Sexual Education

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  • Saber Hex
    Saber Hex 1 day ago

    Well I'm kind of a hands on learner 😉

  • the unedible cupcake u-u

    precum does have sperm in it

  • Audrey's Unibabys
    Audrey's Unibabys 3 days ago

    I have a very small butt😂

  • Maddy Keogh
    Maddy Keogh 3 days ago

    My school called it family life in elementary school and middle and high it's health

  • Francine Francis
    Francine Francis 9 days ago

    a year and a day late

  • Hufflebadger4
    Hufflebadger4 14 days ago

    I think you forgot one thing (if it counts): nocturnal emission.

  • Sparkling Sprinkles
    Sparkling Sprinkles 14 days ago

    I like how she's straight forward 😂 makes things easier

  • Mia Burr
    Mia Burr 14 days ago

    If u swallow cum can u get pregnant from that

  • Cilovio
    Cilovio 14 days ago

    I love the background music. it does not fit.

  • cнιℓℓ ℓιgнт

    instead of saying vagina just say vajaja

  • Gumball 4870
    Gumball 4870 16 days ago

    I don't get why we need all these things, I think we just need the basic one because it was invited for making children not for fun

  • Kenleigh Hailey
    Kenleigh Hailey 18 days ago

    part 2, why do people have sex and what does oral pleasure feel like

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith 18 days ago

    I'm 10 I came to Rachel instead of my parents

  • Hamilton Fan
    Hamilton Fan 25 days ago

    Rachel: If I had a penis I would get erected if I got cake.
    Me: LMFAO. 😂😂😂

  • Hamilton Fan
    Hamilton Fan 25 days ago

    Rachel: They come out of their cocoon.
    Me: LOL. 😂😂😂

  • Bryo Plat
    Bryo Plat 25 days ago

    Question. Why the hell aren't you a sex ed teacher in highschool? Students would elect you #1 teacher. Lol

  • Tamryn Clarke
    Tamryn Clarke 27 days ago

    Everyone has a butt!! that's just science 🙂

  • -Th3Jiggl3r
    -Th3Jiggl3r 27 days ago

    This was hilarious but if you really want detailed things there's other channels. I still appreciate this though. But it's super generalized to get to the point.

  • 1 Amazing Cat
    1 Amazing Cat 28 days ago

    On the last day of school at second recess my friends and I found a condom on the playground. Someone told the teacher and she had to talk to only one of them. It was crazy. I guess someone had sex at my school

  • Joshua Selmon
    Joshua Selmon 1 month ago

    Rachel when you said some of your audience was under the age of 20 you were right. Im 12 years old.

  • Testificte Man
    Testificte Man 1 month ago

    I got a yeast infection once I'm a guy...

  • Romi Zoarez
    Romi Zoarez 1 month ago

    My sex Ed teacher talks to us not only about safe sex, also about how men should be respectful To the woman their with and how it's really not that bad to have sex in high which he does say it not ok but he also says like that if u do have sex in high school, be careful and be with a guy that can respect u and he tells us that u don't usually have sex with the guy you're gonna marry and that it's ok, he only needs to make u feel good and respected. He told us about this girl he thought a few years back, she was 6 months pregnant and she was about 15 years old. He tells us about her to let us know that things like this do happen and that we need to be safe for our sake, not anyone else. I always talk to him and tell him about things that have been going on in my life and he's just so incredible

  • Julie Moore
    Julie Moore 1 month ago

    Have you had sex

  • Aura Rauda
    Aura Rauda 1 month ago

    This helped me a lot

  • Josephine Lopez
    Josephine Lopez 1 month ago

    there are more buttcheeks in the world than people

  • Natasha Emami
    Natasha Emami 1 month ago

    Please do part 2!!!

  • Carbear campos
    Carbear campos 2 months ago

    I watched this a long time when it came out, and when your at my school in 5th grade, you learn Roberts Crown,were you learn about puberty and how baby's are made.

  • Gossip girl 101
    Gossip girl 101 2 months ago

    I am 10 omg 😲 I am shivering right now hrggg😬

  • eyeless jack
    eyeless jack 2 months ago

    ew i don't like vaginas

    • eyeless jack
      eyeless jack 2 months ago

      i don't like the word or the way it looks and it in general

  • Kaitlin Davies
    Kaitlin Davies 2 months ago

    This was very interesting. Can I get one like because I've never had one and I'd be really happy.

  • armenianply
    armenianply 2 months ago

    Thumbs up if the fine bros brought you to her channel

  • Grace Brydge
    Grace Brydge 2 months ago

    hey i have a question?
    does vaginal throbbing feel like a heart beat?

  • Tyannah-Lyn Dunn
    Tyannah-Lyn Dunn 2 months ago

    why was the pad picture so cute

  • Jodie Owen
    Jodie Owen 2 months ago

    ITS MY BIRTHDAY! Say..... 50 Likes

  • Selena PaganLaboy
    Selena PaganLaboy 2 months ago

    Uhhhhhh how did I end up here I was watching her sister

  • Opens22 SeasFTW
    Opens22 SeasFTW 2 months ago

    I have a question

    Why did I watch this?

  • Kathleen Sanchez
    Kathleen Sanchez 3 months ago

    Wait so she said when men get exited it gets hard, so is that why in the first shrek when lord farquad was looking at Fiona on the mirror he just looked under the covers and then smiled?😂 just a random question.😂😁

  • Rustie LeAnn
    Rustie LeAnn 3 months ago

    Also I was a tab disappointed when she says if you have a question you can ask me you can ask a friend.. she doesn't talk about talking to parents. I say this because often friends and anyone under 20 usually don't have all the information... and they also don't often have a lot of experience...

  • Rustie LeAnn
    Rustie LeAnn 3 months ago

    Unfortunately yes Precum you can get pregnant with. That's often how woman get pregnant with the pull out method

  • Makeup tips With me
    Makeup tips With me 3 months ago

    Where have these gone I love them

  • an squad
    an squad 3 months ago

    any body feel so horny

  • girl woman
    girl woman 3 months ago

    has any girl ever thought that guys have it easy when it comes to mastrubation? no?just me? ok.........

  • Tenita Isaacs
    Tenita Isaacs 3 months ago

    I am 11 1/2 so I am not he age of 21

  • Ally Foxy
    Ally Foxy 3 months ago

    I have a question..... could you continue sex after one of the partners orgazem

  • Jenna Momenna
    Jenna Momenna 3 months ago

    you taught me more than my mom did.

  • Amber Saylor
    Amber Saylor 3 months ago

    This is one video I'd love to see the bloopers of!

  • Agent BorkBork
    Agent BorkBork 3 months ago

    Is the ball really life because you were made in ur dads balls

  • Singing Gymnast
    Singing Gymnast 3 months ago

    what if I told you I don't have a butt...

  • Megan B
    Megan B 3 months ago

    This is hilarious 😂

  • Doreen Blasko
    Doreen Blasko 3 months ago

    it is not blood it is tissue

  • Lily Purcella
    Lily Purcella 3 months ago

    Oh my goodness. I loved this but disclaimer to all folks using this knowledge. Pre-cum does have some sperm in it. Not a lot but it does. Pre-cum is to clean the urethra which is the where people pee, because cum and urine come out of the same whole in the penis and urine is to acidic for the sperm to survive and actually fertilize the egg. But sometimes theres quite a bit in the pre-cum so you can in fact get pregnant from it which is also why the pull out method doesnt work, because sometimes a guy doesnt know when its happening.

  • Ella Sayer
    Ella Sayer 3 months ago


  • crazzy sis
    crazzy sis 3 months ago

    pause on 4:21 lol 😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃

  • Audrey Ruelas
    Audrey Ruelas 3 months ago


  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose 3 months ago

    .... and all the buttons 😂 ded

  • Kelly Bergner
    Kelly Bergner 4 months ago

    am 9

  • Harley Quinn 12
    Harley Quinn 12 4 months ago

    i'm 12 years of age.

  • Rachel Lowe
    Rachel Lowe 4 months ago

    "I mean if I had a penis I'd get erect if I got some cake" ~ Rachel 2k16 😂

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago

    Is it possible to get a disease from kissing some ones foot?

  • ShelbyRay422
    ShelbyRay422 4 months ago

    Please do a part two

  • Simply_Leah
    Simply_Leah 4 months ago


  • John Khan
    John Khan 4 months ago

    when a women has a hoofferectomy ?? hysterectomy will she lose her sex drive sorry cant spell hoferectomy

  • Bestic 24
    Bestic 24 4 months ago

    Rachel Ik this is weird but have you had sex and if so did it hurt your first time?

  • Becky Hernandez
    Becky Hernandez 4 months ago

    I really wish Rachel was my health teacher I mean who wants your teacher to teach u this

  • Logy Shawky
    Logy Shawky 4 months ago

    omg I am 9 year old that's not my issue I am out of here

  • Logy Shawky
    Logy Shawky 4 months ago

    what is a condom sorry I am 9 so I don't know anyone tell me pls

    • Taylor Coolstar
      Taylor Coolstar 4 months ago

      its something that goes on the mans private parts to prevent sexually transmitted disease and preganancy

  • Jesse Kelberg
    Jesse Kelberg 4 months ago

    The spire is moving trust me I was told when I was 11

  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie 4 months ago

    part 2 video pls

  • Toatally Kawaii haters back OFF!!

    wow........ that's strong info....

  • Court Jo2004
    Court Jo2004 4 months ago

    "Some men have big balls. Some men have small balls" 😂

  • Madison Rose
    Madison Rose 4 months ago


  • Chloe Real
    Chloe Real 4 months ago

    This is like so cool! I've never been more comfortable when talking about sex 😂

  • Elz :D
    Elz :D 4 months ago

    Now i dont feel weird that when i take my knickers off they are damp

  • Nate Gordon
    Nate Gordon 4 months ago

    i want to marry rachel and have sex daily

  • Brookie Whitaker
    Brookie Whitaker 4 months ago

    I already know all of this and more I just think it is funny how she said it

  • BlakeLikesBears
    BlakeLikesBears 4 months ago

    7:14 LMAO

  • Anime Lover_22
    Anime Lover_22 4 months ago

    Umm... I'm 7 lol jk

  • Anime Lover_22
    Anime Lover_22 4 months ago


  • Hose kid
    Hose kid 4 months ago

    Hey Rachael do you masterbate

  • Shawna Castano
    Shawna Castano 4 months ago

    Sperm can be present is pre cum.

  • Kinsey Simpson
    Kinsey Simpson 4 months ago

    I'm 12 and I've already had "the talk" but I love you Rachel and u r so funny

  • Sofia Lelli
    Sofia Lelli 4 months ago

    what am I doing here haha

  • Marios SONY
    Marios SONY 4 months ago

    I thought I knew everything so I watched because it's Rachel duh but I learned so much

  • Guillaume Lamothe
    Guillaume Lamothe 4 months ago

    Love you Rachel 😘 You are a really good teacher 😎

  • Maria Berrios
    Maria Berrios 4 months ago

    She explains this a lot more comfortably than my fifth grade teacher who taught me family life

  • Alexandra D.
    Alexandra D. 4 months ago

    This is honestly the best sex Ed class I had ever had😂

  • Nowshin Jahan
    Nowshin Jahan 4 months ago

    Wt is boner?

  • Abdul Shaikh
    Abdul Shaikh 4 months ago


  • Drama
    Drama 4 months ago

    Learn this videos

  • Tania Thompson
    Tania Thompson 4 months ago

    its actually considered nicer/proper to call a "hempaphrodite" intersex. herpaphrodite is a very outdated term and really rude.sorry just thought ya'll should know

  • Miss Elise
    Miss Elise 5 months ago

    do periods hert for all girls or just some

  • Marleigh T
    Marleigh T 5 months ago

    I felt too uncomfortable watching this so I stopped 2 minutes in lol

  • taylorgladue
    taylorgladue 5 months ago

    everybody poops

  • Madi Jackson
    Madi Jackson 5 months ago

    I would much rather you be my sex ed teacher you are amazing. She said "It comes out of the cacoon"

  • tommygirl De Leon
    tommygirl De Leon 5 months ago

    have you done any of this you don't have to answer if you don't want to

  • tommygirl De Leon
    tommygirl De Leon 5 months ago

    can men orgasm

  • Alaina Blevins
    Alaina Blevins 5 months ago

    i am 14

  • Hannah Louise
    Hannah Louise 5 months ago

    I bet so many ppl are probably laughing there asses off and I'm like, this is actually really educational especially for kids who have a rough idea of what it is but don't fully know and ur teacher just makes everything akward and you have no idea what they're on about and I'm pretty sure we all feel better with Rachel saying it tho😂

  • Taylor Coolstar
    Taylor Coolstar 5 months ago

    we don't need school we just need Rachel she has tught me more in 1 year than my schools have in 8

  • SkittleCat AJ
    SkittleCat AJ 5 months ago

    0:06 Dose anybody else see the cow in The Conor

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