The Ending Of Alien: Covenant Explained

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    After seeing Alien: Covenant, you probably have some questions. That's okay — like Prometheus before it, Alien: Covenant was long on terror, and short on answers. As such, we're here to do our best to get to the bottom of some of these mysteries, and try to figure out just what the takeaway is from Ridley Scott's latest extraterrestrial murderfest. So now, with a very obvious spoiler warning, let's try to explain the ending of Alien: Covenant...

    Why did David help Daniels and Tennessee? | 0:22
    Who's mommy? | 1:25
    What did it all mean? | 2:12
    What happens next? | 3:14
    What happens when the prequels are over? | 3:46

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  • Looper
    Looper  2 months ago +106

    What would you like to see in a sequel to Alien: Covenant?

    • No name was found that day
      No name was found that day 2 days ago

      no daniels pls, hate that biatch

    • Monty's Playhouse
      Monty's Playhouse 3 days ago

      Looper That it not be made.

    • Mitch Presley
      Mitch Presley 4 days ago

      Nope just land the fucker on LV426

    • Baco Miric
      Baco Miric 5 days ago

      Tons of new questions, very few answers.

    • Masibabato Sim
      Masibabato Sim 5 days ago

      a proper OLD STYLE ALIEN MOVIE.... such of crap movie this was.... I just watched LIFE movie and it is 1000 times much intens and horror and cool than this boring movie...

  • Alexander d'Arkendur
    Alexander d'Arkendur 7 hours ago

    Looper, you totally missed the theme of the film. David not so subtly recites ozymandias by Mary Shelley in the second act, heavy handedly telling us that the major themes of the story are creation, mortality, and arrogance.

  • cinderblock4real
    cinderblock4real 20 hours ago

    Why isnt anyone bothered by the lack of weightlessness on the spaceship? It's not rotating enough to create centrifugal force but the crew is just bopping around onboard as if the gravity is the same as on earth. Distracting.

  • lateris aferondii

    It was shit

  • Europa H2O Alien
    Europa H2O Alien 2 days ago

    David vs Jar Jar Binks in Alien XXXVI.

  • Europa H2O Alien
    Europa H2O Alien 2 days ago

    So sick of Star Wars , Alien, Terminator etc. Science fiction is dead, there's no more originality in movies.

  • Monty's Playhouse
    Monty's Playhouse 3 days ago

    Okay raise your hand if you were stupid enough to think that that wasn't David.

  • Brogram Films
    Brogram Films 3 days ago

    sooooo what happend to walter?!

  • 666darkserenade666
    666darkserenade666 4 days ago

    The next alien movie will be more like aliens.. I feel David is going to take this ship to this other planet and infect these colonists with eggs. There is what like 2000 of them on that ship? So this is where we will finally see the "queen" David will run out of people to infect, so he will send a destress signal to earth, thus bringing a team like in aliens. If Daniels doesn't get infected or become the "queen" then she will "try" to stop David. But if it goes into the first alien movie then of course Daniels will die along with David.

    As it stands now David is like the king, now he is waiting for the queen. Once he gets the "queen" just like the black widow spider the queen will kill the king David. Because she will no longer need him. She creates the eggs, no need for David anymore..

    The team will get to the planet, David will eventually see what he has done is wrong by saying a line like "what have I done?" With a look of shock on his face. Then the queen kills him.

    Just a guess.. lol

    • Colin Brouillette
      Colin Brouillette 23 hours ago

      666darkserenade666 actually it's been confirmed in alien isolation it was a engineer that starts the distress becon that brought in the nostromo crew. so if they do more David may land covant randomly find the engineer that was in the first movie that engineer got butthurt about David's plan due to feeling it may steal the thunder the engineer's had already planned to whipe out the human race and in counter anger David had one of his face huggers now may as well be known as face rapists to stop the eginner because David knows the engineer race can rip his head off again and hand it back.

  • Vam The Anomaly
    Vam The Anomaly 4 days ago

    Why do th AVP movies gt so much shit?! They werent bad at all.

    • Colin Brouillette
      Colin Brouillette 23 hours ago

      Vam The Anomaly because they are two different types of universe continuities and the Predators ignored alien continuity only in preditor 2 some one in props made a xenomorph skull as a trophy and more likely who did avp saw that and took advantage of it to have both races vs.

  • Welsh Wizard
    Welsh Wizard 4 days ago


  • Mark Kroberger
    Mark Kroberger 5 days ago

    I would think that the prequels have to reveal how the Xenomorphs and the Engineer's ship arrived on LV-426.

  • drew stewart
    drew stewart 5 days ago

    Personally, i wanna see the link between the engineers and the predators.

  • MC Borris
    MC Borris 6 days ago

    So this story cancels out AVP where we see predators on Earth during ancient times at a pyramid with eight or so sacrificial humans awaiting alien impregnation? Did david somehow go back in time and give the aliens to the predators?! I call BS.

  • Fidelcliff Boy
    Fidelcliff Boy 6 days ago

    I'm pretty sure he helped them so he could hijack a ship with 2000 space subjects

  • lol lol
    lol lol 6 days ago

    background music please??

  • shimada no Katana genkei Genji

    i love aliens vs predator, the only thing that ruin'd it was that they used real people in suits instead of cgi....and that drasticly took away the alien and predator's agility...

  • shimada no Katana genkei Genji

    enjoyed every bit of the movie...specially the scenes between the 2 robots.

  • shawn eldridge
    shawn eldridge 7 days ago

    Here's an ideas for a two new alien movies or maybe alien TV series or something it's just an idea they can do alien isolation or do aliens colonial Marines moving or TV show I would love to see how they would bring aliens isolations if they ever did it the Xbox 360 was totally awesome love that game. And for Aliens colonial Marines I think that would be another great TV show or movie to do I have the Xbox 360 game for this too and I love that most people didn't like this game that's them not me I love that. I think that would be a pretty good idea for a TV series or even for two new movies to do aliens isolation or Aliens colonial Marines both Xbox 360 games were Masterpiece I thought.

  • Tom Hammond
    Tom Hammond 8 days ago

    Why did he help them? Uh.... getting off the planet with an alien growing in one of the crew members with thousands of potential hosts asleep on the mothership. The possibility of spreading the species.... simple.

  • Pyroslav x
    Pyroslav x 8 days ago

    Doesn't people in spacesuits having their head/face illuminated from lights inside suit look kinda wrong???
    Like having a headlamp on your bike or something mounted backwards, shining in your eyes ;-)

  • Harris Gannon
    Harris Gannon 9 days ago

    I think the whos mommy answer is alien genocide

  • ·····
    ····· 9 days ago

    I thought David was "waiting for MUTHUR" ?? The name of the computer system used aboard all ships in the Alien franchise, and also used aboard the Covenant. In Alien, the synthetic Ash and MUTHUR were working together to ensure the xeno survived, were they not?

    SHADOWWOLF77 9 days ago

    The movie was full of ridiculous plotpoints.

    AvP was a thousand time better than these so called prequels as it actually contains an origin story that makes sense.

  • Val Mira
    Val Mira 9 days ago

    Would it be possible now that Walter is marooned in that planet, to start studying like david did and create aliens antidote - predators?!

  • Christian Albania
    Christian Albania 10 days ago

    I miss Walter he the true mvp 😢😤

  • Pixl Reality
    Pixl Reality 11 days ago

    The movie wasn't bad. But the ending was dull.

  • Agree Disagree
    Agree Disagree 11 days ago

    Hate the background music

  • schumiisking
    schumiisking 11 days ago

    i just watched this film. It manages to be just like promotheus - a blend of fascinating and Fucking idiotic at the same time. Fascinating due to all the symbolism and back story about where all the black shit came from. Idiotic because every single setup of plot hinges on idiot crew members doing dumb things. I'm getting fed up of sci fi films where the tragedy of events occurs due to space idiots. Life was the same. I guess that's what made Interstellar so damn good.

  • Christopher McCabe
    Christopher McCabe 11 days ago

    I feel like the version of Covenant I downloaded was missing a bunch of stuff. I never saw James Franco alive and a bunch of other scenes. Am I the only watching this Looper video and feeling like they missed several keys scenes?

  • typeviic1
    typeviic1 11 days ago

    Hopefully David will get killed. He has been on an unchecked killing rampage for 2 movies now.....

  • Rey Orocio
    Rey Orocio 12 days ago

    Aliens vs Predators needs to happen

  • Bert Distefano
    Bert Distefano 12 days ago

    this movie really sucked balls.

  • spr00sem00se
    spr00sem00se 12 days ago

    someone explain why, when the Xenomorph was trying to kill them in the cargo bay, why did the terraforming trucks fall down and out of the cargo bay if there is no gravity? surely they would just float off into the distance on a level path

  • Benjamin Timberlake
    Benjamin Timberlake 13 days ago

    How does Daniels know it's David at the end?

  • w0mbles
    w0mbles 13 days ago

    This does not explain the ending of Alien Covenant.

  • DANY-CAT- 9000
    DANY-CAT- 9000 14 days ago

    Alien covenant is a movie that should be destroyed from the face of the earth

    SPAAAAACE 15 days ago

    Man, I had a real crush on Shaw. It's said that we won't see her anymore. :(

  • Pris Stratton Fam
    Pris Stratton Fam 15 days ago

    In my opinon, David didn't want to kill Daniels so that he could do to her the same horrible experiments he did to Elizabeth Shaw, he said it himself to her in the movie. i don't really like him, he is the pure incarnation of evil at its best.

  • Mukbang420 Medicated
    Mukbang420 Medicated 15 days ago

    Maybe because david new already he'd be able to make new xenomorphs

  • Mr Vintage
    Mr Vintage 16 days ago

    No matter what they do in the next film it will have a miserable and depressing ending.

  • King John Un
    King John Un 16 days ago


  • kevin garner
    kevin garner 17 days ago

    this movie made alien 3 way better

  • MrSidney9
    MrSidney9 19 days ago

    So what's the covenant? just the name of a ship? I was hoping we would learn more on the notion of engineers and humanity's origin introduced in Prometheus. Instead , they went entirely for the scare effect ( worked I must admit).,
    That said, Landing on a new planet without insulating suits to protect from potential parasites and pathogens is incredibly stupid, no one would do that in real life.

  • Roman Natale
    Roman Natale 20 days ago +2

    the reason why David launches the goo is because he wants to create his own life. It's actually pretty obvious. In Prometheus, David has a conversation with Shaw's boyfriend (I forget his name). During this convo, Shaw's boyfriend talks about how David was made by humans just because they could. And this made David angry (remember, the synthetic model David is has the ability to feel emotion). Let's put this in perspective. What if your mom told you you were born just because it was possible. Wouldn't you get mad or even vengeful? So, he put the goo in the guys drink, testing out what it could possibly do.

    Later, in Covenant, David talked about how since he is synthetic, he couldn't biologically create life, but, he said he could use science. So he unleashed the goo on the Engineers. I think Davids whole mindset is that he just wants to make life, and since he biologically can't, he uses the people around him to make it for him! This is why I freaking love Prometheus. It brings philosophy and depth into a very simple, yet amazing franchise. And David's character brings such a deep and impactful meaning that is actually ingenious.

  • Antthekid Mlg
    Antthekid Mlg 21 day ago

    Dude the ending is just david has a ship full of aliens

  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez 22 days ago

    so they don't notice its not Walter?😒

  • Fiendish Faker
    Fiendish Faker 22 days ago

    I think you misread the deeper concepts though; from Prometheus: Where Weyland invented David to answer the question of the Creator but eventually turned to trying to find technology and stuff to immortalize himself which is why he's like a 150 year old dude plugged into devices and stuff and searching for the DNA of the promethean species over rumors they had supertech to help him live longer: and David was probably programmed more with the intention of creating immortality than answering questions and serving people: and from facing the Death of the Human who saved him on the Planet the Ship crashed; the Robot had nothing to do but study what was around it and eventually turned its own coding from studying science into creating horrors (it's like a deep subplot terror about the problems of AI I think Ridley delved into, which explains 100% the circumstances of what an AI would/could do: as we faced his sporadic personality in Prometheus and his sort of glitching personality like he was [and this is my take on things that makes it truly terrifying] but:

    What would happen if you created an AI: that turned on the Prometheans with the Virus because it valued Humans and didn't like the concept of Prometheans being the ones likely to use such weapons (their own weapons) against humans: seeing them as a threat/evil because in Prometheus they intend to destroy Earth (The ship crashed into Prometheus was destined for none other than our lovely planet Earth:) so in being a super AI: David was unintentionally cursed because of a Spiral of events that saved Earth and eventually corrupted his coding from (as it seems this is what Weyland eventually turned him into though, something to study sciences like the Promethean's ones to save his own 150 year old decrepit body) and then in saving Earth, corrupted his own system and turned his sciences into Evil by adopting a new Master (The alien virus DNA) and turned into what could ultimately be called an ultimate Evil experimenting on and developing -against- humans in the end: a believable and creepily relevant however farfetched story: which I think is a really well thought out and deep plot by Ridley Scott and brings meaning to the question of creating something to answer a question: David will not die, Weyland Will. Weyland seems upset at this as he is facing his own creation and it has somehow outsmarted him in a way: or just pointed out that being the created doesn't mean you are the lesser: but seems to hit a nerve with Weyland hinting at my earlier interpretation where it appears Weyland created him to not answer questions, but seek immortality in his underlying design (the AI is complex); but strangely enough seems -sentient- in saying such a thing: which is proably why Weyland yells at him and orders him to bring Tea: like to change the subject as if he is surprised and threatened at his own success: because he wanted something to supplant him (answer his questions about God) but it seems his idea to immortalize himself also supplanted him: because he realised in succeeding in creating an AI to answer questions, he already had replaced himself in a way and caused himself a psychologically punished existence, rendering to a deeper plot pointing out why he turned to his physiology and seeked immortality; something David seemed secretly or unmentionedly or was eventually turned to help do (he does a lot of stuff in Prometheus). This is my take anyway on the whole story so far. Interesting xD but I think it's right. I mean what else would a lonesome scientist do that has been programmed to answer the meaning of Life; rule in Hell or Serve in heaven hehe; and with creating a paradox where Davids personality is uselss (his inability to create) David represents a terrifying AI concept of perfect AI where it reveals his only purpose is to gain ultimate power (weyland enterprises is Evil in the history and Weyland at age 150 was an evil P.O.S sort of, but still had an element of humanity:) it just seems that Davids only purpose was to do science and study: and in a twist of events it backfires and he has nothing to study but horrors and he adopts them as a new master.

  • 7Ahilles
    7Ahilles 23 days ago

    So i didnt understand if David created aliens how the fuck predators made fun games in ancient erth with tribes

  • SolidRaiden2449
    SolidRaiden2449 24 days ago

    I thought Alien vs Predator was referenced in Covenant when they went on that old ship. It looked like the Predators ship from the interior and the weird skeletons in the ship.

  • David Humensky
    David Humensky 24 days ago

    Alien vs predator wasn't bad. It was cool. AvP Requiem was the bad one

  • cheecky monkey
    cheecky monkey 25 days ago

    why would they go to explore a place with out wearing sealed suites just because you can breath the air doesn't mean there is stuff that could kill you?
    I would like to see a real sequel all this jumping around with no answers to how or why makes it seem like all they want to do is make money on dumb sequels.

  • OneShortGamer
    OneShortGamer 25 days ago +1

    So Walter with modifications loses battle against David? Pretty week modifications if you ask me.

  • Bacchanalia
    Bacchanalia 26 days ago

    I think David killed the Gods because they were mortal after all, and his resentment towards humans for seen as a lesser being; he now has become God.

  • Nathan A
    Nathan A 27 days ago +1


  • Joseph Rash
    Joseph Rash 27 days ago

    1.) David didn't create the Alien. It already existed. Murals of it are on the walls in Prometheus.
    2.) David didn't kill any engineers, those are Engineer worshiping humans. (look at the whites of their eyes and look at an engineer. Engineers have all Black eyes.)

  • Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Hughes 27 days ago

    David British? how?

  • Riddlie X
    Riddlie X 28 days ago

    Michael fassbender: THE MOVIE

  • Athanasios Triantis
    Athanasios Triantis 28 days ago

    cant imagine how damn cool a dead space movie would be

  • buford pusser
    buford pusser 28 days ago

    Why Katherine Waterston as lead role? Pathetic..........

  • mik curius
    mik curius 28 days ago

    its not alien covenant its david 2..the sequel will be david 3

  • Greg Hargrave
    Greg Hargrave Month ago


  • gsam84 tmcap
    gsam84 tmcap Month ago

    I didn't like it it was too much like Alien 3 and alien ressurection the two worst in the entire franchise and Prometheus is no different.I admit Shaw gave me a little bit of hope that maybe the franchise had a chance and then they kill her off. So the movies is at a screeching halt for me and is not worth my time anymore. I promise i am not trying to troll.

  • Mikes Elcoupons
    Mikes Elcoupons Month ago

    Mommy was whoever the facehugger attached itself to...

  • chicken soup
    chicken soup Month ago

    man. I really like Walter tho

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Month ago

    being petty as fuck but literally no one in the film pronounces it Orajai... like... there's no reason for you to be saying it like this...

  • Citizen of Kekistan

    I knew the moment David cut his hair that there's going to be some kind of switch

  • CichlidAsh
    CichlidAsh Month ago

    I don't think that AvP is cannon and I don't think that they would ever try and make any links to those shit movies.

    SLAMSTERDAMN Month ago

    I'm up for Predators zipping when they should've zagged!

  • Vlad Muzychenko
    Vlad Muzychenko Month ago

    maybe you will change the music sometimes???

  • johnnie Profhet
    johnnie Profhet Month ago

    i didnt read through all the other comments so i dont know if anyone already said this but im sure David said Mother referring to the operating system on the ship from alien, aliens and and covenant. I believe David is say that he is waiting for mother because all the synthetics are able to patch into mother remotely once within range via the wireless modem. Once David had a ship where he was connected to "Mother" he could go on with his plans... also im sure that David sent on purpose the transmission that the covenant crew received causing them to go to planet 4 because he new that eventually someone would intersect the transmission regardless of how long it took cause he would never die as stated over and over throughout the two films.

  • Asad Shoaib
    Asad Shoaib Month ago

    Am i the only one who didn't know that it was David at the end. And this video blew my mind. I am so fuckin dumb

  • simon hansen
    simon hansen Month ago

    I usually don't watch horror movies but these sure keep my attention.

  • Brian Shannon
    Brian Shannon Month ago

    the whole concept is lame. Alien & Aliens were scary because the Alien was a life form that supposedly just existed out there in the universe. part of the shocking fear of a Great White Shark other than it killing you is that it just exists... it wasnt created in a lab. Scott turned Alien into a Sci-fi Frankenstein... Lame. It was scarier not knowing.

  • simon hansen
    simon hansen Month ago

    And I was frankly surprised that no one figured out that Walter was really David after the fight (so much for bragging about 'upgrades').

  • simon hansen
    simon hansen Month ago

    Still doesn't really explain WHY David turned corrupt. Sure, the kind of prologue with Wayland may have hinted at SOMETHING, but isn't a machine supposed to carry out its orders? Was he trying to create something that couldn't die? How does that explain his 'good' behavior in the rest of the films?

  • MaxEagleson
    MaxEagleson Month ago

    Seriously though.
    "Mother" is the computer of the ship, did you watch the film before making this video?

  • Diet Bleach
    Diet Bleach Month ago

    I was watching it on acid. I was so fucking scared and felt all slimy

  • Ben Lutz
    Ben Lutz Month ago

    "Alien" was ok, only sucked a little, too damn dark, invest in a fresnel light if yer gonna make a frikkin movie!
    "AlienS" was great
    I saw (most of) the third one, but I assure you that everything else in the Alien/Predator universe is senseless crap, don't waste your time, I already wasted some of mine for you.


    They are working on a new predator movie so an alien vs predator could happen again

  • common sense czarnogród

    This movie was a cheap copy of the first Alien movie. Sorry but this is a shit movie shit story and money sucking machine. What is really sad because it had potential.

  • Ian Webster
    Ian Webster Month ago

    But wasn't the Xenomorphs brought to Earth thousands of years ago by the Predators?

  • Feldenkrais with Alfons

    and again they employed a motorcycle gang instead of trained personell. What's with the coffee cup scene and all the screaming and holding back of information? Is this a space ship or a bar somewhere in Texas?

  • Nothin Nothin
    Nothin Nothin Month ago

    What's gonna Be the next Alien? A GOD DARN WORLD EATING ALIEN

  • henryEZ
    henryEZ Month ago

    what the fuck are u talking about in this video?

  • thacudder
    thacudder Month ago

    I thought the movie wasn't bad at all. It was very underwhelming though, I was hyped to see engineers. I was hyped cos I thought we were gonna finally get answers. And although seeing David's character building steadily is cool, we didn't even get to see details about David's story unfold after Prometheus. Covenant had all the potential to deliver but missed all the shots.

  • Catzilla
    Catzilla Month ago

    David has become the Anakin Skywalker of the Alien prequels. Thanks to sloppy, shitty writing, he has become the be-all end-all puzzle piece that the producers want the entire prequels series to revolve around.

  • suDz
    suDz Month ago

    Next movie: "Alien: David meets Mary (Mother of Jesus)"

  • Héctor Macías Ayala

    They still have to decide if they are going to continue the plot where Alien Resurrection left or if they will cut it and continue after Aliens.

    Then let the sequels party begin.

  • adam edwards
    adam edwards Month ago +1

    I think Daniel's is the woman the marines find in the aliens nest in the second aliens movie getting her chest busted.. David and the ship covenant landed on LV-426.. I know we see the engineers ship there but I'm sure we will see some bull shit story for this to come into this twisted story some how...

  • Mr. Light
    Mr. Light Month ago +1

    there you go no gay engineers. and they have space ships and they are clearly more advanced than we are. so therefore this whole gay lgbt bullshit will get us killed and extinct.

  • The Escaton DON
    The Escaton DON Month ago

    He helped them so their help could come and save them possibly

  • eiji81
    eiji81 Month ago

    I would like to see smarter movie characters in the next Alien. Not just getting easily killed or walking in on traps. They are supposed to be a futuristic advanced crew and tech.

    The lack of suits or any precautions on the planet was the worst. There are a few things they've could done first, like fly over the crash site, or send 2-3 guys instead of most of them. Basically a lack of common sense of the characters ruined it for me.

    • theframe100
      theframe100 10 days ago

      Yeah like the girl who is treating her wounds alone, or the captain who follows david around instead of gathering the rest of the crew.

  • jeremytjerry
    jeremytjerry Month ago

    We need AvP 3

  • Christopher Hatch
    Christopher Hatch Month ago

    Why should we Reboot Alien?
    Why alter the art?

  • Learning Super
    Learning Super Month ago

    Who the *** cares about the origin of the aliens??!!

  • humphrey herbert Sithole

    umm i might be wrong but the gun david uses to scare the neo morphs looks a lot like the predetor gun from avp:requiem can i get a second opinion on that since tha gun was given to miss yutani at the end of avp:requiem.

    • Colin Brouillette
      Colin Brouillette 23 hours ago

      humphrey herbert Sithole shape was close but the preditors guns are plasma based David's was a flare gun with ejection cartridge like a shotgun

  • Synyster975
    Synyster975 Month ago

    I actually like the idea behind the prequels. I just wish they explained things better. But please, no reboots. just retcon alien 3 and on if you do anything.

  • Tommy Timberlake
    Tommy Timberlake Month ago

    Тhis moоvieе is now availaаable tо wааtch hееreeeе =>

  • Joseph Soriano
    Joseph Soriano Month ago

    I'm so glad I didn't pay to watch this movie. I LOVED "Aliens" from James Cameron but this was just bad.

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