes a point. And listen to him.

  • Alucard Pawpad
    Alucard Pawpad Month ago

    These are sick fucks raised by sick fucks. Spoiled retards that were never given a beating for being a fucking piece of shit.

  • Catherine Myers
    Catherine Myers Month ago

    I'm a liberal snow flake and I love Milo, now I don't agree with his political stances and many other arguments he has but he tells it like it is and in a society where feelings come before freedom of speech, it's nice to hear him drop some serious truth bombs.

  • Neka J
    Neka J Month ago

    3:06 Jiggly puff has no neck

  • freakbag556
    freakbag556 Month ago


  • Aditya PAram
    Aditya PAram Month ago

    yes I really want to 1 2 3 F*** that guy

  • Franz Ewell
    Franz Ewell Month ago

    I cant stand Milo. This gay hates lesbians and ties to invalidate it because he hates women.

  • Sole9
    Sole9 Month ago

    I love Milo, I dig in his visions. Those kids wasted their parent's money sending them to collage and their student loans. Worry about young generations....

  • Warthog WS
    Warthog WS Month ago

    Blaire where do you stand on Milo's advocacy of pederasty?

  • Emely De Jesus
    Emely De Jesus Month ago

    When she said "whiny bitches" I had to sub


    the fat chicks arm flaps slapping together like a gong had me rolling.

  • Dima Borisov
    Dima Borisov Month ago

    2:21 though i died

  • Dan M
    Dan M Month ago

    A trans girl thinking she is accepted by the Christian community but in reality most Christians don't support people like her.

  • Hanin Angel
    Hanin Angel Month ago

    I feel bad for Milo, They won't even let him finish his sentence !!

  • Roderick Prawnblower

    Glad to see there are all kinds of people pushing back against the Leftocalypse

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago

    calories burned?

  • Meme Nigger
    Meme Nigger Month ago

    even tho you're trans and milo is gay and you're a tranny and that i am anti lgbt and that if you weren't alt right, i'd probably kill you both, but thank god

  • Black 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek 2.0i Premium

    Iron Maiden - Wasted Years

  • darkfarie94
    darkfarie94 Month ago

    I'm getting so tired of these triggered liberal snowflake social justice warriors.

  • Digger X8X
    Digger X8X Month ago

    Good Day Blair,
    IF you read this among ALL your other comments, be advised that on the Milo Extras channel a couple of his buddies call you out by name and imply that your boyfriend is gay. This video is titled "Respect Transgender Women" and that is a sarcastic title. I do not identify as a SJW. I just see you supporting a clown who openly insights people against transgender people, regardless if they are binary and conservative. I will post the link in the next comment...

  • A
    A Month ago

    I like Milo..he's entertaining.

  • Nebel Werfer
    Nebel Werfer Month ago

    He lays a hand on him. The Milo-Guy should have punched this cucks face in...

  • USArmyMedic 1
    USArmyMedic 1 Month ago

    You got my up vote as soon as you said, "whiny bitches." Love your videos.

  • Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia Month ago

    Iron maiden! Hell yes!

  • Pablo Kühne
    Pablo Kühne Month ago

    The dick in that girl's mouth... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • OhhChezy
    OhhChezy Month ago

    Why is the audience all triggered teens?

  • OhhChezy
    OhhChezy Month ago


  • GeneralMars 98
    GeneralMars 98 Month ago

    Wait Blair are you a poke nerd. If you are I'll love you more than I already do

  • Xxxsorrow
    Xxxsorrow Month ago

    Thank God I live in Europe.

  • Future Trunks
    Future Trunks Month ago

    That brotha had it all wrong, white supremacy is try in to make your race supreme which is what these coon ass niggas are doin in BLM. I used to roll with BLM but after all the riots and not speaking out against the shitbags I gladly fell outta that crowd real quick.

  • Tom Palmer
    Tom Palmer Month ago

    When they set fire to a building because Milo came to Berkley to speak there is nothing they could have done to increase Milo's stature in the public media more than that. Milo looked like the man of reason, and the people at Berkley looked like fanatics and thugs. Blaire is right. If you want to discredit someone, buy them a microphone. Let them spout their rhetoric. If what they're saying is valid, it will be respected. If it isn't, it will be relegated to the trash bin of history.

  • Tom Palmer
    Tom Palmer Month ago

    So much for the free press and freedom of speech.

  • Nintendo Realm
    Nintendo Realm Month ago

    keep no hate-speech on this campus

  • MarkiPewdSepticeye Kitty

    I am noticing that SJWs and leftist are a lot more violent than anyone else. Everybody else seems to act rational and mature, while these people are the ones who seem to go off the deep end in every video they are in. Hmm, I think that says something about how mentally unstable they all are.

  • CoffeexTea
    CoffeexTea 2 months ago

    Milo is too handsome and eloquent for the title of "dangerous faggot"

  • Jon Almeida
    Jon Almeida 2 months ago

    " fuck me" you know what... I fucking would. :*

  • Brandon Miner
    Brandon Miner 2 months ago

    3:05 When the camera turned around, I just was dead XD

  • TheHerothief
    TheHerothief 2 months ago

    christina hoff sommers is just adorable!

  • oboestavs
    oboestavs 2 months ago

    @BlairWhite: I've been watching a lot of your videos lately, and I really appreciate that you're willing to have different opinions and spark debate. I don't always agree with you, but it's refreshing to see someone who speaks with reasoned arguments and thoughtfulness. And you often make me rethink a lot of attitudes I have, which is (I think) the point of your channel. I lean left of centre, so I can definitely relate to the desire for reasonable discourse about heated topics.

    One thing I've noticed though, is you tend to take potshots at people's appearance. Your arguments are so great, and I love when you take similar potshots at others' bullshit. You are just as sassy, but it works in your arguements' favour(s). Your quote from this video sums up how I see it quite well:

    "If Milo truly is toxic and problematic, and a bigot and as horrible as these people make him out to be, they really should let him speak. Because the best way to lose the argument, look like a fool, whatever, is to let him say his positions out loud uninterrupted. And then, if you have any confidence in your own arguments, make your own."

    I realise the parallel is not perfect, but attacking appearance over ideas undercuts your message - which is really a shame, because your message is worth hearing and saying. I hope this is something you'll consider, because I love the sass on your channel; I just hope it can be better directed to help your message.

  • Mackenna Litz
    Mackenna Litz 2 months ago

    "that's white supremacy right there why don't you give him the mic" ITS HIS FUCKING SHOW LMFAO WHAT

  • Mackenna Litz
    Mackenna Litz 2 months ago

    deadass milo and ben are the sharpest mother fuckers i know - no one can prove them wrong such legends

  • Mackenna Litz
    Mackenna Litz 2 months ago

    i fucking love milo so much he's such an icon

  • durcheinander
    durcheinander 2 months ago


    Oh god, this is a good one.

  • Addy Marshall
    Addy Marshall 2 months ago +1

    "black people have NEVER BEEN SUPREME!"
    um how about obama you idiot??

  • SleepyPuddle 6
    SleepyPuddle 6 2 months ago

    I support Milo, he's not afraid to say what needs to be said and he also says it in an accurate and hilarious fashion

  • GoCeltics734
    GoCeltics734 2 months ago

    came here from the youtube rabbit hole.....stayed for the Iron Maiden

  • Nerd Nation
    Nerd Nation 2 months ago

    If trigglypuff spent half of the time protesting to exercise, he might actually be thin

  • orison17
    orison17 2 months ago

    so many likes for blaire's awesome way of thinking and then another some for her love of iron maiden!

  • WorldsOkayestCableGuy
    WorldsOkayestCableGuy 2 months ago

    lip syncing Wasted Years....I think I'm in love💘 you're my favorite tranny Blair don't change.

  • Soul full
    Soul full 2 months ago

    Lol. can anyone really take this audience (they are like bunch of disrespectful loud monkeys) seriously?

  • missmommy185
    missmommy185 2 months ago

    I just found your channel and I must say that after watching only a few videos, I really like what you have to say! I subscribed :)

  • IlluminatiConfirmed
    IlluminatiConfirmed 2 months ago

    whos that lady?

  • Gurg Mesh
    Gurg Mesh 2 months ago

    I'd probably listen to Milo more if he didn't say that hypocritical comment about lesbians

  • Richard Leonard
    Richard Leonard 2 months ago

    Up the Irons!

  • Higher Vibration
    Higher Vibration 2 months ago

    These people are disgusting! They are a big joke!

  • Taj Obliëk
    Taj Obliëk 2 months ago

    Oh I thought the most attractive guy was the lightskin in the blue shirt. NUT

  • Jesse Turner
    Jesse Turner 2 months ago +2

    Loved your point that said "Let Milo speak." If he is so horrible people will figure it out! JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Corey MaxWell
    Corey MaxWell 2 months ago

    Blaire White, I thought it said Blair Witch?

  • Avocado1
    Avocado1 2 months ago

    Wasted Years by Iron Maiden right at the very end! I was wondering what types of music Blaire likes. COOL!

  • Blue Glass Productions
    Blue Glass Productions 2 months ago

    +Blaire White, the fact that you like Iron Maiden (as well as being an anti-SJW and anti-Feminist and seeing the world the way it is), makes me want to Marry you.

    If I had a Ring and knew where you lived, I'd travel to your House, get down on one knee (my bad knee) and propose to you, and remember I have a long way to travel as I live in UK.

    TYLER WILSON 2 months ago

    My erectile dysfunction was cured when I heard Iron Maiden

  • crona ampora
    crona ampora 2 months ago

    these people are why I give up hope on my futur

  • Unga Health
    Unga Health 2 months ago

    I can't...... The left is just.... I can't... my brain is literally unable to process them.

  • Michael Bleu
    Michael Bleu 2 months ago +1

    Don't compare disgusting sjw's with Rocky Horror pls. Rocky Horror was actually good

  • Bandit's shoes
    Bandit's shoes 2 months ago


  • SwirlySabsana Dances
    SwirlySabsana Dances 2 months ago

    5:51 Does he know what "Supremacy" means?

  • libby mlg
    libby mlg 2 months ago

    I love her shirt

  • Nick Meyer
    Nick Meyer 2 months ago

    "lets say fuck that guy!" 😂 Crinnnnngy fam.

  • Jaems Harilie
    Jaems Harilie 2 months ago

    I blame the teachers.

  • Dark God
    Dark God 2 months ago

    My question regarding the first video is why don't they let'im film them, while clearly somebody else is filming them? I mean we are watching a video about it, maybe they didn't even realize lol

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