Swamp Watch: Hospitals

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  • fokoleta
    fokoleta 2 days ago

    Thank you for exposing the corruption in Washington and the Healthcare Industry. These forces are colluding to screw the American people. In order to "Make American Great Again," the swamp must be drained completely and exposed the filthy individuals who hide behind their fancy titles while robbing the American people to death (literally). Only in America allows these fat cats to breathe freedom air when they should have been in prison. A guy who robs a bank of a few hundred dollars could be swiftly prosecuted and put away in prison for many years while these fat cats who have been killing tens of thousands of Americans while robbing them hundreds of billions of dollars are getting away with murder.

  • fullc0de
    fullc0de 4 days ago

    Great job! Looking forward to seeing more from this reporter!

  • Kristi Dykstra
    Kristi Dykstra 6 days ago

    Congress does not have to "enjoy" the same health care as the rest of us because OBAMA snuck in an exemption for them!

  • Dreamwell
    Dreamwell 6 days ago

    The wealthiest nation on the planet can't have a healthcare system. Why? Repuglians.

  • olds98123
    olds98123 6 days ago

    Very sad state of affairs !

  • 1ForAllandAllForAll
    1ForAllandAllForAll 6 days ago +1

    How do people not know all this? Haven't they seen what has happened to news media since all the mergers of the 1980's and 1990's? How can anyone think hospital and medical services mergers will do anything else?
    If we get rid of insurance, we will see a precipitous drop in costs.

  • David thomas
    David thomas 6 days ago

    medicines were created for profit who says people should be given someone else's Prophets

  • paula marie
    paula marie 6 days ago

    Give us healthcare or give us death. I think we will get death.

  • misterfunnybones
    misterfunnybones 6 days ago

    The free market offers you the choice to get treatment or not; if you can't afford it, then die already.

  • Ed
    Ed 6 days ago

    Repeal the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973.

  • art american
    art american 6 days ago

    awesome expose.. thanx.. i cant wait for it either.
    i have known i am on the 'do not cure list' since i was turned out at the emergency room 3 times.. i was called a 'a pill seeker' and sent home. my primary found the problem... sort of. i am just on more pills now..
    healthcare is now a scam.

  • Stephen Fang
    Stephen Fang 6 days ago

    He is worth billions and he owns some hotels also or runs them plus his daughter is the number 3 person in the organization

  • On The Level
    On The Level 6 days ago

    There needs to be a way to break up those healthcare circles and encourage competition with possibly new company hospitals.

  • Improv Master
    Improv Master 7 days ago +1

    I worked in hospitals for years...nothing but a rip off....

  • Let M
    Let M 7 days ago

    I cannot understand how american's allow government to control their healthcare. If people would do research into their medical issues they would find natural remedies/cures to most of their illnesses. Meds kill people more so then dis-ease.

  • Slowdown !
    Slowdown ! 7 days ago +3

    The main reason medical costs are out of balance is because drugs are not legal without a prescription from a physician. There was a time when they were, and there wasn't a drug problem because "water finds its own level". People knew the dangers and if they didn't heed the warnings they died before too long. Doctors had low, affordable and competitive prices, knowing that you didn't 'have' to go through them.There was no black market crime, and addiction was low. There was no rehab, (or cost). The jails were not over flowing, and costing taxpayers, either. ( that's just the facts of life).

    • Gamer 49
      Gamer 49 6 days ago

      Slowdown ! Yup at the end of the day, even healthcare comes back to freedom of choice!

    • Tam R
      Tam R 7 days ago

      WOW, someone speaking TRUTH!! Thankyou.............

  • Vincent Valens
    Vincent Valens 7 days ago +2

    Healthcare is like any other business, it exists to make as much profits as possible. Patients are seen as "customers." Most hospital employees don't feel this way, but it's how many high up administrators & others on the top see it.

  • darb Ro'jam
    darb Ro'jam 7 days ago +1

    Congress is bought and paid for. I wonder how long Rand Paul will last.

  • A. Connor
    A. Connor 7 days ago +1

    fox is failing with this guy. And if you hire Billy Bush you're going to loose every follower you have. guarenteed

  • V P
    V P 7 days ago +1

    Wow, Wow, Wow!

  • QQQ 4
    QQQ 4 7 days ago +1

    I don't know how true this report is. Many hospitals are near bankruptcy. so hospitals have to hire more anesthesia assistants to replace anesthesiologists for cutting cost.

    • Banish All
      Banish All 6 days ago

      QQQ 4 5 hours to EKGs and a dose of nitro cost me $6,000 there is no justifying that

    • Chadohog
      Chadohog 7 days ago

      QQQ 4 of course I don't know where you live, but you must be talking about very small hospitals with low populations. All the major cities, and in particular where I live there are only a handful of hospital owners, and they are major corporations, here in the dfw metro, they own as many as 30 separate hospitals and care centers, and I'm talking about just in the metro. And the same corporation owns hospitals all across the state. I don't believe they are anywhere close to bankruptcy.

  • Ascension5dEarth
    Ascension5dEarth 7 days ago +2

    Doctors and big pharma have become vampires feeding on our money. Not servants of humanity, but scum of the earth.

  • Keith
    Keith 7 days ago

    The USA is Fucked, its Every man for himself to Survive!!!
    I Hope the Rich ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Will Winters
    Will Winters 7 days ago +1

    I wish the American public knew just how much corporations want to turn their hospitals into resorts, how much hospitals blatenly waste money in order to beg for more, how doctors over diagnose in order to justify a slew of needless tests, and how much nurses prioritize their personal lives over their professional ones while at work.
    I worked side by side with medical staff for five years.
    They are ALL crooks, top to bottom.
    Unless I have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel,
    I'll never set foot in a hospital again.

    • Chadohog
      Chadohog 7 days ago

      Will Winters Sorry to busy your bubble Will, you're right about hospitals and doctors, but all the nurses i know, and I happen to live with one, work their asses off 12 his a day (or in our case 12 hours a night. Running from patient to patient because h they are understaffed due to the hospital corporations greed of running a skeleton crew to maximize profits. Nurses are still the angels of the earth.

  • wiseass 5000
    wiseass 5000 7 days ago

    no more free health care for politicians and welfare from the real patriots of the United States.

  • John Marlowe
    John Marlowe 7 days ago +1

    FOX will blame everybody BUT the insurance companies. FOX Folks, fine print contracts do not cure cancer - they create the red tape that makes US health care twice as expensive.

  • Doris Dady
    Doris Dady 7 days ago

    What a jack ass, I am glad the doctors do let you stay longer because most the time you get out of the hospital your right back there because you have become sicker and there is nothing wrong with your doctor referring you to another doctor if he or she may think they can help you better

  • TheSheriRN
    TheSheriRN 7 days ago

    Totally Spot On. !!

  • Roberto Santana
    Roberto Santana 7 days ago +1

    Everyone needs to educate themselves and take responsibility on living healthy to avoid illness, and stop living like animals, relying on hospitals and doctors to "Fix" their self-inflicted deceases.

    I made some very tiny changes & have not had to see a doctor in over 4 years. (And I'm a cancer survivor)

  • Roberto Giménez
    Roberto Giménez 7 days ago

    Fox speaking about a real issue...
    Go progressive, or die.

  • Dennae Dingler
    Dennae Dingler 7 days ago +2

    And the hospitals do it all in the name of "research ". Also, most people don't check out everything they're charged for. Numerous not once, numerous times I was charged for something never received & not able to do a thing about it, brushed aside but of course told it would be taken care of, ha!! Go back to the pharmaceuticals & what is now the Lyme EPIDEMIC. $$$$$. What's sad is that for the people's whose whole lives have been not just ruined but pure hell are still begging for nothing more than a life!! A day to feel like it's possibly going to be worth getting up out of bed that day especially after a night over and over of no sleep, pain, nightmares and on, on & on. There's NO WAY anyone in the swamps would just sit back and watch if they we're personally connected, they will be though. Then as usual it'll be a different story and suddenly worth doing the right thing, something about it.

  • Jack Cook jr
    Jack Cook jr 7 days ago +9

    Some places charge 500$ and hospital can charge 4600$ for a CT scan . Isn't this price gouging. I thought it was against the law.

    • Black Terry
      Black Terry 6 days ago

      My CT scan cost about $4,000.  I'm paying them $50 a month, lol

  • William Gavras
    William Gavras 7 days ago +5

    If you do not think that doctors are getting rich, you haven't looked at the numbers. Doctors compensation in the states is often double that you see in European countries. Specialists make huge amounts of money. We half to get free market principles back in order to control price. This means we should not subsidize through the tax system or welfare system the third party payer system. Every thing else is just a pipe dream.

    • paula marie
      paula marie 6 days ago

      Doctors should not get a percentage of each drug they prescribe.
      We can't trust them anymore. Get that second opinion if you can afford it.

    • Chadohog
      Chadohog 7 days ago

      William Gavras You are correct. they don't drive bmws and porches on the salary I make.

  • Greg Doniger
    Greg Doniger 7 days ago +9

    System is a scam and we get hit with the bill

  • Michael McBride
    Michael McBride 7 days ago

    Well said.

  • Dumbass Libtard
    Dumbass Libtard 7 days ago +45

    Real journalism, this is real news. This is the closest Fox has gotten to actual journalism in years.Thank you.

    • BrokeAss Gaming
      BrokeAss Gaming 6 days ago

      when did i talk about russia . you people are like a clut , already ready to defend no matter what and you dare call people cucks . its hilarious ,reasoni subscribe

    • Larry Guess
      Larry Guess 6 days ago

      BrokeAss Gaming,

      I should have known, another arrogant, ignorant foreigner, probably from a pissant nation having the gall to contend they know more about our nation that we do.

      Allow me to instruct your ignorant ass before you continue displaying what a fool you are. This Russian 'agent' that Don Jr. met with had her visa denied. The Obama justice department then granted her a special consideration waiver to allow her into the country. It is a mystery at this time, how she got back into the country six months after her special considerations waiver had expired. She attended the congressional hearing on US/Russia relationships, sitting next to Obama's ambassador to Russia. It has been discovered she has ties to Fusion GPS.

      The person that founded Fusion GPS, a democrat political action group, the one responsible for the debunked 'Steele Dossier', a hit piece on Trump, has withdraw his agreement to testify before congress. MSM does not report any of this and THAT is how politicians get away with so much in MY country. By far the most effective way to shape public opinion and beliefs is to control the information they receive.

      Also ANY American citizen can talk to ANYONE at ANYTIME about ANYTHING as long as it doesn't involve classified information. The 1st amendment gives them that right and to selectively apply it violates the Constitution upon which MY nation was founded.

      You need to shut your ignorant yap, quit sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and quit pretending to be knowledgeable of things you know absolutely nothing about.

    • BrokeAss Gaming
      BrokeAss Gaming 6 days ago

      Larry Guess bullshit , this is how politicians can get away with everything in your country . How dare you tell me something that doesn't support my party . Your countries right is not too smart ,that's why politicians can play you without even trying .

    MUH BUTT 7 days ago +11

    Yep, a computer can damn near figure out what is wrong with you, Dr.s are nothing but a highly over-payed signature on a prescription. I have not seen my Dr. in the last 2 years, only a nurse, while the Dr bills my insurance for _her_ time.

    • Gamer 49
      Gamer 49 7 days ago

      Hi Watson! Cant wait for you to be able to save my life.

  • Stephen Fang
    Stephen Fang 7 days ago +2

    I work at a hospital that was bought with a hospital where the ceo Owns 81 other hospitals and physician offices and we got in return shitty insurance

    • phuck Authority
      phuck Authority 7 days ago

      Stephen Fang it's rare that a CEO is the owner of a hospital let alone 81 hospitals. Your CEO does not own your hospital he simply runs your hospital.

  • hopndon hopndon
    hopndon hopndon 7 days ago +6

    Share this with everyone you know

  • hopndon hopndon
    hopndon hopndon 7 days ago

    Be careful Steve, alot of powerful people aren't going to like this

  • Grand1Admiral
    Grand1Admiral 7 days ago +2

    Yes it is, American Doctors back in the industrial revolution created a way to decrease the supply of doctors. This drastically increased costs and decreased the availability of treatments. Next was the mass expansion of bureaucratic institutions as described here

  • hopndon hopndon
    hopndon hopndon 7 days ago +23

    How come Msm don't report on this.
    This is something all Americans needs to see

    • Mistylilac Misty
      Mistylilac Misty 6 days ago

      hopndon hopndon

      You're still Wondering?????????

    • CountBifford
      CountBifford 7 days ago

      hopndon hopndon -- Both Fox News and the MSM have been complaining about health care for years, they disagree on the solution. Fox wants Obamacare repealed, MSM wants Medicaid for all.

    • Seafarer64
      Seafarer64 7 days ago

      They're too busy screaming "Russia, Russia, Russia!" to report anything as mundane as real news.

    • Zachary Rose
      Zachary Rose 7 days ago

      Because they are shills for the status quo in every way.

  • J Stewart
    J Stewart 7 days ago


  • eric777100763
    eric777100763 7 days ago +4

    we wouldn't have half of these problems if the trashy welfare recipients would quit treating hospitals and doctors like their own personal resources it's really pathetic people that pay are very careful on what they get when they go to see the doctor but boy if your on welfare you want the Cadillac of everything whether you need it or not.

    • Chadohog
      Chadohog 7 days ago

      eric777100763 The bigger problem though is the fact that medical and pharmaceutical companies can donate to politicians who in turn pass laws in their favor, driving up the cost just so they can make more money without doing any more for it. Donations of any kind to political campaigns should be illegal. No matter how you look at it, all money donated to campaigns inflates prices, and it is the consumer who ends up paying for it, and Healthcare and energy are the biggest donors.

  • eric777100763
    eric777100763 7 days ago +1

    I am an RN for thirty years. The hospitals are greedy assholes. Trust me RNs are getting rich. Health care what a ripoff.

    • Chadohog
      Chadohog 7 days ago

      eric777100763 The RN I live with makes good money, but earns every penny because of the understaffing by the hospital corporations. She also has worked for 30 years, and she can barely Walk after her 12 h hour shift, running from patient to patient all night long. pour all the blame you want on hospitals and doctors. Leave the nurses alone. they're not the ones getting the kickbacks from pharma.

  • Gabe King
    Gabe King 7 days ago +5

    Speaking of "The Swamp"..... let's start by draining:

    Cuckard Smith, Chris Wallace, Juan Williams.

    • Chadohog
      Chadohog 7 days ago

      Gabe King You missed Kurtz.

  • J Stewart
    J Stewart 7 days ago +7


  • Eddie Correa
    Eddie Correa 7 days ago +1

    Fuckin Doctors want to much $$$ we dont have.

    • Eddie Correa
      Eddie Correa 7 days ago

      CC CC

      Good point.

    • CC CC
      CC CC 7 days ago

      Eddie Correa most doctors graduate with 200,000 in debt. Between the cost of malpractice insurance required by each doctor and paying off their med school debt, the REAL problem is we need tort reform to control malpractice insurance and we need to max out the amount paid to hospital administrators (individually and in total). I would much prefer to pay for good doctors but not for administrators.

  • troy warren
    troy warren 7 days ago +3

    Enforce 15 USC Section 1 on the Care tel.

  • Paul Artz
    Paul Artz 7 days ago +8

    We have a congress that is going to try to pass a healthcare bill.

    A little realityWe the American people (each of us) are responsible for our country!!!!! In any civilization, past, present or future, under any form of government, pharaoh, dictator, king, ceasor, communism, socialism, republic, parliament or congress, there is only one person responsible and you can meet that person when you look in the mirror to comb your hair, shave your face or put on your makeup. That is the person responsible!!! When we abrogate our responsibilies to any form of government, that government, driven by their own narcissism and greed will eventually make us their pons and slaves. It is time to mature, stop blaming congress, the president, the Federal Reserve or government in general. We are the problem!!!

    • Phil
      Phil 7 days ago

      Speak for yourself, Paul.

  • Carrie O'Rourke
    Carrie O'Rourke 7 days ago +7

    & people call the energy sector corrupt.

  • hopndon hopndon
    hopndon hopndon 7 days ago +73

    If congress had to enjoy the same health care as the rest of America, this mess would be fixed

    • paula marie
      paula marie 6 days ago

      It is our fault, we should demand it.

    • Jayson J
      Jayson J 7 days ago

      How she was even elected is beyond any common sense.

    • Sue Sally
      Sue Sally 7 days ago

      We all no maxine Waters don't need it her and her $4.3 million house

  • john O
    john O 7 days ago +10

    We should nationalize all hospitals in America.

    • john O
      john O 6 days ago

      Mistylilac Misty
      Yeah but the NHS works well.

    • Mistylilac Misty
      Mistylilac Misty 6 days ago

      john O

      Impossible.... not in Our Lifetime Anyway.........

      The VA HEALTH CARE ALONE IS A MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!✔️

    • Zachary Rose
      Zachary Rose 7 days ago

      We should segregate all hospitals in America.

      HEAV¥HAND OF C.O.C. 7 days ago

      john O .....dude.....put the weed down.....you're high and talking

    • DrAmerican86
      DrAmerican86 7 days ago

      because the VA worked really well

  • David D Eli
    David D Eli 7 days ago +1

    Remember when Donald Trump said will he clean the Swamp that feels like a million years ago now his healthcare Bill remove pre existing conditions and take from the poor to give his billionaire buddies huge tax cuts

    • MUH BUTT
      MUH BUTT 7 days ago

      49/~150 appointees approved. Fuck You with a capital F.

    • Robert Helring
      Robert Helring 7 days ago

      David D Eli you don't know what are talking about

    • none ya
      none ya 7 days ago

      David D Eli THAT is FALSE information my friend! Don't spread lies you hear on lying MSM...CNN, MSNBC, etc are lie mongers

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