What Happens If You Don't Take out a Splinter?

  • Added:  4 months ago
  • Splinters are gross, but you might want to watch this before grabbing the tweezers.

    Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • Runtime: 3:06
  • SciShow  science  Hank  Green  education  learn  tetanus  splinter  glass  infection  granuloma  clostridium tetani  sporotrichosis  rose gardener’s disease  fungi  bacteria  

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  • Benoit Ranque
    Benoit Ranque 20 hours ago

    I always found that keeping a deep splinter in for a few days causes pus to appear around it, making it easier for the splinter to be removed by applying pressure. The pus acts as a lubricant of sorts. Also, infections cease to be painful once all infectious material has been removed.

  • Papierflugzeug95

    I have the tip of a pencil in my left hand. Thought it was a good idea to throw and catch it, caught the thing by its tip while simultaneously ramming it on the table. Like, 13 years ago.

  • Stalena Dobre
    Stalena Dobre Day ago

    I hate you now I'm scard

  • Sapphire Man
    Sapphire Man Day ago

    So would you drink someone else's pee or get a splinter

  • US
    US 2 days ago

    I got a piece of "Pencil Lead"/Graphite stuck in my palm 24 years ago, and it never came out.
    Might it still be there?

  • Christopher Wang
    Christopher Wang 2 days ago

    So where does the "it will come out eventually" idea come from?

  • Feebaqua
    Feebaqua 3 days ago

    I've had a sliver of wood in my hand for most of my life cause I was too scared to take it out when I got it on a playgroundit hasn't effected me at all though, I even forget about it til something triggers me remembering, like this video :0i can still see it, a faint mark, but I doubt I can get it out easily anymore, lol

  • Mollie Swears Innocent

    I have left a splinter in my hand since I was 3 lol

  • KillerGaming115
    KillerGaming115 5 days ago

    What about a piece of graphite from a pencil. I have a couple pieces of those under my skin

  • iD Chaos
    iD Chaos 10 days ago

    i have a piece of metal in my thumb....i can't see it..nor remove it.....what do i do?

  • Biotic Momo
    Biotic Momo 12 days ago

    lol, i had wood in my foot and i couldn't get it out so i left it in there. it's still there and its dark brown...

  • Hippie Whovian
    Hippie Whovian 12 days ago

    I had a splinter stuck in me once as a kid and I was terrified of tweezers so I didn't tell anyone about it. It stayed in there for about a week or so then fell out at it's own accord.

  • Lorewalker Choo M. D.
    Lorewalker Choo M. D. 12 days ago

    We've seen enough Spongebob to know where this is going.

  • Ella x
    Ella x 13 days ago

    I got a super feel splinter in my foot and I didn't notice til I felt a lump on my foot... at first I thought it was a veruca but then I got the splinter out but there's still a lump what should I do?

  • youtube news
    youtube news 13 days ago

    I left a splinter inside my hand from a wooden table

  • Super_
    Super_ 13 days ago

    Glass can scar. End of discussion.

  • Mahreen Aisha
    Mahreen Aisha 14 days ago

    Why do we see clear when we squeeze our eye ball with our eye lids?

  • DarkVitamins
    DarkVitamins 15 days ago

    I have what I guess is graphite (?) stuck in my hand, after poking games in grade school with the refillable pencils. It's just like a dark spot these days, should I get it removed?

  • Mr.Man The best man.
    Mr.Man The best man. 16 days ago

    Glass can shred your veins compared to the wood.

  • War Ninja
    War Ninja 17 days ago

    This explains this tiny lump on my foot, it's a piece of glass from the floor.

  • The Pussyboy
    The Pussyboy 17 days ago

    I had splinter once on my ass by sitting on a wooden bench

  • Oliver
    Oliver 18 days ago

    I had a wooden splinter that got under the surface of my skin on my finger I couldn't pull out and I just waited because I couldn't get it out and the skin around it literally turned white (died) and broke open so that it fell out.

  • tristin nguyen
    tristin nguyen 19 days ago

    Wow so that's why my mom tried immediately to take my 4 inch splinter out of my foot

  • EM X Light
    EM X Light 19 days ago

    Channels like these make me want to stay inside all day and never leave my house. DON'T TOUCH ME I'M STERILE

  • emilo
    emilo 19 days ago

    So what happens if you don't get the glass out?

  • Erisbeg
    Erisbeg 19 days ago

    I swear you're the same guy that was on psych in the Yin and Yang episodes..

  • Bordem
    Bordem 20 days ago

    Plus, you know, if you rip out a splinter it can splinter into more splinters that are completely submerged. But, glass is just glass.

  • mighty BÆringball
    mighty BÆringball 20 days ago

    I think I have a pencil's eraser stuck in my ear since I was 7 years old.

  • [jr] Lilspankyjr
    [jr] Lilspankyjr 21 day ago

    What's "funji"

  • heatherjasper97
    heatherjasper97 22 days ago

    I think I have three glass shards in my feet collectively because my feet tend to find shards easily, and I can't always get it out right away, and so the pieces just wedge themselves in further, and my skin heals over them.

  • Jose Aldo's Translator

    I worked at a lumberyard and left splinters in countless times. Nothing ever happened and that included treated wood lol

  • DeckedGlobe2199
    DeckedGlobe2199 23 days ago

    Every rose has its thorn.
    Every night, has is dawn.
    Every cowboy, sings the same, sad song.
    Every rose has its thorn

  • xX_Edgy_Memer_Xx
    xX_Edgy_Memer_Xx 24 days ago

    Exactly 50% of monogomus parents are female

  • YouTube through Jimmy
    YouTube through Jimmy 26 days ago

    why are orgasms so good?

  • Lotheawen IV. & Lotheawen V.

    Uh well I never really took it out

  • sak sezo
    sak sezo 29 days ago

    why did 19k people miss the like button?

  • Kãŵặìï Ƙīẗȶᶓƞ

    But what about when you have a tiny splinter you can't find and eventually it just goes into your skin and you never find it?

  • none
    none 29 days ago

    I one had a piece of glass stuck in a finger tip. It seemed best not to go after it. However, the wound would not heal with the glass in it. I finally drew the piece of glass out with a potato slice, and the wound healed right up. Other splinters of wood I've left my body got rid of after a bit.

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller 29 days ago

    did he ever explain what would happen if you just left it forever though

  • Rabidhotdog
    Rabidhotdog Month ago

    TFW you watch this video, look at your feet and just go "Uh oh"

  • Jediah Games
    Jediah Games Month ago +1

    I once got a small pencil tip stuck on my hand, I just left it there, and when I noticed it wasn't there anymore. I don't know what happened with it though.

  • Jordan Mills
    Jordan Mills Month ago

    did you just say..... FUNJI?

  • Fenectio
    Fenectio Month ago +1

    My friend got a huge wooden splinter i studied the effect on him xD

  • BoxOfNothing
    BoxOfNothing Month ago

    Still wanna leave that splinter in your hand Rachel?

  • Cameron Hite
    Cameron Hite Month ago

    I once had a chip of wood in my thumb for a week

  • Chess - Tech
    Chess - Tech Month ago

    So if you take a shot, would your immune system react?

  • EIDnext Week
    EIDnext Week Month ago

    If that's the reason,why do kids playgrounds have woodchips? I used to get splinters on me all the time! Someone please answer

  • denlillenoerd ,
    denlillenoerd , Month ago

    I once had a big splinter in my foot and we couldn`t get it out. i just left it and its somewhere in my foot or it has been broke down by nature

  • Mind Smack
    Mind Smack Month ago

    what about bee stingers?

  • 091104chris
    091104chris Month ago

    The 1700s: What makes things fall?


  • cat battles
    cat battles Month ago

    does a little splinter matter

  • 93498043computerㅤ ㅤㅤ

    i had wood splinters cuz in swimming gclasse in the waynin thwe mall you go thoruhg a warea wicth had wood wadnwewei removed one but the other one was too in and was in a dangle thaticoudlntgetoutso i waited few days and it ws gone

  • xXCreepy FoxXx
    xXCreepy FoxXx Month ago

    I am ok with splinters I just pick it off

  • Tavmanian Devil
    Tavmanian Devil Month ago

    you will become a ninja turtle

  • Cristi Belengher
    Cristi Belengher Month ago

    i have a glass splinter in my leg!how can i take it if it's already inside and i can't take it with tweezers ?

  • Vatablous Devil
    Vatablous Devil Month ago

    Rust? NO. CORROSION!

  • FrostBiteRandomZ
    FrostBiteRandomZ Month ago

    Question: Why do I think that whenever i turn away, that everyone is staring at me? idk I've been curious

  • HazellNut Gamer
    HazellNut Gamer Month ago

    Why pronounce fungus fuhn guhs but pronounce fungi fun gee. Its pronounced fun guy

  • NerdyPlaysMagic
    NerdyPlaysMagic Month ago

    This is like vsauce except shorter and i cant watch it for hours on end

    still a good channel, seriously.

  • Katlyn Dehart
    Katlyn Dehart Month ago

    I had a very small splinter this morning. i read that you could soak the area in peroxide and it would come out. It worked!

  • Vunzii TehHusky
    Vunzii TehHusky Month ago +2


  • Mokuto Media
    Mokuto Media Month ago +1

    I had this aurgument with my 6th grade science teacher. Is it FUNGI or FUNJI ???

  • Dr. Sci-Fi
    Dr. Sci-Fi Month ago


  • Kye Talks
    Kye Talks Month ago

    When I was 13 I accidentally broke a light bulb and ended up slicing open my finger. Needed 4 stitches, and my finger was sewn in a bent position because of how much skin was damaged.... ANYWAY.

    They took out some of the glass, but not all of it. They left in a tiny piece because it was a) very tiny, and b) right up against a tendon. (They actually said that another piece they DID remove nearly sliced my tendon, which would've meant I'd have needed plastic/reconstructive surgery to regain use of my finger... and it was my right index finger too!) They left the tiny piece in saying it'd get pushed out by the body in a few months no problem. But trying to get something that small (and slippery because of the blood) out with the tweezers thing he was using? Not worth risking the catastrophic damage to the appendage.

    (Because I know someone is gonna ask: I tripped and ended up swiping my hand at the naked night light in the bathroom in my attempt to catch my fall. I am very clumsy and regularly injure myself as result. Usually it's just scrapes and bruises tho.)

  • Ms. Sketchy
    Ms. Sketchy Month ago

    One time I had a rose thorn stuck in my thumb and I couldn't get it out. This happened 2 years ago and I think it's still there. I never got sick once.

  • Cranky Shaman
    Cranky Shaman Month ago

    John Green is that you?

  • Kyle Klassen
    Kyle Klassen Month ago

    You really didn't answer the question in the video title though

  • Creme de la Meme
    Creme de la Meme Month ago

    Why does he say the word "fungi" in two different ways?
    1:38 fun-Ji & 2:40 fun-Guy

  • Pastor peter
    Pastor peter Month ago

    gee thanks for helping

  • Gina Johnstone
    Gina Johnstone Month ago

    I always get splinters and just leave them in my skin.

  • Russian doge
    Russian doge Month ago

    my body dosen't react to splinter most of the time .. i still have some in my finger

  • RebelKeithy
    RebelKeithy Month ago

    I've had a wood splinter in my finger for 2-3 years now. It hasn't bothered me yet.

  • Laser Lens
    Laser Lens Month ago

    How about graphite? This one time in high school I was really bored and started poking myself with a mechanical pencil, then I stabbed a little too hard and Itiny piece broke off and lodged itself in my finger. It came out after a few days but would that be harmful?

  • IAmLazy
    IAmLazy Month ago

    I always pull my splinter out with no pain or blood. Am I normal?

  • DrQuack
    DrQuack Month ago

    *Never actually Answers the question*

  • Quinlan Primitive Skills

    I picked the glass, I'm used to it from flintknapping.

  • Pepijn Bosvelt
    Pepijn Bosvelt Month ago

    This guy is really getting under my skin...

  • callistomirmillo
    callistomirmillo Month ago

    what about minuscule pieces of rock?

  • MashedMoosic
    MashedMoosic Month ago

    hahaha whats a fun-jy

  • Chris Bee
    Chris Bee Month ago

    When I was younger I would get splinters in my feet from my wood deck. After a couple times of my father removing the Splinter by basically *digging into my foot with a pocket knife*, I stopped removing them. I an extremely accident-prone however and have kept up on my tetanus shots, especially since I seem to injure myself in a way that draws blood at least twice a month! I've been not removing splinters for so long that I honestly didn't know you could get sick from one.

  • Oni'Neko
    Oni'Neko Month ago


  • Oni'Neko
    Oni'Neko Month ago


  • Oni'Neko
    Oni'Neko Month ago

    wait i have a wood splinter in my toe i cant get out AM I GONNA DIE :( PLZ HELP ME!!!

  • Drade
    Drade Month ago

    Vid connnn

  • 0 Poland
    0 Poland Month ago

    Somehow I got a tiny 1 inch splinter on my foot how do I get it out

    • 0 Poland
      0 Poland Month ago

      And I don't know if it's wood or glass

  • Eric Silva
    Eric Silva Month ago

    COOL I'm gonna go eat some glass!

  • Chocolate Explosion

    I left a splinter in my foot alone for a few weeks and i got a nasty infection. When i dug it out it took dime size chunk out of my foot. It completely healed though.

  • Andy B
    Andy B Month ago

    Would it be wise to use a magnet to remove metal shards if they're magnetic and don't have barbs or flesh hooks? Would iron be removed from the blood in the immediate area by the magnet?

  • Night Core
    Night Core Month ago

    I sat on a wooden bench years ago and my butt was full of splinters. My mom helped me pull them out, but I'm sure there are still some left inside my butt.

  • amadthegamer
    amadthegamer Month ago

    I fell in a rose bush and I wanna know what will happen I have like 6 splinters on my arm

  • Tj Skeen
    Tj Skeen Month ago

    Abigail lety

  • Wynteir Voices
    Wynteir Voices Month ago

    i've had a peice of graphite from a pencil stuck in my hand since i was 8 ._.

  • PenguinAnimations
    PenguinAnimations Month ago

    If I don't see Hank, I immediately click away.

  • MetalicTurtle
    MetalicTurtle Month ago

    Still would pick a splitter

  • Canzandridas Joe
    Canzandridas Joe Month ago

    I had a huge splinter in my big toe (about 1cm, nothing brutal (1 inch is 2.5cm)) and it healed before I could grab it or anything, and it stayed there... Either I'm going to die because it went somewhere else or my body just assimilated it because it isn't there anymore :D

  • Time Bomb
    Time Bomb Month ago

    I see edgy teenage mutant ninja turtles fans here

  • Knowhardfeelings
    Knowhardfeelings Month ago

    Well I got a thorn stuck in my finger today and couldn't get it out, this was the last thing I wanted to hear

  • Aaron Graham
    Aaron Graham Month ago

    I wanna see you in those crutches they give to kids with weak legs dancing to Girl gimme that by Debbie and boogie. Please

  • Dylan Lloyd
    Dylan Lloyd Month ago

    who else got itchy in this vid?

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