2 Godzillas In The Monsterverse: Kong Skull Island After Credits Scene Explained (SPOILERS)

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  • The first crossover episode of Godzilla and Kong explained focuses on diving into the hidden implications of the Kong Skull Island after credits scene that you may have missed. Those implications bring the fact that if the continuity set forth in either Godzilla 2014 or Godzilla Awakening is to be kept intact than the Godzilla scene in the cave paintings that MONARCH has is a different Godzilla than the one in the 2014 movie!
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  • Kong Skull Island After Credits Scene Implications  

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  • D Man1954
    D Man1954  5 months ago +385

    Tell me now; what do you think, are these cave paintings evidence that there are two living Godzilla's in the Monsterverse or do you think there is still just one?

    • Carter Pizano
      Carter Pizano 3 days ago

      ya im with you

    • Blue Ninja Assassin
      Blue Ninja Assassin 3 days ago

      D Man1954
      dude in Godzilla 2014 we saw a Godzilla skeleton
      even kong has parents
      so why can't godzilla

    • كولد سافاج Golem
      كولد سافاج Golem 5 days ago

      I THINK WHAT HAPPEND IS THAT where WAS MANY of each just that some died we dont know how and when but some survived some sort of extinction but there had to be more because Godzilla and king ghidorah in that picture may make most ppl wondering because that look slike the 2014 godzilla model many ppl would be confused and be like wait why is he then awake and fighting when he was hibernating for millions of years or it had to be anotehr godzilla and another kind ghidorah or maybe that king ghidorah killed that godzilla and it was the one we saw in the 19s film Godzilla vs King Ghidorah ?

    • King dritz
      King dritz 5 days ago

      Gaming Central wait do u mean Hiroshima atom bomb or some other can u please tell me

    • Storbuki
      Storbuki 6 days ago

      Only one.  This easily could be evidence to support that he may have woken up at some point in the past when he was needed and then gone back into hibernation until he is needed again.  See how easy it is to take circumstantial evidence and twist it to whatever history I want to create?  My point is that they can do whatever they want with the timeline and do not have to reference the comic timeline at all.

    SHANNO B 6 hours ago

    no its only 1

  • Billy Bob Joe Bob
    Billy Bob Joe Bob 21 hour ago

    Mothra has a gender? If so, I thought Mothra was male. Godzilla wasn't really supposed to have a gender, having been created man's nuclear folly.

  • Billy Bob Joe Bob
    Billy Bob Joe Bob 21 hour ago

    Wasn't Godzilla created by man's irresponsibility with nuclear power?

  • rescatate14
    rescatate14 Day ago +1

    Nood nood

  • The Ultimate Derp


  • Paul Valentine
    Paul Valentine 2 days ago

    You do realize that several of the places on that map are labeled Kyoto, Mie, Nagano and Nagoya, all oddly placed correctly for their locations in Japan, make that a map of Japan. Which would likely make the topmost dot, Tokyo.

  • Gav TheGothicChav
    Gav TheGothicChav 2 days ago

    Toho put a clause in the contract when Legendary acquired rights to use Godzilla...Legendary are not allowed to kill him off.

  • Rivyn Daniel
    Rivyn Daniel 2 days ago

    I think it makes more sense to dismiss Awakening, and assume that Godzilla has god through multiple states hibernation cycles over the millennia, perhaps awakening in response to serious threats, with his awakening in the 40's being a premature awakening

  • Oink ards
    Oink ards 2 days ago

    Cloverfield alien invasion is in this universe too.

  • Gilberto Rodriguez JR

    it look like the bombing of Hiroshima that woke up Godzilla from his nap it was the American we destroyed the world lol

  • Carter Pizano
    Carter Pizano 3 days ago

    this is cool

  • Team _SAVAGE321
    Team _SAVAGE321 3 days ago

    the second godzilla is the 2014 godzillas son

  • Rayshon Jones
    Rayshon Jones 3 days ago

    yeah you might be over thinking it the painting in the cave is the same Godzilla from 2014 King Kong is supposed to be set after Godzilla was seen so the painting of the fight happened before King Kong lol

  • Christopher Guillermo

    There is two godzilla. Godzilla and godzilla junior

  • Brenton Webb
    Brenton Webb 3 days ago

    they did say that Godzilla restores balance and order, maybe it woke up earlier and went to sleep again.

  • Camari Taylor
    Camari Taylor 3 days ago

    nooo Godzilla won't die that Bone won was a different Godzilla

  • As1anbarf
    As1anbarf 4 days ago

    What is a king,to a god.

  • Aaron Cathcart
    Aaron Cathcart 4 days ago

    Explains them bringing up the oxygen destroyer

  • كولد سافاج Golem


  • Brandon Yamamoto
    Brandon Yamamoto 5 days ago

    Might be a new generation Godzilla

  • Brandon Yamamoto
    Brandon Yamamoto 5 days ago

    If they had Mecha Godzilla 3 it would be so much more better

  • Sam Diaz
    Sam Diaz 5 days ago


  • MLG Spring 101
    MLG Spring 101 5 days ago

    Bruh its king hydra

  • Quinn
    Quinn 5 days ago

    First figured the paintings were just some preminition bs.

  • Elliot Lytle
    Elliot Lytle 6 days ago

    here's something you didn't think about: what if none of what you were talking about is true about the cave paintings? what if it's not depicting PAST battles? What if it's PREDICTING future ones?

  • Aqua
    Aqua 6 days ago

    I guess the only question is....

    What are we talking about

  • MFJUNK 101
    MFJUNK 101 7 days ago


  • BloodyJoker89
    BloodyJoker89 7 days ago

    I don't wanna be -that guy-, but if Godzilla dies, won't he meltdown like he did against Destroyah? Everything around'll be gone.

  • fredlee john
    fredlee john 7 days ago


  • Carlos Murcia
    Carlos Murcia 8 days ago

    it mit be zilla

  • sherwinfitz
    sherwinfitz 8 days ago

    "...leaving the ship and all of its survivors...pretty much dead..." LMAO

  • Sarge088
    Sarge088 8 days ago

    When will they bring back my favorite Godzilla bad guy, Bagan!?

  • IP Films
    IP Films 8 days ago +1

    I think it's the same one

  • Dutch Stewart
    Dutch Stewart 8 days ago

    Is it possible that some of the cave paintings are in fact prophecies and not historical documentation

  • Devin Lusardi
    Devin Lusardi 8 days ago

    There are Many Godzillas but there is only one THE GODZILLA

  • Nick Teves
    Nick Teves 8 days ago

    Well in Godzilla 2014 they do find that skeleton at the beginning so I don't see why there couldn't be 2.

  • Refik Mehmeti
    Refik Mehmeti 8 days ago

    this dumbass is basically saying god is the king of the monsters can't you spell Godzilla right

  • Edison Mei
    Edison Mei 9 days ago

    I don't feel like u r right

    People in the past made prophecies so I think that each of these pictures are just prophecies and omens made by people of the past

  • Kyle
    Kyle 9 days ago

    Bud you also have to think about the king comic book. You're wrong there is only one Godzilla. The leader of the people on skull island was a seer and predicted the arrival of the expedition, in 1973 and the one by Houston's son as well as the battles.

  • judge218
    judge218 9 days ago

    Look below Godzilla in last cave painting against Ghidorra. Looks like a mini Godzilla there . Not sayin it really is but looks cool

  • mega akkadian
    mega akkadian 9 days ago

    Godzilla and son of Godzilla

  • Nekro
    Nekro 9 days ago

    How can he not have just gone back to hibernation after the cave painting?

  • Michael Agans
    Michael Agans 10 days ago

    Didn't they say in the beginning of the 2014 movie that the skeleton they found was smaller than Godzilla? I could see Ghidorah thinking since he killed what he was the last Godzilla and thinking he was the dominant species until our 2014 Godzilla showed up.

  • kenneth mabie
    kenneth mabie 10 days ago


    MT_AT_GB_MV 10 days ago

    There isn't 2 Godzillas its Godzillas past

  • Eike Silva
    Eike Silva 11 days ago

    Man its a beam in the rodan mouth I watched this scene

  • Legend gaming
    Legend gaming 11 days ago

    Bro those graphics tho

  • muhammad ikhsan
    muhammad ikhsan 11 days ago

    omg king kong movies its just a beginning and there is other monster like three headed monster or like big butterfly (forgot the name)

  • pnut butter
    pnut butter 11 days ago

    It wouldnt be surprising at all if there were two or even more. There have always been several in the Japanese movies even hybrid and artificial godzillas so its totally plausible.

  • Master Syiful
    Master Syiful 11 days ago

    maybe 1 is zilla?i dont know.just saying

    • Master Syiful
      Master Syiful 11 days ago

      im just gonna wait for Jet Jaguar😂😂

  • Logangster 7777
    Logangster 7777 11 days ago

    Maybe the one who killed all the dinosaurs is godzilla's egg and killed all and he is the only one that lived

  • UZer 103
    UZer 103 11 days ago

    Brooks walks in and was like, "Hey guys welcome to Monarch." And they were like, "Cool, we're Monarch people now." XD

  • Dylan James
    Dylan James 11 days ago

    It. Is like a giant legacy of rivaley

  • KILLERKEMOProduction
    KILLERKEMOProduction 12 days ago

    There's only one Godzilla in the monsterverse

  • marrier9999
    marrier9999 12 days ago

    Or humans didn't actually witness anything in the cave paintings and they're the result of some pipe puffing shaman's visions.

  • ImRickJsB666
    ImRickJsB666 12 days ago

    Ther are three types of godzillas

    1:2014 godzilla
    2:shin godzilla

  • thompsonmark2008
    thompsonmark2008 12 days ago

    so the maps in the video are the same if you pay attention the dots are in the same areas

  • Cryo Gaming
    Cryo Gaming 12 days ago

    I came when I saw ghidorah

  • Cryo Gaming
    Cryo Gaming 12 days ago

    I think it could be like kong, he was a species and could just be the last remember the skeleton in the 2014 movie

  • shaggy rogers
    shaggy rogers 12 days ago

    well couldn't the first godzilla pictured there be mechagodzilla? in some stories mechagodzilla is from outerspace? Also the first godzilla pictured is white maybe because it's metallic?

  • RedRanger 0116
    RedRanger 0116 12 days ago

    What if the 2014 Godzilla has a son, and in Godzilla 2, what if he dies and his son takes over? I think to me that explains the painting why it's different.

  • Tyrese Couser
    Tyrese Couser 12 days ago

    I just can't want unitl this happens

  • Zilla Gaming
    Zilla Gaming 12 days ago

    And they are probably prophecies or stories, true ones that happened way,way,waaayyy in the past

  • Zilla Gaming
    Zilla Gaming 12 days ago

    There is only one kong he was genetically modified by monarch, watch film theorists

  • Jurassic Jaden
    Jurassic Jaden 13 days ago

    It is not a piture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is in ice!!

  • Jurassic Jaden
    Jurassic Jaden 13 days ago

    It is not a piture

  • xenobite
    xenobite 13 days ago

    youre kinda assuming the paintings where made by man.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 13 days ago


  • Curtis Nechi
    Curtis Nechi 13 days ago

    there is tw, shin gojira, and godzilla 2014

  • Jamie Kakos
    Jamie Kakos 14 days ago

    Kong Skull Island sucked to me.. Kong didn't look right; acting was terrible and the story line sucked a fatty. I hope they dont bring this ugly mug of a Kong to face Zilla. And I hope whomever created the CGI Kong and wrote the script, stays the f home.

  • Prentis Wallace
    Prentis Wallace 14 days ago

    The scientists have no idea how long he slept...

  • Darryl Minaker
    Darryl Minaker 14 days ago

    Cave painting could've been inside one of the Hollow Earth points.
    We've already seen from Kong:SI that there are vents that lead into the earth, it wouldn't be that hard to assume these hunter/gatherers fucking around in the bush stumble upon a deep chasm. Also wouldn't be that much harder to see a 170ft lizard and then draw a picture of it for shitsngigz.

  • Bryan S
    Bryan S 14 days ago

    Um subtle hints of monarch were mentioned throughout the whole movie. I may be wrong but i think it waseven flashed in the opening credits. You dont have to wait till the post credit scene to see the correlation and how this was a set up for kong vs godzilla

  • Riley Johnson
    Riley Johnson 14 days ago

    Is this youtuber dumb

  • Brettman
    Brettman 15 days ago

    This whole video is pointless. The muto's were found INSIDE a corpse of a "Godzilla"! AND Also the images aren't from the "past". They are like depictions of the "end of the world" type. Not this happened

  • charlie tamez
    charlie tamez 15 days ago

    well I'm confused a f. is there a more detailed vid explaining this

  • Ben T
    Ben T 15 days ago +1

    Mabel that author Godzilla is dead

  • CloudyMcSwirl
    CloudyMcSwirl 15 days ago

    It's a record fight of Godzilla vs. King it must be a special fight if it was recorded

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia 16 days ago

    Dude it could be Godzilla jr from Godzilla vs destroyah or mills from the Godzilla classics!!!

  • Winkin Smile
    Winkin Smile 16 days ago

    Godzilla is treated as an immortal in this new storyline. I think it is very possible Godzilla could have awoke in the past, even thousands of years ago to feed and finding little food returning to slumber. As far as I understand it, he is still feeding on radioactivity like a battery needing recharged.

  • Winkin Smile
    Winkin Smile 16 days ago

    Godzilla is treated as an immortal in this new storyline. I think it is very possible Godzilla could have awoke in the past, even thousands of years ago to feed and finding little food returning to slumber. As far as I understand it, he is still feeding on radioactivity like a battery needing recharged.

  • Lennarty Late
    Lennarty Late 16 days ago +1

    Shin Godzilla is just so much cooler

  • Akagi Masafumi
    Akagi Masafumi 16 days ago

    Three headed dragon? So blue eyes ultimate dragon will help Godzilla?

  • Akagi Masafumi
    Akagi Masafumi 16 days ago

    Godzilla vs King Kong wait till ultraman joins them
    Godzilla vs king Kong vs ultraman

  • scoobydoo316us
    scoobydoo316us 16 days ago

    2 cave paintings could be seen at diff times. but you would expect a mom and dad godzilla at some time. i dont expect to see 2 godzilla. ghidorah, rodan, mothra back is cool. BUT can anyone ever do anything new? everything is rip offs or remakes....

  • Wrench
    Wrench 17 days ago

    Perhaps Ghidorah forced Godzilla into some sort of paralysis?

  • Gelmir Curufin
    Gelmir Curufin 17 days ago

    remember, gojira can be ANY large dinosaur affected by radiation, who then transforms into the earth avatar Gojira, who then attempts to destroy the nearest power plants for a reason yet unknown

    but gojira can be ANY dinosaur mutated by radiation

  • thomas manning
    thomas manning 17 days ago

    Uhm if you remember the cave where they found the MUTOS it shows a skeleton of a godzilla like creature so it is possible there were more than one ...

  • Rextimina
    Rextimina 18 days ago

    Hmmm maybe King Ghidorah (don't know the spelling) whipped out the other monsters, or at least was the one who killed that Godzilla thats bones were found and our Godzilla is the last of its kind kinda like Kong?

  • Rextimina
    Rextimina 18 days ago

    Okay the line that you said godzzilla learned to not attack humans a couple nukes later jsut makes me imagine godzilla trying to sleep and jsut getting hit by a nuke and looking at the boat nearby. "Really dude...really. I'm trying to sleep, after I jsut saved your butts from a monster you drop stuff on me, you know what, I'm not gonna bother you guys, you see if I come to save you next time a monster attacks." skip a few years to godzilla 2014 for the first half of the movie as he is getting attacked and making sure to not harm peopel. "At least they aren't droping nukes on me, those ungrateful people....."

  • CzechGuy 123
    CzechGuy 123 18 days ago +1

    whoever played the godzilla game on ps2 godzilla 2000 red atomic breath and rage mode

  • School LIFE 010104
    School LIFE 010104 18 days ago +1

    Maybe the Godzilla painting is the first Godzilla and the 2014 one is the son of Godzilla like there was before

  • DuFFle BAG
    DuFFle BAG 19 days ago

    KUNG FU PANDA can defeat them,😎

  • James Fabiano
    James Fabiano 19 days ago

    How about the number of Kongs? Obviously he was the last of his species, as described in KSI. Could one of his species have been taken previously by Denham (and died, of course)? Doubtful as you'd think KSI's characters would have heard about the giant monkey in New York City 40 years ago.

  • Claudia Thompson
    Claudia Thompson 19 days ago

    Change jello can not be stopped.

  • Saeo Yung
    Saeo Yung 19 days ago

    its entirely possible that these are just depictions of the future. maybe left by the fairy's

  • Fat Boy Joe
    Fat Boy Joe 19 days ago

    The cave paintings are prophecies, not events people have physically seen

  • jordan4lifeusalty j
    jordan4lifeusalty j 19 days ago

    So do you remember in the old movies were Godzilla has a son what if that other Godzilla is the mother

  • Nicholas B Grant
    Nicholas B Grant 19 days ago

    Maybe that cave painting is the godzilla that they found a skeleton of in godzilla 2014

    • Nicholas B Grant
      Nicholas B Grant 19 days ago

      Nevermind literally just saw the comment below lmfao

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