Mean Tweets - President Obama Edition #2

  • Added:  9 months ago
  • Being President is a tough job. It’s one of the only jobs where you get a new approval rating every day. Now that we have this thing called social media, the President gets hundreds of judgments every hour of every day, many of them unpleasant. For the second time, President Obama has agreed to read them for our second-ever Presidential Edition of #MeanTweets.

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    Mean Tweets - President Obama Edition #2
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Comments: 19 834

  • James Neutron
    James Neutron 13 hours ago

    We All Came Here For @RealDonaldTrump

  • Cameron Champine
    Cameron Champine 14 hours ago

    At least I will go down as a president. Ha. Not.

  • PiperKent
    PiperKent Day ago

    Trump would never do this. Lol He can't laugh at himself.

  • Brynna Kemp
    Brynna Kemp Day ago

    If you actually watched Inauguration Day...I'm sorry for everyone who knows and has to deal with your blind, racist, rude ass.

  • Samuel Lindskog
    Samuel Lindskog Day ago


  • Sean Easy
    Sean Easy Day ago

    Bet you Fuckers miss Obama now, huh? LMFAO!!!!

  • Christian De Vera


  • Mr. Assassin
    Mr. Assassin Day ago

    What do you think? Will Trump ever be on Mean Tweets? He would scream "Fake News" and "Haters" all the time.

  • Amelies Channel
    Amelies Channel 2 days ago

    imagine donald strump reading mean tweets about himself

  • Aileean Fam
    Aileean Fam 2 days ago

    I think they forgot how he could easily sue them

  • 4Kaiju
    4Kaiju 3 days ago

    Obama was sadly right at the end.....

  • David Robitaille
    David Robitaille 3 days ago

    Little did he know that trump would win the presidency

  • The PGawesome channel

    Guess who's president now.

  • Chase Collins
    Chase Collins 4 days ago

    that last one really stings now, huh?

  • cheeseball 47
    cheeseball 47 4 days ago

    When you watching this and Trump is president...

    Unfortunately 😭

  • DanielaPlays
    DanielaPlays 4 days ago

    1:39 OHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Marsee
    Alex Marsee 4 days ago

    Laughing because I'm just watching this now and Trump is president and it just makes Obama look like an idiot

    • cwlaehn
      cwlaehn Day ago

      I know right! On top of how much of his policies also had the same effect. MAGA :)

  • Dremix Kta
    Dremix Kta 4 days ago

    Lol. It's funny cuz. Trumps president.

  • Ta'Nyzha Linzer
    Ta'Nyzha Linzer 5 days ago +2

    Little does trump know he's the worst president of all time😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth 5 days ago

    Tweet backfire. How stupid is obama he is the worst president in the history of presidents. LETS GO (MA MAN) TRUMP!!!

  • Jaleya Dowdell
    Jaleya Dowdell 5 days ago

    Thanks Obama you jinxed us, now Trump actually is President

  • Ha Ns
    Ha Ns 6 days ago

    1:30 Well... I think Trump goes down like George IV of Great Britain.

  • Ha Ns
    Ha Ns 6 days ago

    1:18 The sharknado tweet? No comment. *cough*Trump*cough*

  • ZanderHD
    ZanderHD 7 days ago

    he dropped hes phone

  • kyle arnold
    kyle arnold 7 days ago

    trump is president now haha

  • Oscar Cabrera
    Oscar Cabrera 8 days ago


  • kmanslayer 1
    kmanslayer 1 8 days ago

    1:24 to 1:41 lol he is our president

  • President Angel
    President Angel 8 days ago

    I'm Canadian, and I actually like Obama. He has a great sense of humour, and I'd love to meet him someday. You know, just saying.

  • Debbie Cabrera
    Debbie Cabrera 9 days ago

    1:34 I cried😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ahmed Amin
    Ahmed Amin 9 days ago +1

    The last one killed me🤣

  • thegamingbert03
    thegamingbert03 9 days ago

    Watching in 2017 and laughing my ass off because of the last tweet

  • Lord of Pyronickels
    Lord of Pyronickels 9 days ago

    1:30 Oh, sorry, I think you stole that first place position.

  • gl99999
    gl99999 10 days ago

    Jinxed us all with the final response.

  • RishoeJ
    RishoeJ 10 days ago

    It's incredible how delusional Americans are. Thinking trump would make America great again. I feel sorry for you guys.

  • James Allen
    James Allen 11 days ago

    Hahaha hahaha so glad the donald is president just so that's funnier.

  • KittySnicker
    KittySnicker 11 days ago

    LOL the irony in the Donald Trump part. I'm not a Trump fan but the irony is hilarious.

  • Yaume Lepire
    Yaume Lepire 11 days ago +1

    That last one... aukward...

  • SkrubDoesThings
    SkrubDoesThings 12 days ago +1

    1:39 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Tibi Niculescu
    Tibi Niculescu 13 days ago

    Trump is going down as emperor

  • Luisa Vidal
    Luisa Vidal 13 days ago


  • hugemagoo
    hugemagoo 13 days ago

    Barack Obingbong bongo is not my President.

  • Sahfa Afsd
    Sahfa Afsd 13 days ago

    Screw the rest of the states in U.S. It's all about California cause we are best. We are better than the rest of the state.

    • Skulldetta
      Skulldetta 7 days ago

      Then seperate, make yourself you own country, and gtfo out of the US. Thank you.

  • Bojo David
    Bojo David 13 days ago

    That last one

  • Peyton Pratt
    Peyton Pratt 13 days ago

    He's did more in one mouth than you've did in you entire presidency

  • itsjemmabond
    itsjemmabond 13 days ago

    President Trump will go down as perhaps the worse president in the history of the United States.

  • Beast Ninja
    Beast Ninja 13 days ago

    1:30 RIP Obama

  • Quiet Shadow
    Quiet Shadow 13 days ago

    I need trump to do one of these

  • Auriel
    Auriel 13 days ago

    I'm thankful and blessed to live in a country where we can say these things about our leader without fear of being hunted down and arrested. God Bless America!

  • Nicer Dicer
    Nicer Dicer 13 days ago

    Lol Donald should do this 😂 but the video would probably be waaaaay 2 long

  • Isabella b
    Isabella b 14 days ago

    i love obama so much i miss him

  • WhitePride5473
    WhitePride5473 14 days ago

    Lol I actually thought of this video as I was celebrating Trumps victory

  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 14 days ago

    Vote cloroxbleach for president

  • sally majeed
    sally majeed 14 days ago


  • Caleb McBride
    Caleb McBride 15 days ago

    I love watching this because this smug bastard took a giant Lwhen Trump took office. That will always be such a sweet victory for the 8 years of hell he and congress put the middle class through. #SUCKIT

  • Nathan Morgan
    Nathan Morgan 15 days ago

    What a twist

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez 15 days ago

    Invite trump to do his mean tweets

  • Bob Ross's Communist Paintings

    I'm cringing at the Trump tweet

  • Nick Simios
    Nick Simios 16 days ago

    Obama was wrong abou trump

  • Tommy Ruppert
    Tommy Ruppert 16 days ago

    1:40.... 😢

  • Riley _
    Riley _ 16 days ago

    1:40 oh no no no

  • NBA Max
    NBA Max 16 days ago

    He's right bout Trump cuz Trump is going down as the worst, most corrupt, shadiest, lying, big mouth, xenophobic, ignorant, orange oompa loompa to be sitting in the White House as the world burns.

    CHRIS STARKILLER 16 days ago

    Trump got the last laugh on that one :P

  • Kaurazon
    Kaurazon 17 days ago

    Anyone watching this in 2017 and thinking.. Well Donald Trump is having the last laugh... Lol

  • Blake hsheryvay
    Blake hsheryvay 17 days ago

    Sadly Obama roast did not work😂😭😓😓

  • herrbetto 55
    herrbetto 55 17 days ago

    Last minute: Drop beat, Peace out

  • Callandor
    Callandor 17 days ago

    Obama was awesome. Trump is a Clown and an embarrassment to American.

  • Nicole Breckenridge
    Nicole Breckenridge 17 days ago

    Bruh that last one 😂 he done messed up

  • Rouge The Bat
    Rouge The Bat 17 days ago

    Let's get a trump version

  • Pocoto420 Gaming
    Pocoto420 Gaming 19 days ago

    I love Obama he will always be the best president to me

  • totaltarian dictator
    totaltarian dictator 19 days ago

    That last one must have hurt...

  • Noorsy
    Noorsy 19 days ago

    Hmm.. Looks like Trumps about to steal Obama's place as worst president to go down in history.

  • Jordan Hires
    Jordan Hires 19 days ago +1

    When he actually became president

  • Harry Forster
    Harry Forster 19 days ago +1

    That last one. Yeah. This is awkward.

  • Bridger Haner
    Bridger Haner 20 days ago

    The awkward moment when trump is a better PRESIDENT than Obama

    • Callandor
      Callandor 17 days ago

      Yes the deal maker that is in healthcare.

  • Marie Dědková
    Marie Dědková 20 days ago

    That hurt...

  • Andy Mesa
    Andy Mesa 20 days ago

    I mean, I guess he still won't be the *worst* president.

  • Lisa Feisthome
    Lisa Feisthome 20 days ago

    Miss you Pres Obama 😭 hope you & yr family are having a great time, u deserve it❤️

  • Vivian Miller
    Vivian Miller 20 days ago

    Last one hit me hard😭Obama pls come back

  • The Proclaimed
    The Proclaimed 20 days ago

    It's fun that trump said that after these months of him being worse

  • Soulless Red Gaming
    Soulless Red Gaming 20 days ago

    Man I wish Obama was right about that trump thing

  • Silver Fox
    Silver Fox 20 days ago

    Guess Obama was wrong about Donald Trump. Thanks, Russia.

  • Kati e
    Kati e 21 day ago


  • silent phantom
    silent phantom 21 day ago

    who the hell wrote these LAME WEAK ASS TWEETS, bunch of 13 year olds? these are LAME

  • 11DNA11
    11DNA11 21 day ago

    Hey Obummer, better pick up the phone.

  • Jarred Mullis
    Jarred Mullis 21 day ago

    I love how the birds are shitting all over this dude in the background

  • Kasey rae
    Kasey rae 21 day ago

    2017 lol

  • Sumaya Ali
    Sumaya Ali 21 day ago

    The joke is still on Donald Trump, cause HE is now the worst president in history

  • Sir Stefan Channel!
    Sir Stefan Channel! 21 day ago

    That last response probably made Trump run for president, thanks Obama.

  • Sara Kha
    Sara Kha 21 day ago +1

    miss him

  • Ashe White
    Ashe White 21 day ago


  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson 22 days ago

    nothing but respect for MY president

  • Rage Reynolds
    Rage Reynolds 22 days ago

    But...i like Sharknado

  • Chase Ciardullo
    Chase Ciardullo 22 days ago

    if only he was right :(

  • Josh Neils
    Josh Neils 22 days ago +1

    At least i will go down as a president jk

  • Seth Pemberton
    Seth Pemberton 23 days ago

    Um trumps president I think that response you made makes u look like a dumbass

  • malia pouhila
    malia pouhila 23 days ago

    Do you even lift bro?

  • TheSusMaster
    TheSusMaster 23 days ago


  • 1milvies
    1milvies 23 days ago

    Well, Trump is making sure to go down as the worst president ever.

  • Pink Nig
    Pink Nig 24 days ago

    I will admit that Obama roasted trump very hard but who agrees that by trump becoming a president roasted Obama even harder

  • Sam Stanell
    Sam Stanell 24 days ago


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