6 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD! | Kitchen Nightmares COMPILATION

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  • Kitchen Nightmares
    Kitchen Nightmares 1 month ago +1306

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    • HUinstinct
      HUinstinct 2 days ago

      Kitchen Nightmares because your Facebook page is ROTEEEEEEN

    • Alan Corns
      Alan Corns 3 days ago

      SPAM is not my thing.!

    • The_and Only
      The_and Only 6 days ago

      Kitchen Nightmares then it is kitchen heaven

  • R H
    R H 5 hours ago

    Thw only memorable part of this episode was the soul food.... to bad they close down

  • magibart
    magibart 5 hours ago

    2:45 anybody else notice the hole punched in the wall?

  • Burning
    Burning 6 hours ago

    OY VEY

  • Learning as I go
    Learning as I go 7 hours ago

    1:48 the look on her face! 😂😱 But watching While Ramsey is tasting the burger she has the look of "don't you dare say the burger is good". Because she is the type of person who can never be wrong. 😕

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez 7 hours ago

    Who else caught that *i an a medium rare girl😂

  • Lydia Alonso
    Lydia Alonso 8 hours ago

    The outro tho ninooooooooooooo😂😂😂😂😂

  • TheEMERALDJAY 2003
    TheEMERALDJAY 2003 10 hours ago

    In the burger kitchen scene, Jen and Alan are trying to make Gordon not like the food

  • Pui Pui Bitch Ass
    Pui Pui Bitch Ass 12 hours ago

    Lmao i wanna go to that restaurant with all the african american people it looks like its full of love and souuuuull babbyyy

  • mad kobra
    mad kobra 12 hours ago

    0:45 "oy vey?" was that a fucking jew?

  • archechme
    archechme 13 hours ago

    this is heart warming.

  • ffeellix is fine
    ffeellix is fine 13 hours ago

    Thank god Gordon got a new stylist. OMG that black/white pin stripe jacket is hideous.

  • CrashingCrows
    CrashingCrows 13 hours ago

    All desserts

  • Lukas Svensson
    Lukas Svensson 15 hours ago

    This bitch tried to fake cough😂😂

  • Emil EM
    Emil EM 16 hours ago

    "6 times the chef won the lotterry."

  • boby jack
    boby jack 16 hours ago


  • TheGreatErrorAzzi
    TheGreatErrorAzzi 17 hours ago

    GR:Was there anything I had today that wasn't microwaved
    person: The salad
    GR:You fucking donut you don't fucking microwave salad

  • Charlie Yang
    Charlie Yang 18 hours ago

    Hey, thats pretty good

  • OddDoggo ILoveDoggos
    OddDoggo ILoveDoggos 20 hours ago

    I love how the video is 6 minutes too

  • luminousmoonlight
    luminousmoonlight 20 hours ago

    i swear these food are made by unicorns

  • ChuckleBerry Fin
    ChuckleBerry Fin 21 hour ago +1


  • Labian Gashi
    Labian Gashi 22 hours ago

    wow, that food...

    bloody delicious

  • KingButternubs Jr.
    KingButternubs Jr. 22 hours ago

    on a comment, when there is 642 likes you don't like when there is 999 you like and comment 1000th like ADMIRE ME

  • Lol lol
    Lol lol 1 day ago

    Wait a sec he vomited before he had the Red Velvet Cake how the hell does he do that,when most people vomit they dont want to eat anything else in case theyre sick again and dont eat anything fir the rest of the day but he had the Chitlin,vomited and then he no problem casually eats a red velvet cake

  • Aaminah Hussain
    Aaminah Hussain 1 day ago

    The last food looked 3

  • Silent Killers Gaming

    The woman when eating the burger is a bitch

  • Jas Johal
    Jas Johal 1 day ago +2

    0:56 the editing 😂

  • PupperDoge
    PupperDoge 1 day ago

    you know, a 9/10 on Ramsay's food scale would probably be a 90/10 on a normal person(not too rich but not poor)'s food scale

  • Baki
    Baki 1 day ago +1

    Anyone else get really happy from these videos?

  • Spyro2706
    Spyro2706 1 day ago +1

    the last person was so happy 😂

  • Aaron Scarpa
    Aaron Scarpa 1 day ago +1

    Steak-Medium rare

    Gordon gets it.

  • Johnny A.
    Johnny A. 1 day ago

    So, is Mr. Ramsay a chef AND a food critic, or is he just a chef that is judging food from famous restaurants?

  • Caribxx_ RBLX
    Caribxx_ RBLX 1 day ago

    Lol Jen was choking on a wrinkly dick before that's why

  • Manoto17
    Manoto17 1 day ago

    I'm just waiting for that bass boosted NINOOOOOOO

  • xIshaqK
    xIshaqK 1 day ago

    2:14 babe you're not a medium rare girl, you're a medium rare WOMAN. (;

  • Dylan Syddall
    Dylan Syddall 1 day ago

    I'm so done with this nino shit, it's not funny at all

  • Izumi Hanjinozuka
    Izumi Hanjinozuka 1 day ago +1

    Dude! Mum Mary's red velvet cake looked so fucking rich! That red color was so intense and it looked so delicious!.

  • Frog Cartoons Are Racist Nazis

    Oy vey. Muh shekels.

  • GamerFSX 26
    GamerFSX 26 1 day ago +1

    At least for the last one he had a real meal

  • Litlike Bic
    Litlike Bic 1 day ago +1

    I wanna taste the red velvet cake with a glass of milk👅🍰🥛

  • Kittybell 128
    Kittybell 128 1 day ago +1

    For those who are wondering the third clip the chef was not allowed to make that burger that Gordon ate the owner served raw meat and the chef told Gordon in secret that he was forced to cook bad food so Gordon told the chef to make the burger his own way and Gordon liked it

  • O'Hare Flyer
    O'Hare Flyer 1 day ago

    2:01 that cough was so fake 😂😂

  • Faust Girl
    Faust Girl 1 day ago

    wait in the case of the Burger and Velvet cake why were the owners bitching ? isnt it a good thing if Ramsey likes the food?

  • James L
    James L 1 day ago

    That woman at the burger place was hating

  • ChenChi
    ChenChi 1 day ago

    Woah best video on internet? lmao

  • Haahaah HA
    Haahaah HA 1 day ago

    "i am a medium rare girl"

  • Put it in me daddy
    Put it in me daddy 1 day ago

    1:07 everything for a price? guess who's getting laid tonight

  • Pinche Rockeros
    Pinche Rockeros 1 day ago

    That burgers place should go fuck them self
    They have a good chief !

  • XAsInXylophone
    XAsInXylophone 1 day ago

    Bees are dying at an alarming rate.

  • Cahal Doherty
    Cahal Doherty 1 day ago

    love gordan ramsey has a surreal respect for people loved watching the happy highlight real haha

  • Alt Knight
    Alt Knight 1 day ago

    OY VEY!

  • Don S. King
    Don S. King 2 days ago

    4:07 Gordon was like "Ew, did he just touch me?"

  • Lenni Engel
    Lenni Engel 2 days ago

    Peeps, Dumbass greatest This is #cuue% wise

  • bo jackson
    bo jackson 2 days ago

    He will like anything if you starve him for a week before each meal.

  • Lisa Sundkvist
    Lisa Sundkvist 2 days ago

    This is weird to look at

  • Ronald
    Ronald 2 days ago

    Wow, didn't know he ever liked anything, the last one made me smile. He's in a small restaurant, messy plate and going in all negative, and then the food and taste convinced him. And the reaction is just beautiful :)

  • Backin 2004
    Backin 2004 2 days ago

    I am a medium rare girl.

    Tinder: How do you like your women?

    Me: Medium rare

    Tinder: ITS A MATCH

  • Papaworm
    Papaworm 2 days ago

    Fuckin Nino made me snort my water at the end

  • Crystal Smith
    Crystal Smith 2 days ago

    Love when Momma Mary leaned in for that cheek kiss!!!

  • Hao Hong Song
    Hao Hong Song 2 days ago


  • Ball Control Productions

    The second one was funny as fuck and I wish that girl loses her job.

  • Eclectic
    Eclectic 2 days ago

    That's gotta be the greatest feeling in the world

  • Hotdog Boi
    Hotdog Boi 2 days ago

    These people are so lucky

  • yoghurtgames
    yoghurtgames 2 days ago

    i was literally in tears at the end

  • Noah Choi
    Noah Choi 2 days ago

    jesus christ

  • Gizz Here
    Gizz Here 2 days ago

    That lady with Gordon finishing the food on his plate would have a full house right after this

  • Joe Man
    Joe Man 2 days ago

    oy vey

  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 2 days ago

    1:43 i want to shove that burger in her saggy ass face..

  • Dale Trevors
    Dale Trevors 2 days ago

    I can't get enough of this part 4:05, so funny :D Rewind it a few times, pay attention to the pat on a shoulder

  • nrunner MC
    nrunner MC 2 days ago

    I dont get why people act so feared when they bringing him the food. At the end of the day hes still a random chef that doesnt cook any better than others

  • Scott Harris
    Scott Harris 2 days ago

    where's that restaurant at the end? got to try that food, looks dank and this was quite a glowing endorsement

  • Vegeta
    Vegeta 2 days ago

    2:30 She seems like a real bitch.

  • Lalla Msndnd
    Lalla Msndnd 2 days ago

    I just woke up from a dream that I met Gordon Ramsay. He was really nice like he is go the waiters

  • Monty Stokes
    Monty Stokes 2 days ago

    Where's the lamb sauce!!!!!!!!!

  • Random Anon
    Random Anon 2 days ago

    1:07 Oy VEY goyim everything for a price

  • Purple Haired Gaming

    S O T E N D A

  • Fireslice04
    Fireslice04 3 days ago

    I need to see him eat the Krabby Patty

  • Jaf Fajjas
    Jaf Fajjas 3 days ago

    Mama Mary and Mama Cherri's moment were the best and the sweetest <3

  • Animesh Kumar
    Animesh Kumar 3 days ago

    anyone watches shoukugeki no souma ' I was expecting him to go naked every time he took a bite😂😂😂

  • Sally Wu
    Sally Wu 3 days ago

    Can someone please explain to me about why that woman was trying to criticize that burger?

  • Noodlez
    Noodlez 3 days ago

    lol damn why she had to show up like that

  • WahabiHoboFilms
    WahabiHoboFilms 3 days ago


  • CraftyMegan
    CraftyMegan 3 days ago

    At the burger when he said it's delicious you could see the ladies face drop 😂

  • Joe Buck
    Joe Buck 3 days ago

    Wow.... only 6 times 😂

  • Aosopholi
    Aosopholi 3 days ago

    i love how nino has just turned into a meme x)

  • Jacob
    Jacob 3 days ago

    I'm a simple man, I see something rare and unheard of, I click

  • [GD] Wolfie
    [GD] Wolfie 3 days ago

    Where's the lamb sauce????!!!!: Ok hdbrgdyndhd

  • Brando wit da Bando
    Brando wit da Bando 3 days ago

    All the chefs shitting they pants 😂😂

  • Ricardo Freire
    Ricardo Freire 3 days ago

    angela merkel at second dish the burger one.

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett 3 days ago

    Alot of baked goods, which is funny. I've seen a lot of good chefs that suck at baking aha.

  • Eunjun Shin
    Eunjun Shin 3 days ago

    yo whats up with that NINNOO edit at the end there, low-key kinda scared me

  • obglobgablob
    obglobgablob 3 days ago

    When you're such a horrible person that the handful of times you were pleasant and courteous are noteworthy.

  • Neddskorg
    Neddskorg 3 days ago

    Meh Gordon only liked the food because she was a Black woman and it would have been politically incorrect to hand out his usual critique on her shitty food..........Just kidding her food looked top notch.

  • Sothis IsChristmas
    Sothis IsChristmas 3 days ago

    I've seen this twice or thrice, but just now I realized..

  • Samuel Urrea
    Samuel Urrea 3 days ago

    The conclusion: Old ladies are the best cooks... xD

  • jason day
    jason day 3 days ago

    I want to eat that Red Cake😢

  • Tyrfingr
    Tyrfingr 3 days ago

    Finally some good fuckin' food

  • deputy Bill CHP
    deputy Bill CHP 3 days ago

    at two minutes the girl did not look so good she looks pissed off

  • Jimmy Venture
    Jimmy Venture 3 days ago

    Yessssss chief

  • ryan westwood
    ryan westwood 3 days ago

    When he checks his top for dirty hand marks 4:06

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