Top 5 LG G6 Features!

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  • Samplethief
    Samplethief 4 hours ago

    You lost me at no app drawer.

  • vaibhav emul
    vaibhav emul 2 days ago

    I love lg new features superb look super fone

  • Thomas Janes
    Thomas Janes 2 days ago

    That jacket omg,wher'd you get it?

  • Ian Dave Manguira
    Ian Dave Manguira 2 days ago

    why cant we have stock android, i always like stock.

  • Collin Michael
    Collin Michael 2 days ago

    I watched some of the video and then stopped and continued with life and then started singing the song he played in the beginning... then totally realized it was the g6 song... lol

  • MrFlamesFan12
    MrFlamesFan12 3 days ago

    Hey MKB loved the review as always. Just wondering do you think the V20 or G6 is better?

  • Subrahmanya Eswar
    Subrahmanya Eswar 5 days ago

    This phone is awesome with best features. I like LG very much.

  • Kamlesh Vyas
    Kamlesh Vyas 6 days ago

    Are you google's salesman or samsung's?

  • Arpan Ghosh
    Arpan Ghosh 8 days ago

    Lg G6 or honor 8 pro or One+ 5? And why? I'm concerned about Android update policy! And G6 got no notification LED 😥

  • Marney Olson
    Marney Olson 8 days ago

    Watching on a G4. Will be getting the G6 so I can be fly like one.

  • uTukan
    uTukan 9 days ago

    Haha I had a nice chuckle when I got the intro.

  • Srinivas Kunduru
    Srinivas Kunduru 9 days ago

    Awesome reviews.. but unfortunately, LG hasn't come back into my circle of preferred brands after what happened to the nexus 5X.. Still can't get over it :(

  • serendra90210
    serendra90210 10 days ago

    Does it overheat like the Snapdragon 808 and 820?

  • sociopathic vegetables

    My LG G4 just had a MASSIVE power surge while charging so it's done for...... Now I'm looking at this phone, I'm not rich but I spent half the cost for the LG G4 and it only lasted 1 year.....

  • Vilouth Phommajack
    Vilouth Phommajack 10 days ago

    I think i prefer the S8+ had the g4 and suffered the the half screen that drove me crazy got it replaced then 4 months later the boot loop. Nite i got the g5 which is great so far...but now I'm thinking switching it up to the S8+.

  • Whale Helloder
    Whale Helloder 11 days ago

    I didn't know that mkb is one of the pewdiepie's notification squad 😯

  • Anthony Lord
    Anthony Lord 12 days ago

    far east movement like a g6

  • Felicity Weisbrod
    Felicity Weisbrod 12 days ago

    Guys help me. I have to decided between an lg g6 and a galaxy s7 edge. Im still not sure

    • Mike Navarro
      Mike Navarro 12 days ago

      Same here, but I think I'd choose the g6 because of the dual camera

  • Andrej Černe
    Andrej Černe 14 days ago

    The best phone!!!

  • xamunas
    xamunas 15 days ago

    The theme of LG G6 "its not perfect"

  • Mayuresh Rajendra Mankar

    Which one is the best between G6 and V20?

  • Mayhemm007
    Mayhemm007 16 days ago

    I'm coming off a contract with a G4 and am considering the G6 to replace it. In general, I hated the G4. It was slow. buggy, and my carriwer dropped support for it after a year. However, it's one saving grace was that it could take a hit. I didn't have a case on it (and never will) and I dropped the G4 from above waist-height several times onto concrete/pavement and it always shrugged it off. Sure, the backplate and battery went flying, but not so much as a scuff on the screen. For comparison, someone I know with a Galaxy S4 dropped theirs as they were getting out of a vehicle; boom, huge crack in the screen, phone done. So...can the G6 take a hit?

  • McTaminus
    McTaminus 17 days ago

    Still rockin' a G3, tis pretty great for everything i use

  • JimMysS sHaki
    JimMysS sHaki 17 days ago

    alot of people said that front camera is pretty bad,is it really that bad?and maybe LG send an update to fix it or make it better?

  • Lars van Koningsveld
    Lars van Koningsveld 18 days ago

    Haha god the music brought me back

  • CJ HDtech
    CJ HDtech 19 days ago

    Where is review ?

  • Viswateja Karaturi
    Viswateja Karaturi 19 days ago

    Bro finally how is the mobile...will you recommend to take...., how is the battery life????

  • Idriss ALI AHMED
    Idriss ALI AHMED 20 days ago

    I bought two weeks ago and it's marvelous. Couldn't ask more than that. By the way I had the lg g3 before.

  • Satyam pasi
    Satyam pasi 20 days ago

    This video is more of con's than pro's

  • Stranger24
    Stranger24 21 day ago

    You can add the app drawer.

  • VIPyellowwolfy21
    VIPyellowwolfy21 24 days ago

    i like what you did with the intro :D

  • The Trek Up 2017 Parker

    I am waiting for someone to speak about privacy as a feature. Are you up to some research. Subscribed to your channel and hope u receive some goo cash. Regards.

  • russel oquialda
    russel oquialda 25 days ago

    Did i heard that right lol. " Would you garbage G6 " hahaha

  • Zak X
    Zak X 25 days ago

    Watching on my G6 😀

  • Neoknife Music
    Neoknife Music 25 days ago

    can you use a stylus on the screen?

  • Khalid Al-Shaaili
    Khalid Al-Shaaili 25 days ago

    It just struck me ...
    The intro song!

    *Clap ... Clap ... CLAPS*

  • James Mcarton
    James Mcarton 25 days ago

    i saw it inrl , the touch is so bvad

  • DoinThupidThings
    DoinThupidThings 26 days ago

    Mine cost 700 Canadian

  • Carnell Mcarthur
    Carnell Mcarthur 27 days ago

    continuous "but its not perfect" quotes. Can you tell me what phone is perfect?

  • herman stokbrood
    herman stokbrood 29 days ago

    It's amazing to see that 5 months later a LG G6 is only €370,00 in Europe. I guess it's hard to beat by any phone.

  • Edwin San
    Edwin San 29 days ago

    And we never had the g6 full review..

  • RK
    RK Month ago

    Lol intro song is literally the perfect one for this video

  • simi glass
    simi glass Month ago

    Her there great video!!!I had a question if you want to have a app drawer can you get it ?

  • Elastic Nekkizilla
    Elastic Nekkizilla Month ago

    Omg ur intro song is Like a g6 song xD

  • Ruhat Sengul
    Ruhat Sengul Month ago

    Which waterproof phone has replaceable battery?

  • Ryan Kelley
    Ryan Kelley Month ago

    who else really likes his hoodie

  • Ms. Paddington
    Ms. Paddington Month ago

    My aunt has this phone it is FABULOUS!! i've been using iphones for the past couple of years, but happy to switch now to this phone.

  • Shadman Shafin
    Shadman Shafin Month ago

    I intro music reminds me of vintage nigahiga

  • Clint Thomas
    Clint Thomas Month ago

    Of all the dual camera phone set up. The G6 is the most impressive with their wide angle. Can't wait for V30 with OLED and SD835

  • MrVecau
    MrVecau Month ago

    I'm afraid to get another lg. I've had problems with the bootloop error with g4 and v10.

  • The Stingray Hub- Ryan

    who's watching on the g5 just dreaming

  • Paul-Sebastian Manole

    Oneplus 5 man!

  • Forrest Allison
    Forrest Allison Month ago

    any full review?

    HUS MAN Month ago

    Why does no one talk about it's MIL-STD-810G rating? It's not a fragile phone because it doesn't have bezels!

  • lateralexrex
    lateralexrex Month ago

    This is a solid phone for all-around use. The camera is disappointing, so I am ditching mine - but if that's not important to you, this is a good pickup.

  • Peter Oosterling
    Peter Oosterling Month ago

    this video is ok, but not perfect...or even far from perfect, as its annoying like hell

  • Qasim Qureshi
    Qasim Qureshi Month ago

    Is it just me or does the g6 have an almost infinity display

  • Steve McIntosh
    Steve McIntosh Month ago

    Just got the Mrs one today. Love it

  • Nehoray Beidany
    Nehoray Beidany Month ago

    Very good video !
    LIKE !!! ~.~
    and I have a small question...
    What is the most beautiful color for the LG G6?

  • WeKnowTheTruth2012
    WeKnowTheTruth2012 Month ago

    LG G6 has to be the best phone I've ever owned. When I owned a note 3 in high school I felt cool but this phones smacks that phone down especially now. The sad thing is that the wannabe rich parents will buy their kids an S8+ and get a shattered screen in 2 weeks. Its to edgy.. but hey the processor is 2% faster lol

  • Vic Cudiamat
    Vic Cudiamat Month ago

    fly like a g6...😀

  • FlyingNimbus
    FlyingNimbus Month ago

    This or Lg v20 ?

  • Andrew Salao
    Andrew Salao Month ago


  • GalaXy808
    GalaXy808 Month ago

    I just bought mine...g6,the best...

  • Peter Van Keer
    Peter Van Keer Month ago

    The G6 has the WORST front facing camera... My old Nexus 5X is at least 3 times better. While videocalling in de evening in front of my pc, the G6 is blurry af, where my nexus 5x is sharp as a razor. I'm going to send this back to the store... Unbelievable!

  • IIxVxII
    IIxVxII Month ago

    God dammit now I can't understand that face it's making

  • Xueni Loo
    Xueni Loo Month ago

    Got LG G6 a month ago. Definitely recommend it !! 💓💓

  • XoeCox
    XoeCox Month ago +5

    Love the g6. I gave my nephew my s8. The g6 is like a grown up iphone. G6 is simple and just works!

  • rick Smart
    rick Smart Month ago

    Hi, would you please tell me your 5 best phones assuming that they are all priced the same

  • Juan Cabeza
    Juan Cabeza Month ago

    All this BS talk is what you get when you review a pre production model... The G6 ended up being a great phone for a decent price! Dollar by dollar the best phone of 2017 so far!

  • Simon Šelih
    Simon Šelih Month ago +3

    when is the full review coming?

    • Chad Whitaker
      Chad Whitaker Day ago

      FunPeshawar 0 Legally, he has to say explicitly if he is being payed for a review. So no, this wasn't a paid review.

    • FunPeshawar 0
      FunPeshawar 0 15 days ago

      Simon Šelih
      He does only paid reviews. LG isn't gonna pay him anymore. YouTube is business for him. Point to be noted.

  • Julian Lawrie
    Julian Lawrie Month ago

    I thought the G6 had a metal back with wireless charging ;(

  • Steven Pagan
    Steven Pagan Month ago

    is anyone having gps issues with the G6? I'm wanting to switch from my s8 to something that has a flat screen. curved screens are annoying and I can't even put a solid tempered glass on it -_-

  • Madhan Maersk
    Madhan Maersk Month ago

    oneplus 5 is available in Houston

  • Deng Ting Koay
    Deng Ting Koay Month ago

    for god sake's, please do your homework before you reviewing any phones
    G6 is able to turn on the app draw options
    Please, you make this whole thing looks like shit

  • engjoaocivil
    engjoaocivil Month ago

    OP5 at 499€ or LG G6 at 469€?

  • Mohit Jain
    Mohit Jain Month ago

    LG G6 or the one plus 5 if available at the same price ?

  • Aaditya Desai
    Aaditya Desai Month ago

    Wait.....did I just hear 2 TB of expandable storage!????

  • Joe Wan
    Joe Wan Month ago +1

    Intro music dope af
    FLY LIKE A G6!!!!!

  • MEM s
    MEM s Month ago

    @marques brownlee pls put a subtitle or a marker again in introducing the Specs of the phone (8gb odmf ram Adreno 433 etc.)plsss just pls

  • Ferdy Hirawan
    Ferdy Hirawan Month ago

    Nothing's perfect

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Watching this on my s8+

  • victor jimemez
    victor jimemez Month ago


  • Yugal Parmar
    Yugal Parmar Month ago

    Thank you

  • Steve Granda
    Steve Granda Month ago

    HEY, just got this phone a couple of days ago - because my Droid Turbo power button was destroyed - I thought the Droid was a beast, but this LG G6 is a beast! Lots of useful features, fast, and I haven't noticed any lags... So far, it doesn't run hot, and the battery lasts all day for me (9am to 5pm) before I have to plug in with 15% battery left... I use maps for deliveries, play music, read on the browser... Oh, in the store the phone feels dainty and light but after I put a case on it, it feels more manly and rugged... as far as the screen: it's more awesome in person. Probably the best LCD screen I've ever seen. Yea, the bottom firing speaker isn't great... but I wear bluetooth headset when I'm driving...

  • Aizen Sthaa
    Aizen Sthaa Month ago

    what song is that intro

  • mahmood ali kareem
    mahmood ali kareem Month ago +2

    I hate the fact that the bottom bezel doesn't match the top like on the s8 bezels on top and bottom are exactly the same size, thats what hold me back 😡😓I am gonna wait for the note 8.

  • vomitedshit
    vomitedshit 2 months ago +2

    why do i only see the swastika when he unlocks the phone?

  • ignitedbones
    ignitedbones 2 months ago

    Micro SD Card yaaaaasssss

  • Yung TedBounty
    Yung TedBounty 2 months ago

    450€ new after 3 months of the release down from 750€
    Ouchh that must fucking hurt

  • Mark brad
    Mark brad 2 months ago


  • Diana G.
    Diana G. 2 months ago

    I own an LG G4. I've had it for a year already and I don't know if I should get the LG G6. My G4 has been doing me good.

  • k d
    k d 2 months ago

    I currently have this phone & what I can say is that's its an improvement from the LG G4 I had. On the other hand, the camera is not what I expected. In all honesty I would rather have the LG G4 camera. The Google emojis on this phone are a downgrade also. Other than that its a great phone.

  • geir øyvind eskeland
    geir øyvind eskeland 2 months ago

    Sorry for my inadequate English. Finally a guy who are able to tell me something without all the annoying music and other sound trash in the background. That's perfect!

  • exsedra1000
    exsedra1000 2 months ago


  • Hugo Sánchez
    Hugo Sánchez 2 months ago

    and,.. the review?

  • mikakami93
    mikakami93 2 months ago

    wtf kinda S8

  • Roie Sofer
    Roie Sofer 2 months ago

    Removeable battery for me its pretty importent because if you have problem with your battery or just want to change it you need to send it to the store you bought it from and wait like a day or two.

  • Uncontrollable Love
    Uncontrollable Love 2 months ago

    Did you ever do full review?

  • Micah Black
    Micah Black 2 months ago

    I *JUST* got that he was using G6 as the opening song lolol hahaha

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