Why Is the Ocean Blue?

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  • You may have satisfied your inner five-year-old by learning why the sky is blue, but where does the ocean's color come from?

    Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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  • Jacob Carrazco
    Jacob Carrazco 11 days ago

    What if the ocean water was fresh water instead if salt water

  • tali lkr
    tali lkr Month ago

    goosebumps starts at 2:20

  • Ferdie Barrientos
    Ferdie Barrientos Month ago

    question then is why blue?

  • Katrina Eames
    Katrina Eames Month ago

    Why have I never wondered this before? It seems like a question I should have asked ages ago.

  • persimmon93
    persimmon93 Month ago

    What is blue for one country may not be blue for another.

  • Danny The Chipmunk
    Danny The Chipmunk 2 months ago +1

    why do my feet fall asleep when I sit on my legs for a long time?

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 2 months ago

    I wish these videos had a short answer at the top of the comments

  • dennjulifer escobar
    dennjulifer escobar 2 months ago

    hi whos that girl?

  • Eric Coombs
    Eric Coombs 2 months ago

    because God loves the infantry! Hooah!! hahaha

  • MegaMementoMori
    MegaMementoMori 2 months ago

    The hypothesis about sky reflection is easy to test, by looking in a deep swimming pool inside a building.

  • Denis Voichenko
    Denis Voichenko 2 months ago

    It was my first SciShow video and thanks to the host for her voice and her way of presenting information. It`s hard for me to be interested in something but you made it. Also thanks to the team of creators for the work done on the video and its content. You did and continue doing good science videos, which educate people all over the world. Even from Ukraine. P.S. Sorry if my English wasn`t good enough. I can understand it, but using it for conversation still hard enough.

  • HomeWithMyBookshelf
    HomeWithMyBookshelf 2 months ago

    I just wrote my master's thesis on the topic of ocean colour!

  • Larima Tolaganon
    Larima Tolaganon 2 months ago

    The ocean isn't blue around here, it's black, just like space.

  • Jianni
    Jianni 2 months ago

    *Blue food coloring*

  • B Owie
    B Owie 2 months ago

    In Britain it's filthy grey.

  • Accidental Headclunkers

    One more video that became unwatchable in the first second.

    • Ava Babin
      Ava Babin 2 months ago

      I want to like the video, good content, knowledgeable speaker.... but the presentation makes me uncomfortable

  • Axelerate
    Axelerate 2 months ago

    Do we have the same ancestors ?

  • AppleJooc Park
    AppleJooc Park 2 months ago

    Why do people care about the host so much? I really don't care about who it is.

  • Julius Carter
    Julius Carter 2 months ago

    is she high, why is she so shifty?

  • Lakshaydeep
    Lakshaydeep 3 months ago

    please make a video on general reltivity

  • Møkkiz Døbz
    Møkkiz Døbz 3 months ago

    Stapp en grevlingtå i sprekken, jævla drittkjærring

  • Jonathan Holmes
    Jonathan Holmes 3 months ago


    CUSTOMADE13 3 months ago

    Amy lost weight

  • Juan Pablo Mina
    Juan Pablo Mina 3 months ago

    The way I understand it, the color an object looks is the color it reflects, so I don't know why all that talk about red light being absorbed while blue light wasn't was necessary. Water is blue if it reflects blue light. Glass doesn't absorb blue light either, but it isn't blue...

  • Eternal Reign
    Eternal Reign 3 months ago

    Normally I don't care about someone's appearance or how many piercings they have because I'm here for the content, but in this case the nose ring makes it look like you got snot dripping out of your nose and it can be a bit distracting.

  • L Galicki Band
    L Galicki Band 3 months ago +2

    I guess water doesn't absorb UV as well? 😮

  • Corsuwey
    Corsuwey 3 months ago

    My son said that cows have nose piercings like yours... I laughed my ass off!!! Your piercing is silly!!!

  • Darien Forney
    Darien Forney 3 months ago +1

    that predator animation scared the shit outta me.

  • Henry Ryan
    Henry Ryan 3 months ago

    Is it just me, or is the way she talks annoying?

  • A-Innovations
    A-Innovations 3 months ago

    how decadent

  • Rik Wisselink
    Rik Wisselink 3 months ago

    To quote the What-if (#141) "Normal light interacts with the atmosphere through Rayleigh scattering. You may have heard of Rayleigh scattering as the answer to "why is the sky blue." This is sort of true, but honestly, a better answer to this question might be "because air is blue." Sure, it appears blue for a bunch of physics reasons, but everything appears the color it is for a bunch of physics reasons."

    So actually it is better to say that both the ocean and the sky are blue, because both water and air may look transparant/colorless, but both are blue.

  • HunterClanton
    HunterClanton 3 months ago

    She so annoying!

  • Dylan McMullen
    Dylan McMullen 3 months ago

    I always thought it was something to do with the oxygen in water molecules

    PISSTNBROKE OFFROAD 3 months ago

    "how does a posi-trac in a Plymouth work?!?!?!, it just does!"

  • armorhide406
    armorhide406 3 months ago

    Off facebook: "Sky, and what are in the waters at the moment.
    Your teacher says that [oceans are blue because it reflects the sky], because water is mostly a mirror. It reflect the sky.
    But water is also translucent. So it has whatever is in the water.
    Just think water as a liquid, plastic mirror."

  • Möhveli Pärisee
    Möhveli Pärisee 3 months ago

    Flat Earth :)

  • Bobby Smith
    Bobby Smith 3 months ago

    Moooo. Amirite?

  • Luis Prado
    Luis Prado 3 months ago

    What are the health benefits of eating ass?

  • Daggeress
    Daggeress 3 months ago

    so is the water in the ocean clear when u put it in a cup? never been. so its a valid question for me lol

  • Jordan Prince
    Jordan Prince 3 months ago

    she is the most uninteresting woman alive

  • MrFindX
    MrFindX 3 months ago +1

    Olivia ftw

  • Lalit Sharma
    Lalit Sharma 3 months ago

    She reminds me of Paul Rust

  • Andrew Bulman
    Andrew Bulman 3 months ago

    Sort out the glasses lighting, guys! Shadows and reflections bouncing all over each other!

  • Grebulocities
    Grebulocities 3 months ago

    You know what's also cool? If the oceans were made of heavy water, they'd be pretty much clear. Heavy water is clear but normal water is a very pale blue. Shallow bodies of water would just have the color of whatever's on the bottom or in the water column. Extremely deep water would appear dark gray, by absorbing/scattering light of all visible wavelengths virtually equally, minus the little bit that gets reflected back.

    Why? Molecules absorb light at whatever frequencies make their bonds resonate and vibrate, like masses on a spring. These vibrational modes mostly absorb at infrared wavelengths, but there are weaker secondary harmonic vibrations at higher energies (lower wavelengths) too, causing a bunch of weaker secondary absorption bands at lower wavelengths. For light water, some of these harmonics go out into the visible range, with some weak absorption bands at 660 nm (red) and 740 nm (deep red, almost IR). So a little bit of water is clear, but the red light gets filtered out enough that a few meters of pure water is noticeably blue.

    But when you put in deuterium in place of regular hydrogen, the masses on the H ends of the O-H bonds are double the normal mass. This shifts the absorption spectrum of the bond towards the IR, so that the bands corresponding to the weak red absorption of water get moved out into the near infrared region (800-1000 nm, IIRC), and there's practically no absorbance anywhere in the 390-750 nm visible range.

  • TheSonnetPrince
    TheSonnetPrince 3 months ago

    I'm not sure if I should rule out complaints on this channel as superficial pettiness beside the point of gaining knowledge, or sensory sensitivity issues myself and others don't experience.

  • Faffy Waffle
    Faffy Waffle 3 months ago

    olivia is what I picture the girl (megan?) from XKCD to look like

  • sent4dc
    sent4dc 3 months ago

    Did you guys record her mid-braiding her hair?

  • Go Away
    Go Away 3 months ago

    Is there any color when it's dark

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez 3 months ago

    the same reason the sky is?

  • Clayton Wade
    Clayton Wade 3 months ago

    do i feel pain worse than other people?

  • Wofflo
    Wofflo 3 months ago

    Please stop saying 'whatever'. Hank doesn't do it, and it just makes you sound stupid and like you don't know the content.

  • rAyZoR rAy
    rAyZoR rAy 3 months ago

    so deep water is deepblue

  • dschonsie
    dschonsie 3 months ago

    because it's alone and poluted

  • Ricky G.
    Ricky G. 3 months ago

    Can you do something about the Bose Einstein Condensate?

  • praneta mahawar
    praneta mahawar 3 months ago

    What will happen when a crane on a truck hooks up it's own front wheel and starts retracting the rope ?

  • Ryder
    Ryder 3 months ago

    why does your hands get sweaty when in contact with metal?

  • kweeksw
    kweeksw 3 months ago

    So if S.aureus is so deadly and it's normal flora in your nose, could eating a booger give you food poisoning? Or could picking your nose and fingering someone give them Toxic Shock Syndrome?? Exactly how dangerous is picking your nose???

  • po po
    po po 3 months ago

    I have a question, why have creatures gotten smaller since prehistoric times, such as the megalania

  • Diggle Doggle
    Diggle Doggle 3 months ago

    Thank you Amy Farrah Fowler

  • Tropezando
    Tropezando 3 months ago

    Brackets have a lot on their minds.

  • Sienna Reynolds
    Sienna Reynolds 3 months ago

    why are weighted blankets a thing?

  • STDrepository
    STDrepository 3 months ago

    I want to know why the ocean is blue. But not enough to watch 3 minutes of this person that looks like they just crawled out of a new york alleyway.

  • LarsaXL
    LarsaXL 3 months ago

    Why people tend to ask why the sky is blue and not the ocean?
    Because people don't see the ocean nearly as often.
    Because it is not as blue as the sky, it is mostly green where I live.

  • joseph devendorf
    joseph devendorf 3 months ago

    I hate this girl so much

  • Luna Glimmer
    Luna Glimmer 3 months ago +3

    Why does walking in circles help you think?

  • John Melber
    John Melber 3 months ago

    do you do marijuana girl???. lol. you funny and lovely

  • gibillan magnificul
    gibillan magnificul 3 months ago

    why is my anus blue when i jump ass first in blue paint?:/

  • gibillan magnificul
    gibillan magnificul 3 months ago

    why is my anus darker then the rest of my skin :(

  • Neil Sheriff
    Neil Sheriff 3 months ago

    I thought the green colour as shown in the photo there was mostly a result of yellow light being reflected from the sand combining with the blue of the sea to make it green

  • D Monz
    D Monz 3 months ago

    Homeless you are?

  • Lakshaydeep
    Lakshaydeep 3 months ago +2

    please make a video on general relativity

  • Lakshaydeep
    Lakshaydeep 3 months ago +1

    please make a video on general relativity i

  • Lakshaydeep
    Lakshaydeep 3 months ago +1

    please make a video on general relativity

  • oxskittlezxo99
    oxskittlezxo99 3 months ago

    Hey can you guys provide a video on the FODMAP diet and or irritable bowel syndrome? I think it would be beneficial for people to learn about as so many doctors are currently diagnosing individuals with IBS and are prescribing the FODMAP diet without explanation of how it works.

  • grfgg Baseball
    grfgg Baseball 3 months ago

    what happens if you eat upside down

  • Gayathri P
    Gayathri P 3 months ago

    why not violet?

  • ao ghx
    ao ghx 3 months ago

    hi lady

  • Alex Moores
    Alex Moores 3 months ago

    Always blue! Always blue! Always blue!

  • The Magnificent Goddess Athena

    Wow [ ] is a really good Patreon name

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 3 months ago

    Nose ring looks bad, and no hurry, slow down

  • Petrichor
    Petrichor 3 months ago

    the ocean is never blue, if you live near the north sea

  • Andre Winston Powell
    Andre Winston Powell 3 months ago

    This chick outfit is bad, what's up with the nose ring? Unprofessional

  • Fabrício Lara
    Fabrício Lara 3 months ago

    Why is the sky blue? Because air is blue.
    Why is the ocean blue? Because water is blue.
    You don't have to get all quantum right away.

  • pete1
    pete1 3 months ago

    If you look at the ocean near land it'll reflect the colour of that land - brown dry fields, green trees or even deep ocean looks grey under grey clouds.
    Not saying you're wrong, I'm sure you're right but the colours dominated by what it reflects if there is something to reflect...and there's always something.

  • Jarmahent
    Jarmahent 3 months ago

    Why is everything funnier when you're sleepy?

  • pranjal87
    pranjal87 3 months ago

    So it's basically the same reason why anything has the color they have. Non absorption

  • Matthew Marr
    Matthew Marr 3 months ago

    Hey SciShow! Here's a science-y question for you!

    How the heck do those color- blindness glasses work?

  • Tom Morgan
    Tom Morgan 3 months ago

    That's the most terrifying graphic this show has ever produced

  • Scott Plays
    Scott Plays 3 months ago

    Because God made it like that

  • puchy
    puchy 3 months ago

    What is a "babyface"? And why only certain people have it?

  • Manchease Skrelpher
    Manchease Skrelpher 3 months ago

    The fish animation made me shit bricks

  • TheSiegeKnight
    TheSiegeKnight 3 months ago

    Why isnt the ocean purple then?

  • Hati Keseorangan
    Hati Keseorangan 3 months ago

    why lightning are blue its more epic question..

  • james McElligott
    james McElligott 3 months ago

    Quick question what makes things sticky?

  • MagnumZero Gasparovski
    MagnumZero Gasparovski 3 months ago

    episode about diabetes?

  • Zac Powers
    Zac Powers 3 months ago

    A patron should ask why fruitnis sour after you brush your teeth

  • ​ ​
    ​ ​ 3 months ago

    *sees like/dislike ratio*
    *checks title*

    oh boi, it's olivia.

    DANG JOS 3 months ago

    I was hoping to see people in the comments talking about water and its color. Unfortunately, it's just a bunch of people complaining about Olivia

  • PrinceBally TV
    PrinceBally TV 3 months ago +1

    Here's a question: Since the atmosphere isn't only oxygen when the other gases enter your lungs what happens ? Are those gases used?

    • PrinceBally TV
      PrinceBally TV 3 months ago

      Karma Arachnid thanks 🤗

    • Karma Arachnid
      Karma Arachnid 3 months ago

      Air is mostly inert gases like nitrogen which we eventually exhale without any reaction taking place even if they do dissolve into our blood through our lungs. Reactive gases in air other than oxygen, like carbon monoxide or ozone are generally poisonous. Of course, we can also inhale chemicals like nicotine or nitrous oxide which react in many different ways when they get inside us.

    DANG JOS 3 months ago

    Also, I read that heavy water (made with Deuterium I think) doesn't have this dip in it's absorption band. So that would mean that, in theory, if our oceans were made of heavy water, the ocean wouldn't be blue.

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