Why Is My Pee Green?

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  • How worried should you be when your urine isn't yellow, but instead it's green, red, or even black?

    Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • Kari Rakitan
    Kari Rakitan 4 days ago

    What colors can my breast milk be?

  • England is my city
    England is my city 10 days ago +1


  • Julia Hautala
    Julia Hautala 11 days ago

    I peed green so I checked it up

  • Andrew Holmes
    Andrew Holmes 15 days ago

    My pee is sometimes white

  • EmoFox
    EmoFox 17 days ago

    My pee is red cos I'm having my period :/

  • ihartevil
    ihartevil 21 day ago

    gadorades can also make these colors if you drink enough of that one colored bottle except for black the white might be a bit more cloudy then white but the other colors are pretty much true (maybe not the blue one i dont really drink it but the red can sometimes have a pinkness to it) i drank nothing but red gadorade for an entire day and i thought i just had my period not the case it was the gadorade and it was a lot of red gadorade like not human consumption of it so it might not be a normal thing

    thx for this ha bisky vid

  • Sam Hicks
    Sam Hicks 22 days ago +1

    Whenever they talk about a body part on this show I feel that body part tingle. I really liked this video.

  • dub step
    dub step 27 days ago

    when man see's his pee black

  • Alexzander Castillo
    Alexzander Castillo 29 days ago

    Can you talk about Maple Syrup Urine Disease

  • Noctina Tatakai
    Noctina Tatakai Month ago

    I once drank Monster Energy (Juiced if i recall well) and my pee was flourescent green XD

  • Dat Pham
    Dat Pham Month ago

    Spell "Pig" backwards out loud and say pretty colors after it.

  • Panda Hits
    Panda Hits Month ago

    I wonder how google chrome started 🤔

  • Jennifer Kams
    Jennifer Kams Month ago

    Why do some iron supplements turn your urine black?

  • lostperfection05
    lostperfection05 Month ago

    Hank should have mentioned that the most common reason people think their pee is green(when it is actually not) is because it is in fact normal yellow and mixes with blue toilet cleaning devices and solutions, leading to a green bowl of piss water. Many people are been fooled by this.

  • Micah Philson
    Micah Philson Month ago +1

    So what about a friend of mine? He's not sure what it was that he drank, it came in a can like a Red Bull one, but his pee was like neon green. Extremely bright, vibrant green.

  • n1navieira
    n1navieira Month ago

    One time I bought a bunch of pink candy, and ate a lot of it. My pee was red and I thought I was dying. I must have been 8. That was a fun trip to the ER

  • Testificte Man
    Testificte Man Month ago

    My pee was once red and I freaked out but then realized it was a med I was taking

  • gpglicious
    gpglicious Month ago

    This makes my urethra hurt

  • Aeron Gray
    Aeron Gray Month ago

    :s I've had the weird bright red urine after eating beetroot, it is so scary to see

  • Anonymous Anime-fan

    1, Yay! I'm healthy! 😃
    2, (Barney flashback) When you mix blue and yellow you get green~

  • Em Animates/Draws/Plays

    Or if your pee is red and you have female body parts, you might just be on your period. Ah, it's the most dangerous pee of all. ⚠️Warning: This Is Not Sarcasm.

  • john william
    john william Month ago

    are ya sure it aint cum?

  • Tynesha Claiborne
    Tynesha Claiborne Month ago

    Yeah if your pee is black you're some kind of alien

  • Redhotsmasher
    Redhotsmasher Month ago

    Propofol... isn't that the drug that killed MJ (officially)?

  • SecretSalami48
    SecretSalami48 Month ago

    If I drink a lot of energy drinks (3-5 0.5l cans) my urine turns green :D

  • Piikashuy
    Piikashuy Month ago

    A few years ago I went to the dentist and he told me to take some medicine the day before the extraction of the wisdom teeth and after taking the medicine and peeing, the pee was red, not super red but it was red. That happened to me twice. Turns out it was a reaction of my body, I was scared, luckily it didn't hurt.
    Other time my pee was green I barely could see it was green, some sort of green with transparent yellow. That time I wasn't in any medicine so I told my doctor and she was really surprised "green?!" she said. That's the only time my pee was green.

  • Jean Christie
    Jean Christie Month ago

    When I was a kid, my parents would buy these colorful rectangular rice-krispie looking things (I think it was used for cooking). I loved to eat those, and whichever color I ate, my pee became that color. My parents were actually kinda worried when they saw that I was peeing blue, green, orange, etc.. Any explanations?

  • Anna McGhee
    Anna McGhee Month ago

    Dwight Schrute pees red

  • Leslie H.
    Leslie H. Month ago

    Uuummmm it's not.

  • 5ulphur
    5ulphur Month ago

    If you're a guy and your pee is white and not transparent... then its probably not pee lol

  • Attie Davis
    Attie Davis Month ago

    The ExxonMobil green algae commercial played before this video. I haven't been able to see it the same way ever since. It's oddly hilarious 😂😅

  • CaveStoryKing64 _
    CaveStoryKing64 _ Month ago

    Who else looked this up after peeing neon yellow? I just took a vitamin pill so it's probably just riboflavin

  • Mickxal
    Mickxal Month ago

    I drink too much water because I take creatine monohydrate and it makes my pee clear.

  • Mara Jaffe
    Mara Jaffe Month ago

    But what if someone has blue diaper syndrome and then eats some beets? Wouldn't they have purple urine, no catheter required?

  • Rachies x3
    Rachies x3 Month ago

    I had bright orange pee before from UTI-related meds.

  • Luke George
    Luke George Month ago

    I work in a coal mine and my urine has been black for years

  • Grant the Dragon
    Grant the Dragon Month ago

    Just wanted to add to the white urine: your urine could also become cloudy if you suffer from a condition called retrograde ejaculation where some of the semen leaks into the bladder. It's actually really common .

  • Vlad Pankov
    Vlad Pankov Month ago

    I think we all know what white milky pee means..

  • Marley Holcomb
    Marley Holcomb Month ago

    My pee was green after my birthday

  • Andrew Knecht
    Andrew Knecht Month ago

    I work in the lab, I have seen them all. I have even seen it the color of Mt Dew Baja Blast.

  • Thortis
    Thortis Month ago

    after my mom got out of surgery (removing a lump from her breast) her pee was
    bright blueberry blue from the dye they used in her lymph nodes to check like obstructions or damage.

  • Vanta Black
    Vanta Black Month ago

    Who knew urine can be so interesting? Thanks SciShow for making me smarter!

  • Dylan Sullivan
    Dylan Sullivan Month ago

    One time as a child (about 9 or 10) I started peeing and it started to come out red, but only did for about a second, then the rest was normal colored. That was the most frightening thing I've ever experienced with my urine.

  • Jennifer Rodriguez
    Jennifer Rodriguez Month ago

    You forgot my period.

  • Pika Chuu
    Pika Chuu Month ago

    Mine is red

  • ayyomags
    ayyomags Month ago

    What about turquoise

  • Addict
    Addict Month ago

    If i were to chug a 2litre coca cola, i'd pee green.

    Just saying.

  • Recycle Bin
    Recycle Bin Month ago

    what if my pee is rainbow

  • Ergo Sphere
    Ergo Sphere Month ago

    So basically, keep your piss yellow.

  • Ian Buck
    Ian Buck Month ago

    Thanks, I was taking a drink right when you said it can be milky from puss.

  • Raduson
    Raduson Month ago

    oh and a lot of green tea can make you'r pee green!

  • Kard Gamer
    Kard Gamer Month ago

    Why is your pee blue and glowing? BECAUSE YOU JUST DRANK SOME NUKA-COLA QUANTUM BOIIII

  • Reragi
    Reragi Month ago

    White urine, caused by multiple things. Most commonly a couple of minutes on Pornhub.

  • Timothy Reed
    Timothy Reed 2 months ago

    My pee turned green after drinking Monster Energy drinks. I actually failed a drug test for my new job because they could not accept my urine because of the color. Apparently certain detoxes can also turn your pee green so they watch out for that.

  • Tron the Miner
    Tron the Miner 2 months ago

    Ok, but what about completely clear urine.

  • Harold
    Harold 2 months ago +1

    Green peas is healthy

  • Sir James W. V. Savile, OBE

    Question: What if it is all colors at once?
    Answer: It's LSD; just accept it.

  • zXeno9
    zXeno9 2 months ago

    more like dye-per

  • carl witt
    carl witt 2 months ago

    After driving for 17 hours straight and staying awake with a half dozen or so "monster" energy drinks, I peed the loveliest shade of green for 2 days.

  • FrostedMantis
    FrostedMantis 2 months ago

    Blue?! Pink?!?! BLACK????!!!!!! LIKE TAR BLACK?????!!!!!!!! 😅😀🙂😐😕🙁☹️😣😥😨 wait, there's pus white? Oh s#!t

  • Wegk xeon
    Wegk xeon 2 months ago

    What if it's clear

  • A.I. 13
    A.I. 13 2 months ago

    what about when your pee is transparent? as in just as a transparent as water

  • [SPAZ] jimmy no legs
    [SPAZ] jimmy no legs 2 months ago

    who needed to pee after watching this?

  • Rolf Schöpe
    Rolf Schöpe 2 months ago

    2:45 Sorry to be "that guy", but it's St. Paddy's Day. Patty is Patricia.

  • Syl
    Syl 2 months ago

    Happy pride month

  • Max Johnson
    Max Johnson 2 months ago

    because you touch yourself at night, and Jesus is angry.

  • Zephyr López Cervilla
    Zephyr López Cervilla 2 months ago

    "Beeturia" can alternatively produce a violet/purple urine if your urine is alkaline (quite common among people on plant-based diets).

  • Jetoler
    Jetoler 2 months ago

    about 2 or 3 years ago i hit myself on the side of my friend's pool near where my bladder is and i think it must have torn something in my bladder because later that day my pee was red. I just ignored it and if it happened again i would have seen a doctor, it never happened again tho.

  • Kenjiro García
    Kenjiro García 2 months ago

    Why did I watch this while I ate?

  • Nettles' Cats
    Nettles' Cats 2 months ago

    Why doesn't blood in urine become orange then, instead of red? Red + yellow = orange.

  • Septimius Severus
    Septimius Severus 2 months ago

    I thought the girl would be doing this one.

    EAGLE OF NORTH AMERICA 2 months ago

    My pee is all the pee colors compact into one color but what color should I name it

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B 2 months ago

    What happens when you pour boiling water on a store bought apple?

    BIG PIMPIN 2 months ago

    Hank you Rock !!! I like how you explain these....

  • Heather Calun
    Heather Calun 2 months ago

    And if your urine keeps changing color, that means the LSD is working.

  • Heather Calun
    Heather Calun 2 months ago

    Disgusting but fascinating

  • Samantha
    Samantha 2 months ago

    I have neon yellow pee almost daily from consuming so many foods rich in b2 lol

  • Sara C.
    Sara C. 2 months ago

    Azathioprine here, fluorescent yellow pee, anyone?

  • NolePtr
    NolePtr 2 months ago

    Monster Energy drinks made my pee green.

    • NolePtr
      NolePtr 2 months ago

      It was bright neon green. Sadly it didn't glow in the dark.

    THE STRIKER 2 months ago

    Next, colors of semen

  • Missile
    Missile 2 months ago

    I'm on that side of YouTube again...

  • Alvin Cornelius
    Alvin Cornelius 2 months ago

    Roses are red
    My pee is blue

    I'm bad at poem

  • Dope Panda
    Dope Panda 2 months ago

    Shriek pees green

  • Not Your Everyday Timelord

    hmm. Occasionally when I pee the end portion of the stream comes out milky, but otherwise yellowish.
    Great. Now I'm paranoid that I'm a goa'uld.

  • From Scratch Aunty Bindy

    Hehehe - colourful fun science - of course I'm also relieved that I've never relieved myself in any of these more nasty colours! Thanks for going the extra weird kilometre for us Hank! 😁

  • randomuser1105
    randomuser1105 2 months ago

    It's urine, not "pee". What, is everyone three years old or something?

  • GalacticToast
    GalacticToast 2 months ago

    "... it is literally white from puss!"

    *hueegh sound*

  • Andrew Kirkland
    Andrew Kirkland 2 months ago

    Lots of red dragon fruit can make your pee purple. Pretty :)

  • WrongParadox
    WrongParadox 2 months ago

    not that I have seen it .. but what might cause florescence in urine?
    and would it be safe as a party trick?

  • Douche Bigalow
    Douche Bigalow 2 months ago

    You're welcome.

  • PooleParty24/7
    PooleParty24/7 2 months ago

    Pee green because supreme leader's pee green! 🇰🇵

  • Rickson Geometry Dash
    Rickson Geometry Dash 2 months ago

    White urine ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Jb_YT
    Jb_YT 2 months ago

    My pee neva been green or red only yellow clear and orange

  • NoBombDrop
    NoBombDrop 2 months ago

    I learned a lot today

  • KKSProductions
    KKSProductions 2 months ago

    Indians at Apple: Turn your penis off and back on again, or plug you're penis into the computer and restore your penis in iTunes.

  • Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw 2 months ago

    I'm a nurse and disabled so I no longer work but my first morning urine looks like a nursing home catheter bag.

  • Pura Periculo
    Pura Periculo 2 months ago

    Is it possible for white or milky coloured urine to be caused by semen in the urine?

  • Umesh Janardhanan
    Umesh Janardhanan 2 months ago

    FACT : Bear eats beets. Bear pees red.

  • Goat Mom
    Goat Mom 2 months ago

    Red pee is because you're on your period DUUUHHHHH XDDD

  • Explicitt
    Explicitt 2 months ago

    I was just thinking about this phenomenon today, thanks SciShow!

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