Trump's tweets distracting from 'Made in America' week?

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  • utpal shah
    utpal shah 9 days ago

    Honorable Mr. President sir, with due respect humbly like to put up a small request as under
    there was a time back in 80's or before when whole world was keen to buy goods, services made in USA
    this same market was captured by China for duplication and low rates
    now is the scenario where China trades with almost half of countries in the world
    sir, to beat China in business request you encourage and bring back the same old time back where people of the world were crazy for products made in USA including India
    sir, I believe if this really happens , if USA and Europe manufacturers are Able to fulfil demand of Indian market initially then we Indians have started boycotting Chinese goods this will help American Other European countries to fight with Chinese business share in Indian markets
    there's possibility of goods or services produced in USA cost might be high a little but if you can coordinate have a dialogue with Govt of India to compensate manufacturer, traders in terms of tax then together we can beat China in business
    it'll be kind of surgical strike on Chinese trade or businesses
    China is trying to sneak in or fight with every other country is because of its strong revenue in terms of money
    if we get together then we can strike on China' s money
    we take all business from China , China will go down by itself

  • Blue Mosquitoes
    Blue Mosquitoes 9 days ago

    Made in China week. Right Trumps? This White House is such a joke. Just be honest you pricks. All your shit is made in China. Just like Walmart. Which is fine, that is capitalism. Low pay, high profits.

  • Linc O
    Linc O 9 days ago

    His products are distracting.

    Here are some examples of Trump products that wouldn't make the cut for "Made in America" week.

    - A crystal and china collectionin the Trump Home by Rogaska collection was made in Slovenia.

    - The defunct Trump Vodka was distilled in the Netherlands.

    - A "Trump National Golf Club" blue cotton cap sold at Trump Tower was manufactured in Bangladesh.

    - The ties in his apparel collection have been made in Indonesia, Vietnam, and China.

    - Some of the suits in his Donald J. Trump Signature Collection are made in Mexico.

    - A trademark registration shows products in the Trump Home collection such as bookcases, picture frames, and wardrobes were made in India.

    - Pens, towels, and bathrobes at Trump hotels are made in China.

    - The Trump Home's mirrors and chandeliers are manufactured in China.

    - Components for furniture piece such as beds and dining tables in the Trump by Dorya line were made in Germany and Turkey.

  • doitee52
    doitee52 9 days ago

    Trump is doing a great job. Couldn't care less about the tweets...

  • Bob Leroy
    Bob Leroy 9 days ago

    No one is buying is buy American and makes in America. His clothing and golf stuff is still being made in China and Mexico. Ivanks clothing are also made in other countries. Why is he sending our job to China and Mexico and then blackmail companies that do that

  • Johan N
    Johan N 10 days ago

    Which episode is this from the sequence "Everybody loves Trump" ? Did I miss something?

  • mwhich50
    mwhich50 10 days ago

    Maybe Trump and his family will start making their products in America,..............NO WAY,  lol.   Trumps are special and are not burdened by standard morals or ethics.   Suckers!!

  • flyingfishsurf
    flyingfishsurf 10 days ago

    The only thing Trump's made here in America is a giant mess.

  • James Madison
    James Madison 10 days ago

    What a sad joke!! Why do the Trumps hate America?
    Ivanka Trumps store has 869 products 100% are made overseas. 400+ "Made in China"
    All of Trumps condos casinos & hotels are 100% chinese steel aluminum rebar concrete marble wood & glass.
    Why do the Trumps hate America?

  • Elizabeth Rain
    Elizabeth Rain 10 days ago

    these two are full of crap. we know exactly whats going on at th WH. MAGA! this sounds like Fox Fake News!!

  • art american
    art american 10 days ago

    this much time on twitter.. i dont know,, what,, 30 seconds to write a tweet?
    more like MSM spends the day there AFTER he tweets...

  • art american
    art american 10 days ago

    he said nothing of McCain surgery delaying the vote on healthcare. Cmon fox, we need you to stay on point. put blame in the right place. this report is erroneous at best

  • Watch'dUP
    Watch'dUP 10 days ago

    need much more swamp draining

  • Camer Pikin
    Camer Pikin 10 days ago +2

    Your president is a Moron.

  • Yotto O.
    Yotto O. 10 days ago

    Oh, please, FOX. You all know damn good and well no matter what Trump does or says, all the media is going to do is bash him. Don't you dare use his tweets as a convenient excuse. You all want to focus on his tweets so that you don't have to report on all the good things he is doing for this country. The media is sickening scum.

  • Pannee Voice
    Pannee Voice 10 days ago

    I hope Trump tweets till his last moment in office. I want to see all these news media outlets burn to the ground. They have been on the Frontline on destroying this country. They play both sides while making millions.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 10 days ago +2

    Trump is a liar, a fraud, a con-man and a crook.... plain and simple.

  • Dom inic
    Dom inic 10 days ago +2

    Donald please continue your tweets, the more distracted you are from distroying the country the better

  • Mamo
    Mamo 10 days ago +1

    *Trump products: made in China, the Netherlands, Mexico, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Honduras, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea*
    So there's that. Hypocrites. Sad!

  • Joe Dodge
    Joe Dodge 10 days ago

    Message? The message is perfectly clear. Donald owes money to Russia.

  • Jonathan Sterling
    Jonathan Sterling 10 days ago

    The one-way media (including Fox News) just doesn't get it.

  • Mamo
    Mamo 10 days ago +1

    What did the president know and when did he know it?
    Sounds very familiar. Sad!

  • Mamo
    Mamo 10 days ago +2

    *Trump Lies*

  • Gabe King
    Gabe King 10 days ago

    Are Cuckard Smith, Chris Wallace, and Juan Williams distracting from real news ?

  • petey1115
    petey1115 10 days ago +2

    Republicans are dumb, anyone who listens to this propaganda is dumb

  • Cold Duck
    Cold Duck 10 days ago +2

    Trumps ass looks like 60lbs of chewed bubblegum!!

  • Fear Not God Is Faithful

    President Trump.... keep TWEET, TWEET, TWEEEEETING AWAY! Fake polls, fake media...looks like Fox is catching the liberal virus. Building too many snow monsters with all those snowflakes I think. LOL

  • LinkMEP
    LinkMEP 10 days ago

    It was made in America week?

  • indubiopronegro
    indubiopronegro 10 days ago +1

    stick your fake polls up your ass

  • Peter Hunsader
    Peter Hunsader 10 days ago

    damn, These comments are GREAT! GO RUMP!

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 10 days ago +3

    Pee on, Mr "President" & Make 🇷🇺 Great Again!

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper 10 days ago +3

    Trump is his own worst enemy

  • FreeEarCandy
    FreeEarCandy 10 days ago



  • Keith Ho
    Keith Ho 10 days ago

    Keep tweeting President Trump. The more you irritate these idiots on TV, the more we like you.

  • Rick Rucksack
    Rick Rucksack 10 days ago +1

    When is Fox News' Russian hysteria going to end? They can't stop talking about it.

  • Ouroboros Null
    Ouroboros Null 10 days ago

    FU Fox, your polls, your guest, and the jackass you rode in on.
    Keep tweeting Mr. President

  • Andre Corbeil
    Andre Corbeil 10 days ago

    stfu peter

  • Bradley Scarbrough
    Bradley Scarbrough 10 days ago

    Trump needs to tweet a few memes about Fox News and how far they've fallen.

  • Thomas Branson
    Thomas Branson 10 days ago

    fantastic and very interesting thanka

  • john smith
    john smith 10 days ago

    Except that time he tweeted about it.  Fox is becoming CNN .

  • Thomas Hallgren
    Thomas Hallgren 10 days ago

    Oh Peter, so interesting. Not.

  • 32shumble
    32shumble 10 days ago +2

    Let's face it. Trump doesn't give a damn about made in America.
    All of his and his daughters manufacturing is still in China.

    • Bunker Buster
      Bunker Buster 10 days ago

      Because the Liberal and the Globalist say the sky is Falling Global warming No Smoke No Manufacturing yet all the politicians fly big planes drive big cars .Its American lawless Horse shit you don't see China cutting back or india or Russia etc it's a scam to turn America into a Socialist Nation with citizens getting killed by muslims and Government keeping the people dependent like you see in most of Europe

  • Keyahnte Cooksey
    Keyahnte Cooksey 10 days ago +1

    Damn the Dems!!! Tweet On Mr. President!!!!

  • Preahchunpehnwong
    Preahchunpehnwong 10 days ago +1

    It only takes less than a minute to tweet fucking asshole!

  • Roberto Viana
    Roberto Viana 10 days ago +2

    What I find distracting is the main stream medias continued barrage of Bull Shit they call news, like what the President Tweets, like this show. The president stays on the government issues. A two minute tweet is not a distraction, this SHOW is...... Shut up and start reporting on the news. What idiots.

  • Janet Diaz
    Janet Diaz 10 days ago +2

    ohh my God .. please enough with Russia....

  • Mamo
    Mamo 10 days ago +3

    Trump _always_ blames somebody else. Sad!

    • Mamo
      Mamo 10 days ago

      SHITLERY isn't president. She is NOTHING nowadays, actually.
      Then again, you are far too brain-dead to even realize that yet. Sad!

    • Noob Sims
      Noob Sims 10 days ago

      HAHAHA and SHITLERY doesn't?? Gtfo jackass

  • John Marlowe
    John Marlowe 10 days ago +1

    First off, it's not a tax cut if you have to borrow the $$ to finance it. And secondly, denying health services to sick people is not health care. If you'r not a billionaire, you're being duped and it's east to fool poor Americans because they are stupid.

    • Bunker Buster
      Bunker Buster 10 days ago

      Thank Bush and Obama for the 20 Trillion debt yet they Both walked away from the White House Filthy Rich and a Broke Debt Nation

  • siberiandreams
    siberiandreams 10 days ago +1

    Trump said in his campaign that if I voted for Clinton, I would be stuck with a criminal president under constant federal investigation from day one. Turns out, he was right. I voted for Clinton and I'm stuck with a criminal president under federal investigation from day one.

  • jmack619
    jmack619 10 days ago

    Trump's Tweets are.... MADE IN AMERICA !!!

  • Joseph Mellen
    Joseph Mellen 10 days ago

    His real supporters want him to tweet and be Donald Trump, the polls are nonsense. We forget too easily how corrupt the polls are.

  • Joseph Mellen
    Joseph Mellen 10 days ago +2

    Fox needs to become a part of CNN. The President is the President, these journalists are not. He is staying on message. He is 6 months in and he is fighting everyone and still winning.

  • Bob Beckel
    Bob Beckel 10 days ago +2

    Mouthpiece for The Swamp still jealous of Trump's ability to circumvent them.
    Fox is trying to blame Trump for failures of the Republican Congress. It won't
    work. If the Republicans lose control of Congress it will be their own fault.

  • Jack Halesomalie
    Jack Halesomalie 10 days ago

    America has a human president, not a robot. Deal with it!

  • Bunker Buster
    Bunker Buster 10 days ago

    Hey DemoRats why you stop the Recount after 2 States why wont you give up the voter registration you Lawless Corrupt Cock Suckers ?

  • Noob Sims
    Noob Sims 10 days ago +1

    Screw you Fox, it seems all you do now is commentate on what others are already bitching about. If not for Tucker and Gutfeld you would be CNN2. No worries, you are stupid enough to fire them as well so just give it time.

  • Leroy D. Griffin
    Leroy D. Griffin 10 days ago +1

    I NEED THE TWEETS..... thank you President Trump!

  • Bunker Buster
    Bunker Buster 10 days ago +2

    Trump ! 2020 Drain the Swamp Jail All Leakers

  • Sue Sally
    Sue Sally 10 days ago +3

    President trump you keep on tweeting it will keep the liberal media feet to fire .

  • MrThehardway
    MrThehardway 10 days ago +2

    Tweet You Beautiful Idiot...Tweet!

    • Noob Sims
      Noob Sims 10 days ago

      Kremlin, what a dumbass. Most of Hitlery's money came from eastern countries, who hate us, you jackass.

    • MrThehardway
      MrThehardway 10 days ago

      I'm not taking that bet, with the RNC and Kremlin backing his campaign, Trump should get re-elected!

    • Bunker Buster
      Bunker Buster 10 days ago

      You have PayPal ? I bet 9,950 dollars he gets reelected ?

  • Manuel Quenga
    Manuel Quenga 10 days ago +3

    We know why nothing is getting passed and it has nothing to do with President Trump. It has everything to do with the Fake News, Colluding Media, Obstruction by RINOS and DEMS blocking OUR, "We the people", President from filling his cabinet passing a bill or even placing a temporary travel ban how he sees fit. That is why I Love President Trump. He exposes all of your collusion and all of your disregard of what America's truly want!

    The truth is, we don't care how you twist his words or flip a story around backwards. We did not vote you in. we despise you. That is why we voted your B.S. system out and Trumps matter of fact tactics in. we are not a communist country as much as you try to turn us in into one. Most Americans know the monopoly that is the MSM and we see right through you. the reason the majority is silent is simply because we don't want to have to deal with your THUG groups going around burning our towns down. we are peaceful people who want simply to work, provide for our families and maybe build something or see some amazing things before God takes us home.

    Leave my President alone and let him do the job we voted him in to do.


  • Ed
    Ed 10 days ago +4

    Everyone have a #MAGA day and keep on trucking!!

    • Jim Smith
      Jim Smith 10 days ago

      And getting Peed on Donnie #MRGA 🇷🇺 😆

  • Ed
    Ed 10 days ago +1

    Trumps' tweets are SPOT ON. If you don't like them, don't read them. See how simple life can be when you use good sense?

  • D B
    D B 10 days ago

    It would help if his tweets kept in context with the whitehouse efforts. I love him but dont love the tweets when they are personal, divisive or distracting to the countrys betterment. We did not vote him into office for a popularity contest. Don't bite my head off, somebody has to say it. Yes, I will vote for him again.

    • D B
      D B 10 days ago

      Noob Sims The dumbass thing is unnecessary. I signed up at to receive the daily briefing. Its about what all the departments, and President Trump, are accomplishing. Also sites his agenda. The twitter thing disturbed me, plus it ran the battery down quickly on my phone, so I quit it. Contrary to popular belief, most older grown ups don't follow twitter. Its more of a social thing for young people.

    • dkim2011
      dkim2011 10 days ago

      I read his tweets first thing every morning for a good laugh. Today, he already tweeted four times before 7:30 AM. His agenda was:
      1. Russia
      2. Attacking the media
      3. Advertising a property he makes $$ from

      How's that for going about the people's business.... _dumbass_ ??

    • Noob Sims
      Noob Sims 10 days ago

      Do you even read them? No, you dont, or this comment would not exist. He speaks agenda nearly everyday dumbass.

  • David Sibley
    David Sibley 10 days ago +3

    The media is the distraction

  • Jim K
    Jim K 10 days ago +1

    This guy is a sissy. I think he needs a time out. Keep on tweeting Mr. President.

  • Kerkopes
    Kerkopes 10 days ago +6

    I love President Trump's Tweets! I hope he Tweets way more! He's such an idiot, I find it entertaining.

    • Kerkopes
      Kerkopes 10 days ago

      Bunker Buster - Could you please write another comment. I'm writing a blog about mental retardation and I want to use you as a reference. Thanks. Write anything, the more vulgar, the better.

    • dkim2011
      dkim2011 10 days ago

      Bunker Buster Cheeto lost his Dad's millions and had to be rescued by the Russian mafia state and Wilbur Ross, who by sheer coincidence is now Commerce Secy.
      *Trump's Russian Laundromat* 7-13-17 THE NEW REPUBLIC. by Craig Unger. All honest Republicans should read it.

    • Bunker Buster
      Bunker Buster 10 days ago

      Monkey Boy that so called idiot made Billions from 1 million loan from his dad Your electected Demorats came into the politics Broke like your boy Obama all left Filthy Rich Clinton's Broke filthy Rich and the carrier Criminals still left in your democratic disaster Filty Rich .All they left you was fuck up Healthcare less jobs more welfare over crowded schools full of illegals and Lead in your water Drink Up Monkey Boy Salute !

  • Anne Taylor
    Anne Taylor 10 days ago +1

    What? You can't walk and chew gum at the same time??? Grow a pair!!!

  • netterstyl
    netterstyl 10 days ago +1

    Yeah, I think we're capable of "multitasking" where the tweets are concerned - no problem at all with so-called distractions. Believe it or not, I can actually listen to music and make a sammich at the same time - it's amazing!

    • Noob Sims
      Noob Sims 10 days ago

      Im shitting, smoking, and typing all at once! Ima bigboi!

  • Mary Hernandez
    Mary Hernandez 10 days ago +10

    President Trump can tweet whatever and whenever he wants period. If anyone colluded with Russia it was Crooked Hillary. Look at the Uranium she sold and kept the money for her "foundation ". How is that not illegal? If there was anyone Putin wanted to win it was Hilary because she and slick Willy have had a money relationship with them.

    • The Anti Alternate Reality
      The Anti Alternate Reality 10 days ago

      Mary Hernandez That's proven to be Fake news.
      PolitiFact did a thorough fact-check of the claim last year when Trump first made it on the campaign trail, and found the following faults with it:

      The mines, mills, and land the company holds in the US account for 20 percent of the US’s uranium production capacity, not actual produced uranium.

      The State Department was one of nine federal agencies and a number of additional independent federal and state regulators that signed off on the deal.President Obama, not Secretary Clinton, was the only person who could’ve vetoed the deal.Since Russia doesn’t have the legal right to export uranium out of the US, its main goal was likely to gain access to the company’s uranium assets in Kazakhstan.

      Crucially, the main national security concern was not about nuclear weapons proliferation, as Trump suggests, but actually ensuring the US doesn’t have to depend too much on uranium sources from abroad, as the US only makes about 20 percent of the uranium it needs.

      An advantage in making nuclear weapons wasn’t the main issue because, as PolitiFact notes, “the United States and Russia had for years cooperated on that front, with Russia sending enriched fuel from decommissioned warheads to be used in American nuclear power plants in return for raw uranium.”

    • Donald Magill
      Donald Magill 10 days ago

      weave some more
      dkim, you were
      doing well, till

      "I'm not the tinfoil hatter you are."

      just a plain "hater"


      be well

    • dkim2011
      dkim2011 10 days ago

      Peter W Smith: talked to the WSJ about GOP dirty tricks and efforts to get Hillary emails from the Russians, while implying a personal connection to Flynn -- and commits suicide 10 days later. And guess what? I don't suspect foul play because I'm not the tinfoil hatter you are.

  • I am Sammi
    I am Sammi 10 days ago +3

    trump and the trumpussys are a distraction from what is good for America period!

    • Noob Sims
      Noob Sims 10 days ago

      No one gives a rats ass what an old lady trying to look cool in shitty selfies thinks. Act your age, skankolina.

    • leon singleton
      leon singleton 10 days ago

      Sammi; Democrats send American jobs to China and allow pedophiles in the little girls restrooms.

    • Bunker Buster
      Bunker Buster 10 days ago

      What's that Sharia lol go fuck your mother sammi Allah SnackBar

  • M Liberty Hill
    M Liberty Hill 10 days ago +26

    If you don't like his tweets, don't look at them.

    • Danny brown
      Danny brown 10 days ago

      M Liberty Hill if u don't like the news don't watch it

  • jimmyunderbite
    jimmyunderbite 10 days ago +24

    fuck your polls

  • Christina Jones
    Christina Jones 10 days ago +44

    Distracting from what -fake news? Keep on tweeting Mr. President! #MAGA

    • Ronnie
      Ronnie 10 days ago

      How about distracting with the fact that NONE of his or his daughter's clothing, ties, and shoes are made in America?

    • Jim Smith
      Jim Smith 10 days ago

      Comrade Preahchunpehnwong 🇷🇺

      Haha, Not into that Trumptard Shit. They love to get shitted on as well with Trumpcare! 😂

    • Preahchunpehnwong
      Preahchunpehnwong 10 days ago

      Jim Smith then go get pee'd on.

    • Jim Smith
      Jim Smith 10 days ago

      Jeremy You forgot a Cuck Freak that likes to get Peed on! 😂

    • Preahchunpehnwong
      Preahchunpehnwong 10 days ago

      Jeremy aren't you the the same though?

  • Egil Lomeland
    Egil Lomeland 10 days ago +18

    You know the Tweets distract because the Fake Media wants it that way. If there were no Tweets they would still be in full denial of anything great about America. The Tweets are the ONLY way for the real news to get to the people. The media hates that with a passion.

    • The Anti Alternate Reality
      The Anti Alternate Reality 10 days ago

      Egil Lomeland Thinking hurts your brain I guess...I pity you. The whole concept of Fake news is ridiculous if people like you actually knew what it meant and from whom it came out of. It's a term for the lowly intellectual religious nutjobs disregarding any news they don't like.

    • Egil Lomeland
      Egil Lomeland 10 days ago

      I like the fact check, sounds official but just more fake news manipulation.

    • The Anti Alternate Reality
      The Anti Alternate Reality 10 days ago

      Egil Lomeland Interestingly the so called "Fake news media" was right all along about Russia and pathological liar was doing what he does best. Do you even know how absurdly Trump lies about everything on his Twitter...even the things which matter like economy and trade...he pulls out number from his ass....I actually bother to fact check....not surprising he's way off on most of his tweets but his gullible supporters eat everything up.

    • RaspyVA
      RaspyVA 10 days ago

      Thomas Piatt he has on many diffrent occasions lied about things in his tweets

    • dkim2011
      dkim2011 10 days ago

      +32shumble And then we get to enjoy them yet again on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and all the other brilliant late night standup routines whose Trump jokes leave me sobbing-laughing!!!

  • dkim2011
    dkim2011 10 days ago +1

    *Here's something to focus on: Trump's travel ban and disgusting persona are causing foreign tourists to STAY AWAY*!. Projections regarding our $250 billion industry employing 15 million Americans are for tourist receipts to shrink by 3%
    *Another thing: some GOP lawmakers have slammed the Trumpcare bill as an assault on nursing home residents and people with pre-existing conditions* ... Spin _THAT_ , Faux News.

    • dkim2011
      dkim2011 10 days ago

      + Calvin H Again, I didn't vote for Hillary, but she won the popular vote. Referring to colors on an EC map doesn't change that. Nor do such colors efface the fact that 54% of those who actually bothered voting opted for someone other than Trump. As for me, I do in fact live on Seattle's Eastside, in Microsoft country, where nary a Trump sign or bumpersticker could be seen throughout the 2016 election. Don't believe me? I couldn't care less. The fact is that Warren Buffett is for single payer and the inspiration for Gordon Gekko, Asher Edelman, supported Sanders. People with Sanders' way of thinking include: FDR, the current leaders of the Free World, and a hefty proportion of America's scientific, cultural & entrepreneurial elite -- the triple-helix drivers of economic growth. Educated, competent people who actually understand the connection between good governance and economic competitiveness in the 21st century.

      Trump is not merely an anti-science, anti-intellectual ignoramus. He's a guy who brags about bribing politicians -- about his ability to buy access. About his ties to mob lawyer Roy Cohn, to Putin's Oligarchs, even to mobster Joey "No Socks" Cinque and Russian mafia-affiliated Felix Sater -- except when he's under investigation, in which case he "doesn't know nuttin'" . That's his world. He's a reckless fool who squandered his father's millions but salvaged his sham narrative of "winning" by playing ball with Wilbur Ross and the Russians. And poor cultists like you will never figure it out because you don't want to. You've given up. All you have is "symbol politics". Never mind that the U.S. health insurance industry is a racket full of middlemen who gobble up far too much of our GDP. Never mind that GOP politicians want to exclude you from health care if you get cancer or Alzheimer's. Trump restored your white, non-cosmopolitan, traditional, Christian male prerogatives to the national stage once again -- symbolically -- and subconsciously, you figure that's the best you can hope for. So you'll clutch on to that brand for dear life, long after the grifter-in-chief has been thoroughly exposed for the mafia boss Trickster he is. So be it.

    • Calvin H.
      Calvin H. 10 days ago

      dkim2011, Your child like antics doesn't faze me.. See, i know how ya'll work, and it's truly sad that you try and fake who you really are, just to shill for the losers you are backing.. And if you would look at the states that turned red, you will see they are not all battleground states! Like 90% of the country turned red this past year..
      So when the FBI is done with their investigation's into President Trump, and Hillary Clinton, we shall see the facts.. And my bet is you and others like you, will be caught with egg all over your faces..

      P.s. Sanders will never be more than what he is today, and nobody with his way of thinking will become President..

    • dkim2011
      dkim2011 10 days ago

      + Calvin H. First of all, "safe blue" in the context I used it clearly means "not a battleground state". College drop out, or hs drop out, Calvin? Which is it? Secondly, I live in a county that ranks 10th in the country in terms of HNWIs. Indeed, I am one myself. We keep the economy humming a good deal more than you do in Forgottensville (and yet I would love to see that change. As a patriotic American and populist). Thirdly, one of the reasons I didn't vote for Hillary was the fact that Hillary gamed the system to help her own political chances and those of other Democrats. But you don't seem to get it. Hillary, at least, had some notion of the difference between good governance and adhocracy. Neither you nor Trump would have any idea of what I'm talking about. Did you read that New Republic article, *Trump's Russian Laundromat* yet, or are you terrified that you may become confused by the facts?

  • The World Non Fake News
    The World Non Fake News 10 days ago +12

    The only thing distracting about President Trump's Tweets are, the lying news medias can lie and change his words around to fit their lies. Tweet on President Trump and keep it coming straight from your own mouth.

  • 34longbow
    34longbow 10 days ago +31

    Tweet on. Go Trump!

  • Polydynamix
    Polydynamix 10 days ago +1

    Fun Fact: There is only ONE item that is ONLY manufactured in America... the wiffle ball. That's it. America has lost everything, every industry- and it's accelerating. But we've got the wiffle ball.

    • Polydynamix
      Polydynamix 10 days ago

      +Noob Sims Why don't we examine some of these jobs, shall we? His cut of green funding and giving to the private coal companies will create UP TO 4,000 new coal jobs... and cost the nation around 31,000 jobs in solar and wind. So that's what... negative 27,000 jobs. Sounds great.

      He cut taxes for the rich outsourcing non-product labor... things like tech support. Now I haven't seen any estimates on how many american jobs that will cost- probably not a LOT since most of those jobs had already moved but rest assured, if there was even ONE American person working tech support there won't be anymore. Has to be at least 10k jobs, right?

      I see what he tweets, I see what he SAYS- but I also see what he actually does.

    • Noob Sims
      Noob Sims 10 days ago

      Trump IS creating jobs as well as many other positive things. Do you actually go to his twitter page, at all? Do you truly pay attention as you should or wait for fake news to put your pants on in the morning?

    • Polydynamix
      Polydynamix 10 days ago

      +Ralph Wiggum I think if you claim you want to bring jobs to america... and you're in a position to create jobs... and you choose to have ALL those jobs sent overseas... yes, I believe it matters. If you want to be subservient and just follow like a sheep then do it, but I prefer the real world.

    • Polydynamix
      Polydynamix 10 days ago

      +Poo Flingin' Ape Well we could have started with the president who wants to 'make america great again' getting his hats, pins, and t-shirts printed in china... and his signature line of business suits made in mexico... and his exclusive line of executive furniture sold at macys which is made in (you guessed it)... china. His daughters clothes... Bangladesh. His line of business ties... Taiwan.

      But you're right, this is clintons fault... from the 1990's.

  • Bunker Buster
    Bunker Buster 10 days ago +8

    Who gives a fuck what he tweets are streets are safer No Acid attacks No people being run over by trucks less illegals less illegals on welfare food stamps Market is booming more job less political corruption

    • doitee52
      doitee52 9 days ago

      Beautifully said. Thanks....

  • Andy sinishtaj
    Andy sinishtaj 10 days ago +36

    Keep Tweeting President Trump. We love it!

    • Taxed Payer
      Taxed Payer 10 days ago

      And Jr. Keep those emails coming..."Love it", save some for later in the summer...."dribble,dribble"

  • remi sansfamille
    remi sansfamille 10 days ago +6

    Keep tweeting Mr. President..Mainstream media hate your tweets (FoxNews included) because they are not in charge of the narrative any longer. The Fake News media shall not prevail!

  • Shawn Gallagher
    Shawn Gallagher 10 days ago +1

    horrible,Trump is evil:(

  • Barbara Vogel
    Barbara Vogel 10 days ago +5

    love tweets keep it up!!! the rest of you in the government better to keep up with President Trump and the Americans were not stupid

  • Jorge Ituarte
    Jorge Ituarte 10 days ago +28

    I like um. Go fuck yourself.

  • Jarian Williams
    Jarian Williams 10 days ago +11

    Trump supporters are the type of bullies, who bascially have had miserable childhoods, getting taunt in school and at home, had family members with problems, been either in jail or boot camp, or has had multiple dead end jobs, and a few of them are successful, but they bully others. Even bully the black community, the hispanic community, and the LGBT community, and insult women, they insult disabled people and they insult poor people. They're just cruel, just like their idol, Trump, FOX News and the republican party!!!

    • Jorge Ituarte
      Jorge Ituarte 10 days ago

      It does not really matter does it?  President Trump's support is in tact.  In fact, IN REALITY, it is stronger because this mafia style theater, by anyone with an IQ over 60, is being perceived BY EVERYONE as a contrived attempt at a soft coup and all it is serving to do is seriously piss off 51% Americans.  Do you know any other army in the world of 40 million heavily armed individuals the will reply accordingly, with full legality, as per our constitution. So AT THE END of the day what are you piss ants going to do about it? What do you think those 40 million heavily armed Americans are going to do when they PERCIEVE their personal equity is being threatened? They don't give a flying fuck what you call them. SQUASH! God Bless America! That's the way the founding fathers wrote baby! We (the retards, deplorables, small independent business/property owners) OWN 80% of Americas economy (tax revenue) via taxable personal equity and income of this country. This country is not defined by it's collective wealth. Muti-National Corporations only make up 20% of our economy. You Marxist Atheist Bolshevik thug freaks are pissing in the fucking wind in America. Everybody knows the news media is nothing more nothing more than side show. You're "Long March" ended up being nothing more than the goofy walk of the Dodo into extinction. The time has come to split up The Central Banks. They stole 11 trillion dollars of our equity in 2008 with the assistance of "Establishment" criminals in Washington and us heavily armed "retards" have not forgotten . ....And you geniuses are serving up The President's Tweets vs innocent people being shot at softball games and you're calling us stupid? You must think you are talking to Hungarians in the '50s

    • The Anti Alternate Reality
      The Anti Alternate Reality 10 days ago

      Kazia Thornhill Trump won thanks to the cult movement of the Republicans who ate up all his outrageous lies even though he failed to explain his policies at a 5th grade level. The most ironic part is most of his supporters still fail to realize Trump is just like any other politician only that he talks more crudely to make it seem he's honest though he's the farthest thing from it. People fell for a badcon and a elitist who is just making the top 1% richer though his cult supporters thought he's gonna transform the system.

    • The Anti Alternate Reality
      The Anti Alternate Reality 10 days ago

      Kazia Thornhill Nearly everything Trump supporters say is a flat out lie. They're too lazy and anti-intellectual to research and accumulate correct, verifiable information. They live in an echo-chamber of delusion, lies and unrivaled stupidity.

      1. Trump supporters are the least educated base in the history of U.S. Presidential elections. 

      2. Trump supporters have the highest percentage of dropouts, both high school and college. 

      3.Trump supporters display profound ignorance over world issues, often being completely unaware. It's likely many have never traveled to a foreign nation, or traveled atall.

      4. Trump's base is deplorable, profoundly ignorant, misinformed, childish, racist, homophobic, misogynistic, climate denying, dumb brutish simpletons. Essentially, the enlightenment skipped them. While they resemble humans, their brains are downright primitive.

    • John Patrick
      John Patrick 10 days ago

      Funny how you're sitting here disparaging Trump supporters and lumping them ask together.
      Kind of like you're accusing them of doing?
      Answer this; which side, Left or Right, has been committing acts of violence to impose their political view?
      Get the fuck out of here, snowflake.
      This ain't your echo chamber.

    • Noob Sims
      Noob Sims 10 days ago

      Someone needs a counselor. Crybaby generation lol, thats gonna stick too

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