Gummy Bears Experiment

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  • OoxdoO
    OoxdoO 9 days ago


  • JonGia
    JonGia 13 days ago

    3:27 *OOO GAMMY WORAM*

  • Deathalex19593
    Deathalex19593 Month ago

    He is ready for a bomb explosion

  • Some Cyka Blyat
    Some Cyka Blyat Month ago

    smokes like a V-16 Detroit diesel

  • Leee
    Leee Month ago


  • nirvana krum
    nirvana krum Month ago

    Awsome Xp

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote Month ago

    Willie Pete.

  • Pinrui Huang
    Pinrui Huang Month ago

    try potassium PERchlorate.

  • Mel M
    Mel M Month ago

    if you add a cab with there be an explosion? Or will the cap shoot away?

  • Sammy Sanchez
    Sammy Sanchez Month ago

    he looks like tachanka with all that safety

  • Lëgïenđąřý Groudon

    my favourite science teacher!

  • JO 8A
    JO 8A Month ago

    Coolest gummy experiment

  • CoolBrothers !!!
    CoolBrothers !!! Month ago

    3:12 Gummy Worm XD HAHA

    ELITE Month ago

    you speak Russian?

  • Generic Fuckboi Clone

    I'm trying to overdose with those.

  • marty vlogger
    marty vlogger 2 months ago

    very entertaining :)

  • pariag travers
    pariag travers 2 months ago

    he reminds me so much of gru from despicable me

    BHR GAMERS 2 months ago


  • TheEpicFace
    TheEpicFace 2 months ago

    Seriously, what is the science behind it? :o

  • Lukas Vivian
    Lukas Vivian 2 months ago

    -Puts helmet on
    -Next shot is without a helmet

  • Lisanne Bond
    Lisanne Bond 2 months ago

    I'm so glad I heard you say you had a ventilator! Those fumes are toxic.

  • Veronica Restrepo
    Veronica Restrepo 2 months ago

    Taras kul has 666 videos

  • Per-Michael Jarnberg
    Per-Michael Jarnberg 2 months ago

    What happened to your sickle and hammer logo

  • Tianna Lipscomb
    Tianna Lipscomb 2 months ago

    Poor gummy bear:(

  • Asmah Bedu
    Asmah Bedu 2 months ago

    first 30 seconds : where's ur head protector??

    after 30 seconds : nvm.

  • Death 2016
    Death 2016 2 months ago


  • M31an13
    M31an13 2 months ago

    Woooo I gatta eveaculate da rum

  • M31an13
    M31an13 2 months ago

    Melted potasum chlorade 😂😂

  • XxPugzy22xX
    XxPugzy22xX 2 months ago

    *1 Like= 1 life for each gummy bear who got killed😖*

  • Casey Hummer
    Casey Hummer 2 months ago


  • Yuval Gino
    Yuval Gino 2 months ago

    Why does it happen?

  • TheIceCreamGamer
    TheIceCreamGamer 2 months ago

    Waawoop counter:

  • Pyro Playz
    Pyro Playz 2 months ago

    He would be the *BEST* Science Teacher!

  • Google user
    Google user 2 months ago

    so what the point of that??? -_-

  • pain killer
    pain killer 2 months ago

    oh my god 4:14

  • Devin Dixon
    Devin Dixon 2 months ago

    "put it in here BOOM"😂😂

  • Ty Lyle
    Ty Lyle 2 months ago

    Looks like a meth lab to me

  • Bima Brillian
    Bima Brillian 2 months ago

    "What are you doing ?"
    "I am a russian"
    "Oh ok"

  • That Dood
    That Dood 2 months ago +1

    hey guys, welcome back to my laboratory, ( so at this point i'm saying to myself, "wheres his glasses??") so today we are doing a experiment with vitamin gummies( puts on riot gear) me: reasonable...

    • That Dood
      That Dood 2 months ago

      cool experiment by the way.

  • Suspect
    Suspect 2 months ago

    Just wear a long sleeve shirt and glasses

  • Janice Fluharty
    Janice Fluharty 2 months ago

    Really low setting comes back with the flame on high

  • Zander Rossman
    Zander Rossman 2 months ago

    Your sugar has been thoroughly oxidized!

  • dlydsd
    dlydsd 2 months ago

    I love his videos as much as I love reading comments here

  • germon ottbridge
    germon ottbridge 2 months ago


  • Moneeb Ali
    Moneeb Ali 2 months ago

    of soz taras I didn't know it was a test tube I thought it was a see through hot dog

  • Tracy DeTienne
    Tracy DeTienne 2 months ago

    "today we are working with gummy bears so we will need even more safety no one knows what could happen when working with gummy bears" yeah you could get diabeties

  • T inmarch
    T inmarch 2 months ago

    Should've use a boiling tube

  • Rui Han
    Rui Han 2 months ago

    It's so funny 😂

  • Konstantin Mayer
    Konstantin Mayer 2 months ago

    Guess wing penalty lwwox somewhere grocery once rumor concern living.

  • [noahsvlogs ]
    [noahsvlogs ] 2 months ago

    do that with a giant gummy bear

  • Red Tomatoes
    Red Tomatoes 2 months ago

    I wanted to eat the gummy bears

  • sheen productions
    sheen productions 2 months ago

    tara the android i feel fantastic hey hey run

  • reggiep75
    reggiep75 2 months ago

    Scale the experiment up!

    I call for a bucket of gummy bears!

  • Allison Brown
    Allison Brown 2 months ago

    I knew gummy Bears were evil!

  • Smiling Warrior
    Smiling Warrior 2 months ago

    This man is so pure

  • Grzegorz Ryczkowski
    Grzegorz Ryczkowski 2 months ago

    In America you eat gammy bear in solvent rassia gammy bear eat you...

  • xLaG
    xLaG 2 months ago

    Taras, put a gummy bear inside a balloon then put it on top of the tube, the balloon should inflate possibly with gas.

  • Peter Hedlund
    Peter Hedlund 2 months ago

    Im always waiting for a Minion to pop up..

  • Tibblaye Enoshima
    Tibblaye Enoshima 2 months ago

    well this is really underwhelming i was expecting multiple experiments

  • Ancient History
    Ancient History 2 months ago


  • Cobra WixL
    Cobra WixL 2 months ago

    What happens if you inject liquid gummy bear into your blood stream?

  • Cosmomonkey
    Cosmomonkey 2 months ago

    Scientific napalm

  • youssef elkihel
    youssef elkihel 2 months ago

    Like jejjo

  • youssef elkihel
    youssef elkihel 2 months ago

    Do more experiments with food

  • youssef elkihel
    youssef elkihel 2 months ago

    Safety comes first

  • MattLC
    MattLC 2 months ago

    Like if crazyrussianhacker is secretly tachanka

  • kangjohan78
    kangjohan78 2 months ago

    There's another gummy bears experiment for you. Yeah. Try eating as much as possible HARIBO gummy bears.... Yeah DO IT. BOOM!

  • Bob Jazzman
    Bob Jazzman 2 months ago

    That was the best. Awesome experiment

  • Tony Blah
    Tony Blah 2 months ago

    😎 cool

  • Aveolela Atkins
    Aveolela Atkins 2 months ago

    does anyone know what he does for a living? is he a chemist or something?

  • star 67
    star 67 2 months ago

    my school done something similar to this and called it the squeaky pop test

  • notsobob
    notsobob 2 months ago

    yeah I learned something. Now off to life where I can use it.

    PIKACHU 2 months ago

    He looks like one of those welding people.

  • Kombiice
    Kombiice 2 months ago


  • Vassilis Bakalas
    Vassilis Bakalas 2 months ago

    Good old Crazy russian Hacker

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro 2 months ago

    Capitalism is in the air Communist Russian

  • Michael90wro
    Michael90wro 2 months ago

    What's up everybody
    Today I'm gonna show you a cool experiment
    This is pretty crazy
    How cool is this
    Isn't it awesome?
    That's insane
    Alright guys that's pretty much it
    Let me know in the comments section below

  • Sync Venom
    Sync Venom 2 months ago

    just like the old days

  • Aakash Ravikumar
    Aakash Ravikumar 2 months ago

    hey could you do something with fidgit spinners

  • Flaming Kitte hadouken
    Flaming Kitte hadouken 2 months ago

    Who else was eating gummy bears through this video 😂😂

  • 大狐
    大狐 2 months ago

    So this is how North Korean made the fuel for their missiles?

  • Levi thompson
    Levi thompson 2 months ago

    Did anyone else notes the test tube melt and stretch

  • Gibson99dotcom
    Gibson99dotcom 2 months ago

    this would look pretty cool recorded with a high speed camera!

  • DaSpooky
    DaSpooky 2 months ago

    He looks like a full-proof gardener

  • WJSKK _
    WJSKK _ 2 months ago

    Love the reacts from you Taras 😂😂😂 but the experiment was pretty cool :)

  • Bob McCoy
    Bob McCoy 2 months ago +1

    Name your favourite Crazy Russian

  • Alex Vincer Malazarte
    Alex Vincer Malazarte 2 months ago

    I thought he was gonna put on glasses at the intro but its An apron

  • Quelaag
    Quelaag 2 months ago

    Lord Tachanka that you?

  • Zombie Activist
    Zombie Activist 2 months ago


  • Daniel Christianto
    Daniel Christianto 2 months ago

    3:00 he forgot to wear his safety stuff. What a kull

  • Daniella Suarez
    Daniella Suarez 2 months ago

    That was cool :)

  • Timothy Tran
    Timothy Tran 2 months ago

    I hope you will make it to 10 mill!!

  • Kandha raj
    Kandha raj 2 months ago

    Please listen my you type

  • jonathan crane
    jonathan crane 2 months ago +1

    very kul

  • L-Train 45
    L-Train 45 2 months ago

    technically 9 million isn't almost 10 million subscribers it's a million away

  • Davatron 42
    Davatron 42 2 months ago

    How to make meth!

  • tocA
    tocA 2 months ago

    Love experiments like these! More!

  • Kyuubi Swag
    Kyuubi Swag 2 months ago

    give him a yellow hat and he will turn into the man with the yellow hat

  • John Dondriano
    John Dondriano 2 months ago

    Are the test tubes fire proof?

  • Andrei paper planes
    Andrei paper planes 2 months ago

    and the gummy bear need to be frozen its better

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