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    Thor Ragnarok is well on it's way. This video gets into the story, cast, the comics it's based on and other things I'm fairly certain.

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  • hamza baker
    hamza baker 6 days ago

    child abuse is called " training "

  • Jerrel D
    Jerrel D 10 days ago

    Local Australian humor. Jolly good. Something I can relate to.

  • Nando Nandez
    Nando Nandez 13 days ago +1

    Its gonna be the better of the 3

  • Simon Quintana
    Simon Quintana 17 days ago

    I ❤️ Chris! Can't wait for new Thor film! Chris's comedic timing will complement Mark's very well!

  • Fancy Watermelon
    Fancy Watermelon 23 days ago

    love the transformers reference

  • Tom Rosas
    Tom Rosas Month ago +1

    There must be a Bigger Luke cameo!!

    MC RHYMES Month ago

    1:20 the island of misfit toys

  • Cherzo
    Cherzo Month ago

    He should have the correct accent in these movies

  • jesse atkins
    jesse atkins Month ago

    peter gabriel

  • Tapi Dey
    Tapi Dey 2 months ago +1

    Get ready for Justice League

  • Cyberman
    Cyberman 2 months ago

    Bring on Beta Ray Bill .O O.

  • Ebolarnator
    Ebolarnator 2 months ago

    This predicted all of the Thor Ragnarock teaser trailer :O

  • Ed Coke
    Ed Coke 2 months ago

    I'm very optimistic about the Thor Ragnarok film. I just feel disappointed by Universal Studios ABSOLUTE laziness in not doing enough to work with Marvel Studios on another installment of Incredible Hulk. There needs to be the Incredible Hulk's adversary known as THE LEADER. What is Marvel Studios waiting for. PLEASE make a new detailed video on what NEEDS to happen in the next Hulk standalone movie 🎥.

  • ATK 99
    ATK 99 2 months ago


  • GetoC
    GetoC 2 months ago

    Yes, the grey hulk.... who turns human with light from the sun.... moves to the desert, because comics.

  • Dusty Crophopper 97
    Dusty Crophopper 97 2 months ago

    Here, catch my computer Mason!

  • Thuaipqzox S
    Thuaipqzox S 2 months ago


  • Thoughts of the Depraved Minds

    Joe Fixit!

  • Denise Mirabella
    Denise Mirabella 3 months ago


  • QuietGuitaristfan
    QuietGuitaristfan 3 months ago

    Logan and gotg were good. Not excited for Thor or Spider-Man. JL looks above average and WW looks great

  • grnaskd
    grnaskd 3 months ago

    Rating system of how many people you talked to about the movie and for bonus points if you were bothered to argue your opinion about the movie, if any of those people didn't "get it".

  • Kevin Hove
    Kevin Hove 3 months ago


  • adam nilsson
    adam nilsson 4 months ago

    maybe he doesn't turn back because its not the same atmosphere as on earth so he would die as banner or even just that its not the same :P

  • Patrick Agwuh
    Patrick Agwuh 4 months ago


  • AverageCastGamer
    AverageCastGamer 4 months ago

    How many times did I just heard space stuff in this video

  • Alkalee
    Alkalee 4 months ago

    Judging from the trailer that came out Monday, this will be the best Thor movie!

  • TURBOlag 458
    TURBOlag 458 4 months ago


  • Wen
    Wen 4 months ago

    Just rambling, please talk about what you were going to talk about, Disliked.

  • Nintendo freak
    Nintendo freak 4 months ago

    Fuck yes.My body is ready for 3 awesome sci-fi movies in one year.

  • Heran GUO
    Heran GUO 4 months ago


  • Andy Ván Dréw Läi
    Andy Ván Dréw Läi 4 months ago

    the new trailer is out and I'm waiting ur new 10 things missed

    DEVUS GAMES 4 months ago

    I live in Adelaide

  • Vareous
    Vareous 4 months ago

    When I saw the trailer I also instantly thought of the Junkion Planet from Transformers and I was all like YES great minds think alike, straight after that you roasted the City I live in, aah deflation.

  • Sir Charizard
    Sir Charizard 4 months ago

    The trailer is so good

  • Jacob Murphy
    Jacob Murphy 4 months ago +1


  • _.sxbrowe._ 1
    _.sxbrowe._ 1 4 months ago

    What about DeadPool 2 potentially

  • Andre Maugeri
    Andre Maugeri 4 months ago

    maybe it's just me, but it feels like a copy/paste from the comic serie planet hulk where steve rogers is a gladiator with a devilsaur...

  • BrawnyLion
    BrawnyLion 4 months ago

    thor was nice, the dark world was garbage. Its time

  • AL EX
    AL EX 4 months ago

    I just have my fingers crossed for Beta Ray Bill in ragnorak

  • Ketil Krovoll
    Ketil Krovoll 4 months ago

    Spice movies ?

  • Thee BeardedNoob
    Thee BeardedNoob 4 months ago

    I'm excited for This Thor, I just don't want the Planet Hulk portion to be a quick one two punch. Kinda like the crap fight between Batman V Superman.

  • Sam Dawkins
    Sam Dawkins 4 months ago

    Adelaide's a grt city and ill fight anyone who disagrees. how can you not love the shiny pigs in the Rundle mall?

  • Disco Vigilante
    Disco Vigilante 4 months ago


  • Lego Man 2500 4568
    Lego Man 2500 4568 4 months ago

    I am exsid

  • Oval Teen
    Oval Teen 4 months ago


  • Collin Slaughtermilk
    Collin Slaughtermilk 4 months ago

    Everyone understands that he's Aussieman Reviews right?

    ANGRY CHICKEN 4 months ago

    Thor Ragnorak will be the best movie in phase 3

  • Justice Hart
    Justice Hart 4 months ago


  • Lane isnt cringe
    Lane isnt cringe 4 months ago

    it comes out five days Fafter my birthday

  • Erik
    Erik 4 months ago

    I don't know anything about Australia and its inside jokes, but I somehow found the Adelaide joke the funniest part of the episode. I think it was mainly their reaction of pure malicious joy in roasting it.

  • YouKn OwWho
    YouKn OwWho 4 months ago


  • Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor 4 months ago


  • Neil Johnston
    Neil Johnston 4 months ago

    I'm so excited!! I just can't hide it!!

  • moneys money
    moneys money 4 months ago

    hulk is gonna be badass in that movie im so excited

  • nightware14
    nightware14 4 months ago

    Taika Why tits

  • J Garrett
    J Garrett 4 months ago

    maybe Hella is trapped inside the soul stone

  • Halo Masterrex
    Halo Masterrex 4 months ago

    Yes I'm exited for Thor ragnorok because doctor strange,hulk,and Thor will be in it

  • Evil Teddy
    Evil Teddy 4 months ago

    Most excited for this movie above all.

    See what i did there.... ugh nobody will get it....

  • andy williams
    andy williams 4 months ago

    deff looking forward to this

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku 4 months ago


  • frankie dyer
    frankie dyer 4 months ago


  • Brenden Sellers
    Brenden Sellers 4 months ago

    Jeff Goldblum in this movie reminds me of the Jeff Goldbluman group sketch from Tim and Eric

  • userunknown203
    userunknown203 4 months ago

    My most anticipated MCU movie currently besides Infinity War and Howard the Duck

  • Roanito55
    Roanito55 4 months ago

    I'm really excited

  • DaggonX
    DaggonX 4 months ago

    Oh please be goog, Dark World was booooooring as hell

  • Dimitris Chloupis
    Dimitris Chloupis 4 months ago

    Well it was about fucking time, they turned Hulk into the Avengers clown. Planet Hulk is a great story. Please no more stupid comedy. Hulk is a super dark character in the comics, why ruin him ? So fingers crossed this wont suck as much as Civil War did.

  • Jefferson Pierce
    Jefferson Pierce 4 months ago

    I hate Thor comics, but love the Thor movies can't wait for Thor Ragnarok

  • TheDareall
    TheDareall 4 months ago

    this will be so cool

  • Josh Gwynne
    Josh Gwynne 4 months ago

    Adelaide is great.

  • Tahseen Bhuiyan
    Tahseen Bhuiyan 4 months ago

    don't like Thor haircut ...... he looks puny .... he should look larger than Life look !

  • Leo Norval
    Leo Norval 4 months ago

    Seriosly Mr Sunday movies ? You totally forgot that Dr strange will be in thor ragnarok

  • AverageJak
    AverageJak 4 months ago

    you both thought grandmaster and cybord looked good. wtf, credibility window out of went

    • Preston Topham
      Preston Topham 4 months ago

      Because they have a different opinion about some shit that doesn't matter? Makes sense.

  • Chad Murdock
    Chad Murdock 4 months ago

    I didn't know that Thor could cut his hair I thought it was like sayian where their hair remains the same from birth but I have problem it though it's alright.

  • helloiamlost
    helloiamlost 4 months ago


  • Riley Brossard
    Riley Brossard 4 months ago

    What's the name of the animated movie with hulk on sakaar

  • Dustinn
    Dustinn 4 months ago


  • Ep1c Ch41r
    Ep1c Ch41r 4 months ago

    BRANDON BIRD PAINTING!! (Jeff goldblum with the butterfly)

  • Thomas Harney
    Thomas Harney 4 months ago

    Thor just sounds so sweeet.

  • Z1
    Z1 4 months ago

    Honestly good content videos! Love the channel. Must say though, what makes it the best channel of these type of videos, to us untraveled Americans, is the accent and humor.

  • Phyrrax
    Phyrrax 4 months ago

    Anyone watched Final Fantasy Kingsglaive? Hela looks just like Crowe (pretty cool look, love it).

  • Thinking Out Loud
    Thinking Out Loud 4 months ago

    Kind of saddens me a bit to throw the planet Hulk story into Thor Ragnarok. Planet Hulk is an awesome Hulk story but they're giving it to Thor. I like Hulk better and wish they'd do this story on its own correctly. But I'm sure it'll be good.

  • Niket Sharma
    Niket Sharma 4 months ago


  • Desiree Rivera
    Desiree Rivera 4 months ago

    yes i am i hope they bring beta rey.

  • Ellis Sanchez
    Ellis Sanchez 4 months ago

    Marvel should have Star-Lord in the background as a spectator cameo during the gladiator battle in Thor Ragnarok. Just how Star-Lord was a spectator in Planet Hulk in the gladiator battle

  • TS
    TS 4 months ago

    I can't wait for trailer!

  • Nathan Lopez
    Nathan Lopez 4 months ago

    I just want to see Odin fuck shit up, even if it's for a quick minute

  • P.S My Grammar Sucks
    P.S My Grammar Sucks 4 months ago


  • Yozzer Hyland
    Yozzer Hyland 4 months ago

    looking forward to this movie, I hope they do the planet hulk part justice

  • TimtamKrisski
    TimtamKrisski 4 months ago

    HAHA, I was not expecting that Adelaide comment, very funny

  • Joshua S
    Joshua S 4 months ago


  • Faaz Siddiqui
    Faaz Siddiqui 4 months ago

    why wasnt doctor strange mentioned in this video? isnt he going to to pop up at one point in thor ragnarok

  • Snapyrock
    Snapyrock 4 months ago

    I am heck of excited for The Thor movie

  • KidPool _Sasuke
    KidPool _Sasuke 4 months ago


  • Ripstar
    Ripstar 4 months ago


  • Swerty Que
    Swerty Que 4 months ago

    So it's a planet hulk movie with thors name slapped on with a hope that universal won't sue them? Alright I'm in

  • Daniel Ramon
    Daniel Ramon 4 months ago


  • Tate Mcilwain
    Tate Mcilwain 4 months ago +1

    I've been to Adelaide... yeah its a shit hole

  • Gerrit
    Gerrit 4 months ago

    Sean Bean as Ragnarok for Infinity Wars

  • Andy Randall
    Andy Randall 4 months ago

    Actually the Gray Hulk, Green Hulk and Banner actually came to terms within Banners mind. So for a long time, they would have something like a timeshare. Eventually, they all merged together and made "The Professor." "The Brains, the Brawns and the Attitude. He was my favorite for a long time.

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