DISGUSTING Restaurant Sprays Their Steaks Before Cooking! | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Orla Penguin
    Orla Penguin 42 minutes ago


  • Episode_Author _Girl

    Why is Gordon such a savage lol... He's so scary I don't know how his kids survive him ...

  • thesurivorthatwillsurive

    I don't horde I just say the definition of hoarding

  • Christiana Komondan
    Christiana Komondan 8 hours ago

    i don't think I'm a hoarder i just can't handle to get rid of things😂😂😂 boi u a hoarder

  • that one guy
    that one guy 9 hours ago

    4:16 you stupid thats what a horder is

  • Justin Ryzner
    Justin Ryzner 12 hours ago

    "I don't think I'm a hoarder I just don't like throwing things away" that's a hoarder stupid..

  • chikoche23
    chikoche23 12 hours ago

    When he finds the joker card.. Priceless. Gordon never cease to impress me with his commentary.

  • Itz Jules
    Itz Jules 13 hours ago

    " I'm not a hoarder. I just have a hard time throwing things away" boi

  • Wael B
    Wael B 14 hours ago

    Scripted shit!

  • Bubblegum_Funk
    Bubblegum_Funk 14 hours ago

    Eat, sleep, watch Gordan, repeat

  • Jeff Kaplan
    Jeff Kaplan 14 hours ago

    What a dick

  • Chevelle Manson
    Chevelle Manson 14 hours ago

    what a crazy stupid owner

  • laca zette
    laca zette 15 hours ago

    Gordon is ultimate form of petty LOL Fucking hand sanitizer bottle in his pocket.

  • Telestic Gamer
    Telestic Gamer 15 hours ago

    Damn hes never sorry XD

  • Scoopy
    Scoopy 16 hours ago

    He had the fuckin bottle of sanitizer in his pocket lmfao

  • LeftiSinger 66
    LeftiSinger 66 16 hours ago

    I don't think I'm a hoarder. It's just hard for me to throw things away.

    Dude. That's a fucking hoarder.

  • Grishy
    Grishy 17 hours ago

    I don't think that I'm a hoarder, it's just hard for me to throw stuff away

  • Grace Lillian
    Grace Lillian 19 hours ago

    " i dont really think that I'm a hoarder...
    *its just hard for me to throw things away*

    da fuq

  • Hana Emrullahu
    Hana Emrullahu 21 hour ago

    I feelt so bad about the man when he said he dosn't have another couch.

  • Michelle Ros
    Michelle Ros 22 hours ago

    Gordon is like my father when he comes into my room😂😂

  • Kizma Bixma
    Kizma Bixma 22 hours ago

    I know it isn't the only thing hoarding is probably I don't know but isn't that like like what hoarding is people who have trouble throwing stuff away/giving away things they don't need?

  • Hey!ItzRoselette
    Hey!ItzRoselette 23 hours ago

    "What is that"

    *finds a old candy cane*

    "Wow, merry Christmas"

    lollll👌👌👌😂😂same famm

  • Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper 23 hours ago

    I'm not a hoarder, it's just hard for me to throw things away 😅😅

  • marvelous LIE
    marvelous LIE 23 hours ago

    "I don't think I'm a hoarder, it's just hard to throw stuff away." Yep, that's exactly something a hoarder would say.

  • LYJmusic
    LYJmusic 23 hours ago

    "Dirty crusty shoes" 😂😂

  • nextrascer awesomer

    chef ramsey must think im a lunatic for having all this stuff, i dont think im a horder its just hard for me to get rid of stuff

  • MizuiroNo
    MizuiroNo 1 day ago

    "I don't think that I am a hoarder, I just find it hard to throw things away" Said like a true hoarder

  • Midget Unicorns
    Midget Unicorns 1 day ago

    Randy is scared shitless

  • Nicholas Davarinantha

    4:57 NINOOOO

  • It's Fucking Raw
    It's Fucking Raw 1 day ago


  • Valkon
    Valkon 1 day ago

    Stop touching dirt Gordon boy

  • nj13 nj13
    nj13 nj13 1 day ago

    Did a customer die in here yes I needed them for parts

  • mincy poo
    mincy poo 1 day ago

    Using hand sanitizer is NOT, I repeat is NOT washing your hands. Gross.

  • Araceli Rizo
    Araceli Rizo 1 day ago

    The joker how fitting is that

  • Kenny Bui
    Kenny Bui 1 day ago

    Gordon Ramsey the simon cowell of cooking

  • free da guys
    free da guys 1 day ago

    little shithead randy would get a lot farther if he didnt constatly try to justify these stupid shit.

  • Michael Galle
    Michael Galle 1 day ago

    Did you find any change, Gordon ???

  • Michael Galle
    Michael Galle 1 day ago

    WoW !!! HOW do you miss the obvious and the easiest of chores ?!?!?!?

  • Judah Tanninen
    Judah Tanninen 1 day ago

    u a dik

  • Max Volume
    Max Volume 1 day ago

    i usually see these videos and think well gordon ramsey is a bit of a nut about things which is understandable considering he's a renowned chef, but that chair??? wtf, cmon guys

  • Aman Arora
    Aman Arora 1 day ago

    First of all, who the in the world is gonna look under the damn seat anyways like wtf Ramsay?

  • Ladychu
    Ladychu 2 days ago

    what was this restaurant's name? I wanna watch the whole thing.

  • Amrie Irfan
    Amrie Irfan 2 days ago

    I wonder what REAL comb looks like

  • William Blake
    William Blake 2 days ago

    2:16 great detective work. It looks like another case is closed.

  • yagami
    yagami 2 days ago

    If you came for the spray, it's at 3:10

  • CementCake
    CementCake 2 days ago

    He should wear gloves because heS tOuching stUff THaT I ShaLL NOT ALLOW

  • Nhân Nguyễn
    Nhân Nguyễn 2 days ago

    You don't have a better one... how about NOTHING lol I died

  • Love Jeon
    Love Jeon 2 days ago


  • Love Jeon
    Love Jeon 2 days ago


  • Dan Green
    Dan Green 2 days ago

    did anyone else see the chef wipe sweat from her face and than touch a plate with the same hand? Fucking disgusting!

  • UniTato SpiderTato
    UniTato SpiderTato 2 days ago

    If Gordon Ramsay says it's terrible then it is! don't go "no it's amazing"

  • Christopher Fondakowski

    I'm scared to go to family restaurants now

  • Henry Prins
    Henry Prins 2 days ago

    interested trip representative ritual jail cook comfort ensure ride digital imply frame.

  • StayFreshGamingNL
    StayFreshGamingNL 2 days ago

    well im not a drug addict ita just hard for me to not take drugs

  • Senpachi Edits
    Senpachi Edits 2 days ago

    "what is this a comb oh comb on randy" this was supposed to be a pun - right after, "what, do you think this is funny?"

  • A Burrito
    A Burrito 2 days ago

    OMG Gordon is Sooooo FUNNY HOLY SHIT im DYING xDxD

  • Eric Voss
    Eric Voss 2 days ago

    at least he says how it actually is

  • Janna valenzuela
    Janna valenzuela 2 days ago

    My question is…why doesn't he E V E R use gloves??

  • Ja Ja
    Ja Ja 2 days ago

    "Did the customer die" -Gordon Ramsey

  • Cluckworks Does Gaming

    "A joker, how fitting is that"

    GG ramsay

  • ss
    ss 2 days ago

    damn randy

  • UK James
    UK James 2 days ago

    the guy sounds like donald trump mate xDD

  • lmjoelle12
    lmjoelle12 3 days ago

    He picks up the rat then using the same hand he wipes his nose LOL

  • Tómas Klostermann
    Tómas Klostermann 3 days ago

    I worked in a pub for 4 years as a kitchenhand/bartender and I would never expect to see this kind of mess in that kitchen. I mean, the plates were often dirty and the equipment was old but at least they didn't spray the meat or hoard rotten food

  • Breezer
    Breezer 3 days ago

    😂 😂 he had a giant bottle of hand sanitiser in his pocket

  • nukeman1303
    nukeman1303 3 days ago

    Gordon: beware, if this kitchen is dirty I'm armed
    *shows hand sanitiser*

  • Electric Dragon
    Electric Dragon 3 days ago

    thought i was watching hotel hell xD

  • Andrew Trevino
    Andrew Trevino 3 days ago

    Is Ramsey wearing a Breitling?

  • Dangerous Iceberg
    Dangerous Iceberg 3 days ago

    Hey he should go to micdonalds In north carolina

  • AlexVlogs
    AlexVlogs 3 days ago

    "did the customer die?"

  • TutsWithRock
    TutsWithRock 3 days ago

    I need an explanation for the Nino at the end of this video I am intrigued😂😂😂

  • Kanya Pinandita
    Kanya Pinandita 3 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay should go to school cafetarias :))))

  • plasticbudgie
    plasticbudgie 4 days ago


  • sephykun88
    sephykun88 4 days ago

    "Did the customer die???" 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭 I CANT!

  • sephykun88
    sephykun88 4 days ago

    "How fitting is that?!" 😂😂😂😂 I'm fucking CRYING!!!!

  • Eli Martin
    Eli Martin 4 days ago

    Lol his first problem with the restaurant isn't the food😂😂 you know that's a bad restaurant when that happened

  • Niki Edmonds
    Niki Edmonds 4 days ago

    Disgusting pigs...taking peoples money to eat in that shithole...they should have been arrested 😷😷😷

  • Coffee Pot Productions

    "I don't think I'm a hoarder, it's just hard for me to throw things away"

  • simkashi 01
    simkashi 01 4 days ago

    2:42 dab

  • Nick Brian
    Nick Brian 4 days ago

    2:29 did the customer die?
    LOL AF

  • Julienne Maeura Zephi Guzman

    Ewwwww.. This restaurant is just... ugh..

  • Jazzy Anime Girl
    Jazzy Anime Girl 4 days ago

    The fact that Gordon touches all that dust and crap with his hands, it amazes me 😂

  • Dr Dickinson
    Dr Dickinson 4 days ago

    the joker bit gets me everytime xD

  • sheckybish
    sheckybish 4 days ago

    lol 4:15

  • Cannotthinkofaname 122

    Eww I can't believe he put his hands in the sides of them chairs *cringe*

  • AkaRamon
    AkaRamon 5 days ago


  • Bashaer Hussin
    Bashaer Hussin 5 days ago

    Holy shit it's disgusting says the chef

  • Lixandro Benjamin
    Lixandro Benjamin 5 days ago

    He found my comb!

  • Wisty Centorini
    Wisty Centorini 5 days ago

    American TV is jokkkke, all the dramatic music and zoomed in shots, I die 😂

  • AeonX7
    AeonX7 5 days ago

    thats some dirty nasty restaurant

  • Lexie Luff
    Lexie Luff 5 days ago

    Wiped her mouth with her hand, contaminates everything...

  • BPC
    BPC 5 days ago

    im sorry, im new to gordon ramsay videos, can someone please explain the 'Nino' joke

  • Jesse Byrd
    Jesse Byrd 5 days ago

    Merry Christmas dirty old couch

  • Ninjogo Fauntleroy
    Ninjogo Fauntleroy 5 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey will touch anything. You couldn't pay me to touch some of the shit he be touching

  • Hope Fujimori
    Hope Fujimori 5 days ago

    How does he touch that crap 😖

  • Krys Bell
    Krys Bell 5 days ago

    4:40 Gordon Ramsay: forensic expert

  • Patricia Angel
    Patricia Angel 5 days ago

    2:33 did nobody else notice?

  • Jennifer Griffin
    Jennifer Griffin 5 days ago

    "I'm not a hoarder, I just have trouble throwing things away." 😂

  • TheUnknownMonkey
    TheUnknownMonkey 5 days ago

    Bit harsh ain't he?

  • SubZippo
    SubZippo 5 days ago

    I'm cringing just at the stuff in the chairs.

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