Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera vs LG G6 vs Google Pixel!

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  • unbox chemistry
    unbox chemistry 4 hours ago

    I think you look beautiful on all three devices. C:

  • Elit3~
    Elit3~ 5 hours ago

    The galaxy S8 and the Pixel is very close. But I do prefer the S8 mainly because the phone itself looks amazing.

  • Todor Maxx
    Todor Maxx 7 hours ago

    What the hell is wrong with you people?

  • Andre Zinho
    Andre Zinho 9 hours ago

    Very nice girl!

  • Rami Hannawi
    Rami Hannawi 13 hours ago

    G6 all the way

  • Cam Rod
    Cam Rod Day ago

    yo cut off the stripes in your clothes

  • shrikant rane
    shrikant rane 2 days ago

    i have google pixel becoz i love you

  • Ayush
    Ayush 2 days ago

    Fuck Samsung :) Any other Android can compete for the crown.

  • Jacob Chouinard
    Jacob Chouinard 2 days ago


  • Alexey Filippenko
    Alexey Filippenko 2 days ago

    LG G6 makes blured wide-angle camera shots for a very obvious reason - it has no OIS and can't handle long exposure necessary for low-light shots. Ofc Pixel has large pixels (punny) of the sensor and worlds best software, so somehow it can make great shots even in low light. Unless it's too dim. Then it outright sucks.

  • Subrahmanya Eswar
    Subrahmanya Eswar 2 days ago

    LG G6 is excellent.

  • Kammari Sravankumar
    Kammari Sravankumar 2 days ago

    LG G6 beast

  • Jayy Cole
    Jayy Cole 3 days ago

    Google Pixel 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Anthony Jimenez
    Anthony Jimenez 3 days ago

    Her smile is everything 😍

  • SamsungandLG Lover2017

    LG did a hell of a job, congrats😉😃

  • Paulo Crepaldi
    Paulo Crepaldi 3 days ago

    You do a superb job making this comparisoins. For me... can't thank you enough. What matter the most for me in a smartphone is the camera, then I look the rest. Always checking your channel to see what the cameras are in the real world. Thanks again Krystal ;)

  • Hasim Khan
    Hasim Khan 4 days ago

    lg g6 win

  • Nehemias Forneron
    Nehemias Forneron 4 days ago

    U r so cutie Kristal

  • Quentin Mehl
    Quentin Mehl 5 days ago


  • Alex Rivero Nava
    Alex Rivero Nava 5 days ago

    I would say the s8 wins here. Amazing pictures even in low light, and if you have a bit steady hand video will be smooth and also natural looking. You can get a clip on wide angle lense online for little money, so unless you are avid photographer, the LG g6 feature is not vital, and even then maybe you should get a compact camera. Also, when comparing photos in low light (see gsm arena) LG oversharpens the most, with Samsung coming in 2, and the Google pixel and one plus really have great detail without oversharpening. What about Oneplus5 ? amazing contrast and color accuracy

  • yadukrishna cr
    yadukrishna cr 6 days ago

    You look like a bunny..🐰☺️

  • Ali Dilwar
    Ali Dilwar 6 days ago

    Lg g6 best mobile

  • Samuel Boursiquot
    Samuel Boursiquot 7 days ago

    Lg g6

  • kausto j
    kausto j 7 days ago

    I was hoping for G6 to have resolved video stabilisation issues, but LG seems to ignore it always

  • Alyssa Magahis
    Alyssa Magahis 8 days ago

    I just want to say this video is REALLY well done and very informative! Thank you so much!! :)

  • cyprus gamer 007
    cyprus gamer 007 8 days ago +1


  • UncleBiscuits79
    UncleBiscuits79 8 days ago

    @Krystal Key - Good review of the cameras here. The only thing I would like to see is how fast the cameras load up. I have a friend that has an S8 and she always complains that the camera is SO SLOW to launch, and sometimes when you press the button to take the picture, it either lags or doesn't take the pic at all. Kind of hard to get that perfect 'WorldStarHipHop' moment when your camera doesn't cooperate :)

    Did you notice stuff like that with the S8 or the other cameras? The speed of the camera is important when you want to catch the perfect moment when your friends are acting like idiots at a bar or even something more important like your kid walking for the first time :)

  • ElJman85
    ElJman85 9 days ago

    O and I just got a G6 this past week and like it so far

  • ElJman85
    ElJman85 9 days ago

    The LG G6 does have a wide angle selfie camera! The front facing camera doubles as a wide able lens too. Love your videos!

  • EdenNguyen
    EdenNguyen 9 days ago

    The Google pixel has 12.3 MP!!!

  • Samih Karroum
    Samih Karroum 9 days ago


  • Shreyash Shetye
    Shreyash Shetye 10 days ago

    I will go with s8

  • Savas Ava
    Savas Ava 11 days ago

    Abla memelerine 3 posta helal et <31

  • Naanu Loper
    Naanu Loper 11 days ago

    She always talks about sky ... lmao .. who the fuck would even notice the sky when your subject is right in the center of the pic ????????? .... dumbest reviews ... this girl used to be good but lately she just talks about sky in all camera comparisons .... ROFL !! .. talk about how the main subject looks in the pic dumbo !!!

  • Rakesh Chintu
    Rakesh Chintu 12 days ago

    Krystal Key is obsessed fan for g6

  • rocky771000
    rocky771000 12 days ago

    lg g6. value for money..

  • Souljerz
    Souljerz 13 days ago

    I'm like # 10,000!!!! Cool video! S8 is my favorite.

  • jalend venn
    jalend venn 13 days ago

    Why not use exposure compensation when in underexposes the photo? Haha

  • Jada Tesfaye
    Jada Tesfaye 13 days ago +1

    I like the pixel better because I feel like its the only android that doesn't soften pictures when taking selfies. The galaxy s8 always looks like its on beauty mode but the pixel always gives the clearest pictures.

  • Gotenks Ssj3
    Gotenks Ssj3 13 days ago

    Lg g6 is the best

  • Aaffan Adil
    Aaffan Adil 13 days ago

    I'm 😟😟😟lg g6 ro samsung s7 gede

  • Renu Rai
    Renu Rai 13 days ago


  • Joshua Fernandes
    Joshua Fernandes 14 days ago

    Which has a better camera ASUS AR CAMERA VS LG G6 CAMERA

  • GrimCZ
    GrimCZ 14 days ago

    LG G6 or LG G5 camera? Cant decide :D

  • Albert Balázs
    Albert Balázs 14 days ago

    Veneers, veneers everywhere :), nice vid btw!

  • Smart _boyXx
    Smart _boyXx 14 days ago

    I have the LG G5 from 2016 but I think both LG G5 and G6 are similar besides the camera I think the LG is the better choice

  • The Black Dude
    The Black Dude 14 days ago +1

    The pixel is still the best

  • junior antonio
    junior antonio 15 days ago

    Pixel Wins

  • YeshuaReigns
    YeshuaReigns 16 days ago

    camera only:

    Pixel > G6 > S8

  • Ayush Maan
    Ayush Maan 16 days ago

    Hey kryzi, Can you please compare oneplus 5 with Lg G6 ??specially camera ...
    Nd which one worth more to the money spend ??

  • Dane Jensen
    Dane Jensen 16 days ago

    The S8 looks the best. Just got the G6 and I hate it.

  • Monica Watson
    Monica Watson 17 days ago

    Krystal do what have sex

  • 블핑바라기
    블핑바라기 18 days ago

    I luv it G6

  • Alex MC
    Alex MC 20 days ago

    I really like the g6 wide angle shots, video recording, photos, but i gotta admit it's not the best when it comes to selfies and low light shots

  • dataskin
    dataskin 20 days ago

    LG G6 best for photos, S8+ best for videos

  • Budai Mihai
    Budai Mihai 21 day ago

    I am looking to change my Mate8, and upgrade. But cant make up my mind. Mate 9, G6, S8 with that inspired located fingerprint sensor, Pixel.... his is killing me. I need a good all-arounder, good camera, buisniss orientated phone. I need mails, youtube, and a good camera. Pls help.....

  • M B
    M B 21 day ago

    It is G6 hands down! It is one extra camera, same quality, with wide angular lens, one of the most used in general photo so there is no comptetition at all. And the main one is more tele than the other two, which is perfect for portraiture.

  • Jake 808
    Jake 808 22 days ago

    but then you can switch the G6 to manual mode and actually find the perfect shot...

  • Lydia Smith
    Lydia Smith 22 days ago

    So glad I came across your channel this is really helping me decide witch phone to buy, considering I have had so many nearly £1000 worth so thank you 😊

  • Abdullah Zafar
    Abdullah Zafar 22 days ago


  • Aditya Mistry
    Aditya Mistry 22 days ago +1


  • KaputTV
    KaputTV 22 days ago

    Galaxy S7 - won!)

  • Ian Mandel
    Ian Mandel 23 days ago

    Great freaking Job !!! best on youtube on camera comparison !!

  • Sang Hendrix
    Sang Hendrix 24 days ago

    Damn, I love the S8 but you can't deny Pixel has the best camera here.

  • Skertn Swangn
    Skertn Swangn 25 days ago

    krystal your hot. reviewing flagship phones, even hotter 😎

  • Ahmet Tarık Kaya
    Ahmet Tarık Kaya 25 days ago

    It's amazing what Google did with that Pixel. Even tho it's one generation old compared to the S8 and G6 I think It's the best almost at every category camera wise. Especially that EIS in Pixel is impressive. Pixel 2 camera will be a beast

  • Ryan Singh
    Ryan Singh 25 days ago +1

    who was looking at the phones ?
    well I don't

    MASTERxOFx WAR 26 days ago


  • lankz
    lankz 26 days ago

    God damn you're pretty

  • Gary Chad Luayon
    Gary Chad Luayon 26 days ago

    Lg G6 the best although Imma iPhone 7 user but I like LG g6 too.

  • Brandon Wong
    Brandon Wong 26 days ago

    S8! for selfie, low light and video!

  • Blacktronics
    Blacktronics 26 days ago

    You know what's funny? you can adjust the color temperature on the G6, because manual mode ftw.

  • Stargirl
    Stargirl 26 days ago

    Interesting that when videoing the Galaxy s8 looks muted and the pixel looks clearer brighter, the G6 also s quite good in that department! I want/prefer a cellphone that will have bright pics and video (Not muted. I don't mind natural looking pics but not ones that lack clarity/bright, I guess I just love the crisp feel that brightness brings - especially when taking photos of scenery etc (don't care to blur the background - well not often anyway). Also, I need a cellphone that doesn't have its battery die so quickly when taking photos and downloading music, so I really desire quality battery life! What is your fave phone of all you've owned thus far? I struggle as there's so many on the market, gee, Ah... don't know which to go with ^_^' xD

  • Female Species Never Cares Honest Love

    Please don't make me bad boy by showing ur assets

  • Lihpnad Lid
    Lihpnad Lid 27 days ago +1

    The Pixel has a great camera and great looking software...too bad the phone is so ugly 😖

  • just_ art
    just_ art 27 days ago


  • nickydog2011
    nickydog2011 27 days ago

    G6 overall

  • Ilkin nik
    Ilkin nik 28 days ago

    krystal which is your real cloth ? :D every phone showes different color your cloth and different color clouds

  • Random Subscriber
    Random Subscriber 28 days ago

    They all look good imo but that wide angle shooter and manual focusing and stuff makes me gravitate more towards the g6

  • Zedd
    Zedd 28 days ago

    Teteknya menyelinak bak mengundang gairah hahha aduh salah fokus di intro

  • Ajijur Rahman
    Ajijur Rahman 29 days ago

    samsung galaxy s8 best camera i love samsung galaxy

    MCDEN PLAYS Month ago


  • Jazz Fur
    Jazz Fur Month ago

    Props to Lg G6!!!

  • Elecizionic
    Elecizionic Month ago

    1:43 thanks me later

  • Fawad Bilgrami
    Fawad Bilgrami Month ago

    What about underwater shots? Oh Pixel would die.

  • Gauravv A
    Gauravv A Month ago

    Pixel is best in camera

  • BlackLives Matter
    BlackLives Matter Month ago

    Wtf is wrong with your vision you impaired fuck.

  • Mr. Shizzle
    Mr. Shizzle Month ago

    Well i guess she hates the g6...

  • David Marte
    David Marte Month ago

    G6 is flooded with features, therefore I'd take that.

  • slampog
    slampog Month ago

    Overall G6 for the wide lens and overall quality.
    Second best, Pixel by far.

  • Saiba Jinzero
    Saiba Jinzero Month ago

    Samsung! wins day or night had good pic LGG6 fake color too bright to dark at night at fake as color. pixel just below one level of LGG6

  • Cameron Jack
    Cameron Jack Month ago

    I love my S8+ but yes the pixel takes better photos.

  • The Darkest Player
    The Darkest Player Month ago


  • Deadpool
    Deadpool Month ago

    The HDR+ on Pixel does not make your face look artificial, instead it shows your face's true colour. No matter how much make-up you put, you are still black. Yes that's right negro, that's what you are.

  • Ruslan Jo May
    Ruslan Jo May Month ago

    I would also add the price. Right now LG G6 is possible to buy for 435 €! And that the best price so far. Almost 50% cheaper than pixel.

  • Nithin Guna
    Nithin Guna Month ago

    you r looking gooddd nd lovely

  • frank zasa
    frank zasa Month ago

    G6 Always.

    SMM MOHAMMADI Month ago +2

    LG G6

  • Gendidy
    Gendidy Month ago

    I got the G6 simply for the wide angle lens :)

  • b b ki vines reaction

    LG G6 camera lovers mobile..

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