Lindsey Stirling: Former AGT Act Performs "Shatter Me" With Lzzy Hale - America's Got Talent 2014

  • Added:  3 years ago
  • Former America's Got Talent star and worldwide Internet sensation, Lindsey Stirling, performs live with Lzzy Hale. See this hip-hop violinist return to perform her hit song "Shatter Me" live from Radio City Music Hall!
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    Lindsey Stirling: Former AGT Act Performs "Shatter Me" With Lzzy Hale - America's Got Talent 2014

    America's Got Talent
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  • Runtime: 3:31
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Comments: 802

  • Jared king
    Jared king 34 minutes ago

    "you aren't good enough to fill a stage in vegas" AHAHAHAHAHA FUCKIN WRONG

  • Ward Nightstone
    Ward Nightstone Day ago

    If i have known you could do stuff like TAHT with a violin i'd have insisted on taking that when i was in school instead of the flipping clarranet

  • Chiko
    Chiko Day ago

    Me: She got rejected? IMPOSSIBLE!

  • Olingsart
    Olingsart Day ago

    Look at them. Getting her to play there after they told her she had no talent. Ha.

  • Donut World
    Donut World 2 days ago


  • Aradia Mireles M
    Aradia Mireles M 2 days ago

    shatter me

  • luvr381
    luvr381 5 days ago

    So they told her get a band and singer, when she came back she did.

  • KG34745
    KG34745 6 days ago

    the violing is amazing but the singing of shatter me made me want to throw up

  • Erin_Plays_ Roblox
    Erin_Plays_ Roblox 6 days ago

    Look who proved them wrong.

  • Sythical
    Sythical 6 days ago +1

    I wanna see the judges that X'd her react to her now.

  • ME
    ME 6 days ago

    idk why , but every time i watch this i feel proud like a mom lol

  • BerNa650
    BerNa650 7 days ago

    You absolutely CAN'T go wrong with Lindsey on the violin and Lzzy singing. These two are astounding at what they do! Powerful voice and talent =]

  • RealityUnhinged
    RealityUnhinged 7 days ago +1

    I like how they kinda act like the whole "she was shot down" thing didn't happen, but everyone knows it did...

    -RU =)

  • Jariel Jimenez
    Jariel Jimenez 8 days ago

    I just can't get enough of this song.

  • pako ordaz
    pako ordaz 8 days ago

    Meses despues la chica "sin talento" ya habia dado conciertos en todas partes.
    Jamás perdonare la critica de ese jurado....(you are not talent enough)

  • Faith Grey
    Faith Grey 8 days ago

    Didn't those guys hesitate calling her back...if I was in the audience I would have thrown tomatoes at the judges

  • smallblue08
    smallblue08 9 days ago +1


  • Jacob Nash
    Jacob Nash 9 days ago

    God she needs to do a song called "Ballad of the Bards" Where to dancing bards battle to an epic build up of a fight, for one to come out as a winner, but losing their own person violin, while the dying bard gives them their magic violin, to combine both sounds of the bards.

  • Aman Prajapati
    Aman Prajapati 10 days ago

    when I listen her The Arena album just feel like Heaven!!!

  • H Kirk
    H Kirk 11 days ago

    I think she should have won........

  • Niko5686
    Niko5686 11 days ago

    Lzzy Hale's voice is cracking XD

  • claire Nutkins
    claire Nutkins 11 days ago

    Lynsey isn't even playing 😂

  • zam rose
    zam rose 12 days ago

    no thanks for you AGT

  • IxI Oryx IxI
    IxI Oryx IxI 12 days ago

    if only there was a "The Voice Instruments"

    NATY212 PLAYS 12 days ago +1


  • anana banana
    anana banana 15 days ago +1

    the song tho
    somebody make me feel alive and shatter me
    *a.k.a the judges back then.*

  • Evelyn Mendoza
    Evelyn Mendoza 16 days ago

    She literally surpassed everyones expectations 😂😂😂

  • Kayla Low
    Kayla Low 17 days ago

    lol its hilarious how she has more subscribers then the official americans got talent channel

  • Sergio Padilla
    Sergio Padilla 19 days ago

    I've always thought of Lindsey as a violin playing fairy with a ballerina dress the best

  • Fchfxfghbvx MGamgsyysuluzidup

    I love lzzy❤️

  • Fchfxfghbvx MGamgsyysuluzidup


  • The Anime Ears
    The Anime Ears 23 days ago

    Lindsey, you look beautiful!❤️

  • Glorianne Villanueva
    Glorianne Villanueva 24 days ago


  • Kaiya Smith
    Kaiya Smith 25 days ago

    Good lindsey

  • Martin Elsässer
    Martin Elsässer 25 days ago

    There she's back bitches!!!

  • Ruben Quintanar
    Ruben Quintanar 27 days ago

    so.... i should subscribe to a channel that is now using the talent of a performer who THEY said would not make it and voted hero of the show, so that they can get more views on THEIR youtube channel....
    yeah... let me think about that.... for about a day or 2 or a decade.

  • Tashfiq Sarwar
    Tashfiq Sarwar 27 days ago

    At 2:55 there's a part where a dancer in the background almost crashed onto Lindsey

  • Ashly Rose
    Ashly Rose Month ago +1

    I think people are failing to see that Lindsey's talent and method has probably improved due to the feedback and boost she got from America's got Talent. The Judges didnt' see her incredible skills at composing lyrics or her improved violin/dancing skills the first few times around.
    Well, it doesn't really matter anyways, she's doing great

  • Angel Cisneros
    Angel Cisneros Month ago

    Came back to prove them bitches wrong


    She doesnt even look like she is on AGT, she looks like she is at her own concert

  • HappyBabyCreeper
    HappyBabyCreeper Month ago

    A 11 year old kid watched is and she is a total fan. That's me!!!!

  • Luna Danielle
    Luna Danielle Month ago

    You can't say these two don't have tallent

  • IrishDrunkGaming
    IrishDrunkGaming Month ago

    The moment when AGT let go of Lindsey Stirling and she has more Subs than them.. Karma's a Byoutch

  • Sarah Evans
    Sarah Evans Month ago

    If you are talented in an area, or even if you don't think you are but it's something you love to do, don't be afraid to share it with the world. I promise, it will be worth it in the end. I made the mistake of giving up my dreams, and now that I've realized what's important to me, I have to start all over again. Please, don't make the same mistake that I did. Don't give up on your dream just because you're afraid. I promise, it will all be worth it in the end. You will have to go through pain, and that's part of life. But without pain, there is no joy, and that's no way to live.
    Lindsey is a prime example of this. When bad things happened to her, she found a way to go on with life. She found a way to continue helping other people with her life. I know that her music has helped me so, so much in turning around my life. Lindsey, if you are reading this, thank you for being an inspiration to me and so many others. The world needs more of the joy and energy that you bring.

  • Lily Lombardo
    Lily Lombardo Month ago

    When i watched the episode where Lindsey got voted off, i was so mad. Now she is an internet sensation. Now that iswhat i call RAW TALENT

  • Rosey Wolf
    Rosey Wolf Month ago

    Judges: You will never make it

    *4 Years Later*


  • IcySnowy Queen
    IcySnowy Queen Month ago +1

    "You can't do it"

    Uh are you in the audience?

  • John Silvers
    John Silvers Month ago

    true artist

  • Goofyhawk
    Goofyhawk Month ago

    This performance is a major slap in the face to the judges of America's Got Talent. I'm glad she got voted off the first time. She proved she was amazing enough to become as great as she is now without their help. Go Lindsey!

  • labibarahman
    labibarahman Month ago

    Lzzy hale

  • star and starlight
    star and starlight Month ago

    Know she is popular

  • Storyshift chara
    Storyshift chara Month ago

    wow good peformance *claps*

  • Richard Manley
    Richard Manley Month ago

    She got voted off AGT, who has 4.5M YouTube subscribers. She has more than twice that.

  • C Jones
    C Jones Month ago


  • cokalola66 minecrafters forever

    nightcore version is way better

  • that weird crazy girl


  • xxSuperRandomPerson xx

    She said she had a youtube channel! Anyone know whats its called?! Also was she the one who made that version of "Shatter me"??

  • Double Starters
    Double Starters Month ago

    roses are red
    lindsey sterling is awesome
    I can't play violin
    I saw a possum

  • BeckyTUBE MB
    BeckyTUBE MB Month ago

    She could not sing

  • ישי סגל
    ישי סגל Month ago

    Lindsey and Lzzy is the best collaborarion anyone can come up with.

  • mamitime89
    mamitime89 Month ago

    Here she reminds me of the widow from into the badlands who ever doesn't know that show.

  • Mira Martini
    Mira Martini Month ago +1

    Is it just me or was Izzy kinda painful to listen to?

  • kasda
    kasda Month ago

    some people would be devastating if they were voted off the show. some people's dreams would be crushed. not Lindsey.

  • Mazey Trinca
    Mazey Trinca Month ago

    Lizzy and Lindsay ARE MY MOST FAVORITE PEOPLE!!

  • Pranav Gunda Naga
    Pranav Gunda Naga Month ago


  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond Month ago

    Okay so I don't want to tick off any Lindsey fans but I think that performance went a little overboard. With all of the lights and back up dancers and then the hanging from the ceiling thingy. All I'm trying to say is that I wish it was just her there and I guess Lzzy.

  • Kukki Manga
    Kukki Manga Month ago

    Omg I'ce never thought she did the show :0

  • Lester Laoagan
    Lester Laoagan Month ago

    Hmmmppp! let's see now?!? I don't know the other talents that was "rejected!" not only eliminated but yes "rejected!" with emphasis by America's Got Talent/Britain's Got Talent & similar talent shows & despite of the rejection they become "successful!" yes "successful!" with emphasis. Great examples are the Jabbawockeez dance crew & the talent in this video Lindsey Stirling but when they find great success the talent show brings them back as guest performers to show the world that they started in that particular talent show which they were "rejected!" with an emphasis again in the first place!!!! Sooooo!?!?!

  • Señor Bills
    Señor Bills Month ago

    Surprise Bitches!!!

  • Hannah Ranit
    Hannah Ranit Month ago

    I'm actually kinda glad she didn't initially win, because who knows if she'd have gone on to make the same wonderful music she does now.

  • Abraham Aleman
    Abraham Aleman Month ago

    Who else thinks she looks like Rowena from super natural

  • sisters studios
    sisters studios Month ago

    what happened to the part when they criticize her at the end huh?

    I think somebody was sick of the hate.

  • ZOZO-PROductions
    ZOZO-PROductions Month ago

    How the hell can you dance and play a violin at the same time???

  • Rage
    Rage Month ago

    Lindsey Stirling } AGT Contestant } Got voted out } Lindsey Stirling now } A Succesfull Violinist.

  • Annie Ball
    Annie Ball 2 months ago

    I love she didn't give up and she showed them UP. Take that

  • Bunny Eyescream
    Bunny Eyescream 2 months ago

    I love Lindsey's violin! ❤️

  • Sophie Rizzo
    Sophie Rizzo 2 months ago

    She makes me want to switch over to the violin

  • Amzy 1001
    Amzy 1001 2 months ago

    The singer kind of took away from what actually matter: Lindsey playing the violin and her wicked dance moves. Man, she is so inspiring and I love her!

  • Franz Liszt
    Franz Liszt 2 months ago +1

    I dont get why people think she has talent, her intonation is god awful, she has poor technique, never goes out of first position, and she cant even double stop. Seriously, examples of real talent are: David Oistrakh, Heifetz, Menuhin, Hahn, Jansen, Mutter, Perlman, Bell, Vengerov, Kavakos, Fischer, Accardo, and anyone in a professional orchestra, conservatory, or university

  • ZekeyBoy
    ZekeyBoy 2 months ago

    anyone else saw this in their recommended?

  • annej
    annej 2 months ago

    anyone else feel like the signer kinda ruined it?😬 she's too over powering

  • ItzAliyahhMsp
    ItzAliyahhMsp 2 months ago

    Omg yasss lizzy and Lindsey

  • Nici Mouse
    Nici Mouse 2 months ago

    Who's sorry now? She's back and better than ever !

    CΩΩҜIΣZ ΔRT 2 months ago

    **Looks at thumbnail**
    **thinks of when pyrrha when she died (RWBY)**
    **cries eyeballs out**

  • Lyeissa Riche
    Lyeissa Riche 2 months ago

    I think the girl singing is wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy better when it's not live

  • iianela ii
    iianela ii 2 months ago

    Lzzy doesnt sound right. no singers have actual talent these days, they just use autotune. :(

  • DragonSong
    DragonSong 2 months ago

    Aah, it is so nice to see her prove those Judges wrong.

    "You're not gonna make it in this industry" says the Judge

  • Marcos Servin
    Marcos Servin 2 months ago

    Lindsey Sterling is such an inspiration!!! I love her!!!

  • C4rnif3X
    C4rnif3X 2 months ago

    What happens when you poke yourself in the face with the violin stick in the heat of the moment?

  • Netheo
    Netheo 2 months ago

    Comment section with a comment No Comment

  • Karl El
    Karl El 2 months ago

    Someday somebody might find this.

    I'm a music composer and I'm 18. I promise it would be pleasing and you would not be pissed up instead you might enjoy listening my songs.

    I've almost ALL ORIGINALS. Hope you like my work. If you've come this far all I ask is a thumbs up so that I can get appreciation from others as well.

    Thank you so much!

  • Jose Carpentier
    Jose Carpentier 2 months ago


  • titanbiscuits
    titanbiscuits 2 months ago


  • Crystal Cage
    Crystal Cage 2 months ago

    Linsey + Violin = GODDESS 😍😍

  • Sider Amet
    Sider Amet 2 months ago

    only here for lzzy

  • Cynthia Brookes
    Cynthia Brookes 2 months ago

    And now she has an awsome YouTube channel I FREAKING PIE LOVE HER oh excuse my language!

  • ValoraAngel
    ValoraAngel 2 months ago


  • zaratrustamaster
    zaratrustamaster 2 months ago

    My god, Hale's voice is a blast!

  • Abigail Jeong
    Abigail Jeong 2 months ago

    Lindsey should've won the first time i love her so much and I love her song shatter me

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