People Who Took Instructions Way Too Literally

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  • Eetu Suvanto
    Eetu Suvanto 1 day ago

    1:15 so he is single😂😂😂😂

  • Jr. Cupcake
    Jr. Cupcake 2 days ago

    5:09 what did they expect 😂

  • omar paz
    omar paz 15 days ago


  • Caribbean Cat
    Caribbean Cat 16 days ago

    7:38 good job, store

  • Sebas Aguila
    Sebas Aguila 18 days ago

    7:01 HA insert bill and puts the bill card

  • Amy Miller
    Amy Miller 20 days ago


  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 25 days ago +1

    I used to be a fan.........

    Now I'm a air conditioner

  • Kelly Gaming
    Kelly Gaming 1 month ago +2

    Today my cousin said he wanted to sit on the couch I was sitting in, he never said he wanted too sit on the couch with *ME* so I just went too the other couch 😂 guess I took instructions literally too 😂

  • Shamika Gadre Gune
    Shamika Gadre Gune 1 month ago

    2:02 LOL

  • Willson Smith
    Willson Smith 1 month ago +1


    SAIYAN RAZAR 1 month ago

    after a while this got old

  • Ly N
    Ly N 1 month ago

    _too funny_

  • Ly N
    Ly N 1 month ago


  • supersonic7
    supersonic7 1 month ago

    butter cookies sound achualy nice

  • diamondfinder360
    diamondfinder360 1 month ago

    my friend put " changed later." and it didn't let him. it may seem fake, but true story. if you don't get it, read the second sentence over a few more times

  • Epic Boy
    Epic Boy 1 month ago

    5:08 i did that once

  • Bolavard of brown dreames Green day

    *-i just learnt how to do this-*

  • jianming lu
    jianming lu 1 month ago

    wow stupid people

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  • Mr. Space!
    Mr. Space! 1 month ago

    1:14 the lyrics are ehhh yoy ehhh yoy ehhh yoy ehhh yoy

    it it where

    ehhh yoy ehhh yoy ehhh yoy ehhh yoy

    yoy yoy yoy yoy

    it it where

    yoy yoy yoy yoy

    it it where

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    Wolf Pack 1 month ago +1

    I'm nigga plz give me 100 likes if you think i was real nigga

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  • SpeedyDudeGaming
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    At 3:18, it said, "Please keep your iPhone under watch" But it wasen't an iPhone, it was an LG.

  • RossomeRishit TheGamer


  • Garchomp 21
    Garchomp 21 1 month ago +1

    Guys if someone says Go buy sonic from the food place go buy sonic Toys or Plush thats a instruction way literally

  • bpdoles
    bpdoles 1 month ago

    okay i'll go find a video called "Share Subscribe" and like it :D

  • Natalie Nims
    Natalie Nims 1 month ago

    ¶ ¶

  • Short Stack
    Short Stack 1 month ago

    Igpay atinlay isway unfay udeday

  • Mandy Muffins
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  • earl sarmiento
    earl sarmiento 1 month ago

    *bro wtf*

  • JC C
    JC C 2 months ago +1

    Mom told me to fix the fan

    I got my dick stuck in the fan
    Please call the "OMG your dick got caught in the ceiling fan" btw the number is 704-420-DICK.

  • 4400seriesFAN
    4400seriesFAN 2 months ago

    I lost it with Overwatch... hahahahaha

  • Kezi _ 75
    Kezi _ 75 2 months ago

    Or not

  • Kezi _ 75
    Kezi _ 75 2 months ago

    [b] like this

  • Evan Au
    Evan Au 2 months ago

    on take 5, shouldn't he have to take 5 more bars per bar?

  • ÆÆŁøx ZZ
    ÆÆŁøx ZZ 2 months ago


  • Jonas Kong
    Jonas Kong 2 months ago

    2:01 _The username is taken_

  • Bianca l
    Bianca l 2 months ago

    Haha and for the "Please check if you flushed one" lol that one guy who put an X

  • Monday_ sunday120
    Monday_ sunday120 2 months ago

    That sheep one though.

  • Keaton Mason
    Keaton Mason 2 months ago

    Like Share Subscribe

  • Connor Miles
    Connor Miles 2 months ago

    I can't tell if it's smart-asses, or dumb-asses

  • The Jacob Channel
    The Jacob Channel 2 months ago

    -How do you do this? I don't know how-

  • DarkEnlighter
    DarkEnlighter 2 months ago

    Damn i am playing heart gold and i am in goldrod City and when i went in the house and talked to the girl she Said her big brother bill just went to another city and then the incert bill meme came...

  • Beaver Toast
    Beaver Toast 2 months ago

    And then you see a kum and go

  • MadHealer 3978
    MadHealer 3978 2 months ago

    what is the music you used for the this video?

  • dafranx
    dafranx 2 months ago

    They don't understand abstract logic so much. It's just a figure of speech, idiots.

  • TheGreekVandreus maurer

    this is not taking to literally just people being smart asses

  • Massey Lover
    Massey Lover 2 months ago

    Thes wer so funny like this if you thank they were funny

  • Dariana Jaime
    Dariana Jaime 2 months ago

    Would've ate the toast,heck,I would've brought peanut butter

  • betty bech
    betty bech 2 months ago

    I laugh so hard at 7:46 with the dog…

    If your DOG does a POO Please put it in a litter bin.

    I laugh so hard; I got a stomach cramp and needed several
    Kleenex tissues!

  • Bryn Jared Llaneta
    Bryn Jared Llaneta 2 months ago

    public comment...

  • Ken Daly
    Ken Daly 2 months ago

    7:38 that's not a's a boy

  • Ken Daly
    Ken Daly 2 months ago

    6:50, i dont get it

  • xXMezzosMixX
    xXMezzosMixX 2 months ago

    the girl with the bra really nailed it :D 100:0 for her

  • WolfyAssain5565 ROBLOX Fun

    Omg 666k views

  • Mark San Felipe
    Mark San Felipe 2 months ago

    what game is 2:02 ?

  • Jordan Cambridge
    Jordan Cambridge 2 months ago

    here is my favorite wedding toast (to the dead the dying and the next man to die)

  • DogOfTruth 5
    DogOfTruth 5 2 months ago +1

    *hello people* -i just came back from the hospital- _i_ *_-broke my skull smashing the like button-_*

  • Gaming with freinds
    Gaming with freinds 2 months ago

    *wow* *i* *cant* *do*this*

  • RGH Chocolate
    RGH Chocolate 2 months ago

    00:44 i used to do that lol

  • The Coolguy
    The Coolguy 2 months ago +1

    Hi I'm gonna prank you


    • FaZeFan
      FaZeFan 1 month ago

      The Coolguy didn't get me, on PC the real READ MORE is blue

    • Motogold 747
      Motogold 747 2 months ago

      The Coolguy you got me!


  • Joshua Enrico D. BARCENAL

    9:38 W0w even d@ overwatch company took it serious XD

  • XxReich GailxX
    XxReich GailxX 2 months ago

    ^ ^
    Φ Φ

  • XxReich GailxX
    XxReich GailxX 2 months ago

    -I just figured out how to do this-
    *I just figured out how to do this*

  • Keona siddo
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  • RetnoGaming
    RetnoGaming 2 months ago

    5:16 The Tardis though... listening to Dr Who music while watching this video xD

  • CuteGirl YT
    CuteGirl YT 2 months ago +7

    You wanna know who is a cool person?

    read that first word of the sentence.

    • NAIL ART
      NAIL ART 1 month ago

      ??? ?? ???? it's YOU,we have to read 1st word of 1st line

    • ??? ?? ????
      ??? ?? ???? 2 months ago

      read? who the fuck is read?

  • David Wang
    David Wang 2 months ago

    Your music sucks . . . . .

  • Ethan Connor123321
    Ethan Connor123321 3 months ago


  • Yah Yeshua
    Yah Yeshua 3 months ago

    Jesus,is coming very soon.
    Please,let us all obey the words
    of the Lord and repent and turn
    back from our bad ways before
    it's too late..
    God bless all 🎶💕💖

    LOGANG4 LIFE 3 months ago

    *is this a bold text*

  • Paige Cobb
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    like share subscribe!

  • Shad Masterson
    Shad Masterson 3 months ago

    My coworkers get annoyed at me sometimes for doing this shit, but it is hilarious. I definitely have to find the sign pick up chicks here. Might end up in jail though :D

  • Bill Cut
    Bill Cut 3 months ago +1

    Dude Chilling park, lol, i was there a few days ago

  • Kyle Wease
    Kyle Wease 3 months ago

    Barely funny

  • 「 Arno 」
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  • 「 Arno 」
    「 Arno 」 3 months ago

    oh and btw

  • 「 Arno 」
    「 Arno 」 3 months ago

    kill yourself

  • I just want to kill myself


    • nathan vogeler
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    Today, I learned something new!


  • Alicia Covers
    Alicia Covers 3 months ago

    0:56 Festival Mall 😂😂 #PH

  • Zabar Mihai : zabaR96
    Zabar Mihai : zabaR96 3 months ago

    Guys I swear I just got.$ from this amazing website: (just type in g00gle)=> *_freeppalmon xyz_*

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  • JustinBadger 4
    JustinBadger 4 3 months ago +3

    guess what!!!

    1. chickenbutt
    2. there is no 2
    4. haha made you look
    5. and no 3
    6. kys

    • B W
      B W 2 months ago

      You forgot monkeynut and turkeytwat

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  • grizzly bear
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  • grizzly bear
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  • Jesus Crust
    Jesus Crust 3 months ago

    Instructions unclear
    dick stuck in toaster

    • Motogold 747
      Motogold 747 2 months ago

      bleach how do I keep seeing you in every video I watch

  • Legendary Phoenix
    Legendary Phoenix 3 months ago

    these people are dumb you know?

  • Mc derneld
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  • Mc derneld
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  • Mc derneld
    Mc derneld 3 months ago

    lol at. 1:48 at the top left corner it says *lube* hahahahaha

  • Mc derneld
    Mc derneld 3 months ago

    *i just* -figured out- _how to do this_

  • Mc derneld
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  • Mc derneld
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  • Mc derneld
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