TWO HOURS of gentle lullabies for babies - Baby Sleep Music

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  • Angle Woods
    Angle Woods 33 minutes ago

    just thank you

  • Alice :3
    Alice :3 2 hours ago

    Ahhh...! Calming

  • Crazy Freak
    Crazy Freak 2 hours ago

    Uses this for nap and bedtime with my 1 year old! Works every time!

  • Jessika  Adams
    Jessika Adams 3 hours ago

    My babies love watching this, then they pass put after 10 minutes of laying down and listening.

  • Melissa Vanclief
    Melissa Vanclief 5 hours ago


  • marilu Ramirez
    marilu Ramirez 6 hours ago

    It put me to sleep and I'm not that little

  • why are you reading my profile name

    This work's on 1 months babies at least it worked on my

  • Sonny Hokianga
    Sonny Hokianga 7 hours ago

    Lol it's putting me a sleep

  • Reindeer 2005
    Reindeer 2005 11 hours ago

    When the baby is so full of energy and is supposed to be sleeping but ur staring at this video and it's making u tired instead of the baby XD

  • Johanna Rivas
    Johanna Rivas 12 hours ago

    Is anyone just listening to this because it's really good and relaxing?? No ?? Ok I'll leave ❤️

  • XXShadowAssassin
    XXShadowAssassin 13 hours ago

    I love this! Perfect for me!

  • Mica Lemus
    Mica Lemus 16 hours ago

    Does anyone else get emotional watching their child sleep while this music is playing? I play this for my 10 year old and I reminisce of when she was a baby and I cry so much. She'll always be a baby to me 💕

  • Shantica H
    Shantica H 17 hours ago

    I play Lullabies all the time for my 6 years, 3 snd 9 month old and it puts them to sleep! Lights out!

  • Claudia Trujillo
    Claudia Trujillo 18 hours ago

    this is an amazing mix of lullabies for babies my baby sleep instantly since his first month, know he's 5.5 months and still sleeping well. I think he loves this mix. I tried with a few others but this one was the one and only.

  • Alizabeth Combs
    Alizabeth Combs 18 hours ago

    It helps me and my cuz fall asleep

  • Envy Esparza
    Envy Esparza 20 hours ago

    Love it for my cus when i take care of him

  • Kashmoneyz
    Kashmoneyz 20 hours ago


  • Kashmoneyz
    Kashmoneyz 20 hours ago

    My baby bro is sleep because of this took like 10 mons

  • Tasia Beauty
    Tasia Beauty 21 hour ago

    Mommy baby finally asleep. Sweet dreams

  • Smol Terrence
    Smol Terrence 23 hours ago

    Best song

  • Joseph Zhu
    Joseph Zhu 1 day ago

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  • Fiorela Benjamin
    Fiorela Benjamin 1 day ago

    I'm trying to put my three brothers to sleep (triplets) and I'm just scrolling through the comments

  • Joseph Zhu
    Joseph Zhu 1 day ago


  • Qiara Ramirez
    Qiara Ramirez 1 day ago

  • Taelor Gray
    Taelor Gray 1 day ago

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  • Carrie Jones
    Carrie Jones 1 day ago

    Perez was crying his eyes out as soon as I turned this on he stopped and then went to bed within 5 minutes

  • Josue Guzman
    Josue Guzman 1 day ago

    This shit made my son hyper

  • Makenna Swenson
    Makenna Swenson 1 day ago

    I have a 5 day old daughter I'm raising her on my own I'm a teen a mom

  • its the whiteboy
    its the whiteboy 1 day ago

    not even 5 minutes into the music and my 4 month old son is sound asleep with his bottle still in his mouth then i get to just lay down and wait for him to wake up and all i do is play the music over again

  • Lizbeth Bustos
    Lizbeth Bustos 1 day ago

    comment and like if this is the perfect song and to me is so cool to me is beautiful beautiful for the night to me is romantic.

  • Savannah Spraus
    Savannah Spraus 1 day ago

    I remember when my baby brother was first born and me my dad and stepmom would play this for him and one time while he was listening to this and I had fell asleep with him

  • XxkawiidogxX 2.0
    XxkawiidogxX 2.0 1 day ago

    it makes me sleep some how

  • Valentina Roman
    Valentina Roman 1 day ago

    All these comments say the same thing so it doesn't really help me stay awake while I put my son to sleep...

  • Claudia Mata
    Claudia Mata 1 day ago


  • Ariana Fowler
    Ariana Fowler 1 day ago

    My brother loves this lullaby

  • Alyssa Kimera
    Alyssa Kimera 1 day ago

    This really works my sister baby really fell asleep 😚😴

  • Cali K
    Cali K 1 day ago

    All the comments are saying there child or sibling is out cold, but my brother is wide awake😂

  • TitanBassMan
    TitanBassMan 1 day ago

    I feel like I'm at a viewing...

  • Mailen Ningala
    Mailen Ningala 1 day ago

    i'm a nanny and everytime i put baby seetab to sleep i always play this its easy to her to get sleep...

  • Kimora Tillman
    Kimora Tillman 1 day ago


  • Justyne Jenkins
    Justyne Jenkins 1 day ago

    Just played this to my nephew he was out in 7 min!!!

  • kakashi hataki
    kakashi hataki 1 day ago

    So cute!!! a baby is born in my house. I have 2 babies. now

  • nikkie_31234 *
    nikkie_31234 * 2 days ago

    PS: I am only 15 years old

  • nikkie_31234 *
    nikkie_31234 * 2 days ago

    I know this may sound silly but I still use calming instrumental music to help me sleep after a long a day

  • Ruth Ann Humphries
    Ruth Ann Humphries 2 days ago

    My sister is 5 months and WONT GO TO SLEEP AFTER 2HOURS

  • Angie Casaux
    Angie Casaux 2 days ago

    How can you tell a four,year old to go to sleep???? The answer is you just can't !!!!!! You gotta put this song on and got bored!!!!!! 😂😂

  • Britney Walker
    Britney Walker 2 days ago


  • يتيوب عزوز


  • Amanda Farabella
    Amanda Farabella 2 days ago

    Love this

  • willymunji327
    willymunji327 2 days ago

    Kudos, this playlist is alright!

  • Nicole Gomez
    Nicole Gomez 2 days ago

    puts my dogs to sleep. I approve.

  • LisaChenXD
    LisaChenXD 2 days ago

    That make my brother sleep

  • Giovanna Harvey
    Giovanna Harvey 2 days ago

    You help me sleep

  • corrine nicole
    corrine nicole 2 days ago

    All I can do is lay in bed and play this for my little sister till she goes to sleep

  • Monica Guardado
    Monica Guardado 2 days ago

    Putting boys to sleep and trying to stay awake so I can take care of some house stuff after they're out.

    HEAVYN COLE 2 days ago

    omg I tried 1 of the ones before this one and my lil baby cousin wouldnt even go to sleep then I tried this one and it wad on for 1 mom and 59 sec and she was asleep

    BRODY NAGY 2 days ago


  • camper_capt
    camper_capt 2 days ago

    after a long hard day of streaming and or recording YouTube vidoes this helps me relax and it helps my 8 month year old calm down

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith 2 days ago

    love i...zzzzzzzzz

  • Faze Clips
    Faze Clips 2 days ago

    Mistic gamer i am trying to put my brother asleep to

  • Michelle Walker
    Michelle Walker 2 days ago

    This help my baby sleep!!!!!!

  • Jessica Perez
    Jessica Perez 2 days ago

    good good

  • Alaina Garcia
    Alaina Garcia 3 days ago


  • Alaina Garcia
    Alaina Garcia 3 days ago

    i was asleep it was good I felt angels playing with me then my brother turned it off he turned off the music

  • Liv W
    Liv W 3 days ago


  • Addysen Ball
    Addysen Ball 3 days ago

    it helps my baby girl go to sleep

  • Star Vs Reality
    Star Vs Reality 3 days ago

    my lullbie 😇😈😉😐😄😃😂😁😀☺😅😑😠😬😴😬👄

  • Squishies 4 life
    Squishies 4 life 3 days ago

    Please I need 10 or more likes on my comment

  • Squishies 4 life
    Squishies 4 life 3 days ago

    I know I am not a baby but this put me to sleep, it is so soothing😴

  • avakin life Hey its avakin life

    that moment when you exit and you try so fast to go back on so the baby won't wake up

  • avakin life Hey its avakin life

    Omg why isn't this working it .......I mean she is still awake

  • KerezyMaii
    KerezyMaii 3 days ago

    Im 17 and dont have a baby. I use this to put myself to sleep. Im a freak

  • Jane Joesbury
    Jane Joesbury 4 days ago


  • Anne Cole
    Anne Cole 4 days ago

    we need more comments so I can stay awake little man is fighting sleep so hard but this is making him so sleepy

  • nat Dominguez
    nat Dominguez 4 days ago


  • Marc Vela
    Marc Vela 4 days ago

    my kid was so hyper he couldn't even go to sleep and then when I press the little music he just fell asleep

  • Justino Medinalos
    Justino Medinalos 4 days ago

    thumbs up and comments For My Son Baby Roman Born July 2 2017 , For falling Asleep

  • S Park
    S Park 4 days ago

    YES! 14MIN in and she is K.O'ed

  • Rachel Harford
    Rachel Harford 4 days ago


  • Corion Patton
    Corion Patton 4 days ago

    I'm a kid and I put this on and I fell fast asleep

  • YouTube Life
    YouTube Life 4 days ago

    lol I know this sounds werid but like this if your in the weird club but here is what is werid I'm 11 and I can't fall asleep so I listen to this 😂

  • Easy Bunny
    Easy Bunny 4 days ago

    jk, i dont have a neice

  • Easy Bunny
    Easy Bunny 4 days ago

    my neice fell right asleep

  • Angie Martinez
    Angie Martinez 4 days ago

    this is for me

  • hummercraft gaming
    hummercraft gaming 4 days ago

    OMG OMG oops omg omg it worked *yells yay in brain🎉* thanks !

  • emma Viktora
    emma Viktora 4 days ago

    thay sing good

  • emma Viktora
    emma Viktora 4 days ago

    good songs

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown 4 days ago

    How do u play this so can still use ya phone I have a Samsung a3

  • Nicole Torres
    Nicole Torres 5 days ago

    I love music

  • Sparkle kitty101
    Sparkle kitty101 5 days ago

    Omg it's 5:28 am and I haven't slept!

  • Marynn Loera
    Marynn Loera 5 days ago

    Aweso,me dude I'm 100 it puts me to sleep everyday doe,ndjdms,ksjd

  • Star Vs Reality
    Star Vs Reality 5 days ago


  • Anna Chesterton
    Anna Chesterton 5 days ago

    Bb to insure the Hm.z.w

  • Amelia Valente
    Amelia Valente 5 days ago

    Gnight ppl Ima go to sleep ppl 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  • Amelia Valente
    Amelia Valente 5 days ago

    When you have a child it's a metrical it's an honor but once the baby gets older it will be difficult for you sometimes but you still love he/she and you know that nothing will happen because you are pretecting them.

    So what I'm saying is always love your baby girl/boy and you will always love them and your family a lot! That's all I have to say to all the parents out there on the earth

  • Amelia Valente
    Amelia Valente 5 days ago

    This is good for kids too sleep

  • tieara johnson
    tieara johnson 5 days ago

    trying to put my 2 month old to sleep by playing this, instead he is crying while im listening to it, im so tired i just realized i was trying to put his pacifier in his ear instead of his mouth.

  • Abbey Walsh
    Abbey Walsh 5 days ago

    Trying to put my two daughters one is 3 and the other one is 3 1/2 to sleep with this but I think they are fighting to stay awake but soon they can't fight anymore and they will fall asleep. This is making me want to sleep 😴

  • Maritza Flores
    Maritza Flores 5 days ago

    anyone reading while little ones go to sleep mine are 6 but they have so much energy this still works to sooth them down..

    • Maritza Flores
      Maritza Flores 5 days ago

      and they are asleep... be back tomorrow to do this all over again lol.. good night all...

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