Everything Wrong with the BATTLE OF GEONOSIS

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  • Dank Pluto
    Dank Pluto 2 days ago

    The jedi are smart and powerful but unless this is the clone wars series the jedi need to start off more powerful in order 2 win. So many died and 155 unidentified wow thats sad and if the jedi go by peace keepers they need to do not what they did on geonosis (was suicide anyways) ther are a lot of problems in that battle and u didnt miss a single one.

  • MD Westlife
    MD Westlife 3 days ago

    I like sand

  • Marxist Squidward
    Marxist Squidward 3 days ago

    4:26 Clone rights now!

  • João Soares
    João Soares 4 days ago

    You are also fourgeting that there hasned been a war four a twousand years. Our a full scale one, no one had first hand knolage to fight our command, of how to fight a war and you got one ting right the Jedi Arent Warriors they should have never had a command position, but they also Learnd quicly how to do so, the latter battles are in fact very diferent, from that one, also they appear to use napolionic era doctrine,

  • Elmar A. Hannah
    Elmar A. Hannah 4 days ago

    Are you going to do more of these? The battle over Coruscant? Starkiller Base? Maybe even other sci-fi movies like the Star Trek movies.

  • Kman Simmons
    Kman Simmons 9 days ago

    Jedi such as Shere Khan? Like, the Tiger? That tiger was a Jedi? Mind. Blown.

  • Germesx
    Germesx 10 days ago

    Fucking wonderfull

  • Venge Ance
    Venge Ance 10 days ago

    Every battle of the prequels is wrong in every possible way.

  • Minh Khang Đào
    Minh Khang Đào 10 days ago

    The US military IS being led by a monk,all hail saint mattis of Quantico,the warrior monk of the usmc

  • Torjan Brunner
    Torjan Brunner 11 days ago

    Generation tech if the russaan reformation wouldnt of happened it could of been different.

  • Darien Evans
    Darien Evans 12 days ago

    the first casualty in a battle is the plan. sometimes a leader has only a bad option and a worse one.

  • Rick Lawrence
    Rick Lawrence 13 days ago

    As a US marine m60 machine gun squad leader, you analysis was dead on.

  • Ginsu33
    Ginsu33 13 days ago +1

    LOL wtf is Boromir doing there hahaha

  • UniverseReverie
    UniverseReverie 14 days ago

    the Verdun of Star Wars, life wasted by incompetent leaders

  • SkySlasher
    SkySlasher 14 days ago

    That's why I see earth destroying the republic in a vs match the Jedi vs earths commad structure

  • Wesley Molt
    Wesley Molt 15 days ago

    To be fair to the Jedi, they actually had more experience leading men in battle than almost anyone else at the time. They specifically state in the movie that the Republic hadn't faced a full scale war in 1,000 years, which makes the Jedi's peacekeeping missions the best experience for leading an army.

    Oh, and why don't you do a video like this for the Clone Wars battles, excluding Umbara, as everyone knows Krell was the reason THAT went wrong.

  • Jeremy Uchiha
    Jeremy Uchiha 15 days ago

    episode two the worst of the prequels? all i have to say those people are STUPID the one i hated the most was episode one episode two is way better than the first

  • EpicHunter117 Gaming
    EpicHunter117 Gaming 15 days ago

    What if the droids had star fighters on the battle of gronosis? ( ik they had geonosian fighters but im talking about MAFs, tri fighter etc)

  • SpyengoEen
    SpyengoEen 16 days ago +1

    Everything Wrong with the BATTLE OF CORUSCANT

  • ricky todd Botelho
    ricky todd Botelho 18 days ago

    I value this guys opinion. But don't agree. Listen the jedi are badasses like the Avengers why wouldn't they charge in waiting first to see how many shit heads they could get off their backs all at once.

    • Generation Tech
      Generation Tech  18 days ago

      The is i think they make great front line combat soldiers but not necessarily great leaders. Besides its kind of hard to issue orders when you're in the thick of it.

  • Sleg Infantryman
    Sleg Infantryman 20 days ago

    Please do the battle of corausant, the older clone wars covers it very well

  • The bread kid Loves minecraft

    everything good in the battle of genosins:
    -my lightsaber
    -commander cody

  • vn01208503
    vn01208503 21 day ago

    thats why empire have their standing generals and grand general to control army. Jedi never really engage in control army except very few of them like obiwan and anakin on the front line .

  • Scott Edelman
    Scott Edelman 21 day ago


  • Thomas Herbert
    Thomas Herbert 22 days ago

    I loved it though! And still do.

  • Der Schurkinist
    Der Schurkinist 22 days ago

    I think it was said somewhere in Clone Wars, I think either by Jedi, Clones or by the Officers (Maybe Tarkin?), that the Jedi should have never been used as the commanding force behind the GAR and that in the first years the Clones suffered extremely unnecessary losses due to unexperienced leaders and that it took years until many Jedi-Generals were actually capable of doing their new job.

  • looney eye studio
    looney eye studio 23 days ago

    Battle of coruscant

  • Combine Hunter/mini strider

    Episode 1 was worse cause darth movie killer aka Jar Jar

  • Oraizan Era
    Oraizan Era 26 days ago

    "The Jedi received no military training" They did have experience in leadership actually, especially some of the Jedi who mentioned the battles that took place during the days of the Old Republic. Such as Saesee Tiin and I think Plo Koon. So I think you are partially right about that, but I feel the Jedi Masters do have experience, just not the generation of Jedi that were alive during the Rise of the Empire era.

  • nilloc93
    nilloc93 26 days ago

    FYI the jedi are put incharge of clone troopers because the clones had genetic inhibitors preventing inventive thought processes, while they could have sub commanders overall units had to be led by a non clone. The jedi were put in this position as they were the most combat experienced republic agents.

  • Kent Kaliber
    Kent Kaliber 27 days ago

    Everything Wrong with the Battle of Geonisis: It's in a HORRIBLE movie.

  • Lukos0036
    Lukos0036 27 days ago

    Best thing the Jedi could have done is retire from their position as peacekeepers and gone into seclusion to practice their religion. Something akin to Tibetan monks, on some far away hard to find planet that isnt remotely important to ether the republic or the shriveled husk of selfish spite that is Trump- I mean Palpatine! Then when the republic inevitably fell apart in the hands of the republicans- I mean senate! Dammit! They would have no one else to blame for their cruelty and gross incompetence. Except Hillary- PADME! Fuck!

  • Jennifer Brewer
    Jennifer Brewer 27 days ago

    As Lt. Aldo Raine of the 501st Legion once said, "ya don't gotta be Grand Moff Tarkin ta know ya don't wanna fight on Geonosis."

  • 31 Savage
    31 Savage 28 days ago

    Great video

  • joshua pelletier
    joshua pelletier 29 days ago

    179 no name jedi < Jango Fett and a few hundred battle droids.

  • Marc Lepage
    Marc Lepage 29 days ago

    Ok first off the second battle of geonosis was super planned out but was exposed by palpitine like Cody said "they were more tgen prepared for our attack they knew our every move" and Anakin was in command of the 501st one of the most elite battlions there and he treated them like they were his own children and the clones mostly had no choice but to follow order 66 because they had chips in their brains which made them more compliant to orders I agree with the first battle of geonosis but ur reasons away from it needed research

  • Theta Niner
    Theta Niner Month ago +1

    Practically nobody considers Attack of the Clones as the worst of the Prequels. That honor is bestowed to The Phantom Menace

  • FlayzuhSWBF
    FlayzuhSWBF Month ago

    Nobody had the high ground but The Republic still won

  • TMX1138
    TMX1138 Month ago

    Another thing wrong with the Battle of Geonosis: Anakin not ordering the gunship's pilot to use the gunship's laser cannons to blast Dooku away when they're out of rockets.

  • Gorthaur
    Gorthaur Month ago

    This is just a reminder that Windu's team took a headstart.

  • airbrat
    airbrat Month ago

    Asians should not grow beards.

  • The EU Exhibit
    The EU Exhibit Month ago

    I don't think they had Turbo Tanks yet

  • Marvin The Martian
    Marvin The Martian Month ago

    So it was a genius move everything went in Palpatins favour!

  • That Asshole
    That Asshole Month ago

    Just extract the Jedi and put the planet on blockade and use air strikes and dig in

  • Dick Dodger
    Dick Dodger Month ago

    What they know about rocking an orbital strike on their noggin?! That was terrible i know. But in all seriousness that would have been an extremely effective tactic as well as being entertaining for the movies sake.

  • MadMac2236
    MadMac2236 Month ago

    I find the Jedi reckless. They are over-confident and believe so strongly that the force will guide them.
    Towards the end of the war, some Jedi generals like Obi Wan Kenobi had learned enough and were competent leaders, but generally speaking, the Jedi simply didn't have the mindset to engage in open warfare. I imagine there would have been countless experienced military officers across the Republic, who would have been far better suited to command any one of these battles.

  • D-Man
    D-Man Month ago

    Did they have Venators at that time?
    If yes, just bombard those escaping ships and everything that isn't a living being. Problem solved. Allied casualties = 0

  • Hanklin Doughnut
    Hanklin Doughnut Month ago

    This is really everything great at the battle of Geonosis. Palpatines plan went perfectly. The brillia- oh he did that.

  • Jewish Pepe
    Jewish Pepe Month ago

    Also you're forgetting that clone troopers, don't usually die from getting hit just knocked out due to their armor.

  • Kanaka Ken
    Kanaka Ken Month ago

    U are forgetting that it is not real

  • Tristan Perry
    Tristan Perry Month ago

    @6:17 Boromir? wtf?

  • Miikka Sihvonen
    Miikka Sihvonen Month ago

    battle of corusant next?

  • Bojan Prakljacic
    Bojan Prakljacic Month ago

    Shaolin monks leading US marines, yes please!

  • JonatasMonte
    JonatasMonte Month ago

    Number 1: It was too short.

  • Ihr sik verfluchte hünde!

    This is why all Jedi must be killed.

  • Sean Purce
    Sean Purce Month ago

    Phantom menice is word then attack of the clones then revenge of the sith

  • Lunar Incident
    Lunar Incident Month ago

    Well, generals like Aayla, Anakin, and Plo were extraordinarily popular among their soldiers

  • Lunar Incident
    Lunar Incident Month ago

    I have a better idea.
    I small incursion unit of Clone Commandos and a few handpicked Jedi extract Skywaker, Kenobi, and our favorite Senator. They then get the hell out of dodge. After that a venator cruiser burns everything with in a thousand kilometers to glass from Orbit..

  • Reigen Pott
    Reigen Pott Month ago

    how the f*uck no one notice the hidden jedis their was only bugs their

  • blue_the Destroyer
    blue_the Destroyer Month ago

    do you know about star wars generation tech? the reason the clones weren't hesitant to kill the Jedi was because of the chips, the chips in their head forced them to do order 66 why do you think commander rex dint follow order 66? because he removed his chip so he wasn't forced to execute order 66 and stepped down from command

  • pokeballsithgamers bros

    I just noticed how they didn't use blitzkrieg like tactics and no generals such as Patton or Rommel.

  • Noah Jones
    Noah Jones Month ago

    Just saying the thumbnail is wrong, Commander Cody did not participate in the fist battle of Geonosis

  • Lui Lopez
    Lui Lopez Month ago

    we must separate the order from the state

  • DR Evil
    DR Evil Month ago

    i love attack of the clones and all the prequels cgi was popular at that time nothing wrong with that everybody wanted to see it and how far they could go with it and it was good for its time most of the people crying out for practical effects were not born when that genre was fashionable because to be honest for every film that looked good there were a hundred that looked terrible.when Jurassic park came out it was amazing and people loved the cgi and wanted more of the same.i dont get all the hatred for the prequels from certain sections of the star wars community they were certainly better than the force awakens by a mile.i love the originals too and saw the first and second at the cinema and had all the toys so i speak with authority

  • east side kerk
    east side kerk Month ago

    Ok don't mean to hate but your facts are a little of first the Jedi could not have sent in the clones first because they didn't know if they were available remember Yoda was sent to kamino to find out the truth about this clone army and mace windu took a Jedi task force to genoshios so the Jedi did not call in the clones they didn't even know they were coming also the Jedi had no idea of the separatist numbers also you seem to underestimate the jedis skill they undergo years of training and are more than capable of engaging and defeating multiple opponent's also the clone army it had taken years to create and they were highly trained once again no hate intended

  • [Commando 724]
    [Commando 724] Month ago

    the chips in the Clones head were very necessary because if somebody talked to the clones about it they can snap out of it and on Felucia the clones who shot ayla Sakura and the Clones who were shooting her wanted to make sure her death was cleaning quick without pain and the reason why they were they weren't hesitant was because of the chips almost every single clone love their Jedi General some clones disobeyed order 66 and some clones we're traitors and deserters cuz they sell the war and felt like they didn't need to be in this and they felt like their brothers didn't need to be in this too that's it hence the traitor slick calling it a "slave army" and clones like cut laqueen left the Republic army fighting a pointless War so that's why they leave to live their own lives without them worrying about battle droid shoot him in the face

  • GeneralBlackNorway
    GeneralBlackNorway Month ago

    To be fair they did not really have time to sit down and form a thought out plan. It was a race against time, Windu with the Jedi arrived first, not knowing when Yoda with the Clones would arrive. Also they did not expect a battle, they expected their surprise show of force would be able to subdue the Geonosians and Dooku when they surrounded them. Dooku had planned for this to happen and had the army lying in wait out of sight. It was a trap planned out by Dooku well in advance(the assassination attempt on Padmé Amidala anyone?).

    Also the battle on the Geonosian planes wasn't such a bad tactical move as you would of thought. Their Goal is to stop them from escaping and take the initiative while they have the element of surprise while separatist leadership is in full confusion and panic. The charge forward was to gain ground so they could protect their artillery and to put out a maximum firing solution before the droid army could consolidate into formation. The droids rely on their numbers and superior firepower and thus it is imperative not allowing them to surround you or form line formations, you get them while they are still scattered trying to form a formation. Casualties were not a concern at this point, but using their massive momentum to vanquish the separatists and stop them from escaping. The battle was a blasting success in my opinion compared to their goals and what they could achieve. They did not have the time to allow the separatist to retreat!

  • Mark81150 Edwards
    Mark81150 Edwards Month ago

    Impressive Son, I don't know if you are a veteran, or very well educated on military tactics and doctrine.. But I can't find fault with anything you said in your analysis.. Dead on..

    I was in my early 40's when the film came out, and while it was fun to watch, I cringed at most of the battle sequences.. so many troops lives wasted..

  • Vojtěch Jehlička
    Vojtěch Jehlička Month ago

    I always wondered why Jedi led the GAR. Basically every republic star system had a defense force with plenty of talented personnel but Jedi outranked basically anyone from private to admiral. Even 14yo Ahsoka planned the assault instead of veteran tactical officers or admiral Yularen. That seems odd. During the wars of the Old Repubic Jedi and military were more in symbiosis.

    But it at least makes sense that the Jedi screw it so dramatically. Their plan was indeed dumb.

  • CommanderApple
    CommanderApple Month ago

    For a great insight into the Battle of Geonosis read the republic commando bookseries. The are really awesome... love the insight into the Clone life.

    • Generation Tech
      Generation Tech  Month ago

      yea agreed the republic commando series are my favorite novel series even more then thrawn, they will remain canon until proven otherwise for me

  • XtremeGamer
    XtremeGamer Month ago

    Then u have the old republic actually used battle armour and military tactics

  • CyanLink
    CyanLink Month ago

    The more I learn about the prequels, the more I come to realize how incompetent the Jedi were. Maybe order 66 was the will of the Force.

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Month ago

    why was sean bean at 6:15

  • Nickname hier einfügen

    Neither the chip nor Revan are canon.

  • Trey Johnson
    Trey Johnson Month ago

    Can you please do everything wrong with the battle of corusant?

  • Kodasa Sinclair
    Kodasa Sinclair Month ago

    You know, you raise an amazing point I hadn't considered before, and I think it's a point that is reinforced more when you see the clone wars animated series. The Jedi were not soldiers, sure they had access to the force but that didn't make them good generals.

    Many of the Jedi did care about the lives of their clones, but only specific ones like Rex and Cody, the commanders who helped them along. It really does explain why the G.A.R didn't crush the Separatists at Geonosis. I mean presumably they had an entire fleet in orbit, otherwise they couldn't have landed their Acclamators to drop off the troops. At most the Separatists would have had the Repurposed Freighter version of the Lucrehulk, aka the weaker armed one.

    As the war dragged on and on, the Separatists were able to upgrade and militarize much more effectively thanks to the reckless leadership of the Jedi. That said... It was probably all part of Darth Sidious' plan to have the Jedi be generals. This would help A. Distract them from his presence. B. Thin their numbers out well before Order 66 and C. Separate the remaining Jedi, isolating them from one another, making them much much easier to kill when Order 66 was given.

  • wcywing
    wcywing Month ago

    Do a video on everything wrong with battle of scarif

  • Pedro Ricardo
    Pedro Ricardo Month ago


  • SicklySickly Sean
    SicklySickly Sean Month ago

    execution of Aayla Secura was like this because the clones wanted it to be over

  • Grenadier 658244-526455

    ORBITAL Support! Hit them from orbit, they can't return fire from down there.

  • Jussi Marttinen
    Jussi Marttinen Month ago

    Coleman Trebor

  • VincenceII
    VincenceII Month ago

    Hello, in minute 2:00 you say, that the Jedi did not use intelligence, deception and stealth; I think they do, because they managed to stay undetected as non-Geonosians in an environment, where usually just Geonosians appear.

    To archeve this the Jedi need
    - good intelligence: They need to know when, where and in which circumstances non-Geonosians are common.
    - deception: They need to mask the fact, that they are not the usual non-Geonosians, which frequently appear (the Geonosians
    most likely know what the non-Geonosians, which are regularly attending in these spectacles, look like).
    - stealth: they nned to get actually in the arenawithout getting checked by service personal.

  • Team Black
    Team Black Month ago

    Interesting thoughts. makes sense

  • Johnny Boi 11
    Johnny Boi 11 Month ago

    Nigga fuck u you fuckin chinky ass nigga go fuck yo self

  • Keks Gloryhole Fun
    Keks Gloryhole Fun Month ago

    As a veteran of the battle I can say this is highly dramatized

  • Aaron Kienenberger
    Aaron Kienenberger Month ago

    Actually the second BATTLE OF GEONOSIS was a lot bad tactically speaking. It was A three pence assault mostly carried out by air transport. Unfortunately what made the bottle kind of a cluster fuck was two of the three Pincence was either shot down or forced to land a wave from the LZ and had to fight their way to the primary rendezvous point through hostile enemy territory where Obi-Wan Kenobi had essentially been force to circle the Weigands and hold off a massive assault

  • max power
    max power Month ago

    just call t what it is..bad writing by lucas.

  • Feminazi Frequency
    Feminazi Frequency Month ago

    Anakin was just about the only competent general out of all the Jedi... no wonder his men were the only loyal clone troopers. He may have become a sadistic Sith lord, but at least he directed his men appropriately, didn't incur needless casualties and sacrificed them only when the price was worth it. Even cloned soldiers do not like being spent like pennies.

  • MrNintoku
    MrNintoku Month ago

    What I dont get is the lack of geonosian aircraft.

  • jamoecw
    jamoecw Month ago

    replacing the existing command structure in the US army with shaolin monks? well real shaolin monks workout excessively, have great public image, and have lost their edge from decades of peace. if you look at the shift since vietnam/cold war then you'd see that this is exactly what is happening in essence.

  • Alexander Söderqvist

    Isent raven eu?

  • Alexander Söderqvist

    They dident have the clonse when the jedi attackforce traveld to geonosis, if they wold have waited obi and the rest culd have died, they dident even knew if they were alive.

  • joost smit
    joost smit Month ago

    i love clones

  • Fire Line
    Fire Line Month ago

    Geonosis #1 was a Massive clusterfuck.

  • Taylor Gibson
    Taylor Gibson Month ago

    I've always said this about the Jedi as generals. They basically did the same thing that they did with Knights did in the middle ages, making their best champions the leaders.

  • Mike Alpha
    Mike Alpha Month ago +1

    spot on dude. loved it.

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Dude, I've come to the same conclusion as you did. The Jedi were not prepared for this war and the Republic should've realized this. While I would grant them to allow *some* time to lead the GAR it would be at least until more accomplished and trained leaders can replace them. Then the Jedi can depart from leadership roles and either volunteer for combat or support roles. You get an immediate sub!

  • jafo1701
    jafo1701 Month ago

    Star Wars has never had good tactics in their movies. It's about visual flair. Their writers don't care about tactics and obviously have no experience. There are no actual militiay advisors. Even the transformer movies have militray advisors so at least the actors look like they know what they are doing. Whatever makes the story works from any kind of science to real world tactics. In the end it's not that type of movie and I don't think the audience cares....it's science fantasy.

  • suemorphplus2009
    suemorphplus2009 Month ago

    Weren't tactical nukes and EMP devices available in the Star Wars universe?

  • Turkish
    Turkish Month ago

    everything wrong with operation knight fall

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