Australian Car Crash / Dash Cam Compilation 13

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    Description: These compilations are made every 3 months from footage from the Facebook page, some of these videos have been featured by themselves here on YouTube already, these videos have always been done this way its nothing new.
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  • Runtime: 10:54
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Comments: 915

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Day ago

    Australia is getting almost as bad as our commie mates!

  • Reflex Photography NZ

    5:02 Instant karma! Fucking brilliant!

  • Ellena Rosalyn
    Ellena Rosalyn 4 days ago

    Geez this edition was BRUTAL

  • Sammyferkin bizzle
    Sammyferkin bizzle 5 days ago

    First response when I see an oblivious driver on the road is a game I like to play called "Old or Asian?

  • Harrison Scurr
    Harrison Scurr 6 days ago

    Old mate at the end got what he deserved for running the red

  • blueman4444444
    blueman4444444 9 days ago

    09:12 love the ad to match the crash with "The Game of Survivor To Begin" I think I know who won't.

  • simonburkeisable
    simonburkeisable 10 days ago

    A lot of these are in the rain. Do people lose their minds when it rains in Oz? I used to live in Sydney but i don't remember this phenomenon.

  • Brianna Gregory
    Brianna Gregory 10 days ago

    this is the reason i'm scared to drive 👀

  • G0G0 DUCK
    G0G0 DUCK 14 days ago

    7:20 what a convenient place to have a crash

  • The1200sportster
    The1200sportster 14 days ago


  • OneLegOver
    OneLegOver 15 days ago

    The really concerning thing, if not surprising is that alot of these accidents are due to a lack of basic driver or rider skill on our roads. We should have loss of traction training mandatory in our licencing, rather than this lowest common denominator speed based focus

  • IAmDaedem
    IAmDaedem 17 days ago

    Every muppet who drives too close and rams into another car deserves what they get. Just back the fuck up and pay attention.

  • Christy Blight
    Christy Blight 18 days ago

    @8.50 stuiped twat is lucky hes alive. If that bus driver didn't brake his loved ones would be cleaning his dumb arse out of the car

  • McNastyness 101
    McNastyness 101 18 days ago

    i live where the bike vs jeep is

  • jcchandley
    jcchandley 19 days ago

    "Clap clap clap. That's what ya get for bein' a fucktard!" Jerks doing wheelies in traffic truly are fucktards and DO deserve what they get. LOL

    • Mark Aylott
      Mark Aylott 15 days ago

      jcchandley, yep, I got one the other day doing exactly the same thing. I squashed the bike with my truck as I couldn't avoid him. when the ambo's and cops turned up, it turned out he had several warant for his arrest! Do you think that was kamah or what? BTW, he only got a couple of cuts and a broken arm.

  • 666demonknight666
    666demonknight666 20 days ago

    Dumb shit Toyota drivers

  • Lyssa Ikekwem
    Lyssa Ikekwem 22 days ago


  • Merlyn Pyndragon
    Merlyn Pyndragon 23 days ago

    2:58 It's fun to stay at the Y-Y-Y-YMCA!

  • GRUMPS_51
    GRUMPS_51 23 days ago

    Too funny...a lot of these buggers were on their cellphones....

  • olivia.ea
    olivia.ea 23 days ago

    that first clip made me spill my tea omfg

  • Royce Machado
    Royce Machado 24 days ago

    The driver at 4:39 knew Maccas were running out of tight arse 50cent cones

  • Royce Machado
    Royce Machado 24 days ago


  • cozmium
    cozmium 25 days ago

    9:30 was definitely checking out the ladies and not paying attention

  • Farhad Ghulamnabi
    Farhad Ghulamnabi 26 days ago

    5:03 that what you get cunt

  • Towelsare Important
    Towelsare Important 26 days ago

    Toyota is the new Volvo. Especially the Camry.

  • Tommywilko18
    Tommywilko18 27 days ago

    🎤🎼🕊 I'm begginnnn you for bird seed, bird seed #noshame #tookmybow 🕊🎼🎤

  • SkinnyCow
    SkinnyCow Month ago

    7:22 smash repairs place over the road so that was handy

  • SkinnyCow
    SkinnyCow Month ago +1

    1:40 love ya voice mate

  • Martin Walsh
    Martin Walsh Month ago

    What the actual fuk is wrong with these people, just unbelievable. How the fk did they get a license...

  • Silentwitha J
    Silentwitha J Month ago

    I was the second one

  • just_a_simmer
    just_a_simmer Month ago

    Fucking hell, I should get a dash cam

  • Joe Will
    Joe Will Month ago

    I don't know why I watch these, seeing this makes me scared to drive my car.

  • Dusty Jacobs
    Dusty Jacobs Month ago


  • hwz
    hwz Month ago

    I am a dirt bike rider myself and when that bike got hit by the v line train my little heart sank

  • Wolfinator234
    Wolfinator234 Month ago

    5:40 not sure if really awesome parking

  • joshuamslade
    joshuamslade Month ago

    Based on these videos, the Aussies and I share the same driving vocabulary.

  • james6m
    james6m Month ago

    I watch these purely for the incar reaction, so good

  • 7071t6
    7071t6 Month ago

    The first one WTF scared the bejesus out of me ?

  • Tessa brooks Vibes
    Tessa brooks Vibes Month ago

    LOL AT 9:42 the black and white building in front of the crash is my family restaurant LOL

  • Pukana Man
    Pukana Man Month ago

    for example, @5.30 why would you choose to honk instead of using both hands to steer away or something?

  • DoctorWong1979
    DoctorWong1979 Month ago


  • Aussie Andy
    Aussie Andy Month ago

    I still don't understand Stupid riders, why sit up someone's ass, DUH( BRAINDEAD AWARD ) given, & the other thing is WHY do they go for the front brakes first HOW FUCKING STUPID, Back brakes first then front, as it will sit the ass of the bike down Then it will stop safely & much more stable ... BUT I've never seen anyone with brains do it so far on the cams.. whats wrong with these ppl.. Commonsense needed .... 39 years of riding i have done so far, NOT once dropped a bike .. braking for dumb drivers...

  • H Ral
    H Ral Month ago

    00:13 jumpscare

  • Na5iR11
    Na5iR11 Month ago

    These clips can be used to argue for licenses to become a privilege, not a right.

  • baris saglam
    baris saglam Month ago

    The "oh, no" is fking sweet

    BIG KEV Month ago

    9.25 wouldn't have happened if he wasn't perving at the bitches on the footpath.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Month ago

    This is why I make sure I'm never in a rush.

  • Michael Lowry
    Michael Lowry Month ago

    @ 9:16...
    never swerve to avoid an animal!

  • Peterj McGee
    Peterj McGee Month ago

    I guess you have a lot of f*** tards in Australia

  • The Elder
    The Elder Month ago

    That familiar Aussie cry FARRRRK :D

  • Two under One
    Two under One Month ago

    That's what you get for being a fuck tard - such an Aussie response!!!

  • vsboy 25
    vsboy 25 Month ago

    I find the layout of many roads very poor

  • Owly the owl
    Owly the owl Month ago

    3:49 holy shit that's like a minute away from where I live wtf

  • Audrey Gaffney
    Audrey Gaffney Month ago

    People are stupid. How about instead of your first priority being honking to let someone know they are wrong, you try to STOP!!!

    • Owly the owl
      Owly the owl Month ago

      Audrey Gaffney They do mate. That's why you hear the sound of brakes, oddly.

  • Audy W
    Audy W Month ago

    fucken ozzis cant drive for shit mate

  • zander griffin
    zander griffin Month ago

    3:20 words of a dying Australian *FUCKING* cuaaannntt.

  • G'Day Mate
    G'Day Mate Month ago

    im moving to an isolated island where there are no other people driving cars. i want to live until at least 60

  • blooneyful
    blooneyful Month ago +1

    The first one took me by surprise....Holy shit!!

  • Nathaniel Black
    Nathaniel Black Month ago

    9:25 distracted by the ladies, who now think he's a fuckwit

  • Max Kiley
    Max Kiley Month ago

    9:00 "The game of survivor begins"

  • Flynn Fraser
    Flynn Fraser Month ago

    can I just say I bike around a lot and it is the scariest thing to be biking on Aussie roads, and even roundabouts because half the time people don't know what they fuck they're doing and it is genuinely scary on a bike

  • Nicolas Barthelot
    Nicolas Barthelot Month ago

    5:16 Noble park?
    8:26 Rowville?

  • Kate
    Kate Month ago

    whats up with that bus at 5:35 ? sounded like the driver kept trying to turn, as if they were totally oblivious to the accident

  • Roni BWN
    Roni BWN Month ago

    a bunch of drunk and on the phone... to much swear disclaimer alert..

  • Nelson Miller
    Nelson Miller Month ago

    I noticed a lot of the small trucks have two antennas, anybody know what are they for. Here in the States I have had a Citizens Band radio in my truck since it was a fad in the "70s. Don't use it too much now, only when I make a long trip. I do like listening to the big truckers late at night.

  • redarmy 1885
    redarmy 1885 Month ago

    Some of the worst driving I've ever seen. When Aussies commit to something there's no going back

  • Jack Of Spades
    Jack Of Spades Month ago

    Every time I slow down to stop I always look in my rear view mirror now just in case theirs a fucktard on his/her phone not paying attention so I can swerve out the way

  • DoraTheNinja
    DoraTheNinja Month ago

    THAT POOR FOZ ::::((((((

  • Julz Baby
    Julz Baby Month ago

    "I couldn't see you because of the truck"

  • Lownsm!
    Lownsm! Month ago

    the cement truck lol "fuuuuck"

  • Matt Lenart
    Matt Lenart Month ago

    9:26 that guy was checkin out the babes :P

  • theamazinbagman
    theamazinbagman 2 months ago

    Yes :D deliveroo lives up to their reputation

  • Mannon Howard
    Mannon Howard 2 months ago

    Let's all drive bumper cars instead

  • imapwnie
    imapwnie 2 months ago

    Does it rain oil in Australia? Those roads are a hazard when they are wet.

  • Ruubick
    Ruubick 2 months ago

    "The game of survivors begin" basically every time you need to take your car somewhere

  • Nedread
    Nedread 2 months ago

    Just a warning all. First clip is some jump scare shit. (Brace your butt at 0:09)
    Fuckin' hell!

  • pittbullpuppie
    pittbullpuppie 2 months ago

    @ 1:01.....I know that street ...that's in clown town (caloundra🤓)

  • Annabelle Rankin
    Annabelle Rankin 2 months ago

    Lot of load-shedding in Aus

  • AGwolf2097
    AGwolf2097 2 months ago

    no brakes on that train lol damn

  • Darius Hunter
    Darius Hunter 2 months ago

    Guy in carpark is a just derpy as fuck. I just crash my car into an SUV.

  • Tom Taylor
    Tom Taylor 2 months ago

    can we mute all female commentary?

  • 〈Invisible-Visualz〉

    shit my pants at the 1st vid when i had headphones on volume turned up

  • Azeyzel
    Azeyzel 2 months ago

    3:33 The image is UPSIDE DOWN! Explain this globe idiots!!1

  • VibrateU
    VibrateU 2 months ago

    9:26 was too busy checking out that ass

  • Aidan From Aus
    Aidan From Aus 2 months ago

    7:23 Car Smash Happens Smash Repairs Sign Warns About Smash Repairs And Smash Happens

  • Aidan From Aus
    Aidan From Aus 2 months ago

    Windows XP Sound 6:32

  • John C
    John C 2 months ago

    To be fair on the out of control commodore and falcon drivers - they are commodores and falcons after all, handle like pigs.

  • hardheadbubba
    hardheadbubba 2 months ago

    a bunch of these people dont understand that they have side mirrors

  • plusplusplusplusp
    plusplusplusplusp 2 months ago

    6:19 I can bloody guarantee it was some young punk looking at Facebook. Do NOT look at your phone while driving, it's fucking dangerous

  • cerroh
    cerroh 2 months ago


  • Luke George
    Luke George 2 months ago

    Had a good chuckle with 5:40 lol

  • Scott Norton
    Scott Norton 2 months ago

    Hindsight is 20/20, but it won't save you in a wreck. Foresight, though invariably weaker, is essential to survival on the road.

  • sicktrancetunes
    sicktrancetunes 2 months ago

    5:39, she saw that new car sale sign and had to check it out

  • Doug Borrett
    Doug Borrett 2 months ago

    @ 5:06 Don't you just love that, I know I do it makes my day when I see those idiots over cook their wheelie.

  • Doug Borrett
    Doug Borrett 2 months ago

    1:07 that is why you don't ride your bike on the footpath at that speed.

  • Moe Sysslac
    Moe Sysslac 2 months ago

    Wtf was that noise at 6:50

  • Mandel brot
    Mandel brot 2 months ago

    7:22 Smash Repairs

  • pete a
    pete a 2 months ago +2

    5:30 proves there is no god or it would have stopped the god bus from pulling out into that car

    JETFOURLITRE 2 months ago

    bike vs jeep hahahaha fuckin middle aged spandex suss cunts

  • jessflan
    jessflan 2 months ago

    I think theres something really wrong with the ones who dont make a sound when something happens! I think wtf is wrong with u, not a grunt r a groan r a scream, not a sound! its not right!!!!

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