KYLE Performs 'Nothing 2 Lose' | MTV Beach House 2017

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  • mangekoo hull
    mangekoo hull 9 days ago

    Sounds like a modern day will smith rapper

  • Johnny Celery
    Johnny Celery 10 days ago +2

    The crowd isn't dead they're listening and respecting Kyle 😩👌🏾🔥

  • Ginu Kahlon
    Ginu Kahlon 11 days ago +1

    The crowd looks like they all forced there rich white parents to buy em tix

  • Destiny McCrary
    Destiny McCrary 11 days ago


  • SuperDuperMemes Boi
    SuperDuperMemes Boi 11 days ago

    he said imma nerdy "person" cuz it was a bunch of white people there

  • A. Villares
    A. Villares 11 days ago

    superduperkyle Makin moves

  • Felipe
    Felipe 11 days ago

    Shitty crowd, im soooo jealous

  • Casshat
    Casshat 11 days ago


  • AllReDJine MC5
    AllReDJine MC5 12 days ago +2

    I love Kyle and this music !!

  • Isaiah Alexander
    Isaiah Alexander 12 days ago

    I'm not trying to be rude but the guy at the bottom right at 1:45 looks like he got a face transplant...

  • eliotime™
    eliotime™ 12 days ago

    For when MTV live HD (outsitde US) will broadcast the MTV Beach House?

  • tl1049a
    tl1049a 12 days ago

    grenades in that crowd..Kyle is talented af though.

  • Eric Vargas
    Eric Vargas 12 days ago

    Finally KYLE getting recognition been listening since beautiful loser.

  • Caden McQuery
    Caden McQuery 12 days ago +2

    No offense, but that crowd dead af.

  • Sabrina ArtLife
    Sabrina ArtLife 12 days ago

    Got nothing to lose!!!

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez 12 days ago

    this guy rolls his tongue every time he talks... annoying..just makes me wanna punch the guy in the face.

    • cp4249
      cp4249 12 days ago

      Javier Lopez who cares lol

  • FratLivesMatter
    FratLivesMatter 12 days ago +7

    Kyle is good af live this crowd is trash af though

  • Spicy boi
    Spicy boi 12 days ago


  • My Set
    My Set 12 days ago

    This was a very good performance 💯 keep it up Kyle

  • Rian Thomas
    Rian Thomas 12 days ago +1

    I remember hearing him live on the radio a few days ago

  • Jacob Watkins
    Jacob Watkins 12 days ago

    Shit is so lame

  • Alex Rivas
    Alex Rivas 12 days ago +4

    Bruh that crowd really needs some more blacks & Latinos

  • shawnrosad
    shawnrosad 12 days ago +11

    Finally a rapper who actually raps the song rather than let the fans sing the song

  • Randy Guppy
    Randy Guppy 12 days ago

    I am going to subscribe to you you are so awesome

  • jesse brown
    jesse brown 12 days ago

    lmaooo all white people

  • KayJay Piru!
    KayJay Piru! 12 days ago

    The whole crowd off beat

  • Scott Sorokan
    Scott Sorokan 12 days ago +1

    missionary all these dude is boring. idk if he realizes how sus that is

  • Saharra M
    Saharra M 12 days ago

    FINALLY IT'S NOT I SPY! He about to shine with no features.

  • Javier Arellano
    Javier Arellano 12 days ago

    The crowd is so dead.

  • Cobicus
    Cobicus 12 days ago +42

    Kyle is finally getting what he has deserved for far to long

  • Christian Betancourt
    Christian Betancourt 12 days ago

    That boi Kyle is a bonified star!

  • Not a Real person
    Not a Real person 12 days ago +62

    Wait what he's rapping without his song playing in the back... oh yeah that's right he uses his real voice

  • zakaria abdi
    zakaria abdi 12 days ago +17

    I love kyle but when he performs all his crowds look dead

    • Dave Nacianceno
      Dave Nacianceno 2 days ago

      deadass b, like i went to this event and i was the only one who knew all kyle's lyrics. he did like 8 songs here. rest of yall only knew ispy

    • JayceeCameroNTheRapper
      JayceeCameroNTheRapper 11 days ago

      should've seen his NYC performance back in April. I was there and it was crazy asf!! we almost broke the floor for the dude

    • FratLivesMatter
      FratLivesMatter 12 days ago

      zakaria abdi it's cuz they only know ispy

    • zakaria abdi
      zakaria abdi 12 days ago

      Matt Ryan but this song is the bomb but the lyrics are kinda corny

    • Matt Ryan
      Matt Ryan 12 days ago

      zakaria abdi crowd is muted and they all probably haven't heard the song before

  • Space Vegas
    Space Vegas 12 days ago

    ooh ooh I think another Platinum plaque is coming soon who knew I would make it out these 20 dollar shoes

  • Indigo Bourn
    Indigo Bourn 12 days ago +1

    0:24 LMAO

  • Clouds' Chats
    Clouds' Chats 12 days ago +9


  • ThAtGuY23179
    ThAtGuY23179 12 days ago +4

    Waiting on the album

  • Percius Westbrooks
    Percius Westbrooks 12 days ago +28

    I've been a fan of Kyle since remember me all y'all some dick riders real Kyle fans are subbed ti his channel boom

    • My Set
      My Set 11 days ago

      Percius Westbrooks dude it's not really dick riding most people nvr heard of Kyle since ispy came out people started checkin for his music bcuz he got on the map some people probably thought he was gonna be a one hit wonder but that's what they say about everyone who makes their first hit

    • A. Villares
      A. Villares 11 days ago

      Dude if you wit KYLE then you should be happy, and hope that those who are new go and take their time to listen to his previous songs and from here on out be loyal to him

    • John Jackson
      John Jackson 12 days ago

      Zach Hudson Fax

    • Zach Hudson
      Zach Hudson 12 days ago

      Jay Cooper beautiful loser is an awesome album

    • Zach Hudson
      Zach Hudson 12 days ago

      Percius Westbrooks no one cares how long you been here you should just be proud of him for building a huge fanbase tbh

  • Percius Westbrooks
    Percius Westbrooks 12 days ago +9

    I've been a fan of Kyle before I spy and

  • Mario Ricketts
    Mario Ricketts 12 days ago +48

    This dude lit asf 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥..I respect rappers wit dope performances.

    • For ReAL
      For ReAL 12 days ago

      Mario Ricketts Check out his Cypher on XXL

  • Enver Deniz
    Enver Deniz 12 days ago +124

    Crowd looks like a white private school field trip that was lost

    • Andrew T
      Andrew T 4 days ago

      lmaoooo and nice profile pic

    • One And Only
      One And Only 12 days ago

      SkippBayless you're kinda dumb ... and ion even like logic

    • Enver Deniz
      Enver Deniz 12 days ago

      SkippBayless acc grew up in a home w drug dealers, and dropped out of school to work on music in his friends basement 🤗

    • Skip Bayless
      Skip Bayless 12 days ago

      Enver Deniz stfu you're a logic fan... ur favorite rapper went too a white private school lol

  • CR7 Maaz
    CR7 Maaz 12 days ago

    I was first

  • Tariq Powell
    Tariq Powell 12 days ago

    First like

  • McJcave18
    McJcave18 12 days ago +31

    0:29 you see logic from 2014

  • Amanda Christine
    Amanda Christine 12 days ago


  • Abdullah Mahdi
    Abdullah Mahdi 12 days ago +1

    First plz shout me out

  • CR7 Maaz
    CR7 Maaz 12 days ago +1


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