Alabama congressman faces tough questions at town-hall marathon

  • Added:  4 months ago
  • Congress goes back to work Monday after a two-week recess. Some Republicans who returned to their districts avoided tough questions from constituents, but not Congressman Bradley Byrne. Nancy Cordes went for a ride-along with the Alabama lawmaker who held 11 town halls in four days.

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Comments: 79

  • michael preston
    michael preston Month ago

    Here's a joke, Congress goes back to work !

  • America
    America 2 months ago

    lol, republican improved aca? keep voting for the rep...then you'll see they're not for you... but only the 1%

  • samson david
    samson david 2 months ago

    cbs still as boring as ever

  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah 2 months ago

    politicians are the problem to all America's troubles get rid of all of them.

  • Simon Randall
    Simon Randall 2 months ago


  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan 2 months ago

    Only a selfish and heartless person would call healthcare a privilege. I wonder if some Republican voters want people to die so they can pay less tax.

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan 2 months ago +1

    I don't agree with Byrne's politics but at least he acknowledges that part of his job involves listening to people who don't see things his way and he gets out and about and meets people. Some of the other Republicans have indulged in inflammatory rhetoric.

  • Keith Bell
    Keith Bell 3 months ago +1

    Give him an A for effort in putting himself out there for the people. He is heads abobe alot of those weak spined coward congressmen. Nonetheless, Alabama is a far cry from currupt DC.

  • Iamno1 Noone
    Iamno1 Noone 3 months ago

    he's just another liar. common people wake up.
    vote him in again and he'll prove it

  • Patti Thompsett
    Patti Thompsett 3 months ago +1

    what a fluff piece. he didnt hear anything the people said

  • kenny edwards
    kenny edwards 3 months ago +1

    The Republican view is, if you can't afford to buy decent health insurance then tough, you're on your own. That's OK if we all start with the same life chances, but we know the truth is very different. Tell it to the folks born in the worst neighbourhoods with crap schools and few successful role models. That's before we talk about institutionalised racism.

  • None Ya
    None Ya 3 months ago +2

    This guy is full of shit.

  • Vlad Didenko
    Vlad Didenko 3 months ago +1

    you call this journalism?


    • ridewave444
      ridewave444 3 months ago

      Non existent most the time with the corporate media. I'd say.

  • Rea Ality
    Rea Ality 3 months ago +1

    Healthcare is a privilege, not a right. Socialism is a streetcar named 'bankruptcy'.

    • Donald Grab them by the pussy Trump
      Donald Grab them by the pussy Trump 2 months ago

      Rea Ality Nonsense they're entire goal is extract as much profit while offering as little services as possible. If you're for a for profit Healthcare system then you're probably a sucker and see nothing wrong with health insurance companies taking advantage of a rigged system.

  • Hogman Go
    Hogman Go 3 months ago +1

    Now these Rethuglicans must defend Trump shared highly classified information with the Russians. The Rethuglican party is a clusterfuck! 😂😂😂😂

  • yaimavol
    yaimavol 3 months ago

    This guy is the real deal. Too bad all of them are not.

  • Stillone Grissom
    Stillone Grissom 3 months ago

    like shining a light on cockroach's.

  • agentd36
    agentd36 3 months ago

    I'd rather read the news from the DMZ, than be a politician...

  • Yawovi E.
    Yawovi E. 3 months ago

    He has a dick, I will give him that. All his friends don't even want to hold one.

  • Anti Hypocrite
    Anti Hypocrite 3 months ago +5

    Medicare for all or fire the congress people ! Because Medicare is the best for everyone instead of robbing the people .

    • Anti Hypocrite
      Anti Hypocrite 3 months ago

      Sorry but you can get Medicare at any age it does that is a situation because Medicare is someone gets hurt it comes out of our paychecks and pays for that person at that time it's not that you pay into it and its policy there after 40 years it would be there the next day if Congress just signed the bill to make Medicare for every one 'cause Medicare 'cause rod of our paychecks and pays for the things of that time and Medicare cons of our paychecks that pay for Medicare.  So don't tell me we can have Medicare and every other civilized society in the world hasn't sent America and where the most wealthiest country the world and we don't have money to take care of our people is probably 'cause our politicians are getting paid by the insurance companies and medical lobbyist to read the votes and rules and their favor instead of having a decent heart your chest to know someone's heart and we all pay our taxes to take your the situation no one has no right to say that we can have something if we can pay for it and the rich fair start paying their fair share in taxes to provide if a 36% in taxes so can they American Insurance companies have been robbing the American people for way too long and that's why they pay politicians so they won't lose their jobs .  Because likely people are gonna vote for you if you do some good and society and tried to take care of people around us instead of robbing them.  The constitution states we the people on it not we the corporations .  That's all that last bill was with trump care was to give the wealthy big tax breaks a set of paying their fair share in taxes so Medicare could be there for everybody but the wealthy and the insurance companies up don't want that to be so and that's why they buy politicians .

    • yaimavol
      yaimavol 3 months ago

      Medicare is a plan you pay into for 40 years before you can even use it? What are you talking about????

  • Ilkhan28
    Ilkhan28 3 months ago +4

    Typical corporate media-leaving out any mention of Medicare for all. If any congress person tells you Medicare for all or Universal HC is not viable, they are saying that because corporate donors from medical and pharma industries are writing them big checks to do so. Universal HC in various methods, are already viable in several advanced countries, Netherlands, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia to name a few. It would only take a little bit of research most don't seem to want to do this.

  • paula null
    paula null 3 months ago +5

    The new Trump Ryan Affordable care act will be better than what we have?  Really?  When is the flying pigs formation show?

    • America
      America 2 months ago

      why do stupid/middle class/poor always vote for the republican?

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D 4 months ago +1

    Tough questions, really?!!
    I half expected to hear at the end
    "I'm Bradley Burn and I endorse this commercial"!!!

  • Mary Rodger
    Mary Rodger 4 months ago +9

    He lied at about the 9:00 mark, his healthcare is NOT a concern to him since We The People are paying nearly 100% of his and his family's coverage, which by the way, he can carry over into his retirement, but We The People are also paying for his aides. So the young man is correct to be concerned since they've been trying to stop ACA.

    Frankly, I don't give a rat's behind how many town halls he's had compared to the others, since We The People are also paying his and their salaries. He's just doing what he's supposed to do.

    • Mary Rodger
      Mary Rodger 3 months ago

      Keep your chin up and your fighting spirit also Robert. Maybe you and some of the family can give rides to get registered to vote and include the church if you belong to one. I hope all stays well for you and your mother.

    • Robert Rodgers
      Robert Rodgers 3 months ago

      We find ourselves in agreement again. :)
      Thank You!
      It is great to know that there are two wonderful ladies with the name Mary, like you and my mother.
      Please do keep up to good fight against the evil represented by those vile psychopaths in office. My family & I will continue the fight down here in Mobile, Alabama against the GOP's vote rigging efforts in hopes that we will one day rid our local, state, and federal governments of neo-confederate scumbags.

    • Mary Rodger
      Mary Rodger 3 months ago

      S or no s we're good people Robert. ;~))

    • Robert Rodgers
      Robert Rodgers 3 months ago

      Precisely, Mary! Well said!
      By the way, my mother has the same name as yours, except we have an "s" at the end of our last name.

  • garyd044
    garyd044 4 months ago


  • Ellaine Anderson
    Ellaine Anderson 4 months ago +1

    He may be the only one worth keeping. At least he APPEARS to listen.

    • ridewave444
      ridewave444 3 months ago


    • ridewave444
      ridewave444 3 months ago

      Don't be that desperate. He's a selfish fraud. It's what they DO that matters. Check their Capital Hill voting records and check who their BIG DONORS are since THEY determine what they do or do at least 95% of the time, I'd say.

  • Kevin Carter
    Kevin Carter 4 months ago +2

    this is good and every congress person should do this

  • jordanvictoria5
    jordanvictoria5 4 months ago +14

    Great someone who remembers that whether you are republican or democrat your supposed respresent everybody in your district even if the way you try to solve the problem falls under you politcal belief.

  • Maurice Hendrix
    Maurice Hendrix 4 months ago +2

    This town hall outrage is actually manufactured by Democrats - they organize protesters to go into the town hall meetings and yell and scream. There are emails showing that Democrats are responsible for this faux outrage. Also, a Republican never acts with the level of indecency expected from a Democrat. CBS is just more fake news...

    • daveusaz1218
      daveusaz1218 3 months ago

      +Maurice Hendrix
      Maybe we can all be lectured by a stupid, gullible and hopelessly lost person that voted for trash with cash trump

    • Maurice Hendrix
      Maurice Hendrix 3 months ago

      It's called an argument and a counter-argument, you babbling fool. Your conceited, sanctimonious attitude is why the Democraps lost. Nobody wants to be lectured to by an idiot who thinks they are a genius, like yourself. Republicans are the only ones exhibiting free thought since we have no control over the media narrative. Democraps are the side of the 1%, hollywood limousine liberals, Antifa, feminists and commies, the most brain-washed, deluded, misled, inept zombies in the country. For instance, last night on Colbert the audience cheered when they heard that Comey was fired. Then, when Colbert "corrected them", they all boo'd. You and the rest of the Democraps are not fooling anyone - your lies are coming unravelled and people are starting to see how cult-like Democraps are. Thank GOD!

    • daveusaz1218
      daveusaz1218 3 months ago

      +Maurice Hendrix
      you are the most unoriginal person on the planet, you can only reflect my own words back,
      This is why I say trash with cash trump got elected because there are more stupid gullible weak minded people than there are smart people

    • Maurice Hendrix
      Maurice Hendrix 3 months ago

      Mr. Liar In Chief Barack Hussein "You can keep your doctor" Obama was a Republican? You watch waaaay too much CNN - the fakest news possible. Democrats are living in an opposite reality, buddy. Why do you think every Democrap was so shocked when Trump won? Because every day they told themselves that Killary was going to win and Trump was "stupid". Nobody takes Democraps seriously...

  • Howlbigbadwolf
    Howlbigbadwolf 4 months ago +32

    it's kind of hard to believe anything that any Congress person can say, if they would live the same lives, and have the same conditions, living expenses, and Healthcare as regular people, I know you would see a huge difference and how work gets done in Washington.

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