Unexplained Ancient Cosmic Portal! Extremely Advanced Ancient Technology in Peru!

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  • pouria fathy
    pouria fathy 8 days ago +1

    this video is very Popular in iran and i think this video is seened by million iranian

  • D MAC
    D MAC 13 days ago +2

    It's the Katabole the first earth age, we are in the 2nd and the mellinium is upon us look it up and get into God's word. He has foretold us all things

  • julie leblanc
    julie leblanc 13 days ago

    I think they are real and we got tired of the comings and the going of humans so it was distroyed all those sharp lines are a straight edge an so on just very advanced more than anything we seen so far but we put it there

  • smoking corvette
    smoking corvette 13 days ago +5

    look at it this the library of Alexandria was burn to the ground, how old is mankind and who transported us here to this planet

  • Dmitry Kadmonic
    Dmitry Kadmonic 13 days ago +1

    Thanks, it's impressive and it's facts

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