The Ending Of Alien: Covenant Explained

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    After seeing Alien: Covenant, you probably have some questions. That's okay — like Prometheus before it, Alien: Covenant was long on terror, and short on answers. As such, we're here to do our best to get to the bottom of some of these mysteries, and try to figure out just what the takeaway is from Ridley Scott's latest extraterrestrial murderfest. So now, with a very obvious spoiler warning, let's try to explain the ending of Alien: Covenant...

    Why did David help Daniels and Tennessee? | 0:22
    Who's mommy? | 1:25
    What did it all mean? | 2:12
    What happens next? | 3:14
    What happens when the prequels are over? | 3:46

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Comments: 1 674

  • Looper
    Looper 2 months ago +90

    What would you like to see in a sequel to Alien: Covenant?

    • babyrazor
      babyrazor 11 hours ago


    • Shaun Fox
      Shaun Fox 1 day ago

      a reason for giving a crap

    • Mike Doonsebury
      Mike Doonsebury 2 days ago

      @BlackhoodMilSim AlphaWolf - Why?!? Haven't you noticed a pattern here? Every time they come out with a movie in this franchise, it's worse than the one that came before (with the possible exception of Aliens). Why do you want to take everything that was special about the first two movies and dilute it with more crap that drains away all the mystery of the originals?

    • BlackhoodMilSim AlphaWolf
      BlackhoodMilSim AlphaWolf 2 days ago

      i hope they do a reboot of the original aliens movies

    • The Guy On The Couch
      The Guy On The Couch 5 days ago

      Neil Blomkamp in the directors chair and Ridley Scott crying in the fetal position taking a cold shower!

  • cheecky monkey
    cheecky monkey 6 hours ago

    why would they go to explore a place with out wearing sealed suites just because you can breath the air doesn't mean there is stuff that could kill you?
    I would like to see a real sequel all this jumping around with no answers to how or why makes it seem like all they want to do is make money on dumb sequels.

  • OneShortGamer
    OneShortGamer 14 hours ago +1

    So Walter with modifications loses battle against David? Pretty week modifications if you ask me.

  • Bacchanalia
    Bacchanalia 2 days ago

    I think David killed the Gods because they were mortal after all, and his resentment towards humans for seen as a lesser being; he now has become God.

  • Ethan A
    Ethan A 2 days ago +1


  • Joseph Rash
    Joseph Rash 2 days ago

    1.) David didn't create the Alien. It already existed. Murals of it are on the walls in Prometheus.
    2.) David didn't kill any engineers, those are Engineer worshiping humans. (look at the whites of their eyes and look at an engineer. Engineers have all Black eyes.)

  • Stephen Hughes
    Stephen Hughes 3 days ago

    David British? how?

  • Riddlie X
    Riddlie X 3 days ago

    Michael fassbender: THE MOVIE

  • Athanasios Triantis
    Athanasios Triantis 3 days ago

    cant imagine how damn cool a dead space movie would be

  • buford pusser
    buford pusser 4 days ago

    Why Katherine Waterston as lead role? Pathetic..........

  • mik curius
    mik curius 4 days ago

    its not alien covenant its david 2..the sequel will be david 3

  • Greg Hargrave
    Greg Hargrave 5 days ago


  • gsam84 tmcap
    gsam84 tmcap 5 days ago

    I didn't like it it was too much like Alien 3 and alien ressurection the two worst in the entire franchise and Prometheus is no different.I admit Shaw gave me a little bit of hope that maybe the franchise had a chance and then they kill her off. So the movies is at a screeching halt for me and is not worth my time anymore. I promise i am not trying to troll.

  • Mikes Elcoupons
    Mikes Elcoupons 5 days ago

    Mommy was whoever the facehugger attached itself to...

  • chicken soup
    chicken soup 5 days ago

    man. I really like Walter tho

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 5 days ago

    being petty as fuck but literally no one in the film pronounces it Orajai... like... there's no reason for you to be saying it like this...

  • Citizen of Kekistan
    Citizen of Kekistan 6 days ago

    I knew the moment David cut his hair that there's going to be some kind of switch

  • CichlidAsh
    CichlidAsh 6 days ago

    I don't think that AvP is cannon and I don't think that they would ever try and make any links to those shit movies.

    SLAMSTERDAMN 6 days ago

    I'm up for Predators zipping when they should've zagged!

  • Vlad Muzychenko
    Vlad Muzychenko 7 days ago

    maybe you will change the music sometimes???

  • johnnie Profhet
    johnnie Profhet 7 days ago

    i didnt read through all the other comments so i dont know if anyone already said this but im sure David said Mother referring to the operating system on the ship from alien, aliens and and covenant. I believe David is say that he is waiting for mother because all the synthetics are able to patch into mother remotely once within range via the wireless modem. Once David had a ship where he was connected to "Mother" he could go on with his plans... also im sure that David sent on purpose the transmission that the covenant crew received causing them to go to planet 4 because he new that eventually someone would intersect the transmission regardless of how long it took cause he would never die as stated over and over throughout the two films.

  • Asad Shoaib
    Asad Shoaib 7 days ago

    Am i the only one who didn't know that it was David at the end. And this video blew my mind. I am so fuckin dumb

  • simon hansen
    simon hansen 7 days ago

    I usually don't watch horror movies but these sure keep my attention.

  • Brian Shannon
    Brian Shannon 7 days ago

    the whole concept is lame. Alien & Aliens were scary because the Alien was a life form that supposedly just existed out there in the universe. part of the shocking fear of a Great White Shark other than it killing you is that it just exists... it wasnt created in a lab. Scott turned Alien into a Sci-fi Frankenstein... Lame. It was scarier not knowing.

  • simon hansen
    simon hansen 7 days ago

    And I was frankly surprised that no one figured out that Walter was really David after the fight (so much for bragging about 'upgrades').

  • simon hansen
    simon hansen 7 days ago

    Still doesn't really explain WHY David turned corrupt. Sure, the kind of prologue with Wayland may have hinted at SOMETHING, but isn't a machine supposed to carry out its orders? Was he trying to create something that couldn't die? How does that explain his 'good' behavior in the rest of the films?

  • MaxEagleson
    MaxEagleson 8 days ago

    Seriously though.
    "Mother" is the computer of the ship, did you watch the film before making this video?

  • Diet Bleach
    Diet Bleach 8 days ago

    I was watching it on acid. I was so fucking scared and felt all slimy

  • Ben Lutz
    Ben Lutz 8 days ago

    "Alien" was ok, only sucked a little, too damn dark, invest in a fresnel light if yer gonna make a frikkin movie!
    "AlienS" was great
    I saw (most of) the third one, but I assure you that everything else in the Alien/Predator universe is senseless crap, don't waste your time, I already wasted some of mine for you.

    TheKNIGHTELFMOHAWK 8 days ago

    They are working on a new predator movie so an alien vs predator could happen again

  • common sense czarnogród

    This movie was a cheap copy of the first Alien movie. Sorry but this is a shit movie shit story and money sucking machine. What is really sad because it had potential.

  • Ian Webster
    Ian Webster 9 days ago

    But wasn't the Xenomorphs brought to Earth thousands of years ago by the Predators?

  • Feldenkrais with Alfons

    and again they employed a motorcycle gang instead of trained personell. What's with the coffee cup scene and all the screaming and holding back of information? Is this a space ship or a bar somewhere in Texas?

  • Nothin Nothin
    Nothin Nothin 10 days ago

    What's gonna Be the next Alien? A GOD DARN WORLD EATING ALIEN

  • henryEZ
    henryEZ 10 days ago

    what the fuck are u talking about in this video?

  • thacudder
    thacudder 11 days ago

    I thought the movie wasn't bad at all. It was very underwhelming though, I was hyped to see engineers. I was hyped cos I thought we were gonna finally get answers. And although seeing David's character building steadily is cool, we didn't even get to see details about David's story unfold after Prometheus. Covenant had all the potential to deliver but missed all the shots.

  • Catzilla
    Catzilla 11 days ago

    David has become the Anakin Skywalker of the Alien prequels. Thanks to sloppy, shitty writing, he has become the be-all end-all puzzle piece that the producers want the entire prequels series to revolve around.

  • suDz
    suDz 12 days ago

    Next movie: "Alien: David meets Mary (Mother of Jesus)"

  • Héctor Macías Ayala
    Héctor Macías Ayala 12 days ago

    They still have to decide if they are going to continue the plot where Alien Resurrection left or if they will cut it and continue after Aliens.

    Then let the sequels party begin.

  • adam edwards
    adam edwards 13 days ago +1

    I think Daniel's is the woman the marines find in the aliens nest in the second aliens movie getting her chest busted.. David and the ship covenant landed on LV-426.. I know we see the engineers ship there but I'm sure we will see some bull shit story for this to come into this twisted story some how...

  • Mr. Light
    Mr. Light 13 days ago +1

    there you go no gay engineers. and they have space ships and they are clearly more advanced than we are. so therefore this whole gay lgbt bullshit will get us killed and extinct.

  • The Escaton DON
    The Escaton DON 14 days ago

    He helped them so their help could come and save them possibly

  • eiji81
    eiji81 14 days ago

    I would like to see smarter movie characters in the next Alien. Not just getting easily killed or walking in on traps. They are supposed to be a futuristic advanced crew and tech.

    The lack of suits or any precautions on the planet was the worst. There are a few things they've could done first, like fly over the crash site, or send 2-3 guys instead of most of them. Basically a lack of common sense of the characters ruined it for me.

  • jeremytjerry
    jeremytjerry 14 days ago

    We need AvP 3

  • Christopher Hatch
    Christopher Hatch 14 days ago

    Why should we Reboot Alien?
    Why alter the art?

  • Learning Super
    Learning Super 14 days ago

    Who the *** cares about the origin of the aliens??!!

  • humphrey herbert Sithole

    umm i might be wrong but the gun david uses to scare the neo morphs looks a lot like the predetor gun from avp:requiem can i get a second opinion on that since tha gun was given to miss yutani at the end of avp:requiem.

  • Synyster975
    Synyster975 15 days ago

    I actually like the idea behind the prequels. I just wish they explained things better. But please, no reboots. just retcon alien 3 and on if you do anything.

  • Tommy Timberlake
    Tommy Timberlake 16 days ago

    Тhis moоvieе is now availaаable tо wааtch hееreeeе =>

  • Joseph Soriano
    Joseph Soriano 16 days ago +1

    I'm so glad I didn't pay to watch this movie. I LOVED "Aliens" from James Cameron but this was just bad.

  • Bruce
    Bruce 17 days ago

    david destroyed planet of voldemort

  • FX Movie maker
    FX Movie maker 17 days ago

    this movie is a big flop

  • Tyler Suurkivi
    Tyler Suurkivi 17 days ago

    Ridley Scott should have stopped after Aliens. Alien 3 sucked, Alien Resurrection was worse, AVP ... why? Prometheus was the whole "Engineers are a stupid advanced race".

    Just from one cult classic to a REALLY cool action movie, has spurned such an obtuse and awful Alien universe. Keep trying to explain origins in movies, see how that goes. Yeah, mitochlorians for Star Wars, "The Black Goo" for Alien.

    I liked movies more when they don't go and try and "tie them together", cause this whole franchise is held by duct tape and super glue, and bubblegum. BLEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Nancy Lopez
    Nancy Lopez 17 days ago

    This movie was a disappointment

  • john smitty
    john smitty 18 days ago

    so the black goo just outright kills everything and david figured out a way to make it into aliens or what? why was there a picture of a alien on the wall in prometheus when david first gets there he could not have made it

  • Shabaz Ahmed
    Shabaz Ahmed 18 days ago

    i think i got a clue .. this not about the movie and what happens in it . its about what is the writer want to tell you about his idea about life .

  • Im Fefe
    Im Fefe 19 days ago

    Wait so did David get switched at the end with the other David at the planet?

  • iKaBanana
    iKaBanana 19 days ago +1

    Epiphany: Mankind created a super robot (aka David) that exceeds far beyond human, engineer and xenomorph...

  • iKaBanana
    iKaBanana 19 days ago +1

    I have a strong feeling Daniels is gonna be the momma of all known xenomorphs...

  • jack brian
    jack brian 20 days ago

    good thing that they are gonna connect the next prequel movie to the first alien film...cause the engineers story line is still confusing as fk.

  • kabrawl jr
    kabrawl jr 20 days ago

    What's wrong it alien vs predators

  • Trickoholic
    Trickoholic 20 days ago

    you missed some pretty obvious answers. 1. david helped daniels but he suspected that she suspected he was david and needed to convince her he was good so that he could reach his end goal and get back to the ship to infect the colonists. 2. by waiting for mother he literally meant mother which was the ship in orbit and his plan was to board her and infect the colonists.

  • Swidhelm
    Swidhelm 20 days ago

    What bugs me about the plot is that the space jockey in the first film was estimated to be over two thousand years old. And it had a chestburster wound. That, and the eggs in that two thousand year old derelict, suggests the xenos have been around for at least two thousand years.

  • Ivo Bo
    Ivo Bo 20 days ago

    After the next 2 movies of the prequels, I'd love for a tie in movie to Balderunner. With the upcoming one this year too, I'd bet they'd even want to make another.

  • Goran Arsic
    Goran Arsic 20 days ago

    Dude, it's not that it's hard to understand, it's just stupid.

  • B.Established
    B.Established 21 day ago

    dude narrating couldn't even pronounce Origae 6, he clearly didn't watch the movie. Who proofs these videos??? There's always a pronunciation error and it makes the vids look like they're made by amateurs

  • niizzy a
    niizzy a 21 day ago

    How it is not clear why David helped them fight the Xenomorph? Of course he want to using them for his experiments like he used Elizabeth, that is why he put exactly 2 Xenomorph "embryo" in the storage.

    I stopped watching the video right there, lol.

  • Epic Jon
    Epic Jon 21 day ago

    This spoiled the movie😡

  • Adnane TruthSeeker
    Adnane TruthSeeker 21 day ago

    *Aliens vs Predator vs David vs whatever new species David creates Reloaded*

  • Vahid Bac
    Vahid Bac 21 day ago

    AvP was an amazing movie

  • Brian Hackworth
    Brian Hackworth 21 day ago

    wait what was wrong with AVP??? That was a good movie and blended the two different movies together seamlessly. AVP2 was another story altogether.

  • Desmond Townson
    Desmond Townson 22 days ago

    prometheus was confusing enough,this ones even more confusing - worst alien EVER...

  • Zzz Yyy
    Zzz Yyy 22 days ago

    Daniels is so ugly ahh I couldn't stand it lol

  • MrThejrod1
    MrThejrod1 22 days ago

    Am i the only who thinks its weird how david pretended to be walter. I mean david had to cut his hand off right ? Otherwise he doesn't look like walter

  • PeopleAre Crazy
    PeopleAre Crazy 22 days ago

    does prometheus movie related to alien covenant it looks the same ,,,,

  • Kevin Dondrea
    Kevin Dondrea 22 days ago

    I know how it continues. They higher JJ Abrams and Tom Cruise, the ship gets caught in a time warp, they run into some Romulans which start another tear in the space time continuum and get sent back a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. They run into Governor Palpatine and Darth Vadar. Then they tear the space time continuum again, wind up in 1999 on the moon. The Nuclear waste dump explodes and sends them to the future and they wind up in the Shadow war with Babylon 5. the Vorlons transform the aliens into Cavemen then send them back to 2005 where they live the rest of their lives doing Geico Commercials.

    OSSEF9 OSSEF9 22 days ago

    Worst Alien movie to date

  • Supercritical Fluids
    Supercritical Fluids 23 days ago

    I just realised something.
    The Xenomorph that bursts out of the Engineer in Prometheus has the same type of jaw movements and structure (see 1:57) as the Alien queen from Aliens.

  • Baird Carver
    Baird Carver 23 days ago

    Horrible ending lol just another endless repeat cycle of alien slaughter and believe me Danial's wont be waking up she will likely hatch some babys though

  • Soar Lozer
    Soar Lozer 24 days ago

    This entire mess is disgusting none of this was even thought of during Alien and Aliens. The comics (which are not cannon) have much more interesting stories that aren't just cash grabs to secure multiple movies.
    They killed off Shaw because Prometheus was a alien prequel that didn't feature a alien until the last 10 mins. I guarantee you if Promethus was overwhelmingly accepted we would have got a Shaw and David adventure movie. They conviently went back to what worked for Force Awakens and just did the original franchise movie all over again.

  • diliup gabadamudalige
    diliup gabadamudalige 25 days ago

    Alien covenant was a gas bag. Blown up it looked huge. Total waste of time. Even the plot was lame.

  • C0D3M0NK3Y
    C0D3M0NK3Y 25 days ago

    hey what happened to the alien who came out the engineer

  • Piero Francesco Scaglione

    This makes me want to see an alien come out of a child colonist...poor kid...

  • AdamEgypt
    AdamEgypt 28 days ago

    If The Engineers created humans, WHO CREATED THE ENGINEERS?

  • MrGallis
    MrGallis 29 days ago

    In the final scene, I think David was getting along just trying to see if he's creation (Xenomorph) was actually the capable monster he planed all along or if Daniels and Tenessee could still be "superior". That failed so now he will perfect he's creation while everyones's in cryosleep.

  • drudown____tv
    drudown____tv 1 month ago

    The ONLY reason that David "didn't help the Alien" and let them "live at the end" was because he had a PRE-MEDITATED PLAN to "get the colonists into their cryogenic sleep" so he could THEN use them ALL like lab rats. If the Alien on board was allowed to "run amuck"... there goes his "biological material" aboard the ship insofar ONE ALIEN could and likely would kill all of them.

  • daniel mclean
    daniel mclean 1 month ago

    mother is covenents A.I. waiting for mother means waiting for the ship to take him and aliens where more life is.

  • xparagon
    xparagon 1 month ago

    When they re-release the original series just call it the Dave's not here collection.

  • Moses Turner
    Moses Turner 1 month ago

    Prometheus and Alien Covenant were both FUCKIN DUMB

  • thirdstrike4u
    thirdstrike4u 1 month ago

    cool movie i would have hid under my seat if the aliens started talking and preaching about Jehovah😬

  • No Man's Sky
    No Man's Sky 1 month ago

    There doesn't Always have to be answers

  • David Quezada
    David Quezada 1 month ago

    reboot? sounds intriguing. would miss Ridley though

  • Ben Durcholz
    Ben Durcholz 1 month ago

    an alien reboot would not be made by ridly scott and likely be a waste of time and money. while it is a classic, why replace weaver and tell the same story? seeing as he already defined a historical scifi thriller, why remake what started it all?
    not many will go to the theatres to see a movie they already know the entire plot to.
    like robo cop was very different than the origional.

    also, whats up with avp? and predator in general...

  • ros1tony
    ros1tony 1 month ago

    Why make a female lead character?  We know its shit right from the get go....

  • sean cummins
    sean cummins 1 month ago

    Y'all as soon as David cut his hair and started looking like Walter I was like son of a bitch I know exactly how this is going down

  • TheUltimateChuchu
    TheUltimateChuchu 1 month ago

    My questions are: Why is this ovie so boring? Why did they messed up the Chestbuster? ANd Why is everyone loving this movie?

  • robby the bloodless ninja

    Screw u spaecoming is not f reeboot sure it is a new actor but it is a sieries in the comics so get it right

  • bing's wig Crosby
    bing's wig Crosby 1 month ago

    I don't think those people David killed were the engineers from Prometheus, not only was there skin different, but they're eyes were not as big. also why was their city roman looking? It would be biomacanical, like the base in Prometheus. I think they are either another creation of the engineers that worship them, or a subtype of engineer that has been waiting for the more advanced engineers return

  • Agata Jancelewicz
    Agata Jancelewicz 1 month ago +1

    jak włoże słuchawki do uszöw to też mam taki sam dźwięk jak z obcego@ milki-waysss agatka43aj

  • Walter Allen Ricohermoso

    he preserve it becuase he wants to see its final form the true form of that species

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