What It’s Like To Have Insomnia

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  • MsTwte
    MsTwte 7 hours ago

    people stuff themselves with coffee and sugar and wonder why they cant sleep at night xDDDD

  • Meme Iselfaneye
    Meme Iselfaneye 1 day ago

    "Hey, you know what I think is really interesting?"


    "Every mistake you've ever made."

    Yep, that's it in a nutshell.

  • Deadow
    Deadow 2 days ago


  • Jessica Sprinklezz
    Jessica Sprinklezz 2 days ago

    Ok..... I think I have insomnia. (Help me )

  • grayarticwolf animation

    that's what I exactly feel I can't sleep I've been awake for so long

  • The Wolf525
    The Wolf525 3 days ago

    This is me 😭

  • Vincent Nigro
    Vincent Nigro 3 days ago

    pls put your arm under the covers

  • Frost
    Frost 3 days ago +1

    Who sleeps with no socks?!

  • Jeremiah Turner
    Jeremiah Turner 3 days ago

    Zelda music!

  • Obvious Torch
    Obvious Torch 5 days ago +1

    Do I have insomnia because this is actually relatable 😔

  • Ishaan Jordan
    Ishaan Jordan 6 days ago

    Wait, this isn't normal?

  • Carl Grimes's Eyepatch

    I've had insomnia a couple times, and this described it perfectly.

  • Adrianna Brown
    Adrianna Brown 6 days ago

    God, the accuracy

  • Donald frog
    Donald frog 7 days ago

    my brain every night

  • Shannan Speed
    Shannan Speed 7 days ago

    very accurate

  • T3TR1S Kandi
    T3TR1S Kandi 8 days ago


  • Akhil Madi
    Akhil Madi 9 days ago +1


  • Kevin Reisch
    Kevin Reisch 10 days ago

    Just hold your breath to three minutes or so and you will pass right out.

  • Hanna
    Hanna 11 days ago

    Lmao, can relate. Sometimes I just sit there and cry, and I count down the hours I have to sleep and tell myself that there's no way I'm getting through tomorrow without a certain amount of sleep. It's kinda scary sometimes, just waiting for sleep and knowing that it's not gonna come tonight

  • Night fury Rider
    Night fury Rider 12 days ago

    Insomnia is so much worse

  • MarcelRevenvall
    MarcelRevenvall 16 days ago

    What was the song in the beginning

  • Carolina Silvestrini
    Carolina Silvestrini 18 days ago

    I feel a bit better after watching this and reading the comments... had a pretty awful night and i have a super important presentation in like two hours. at least i'm not the only one who can't sleep.

  • Thesmus
    Thesmus 18 days ago

    Every time I go to sleep, numerous ideas and thoughts suddenly comes when most of the time that I am awake, I would be having a hard time getting new ideas. Also, that's the time I remember the things I'm supposed to do. I always repeat them in my head, but when I wake up, I forget them already :/

    This video just showed it well XD

    FUCKING SEAGULS 19 days ago

    I've had no sleep in 35 hours and am still bouncing off the walls

  • gajjit
    gajjit 20 days ago

    For me instead of "are you thirsty" my insomnia asks "do you have to take a piss?"

  • Robert Kite
    Robert Kite 20 days ago

    Watching a video about insomnia whilst I have insomnia which therefore is not helping my trouble falling asleep due to insomnia

  • Sterling Snake
    Sterling Snake 21 day ago

    What's that song in the beginning? It sounds so familiar...

  • Zer0 M1st
    Zer0 M1st 21 day ago +1

    I keep trying to sleep but, this one condition keeps kicking my ass.

  • tannman6
    tannman6 21 day ago


  • Zale
    Zale 21 day ago

    I have a huge problem of insomnia seriously I can keep my eyes closed for hours and not do anything and not get to sleep

    And this video pretty much describes my nights except the end I will probably be eating skittles

  • Emi Animal
    Emi Animal 21 day ago

    I don't have insomnia and I try to go to bed at decent times but this still happens to me. you forgot when you have to randomly have to go to the bathroom.

  • CamiCat
    CamiCat 21 day ago

    Buzzfeed title? PFFFFFTTTTT. Nah. Totally not.

  • Killem Gilliam
    Killem Gilliam 24 days ago

    This is me trying to sleep

  • Victor Morales
    Victor Morales 25 days ago


  • arkfille
    arkfille 25 days ago

    ITT: people thinking they have insomnia but don't

  • AnimalArcher
    AnimalArcher 25 days ago

    If insomnia is a person, then medication is a butter knife.

  • Insert Channel name here:

    Who goes to sleep with shoes on lel

  • Scxttered Stxrs
    Scxttered Stxrs 27 days ago

    This is so accurate it hurts

  • BlueEyedBadAss
    BlueEyedBadAss 29 days ago

    This is me

  • Casper Widd
    Casper Widd 29 days ago

    one week ago i wasnt able to fall asleep at al. i was just in the bed for 7 hours

  • chilly dreamer star night

    incredibly accurate

  • Dianna Sunlets
    Dianna Sunlets 1 month ago

    Oh dear now I think I have insomnia. F**k.

  • Raydor VI
    Raydor VI 1 month ago

    Insomnia reminds me of myself

  • Razzle Dazzle
    Razzle Dazzle 1 month ago

    As someone who has actual diagnosed insomnia this is totally true

  • kacper szyniec
    kacper szyniec 1 month ago

    well look on the bright side, only 3 more sleeps till christmas.

  • Wakiki Demore
    Wakiki Demore 1 month ago +1

    According to this video, I am insomnia to my friends...

  • Jacob Adams
    Jacob Adams 1 month ago

    I found out I have Insomnia

  • Jonah Hillman
    Jonah Hillman 1 month ago

    The worst part of insomnia isn't being tired in the morning. It's lying awake staring at the wall for hours on end.

  • Kai Lutyens
    Kai Lutyens 1 month ago

    yeah actually this is pretty accurate

  • NekoKyoko_701 Hashimoto

    isnt is weird how there is no comfotable way to put your arms? Is it both hot and cold? Are you thirsty? these are bothering questions. oh and also the when you remember everything at night thing or list what your gonna do or over think all your issues in life

  • Flazz
    Flazz 1 month ago

    This isn't fucking insomnia. Insomnia ruins your fucking life. As somebody who ACTUALLY suffers from it everybody in the comments saying "boohoo I have insomnia because I have to piss at night" need to shut up. I will literally spend DAYS without any sleep because my brain just won't shut off. Quit making it sound like something tiny, it isn't.

  • Duck Mx scrooge
    Duck Mx scrooge 1 month ago

    Sooo frickin true

  • My Name Name
    My Name Name 1 month ago

    Okay but can we take a minute to appreciate the filming on this? This was edited better than some movies I've seen.

  • kidzworldm
    kidzworldm 1 month ago

    yes, so true

  • Cici Jade
    Cici Jade 1 month ago

    100% accurate

  • Adam Moer
    Adam Moer 1 month ago

    Lern about luicd dreaming techniques, mostly WILD and the roll over signal, you will sleep instantly

  • Lucky RW
    Lucky RW 1 month ago

    U miss the part when you suffer and want to kill yourself

  • Ro-mi Michelle
    Ro-mi Michelle 1 month ago

    my life

  • Alden Grant
    Alden Grant 1 month ago

    My insomnia tells me to masterbate

  • kindoflame
    kindoflame 1 month ago

    I have to take naps during the day, because I can never go to sleep when I want to. I can never got o sleep when I want to, because I take naps during the day. It is a viscous cycle.

  • Gyaso Gyadi
    Gyaso Gyadi 1 month ago

    Hahahahahaha so accurate!!!!

  • Pirate Miner
    Pirate Miner 1 month ago

    my life

  • Dino- Popcicle
    Dino- Popcicle 1 month ago

    Me always before a plane

    BRANDON LEWIS 1 month ago

    Thumbs up if you watched this late at night because you couldn't fall asleep.

  • Gameaholic3000
    Gameaholic3000 1 month ago

    I think i have mild insomnia

  • Marco Lau
    Marco Lau 1 month ago

    I guess the cure to insomnia is to buy a smaller bed.

  • Mgaming
    Mgaming 1 month ago

    insomnia seems nice

  • The sᴜᴍᴍɪᴛᴠɪʟʟᴇ

    music name at the start?

  • MrFuthisshit
    MrFuthisshit 1 month ago

    Shit i got anxious just by watching this

  • Aurora Meadows
    Aurora Meadows 1 month ago

    So Mike Trapp is even an asshole to himself now lol

  • Blu Garcia
    Blu Garcia 1 month ago

    Isn't this normal?

  • Nope Fuck off
    Nope Fuck off 1 month ago

    So accurate

  • That One Diva
    That One Diva 1 month ago

    Yeah, our brains just don't shut up

  • Teresa Zell
    Teresa Zell 1 month ago


  • MyChemicalBromance
    MyChemicalBromance 1 month ago

    The worst thing is when people say 'yeah I have insomnia too' but they obviously don't.

  • Lexington Kennedy
    Lexington Kennedy 1 month ago

    Guys... I got NO sleep last night.

  • Inter galactic space octopus

    I wonder how many butt hurt people there are that commented

  • Kirigaya_Kazuto
    Kirigaya_Kazuto 1 month ago

    I think just realized it now but Trap looks like Russel from Up

  • Kawaii Kisses
    Kawaii Kisses 1 month ago

    FINALLY PEOPLE UNDERSTAND MY STRUGGLE!!! It's like once you actually try to fall asleep all that comes to your mind is everything you either need to do the next day or forgot to do earlier. It sucks :/ and then you start to think of all the lies you told when you were like 6. And then you just starts to watch videos of "how to fall asleep" which then leads to falling into the perpetual hole of YouTube and then you realize you haven't slept and it's like 3 am

  • Rachit dhawan
    Rachit dhawan 2 months ago

    feel like that now but with a hint of horror

  • jodiiplatt
    jodiiplatt 2 months ago

    everyone in these comments sounds like they need to smoke a nice blizzle before bed

  • Emosnowflake
    Emosnowflake 2 months ago


  • Jobuuu Majors
    Jobuuu Majors 2 months ago

    No one gonna mention how thin his duvet is?

  • SonicGamer
    SonicGamer 2 months ago

    I may not have insomnia, but my garbage sleep schedule certainly has a similar effect on my waking hours.

  • Aidan Cannatelli
    Aidan Cannatelli 2 months ago +1

    That moment when you're on your phone because you can't sleep and watch a video about what it's like to have insomnia

  • gameramaproductions
    gameramaproductions 2 months ago

    "are you sure you did that work that need to be handed in for tomorrow"
    "yes, we were working on it for hours today"
    "but are you sure"
    "ok but you better check that it hasn't somehow randomly deleted itself"
    "dammit fine... ok look its there and fine"
    "well since you turned your computer back on, lets go back and forth between facebook and youtube for a few hours"

    This sort of thing happens to me most nights XD

  • Finnegan Wolff
    Finnegan Wolff 2 months ago

    Is it insomnia if my brain just repeats song lyrics again and again and I can't sleep?

  • 88eddie
    88eddie 2 months ago

    wtf i experience every single thing that happened on this im so mindfucked rn i thought i just had really fucked up sleeping schedules

  • Abby T
    Abby T 2 months ago

    I'm currently watching this at 1 am

  • behic karatas
    behic karatas 2 months ago

    Watching this at night doesn't help the situation really

  • alex Pearson
    alex Pearson 2 months ago

    i watched this video now i think i have insomnia

  • Pixel Spray
    Pixel Spray 2 months ago +1


  • Bildawl
    Bildawl 2 months ago

    That song at the beginning... I can play it.

  • Frostick
    Frostick 2 months ago

    This is basicly me but I don't have insomnia

  • Cap'n EggHeadgaming
    Cap'n EggHeadgaming 2 months ago

    the beginning piano sounds like Zelda's lullaby

  • king of sweden
    king of sweden 2 months ago

    what's the name of the song in the beginning? wanna knooooowwww!!!

  • Southwest Stress
    Southwest Stress 2 months ago

    Nailed it.

  • Tom Lawson
    Tom Lawson 2 months ago

    It's 2 am right now and I'm watching this...

  • Marco Côté
    Marco Côté 2 months ago


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