Puddles the Sad Clown Scares Deb and Sings "Royals"

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  • Fed Up
    Fed Up 10 hours ago

    Damn, Puddles even sounds superb in a studio! His voice.... :)

  • Jenna S
    Jenna S 13 hours ago

    That's okay....he'll get her when she's asleep. :)

  • Master Debater
    Master Debater 19 hours ago

    LOL you stupid English limey cunt.

  • Pearl Fan 1#
    Pearl Fan 1# Day ago


  • Thirtiesguy
    Thirtiesguy 2 days ago

    She is another worthless hole put on the air in order to fulfill a gender quota.

  • un sword
    un sword 3 days ago

    someone fucking slap this bitch

  • Wookess Williams
    Wookess Williams 3 days ago

    Selfish bitch.

  • KingField ITC LTD.
    KingField ITC LTD. 3 days ago

    Deb made some jokes for radio promotion, actually she is cute and fun. People please don't misjudging her.

  • jolee hynson
    jolee hynson 3 days ago

    i love how he plays with his balls! lol

  • Nicholas Wheeler
    Nicholas Wheeler 4 days ago


  • Benny Hooker
    Benny Hooker 4 days ago

    3324. That's her screen lock # .....

  • OptimusPryhme
    OptimusPryhme 4 days ago

    I love the fact that Puddles just goes with it and is like 'ok, so you're freaked out by clowns? Let me introduce you to a 6'8" clown that loooves to touch you, spin my puffy buttons while I sing, and drown out your idiocy with my voice...' Ok I'm done. Everyone in the room is now swept away with me, and can't understand you anymore. LOL

  • Seth D. Meyers
    Seth D. Meyers 4 days ago

    Wow she was annoying.

  • Spen Alex
    Spen Alex 5 days ago

    get off your phone and watch the clown ... rude women

  • Wayne Stehle
    Wayne Stehle 5 days ago

    I so hope that he sings Royals in the live AGT show! This is more like the Chandelier interpretation that got him to the second round.

  • Jim Butler
    Jim Butler 6 days ago

    She is a rude clueless creep.

  • Jas Bataille
    Jas Bataille 6 days ago

    I love how the whole crew is making a hell of a fun of that rude bitch!
    She deserved it. And she is tone deaf. Fire her.

  • Boris Markovic
    Boris Markovic 6 days ago

    she can eat a rude fat C*c&
    puddles you fucking rock

  • Michael Perfecto
    Michael Perfecto 8 days ago

    AGT brought me here🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Dannyboyz
    Dannyboyz 8 days ago

    She's like, "I don't like clowns".

    Enjoy your most viewed video.

  • NarrowPath777
    NarrowPath777 10 days ago

    Guys giving Deb such a hard time, cmon now she has a clown phobia. Hopefully Puddles helped her a bit with it.

  • MFFN
    MFFN 10 days ago

    Deb is a fucking bitch.

  • Dan B
    Dan B 10 days ago

    what is puddles doing with those poofy black things on his thing .... ? why puddles?

  • luke bandit
    luke bandit 10 days ago

    Can you imagine Deb visiting a children's hospital with Jason? He would be giving them toys and encouragement and she would be on her cell phone, eww! Don't touch me kid, I don't want what you got! So disrespectable to Puddles. When after he walked around her and started to sit down, she was saying stupid things and he was closing and putting his suitcase down on the floor, he looked at her and he genuinely looked hurt, not the Puddles Pity Party hurt. She is a Mean Girl. Maybe she can get a cameo in Mean Girls 2!

  • WeAreGam3Rs
    WeAreGam3Rs 11 days ago

    So rude!

  • Hernan Diaz
    Hernan Diaz 11 days ago


  • MLJ
    MLJ 12 days ago

    Her phone passcode is 3324, robbers.

  • L1A1
    L1A1 12 days ago

    You really Are a Sad clown. LOL

    I am hoping that this is all an act and that you are a happy guy inside. If not, its very unfair .. God should make sure that you are happy soon ..

  • Bydbayj2265
    Bydbayj2265 12 days ago

    This is some freaky shit! Why can't he just sign without the whole clown get up?

    • Kyle G
      Kyle G 5 days ago

      Because he is the sad clown.
      He sings for all the sad people..

  • 12ajax21
    12ajax21 12 days ago

    "Hey! She's using a smartphone, what a terrible person she is." - Terrible Person
    Why are you people so judgmental? You think her ears stop working because her hands are full?

  • CR C
    CR C 12 days ago

    That was AWESOME!!!!!!

  • DylanGuitar525
    DylanGuitar525 12 days ago

    some one punch her please

  • Hello it's me
    Hello it's me 12 days ago +1

    Deb is a rude bitch. Playing with her phone, giggling, and making nasty remarks. Puddles RULES!

  • Dr. Covfefe
    Dr. Covfefe 12 days ago

    Never touched by a man? Neck down😎, neck up👹 A little too Rachel Maddowy

  • Finau Dawai
    Finau Dawai 13 days ago

    Put the FUCKING phone down and listen to his FUCKING voice when he's in the room because theres only a 3-4 minute window of when he sings.

  • Anil Khanal
    Anil Khanal 13 days ago

    Someone fuck that bloody bitch its a warning from Nepal.Fuck you bitch.

  • Spencer Jarvis
    Spencer Jarvis 13 days ago

    Ironically it looks like a clown put her makeup on for her too..... annoying bitch.

  • Spencer Jarvis
    Spencer Jarvis 13 days ago

    "Deb" is an A-Hole. "This is pretty amazing guys!" as she checks her facebook....

  • Ed Hufana
    Ed Hufana 13 days ago


  • mrblurblur2003
    mrblurblur2003 13 days ago

    OMG Puddles always bring a song to a new level when he performs, original.

  • Skye Rad
    Skye Rad 13 days ago +1

    Why the fuck is she so mean?

  • 7mody 1989
    7mody 1989 13 days ago

    3325 her phone pass btw

  • MrViolero
    MrViolero 14 days ago

    this woman is so ANNOYING !! ...she must be a bitch in real life

  • JuJuChannel75
    JuJuChannel75 14 days ago

    He reminds me soooo much of Dick Van Dyke!

  • jamesha175
    jamesha175 14 days ago

    *6'8" of awesome!*

  • Wayne B
    Wayne B 15 days ago

    I can't believe she could not put her phone down wtf

  • Shriek Supernatural
    Shriek Supernatural 15 days ago

    What a cunt she is. rude as fuck...

  • Entrantress&Camren
    Entrantress&Camren 15 days ago

    She is rude...

  • chris
    chris 15 days ago

    "It's a clown"

    *continues to drink water

  • BarefootDruid
    BarefootDruid 15 days ago

    she looks like when I give piper a pompodor

  • ruler of gods
    ruler of gods 16 days ago

    I find myself watching this guy everyday

  • ChimichangaHD
    ChimichangaHD 16 days ago +1

    Who ever is that girl go suck a cock your so fucking rude don't always judge a book by its cover

  • ecoots
    ecoots 16 days ago

    that dude almost spilled a drink on thousands of dollars worth of equipment

  • Joe Clemmer
    Joe Clemmer 16 days ago

    I wish he would stop playing with his black balls !

  • motokrack
    motokrack 16 days ago

    cudda been good, one person ruined this whole thing

  • MilkBrain
    MilkBrain 17 days ago

    john malkovich if he could sing

  • Ronald Baland
    Ronald Baland 17 days ago

    SALUTE Puddles the Sad Clown Rocks !!!

  • KingSmerk
    KingSmerk 17 days ago

    She was kinda mean to him 😂

  • Jiima
    Jiima 17 days ago

    First: I love Puddles. Friend from work introduced me to him last year, but I do have one thing to say:

    She's so disrespectful to him for being on her phone, his performance is so visual, she should be paying more attention to him, blah blah blah.... how come so many people even noticed her on the phone in the first place? I never even noticed her on the phone, I was watching him. Were you yourselves not paying attention to Puddles?

  • Blahkishma
    Blahkishma 18 days ago

    I never knew what Jason and Deb looked like. Now I do.

  • Hinagiku Games n' Stuff

    I hate that bitch...uhmm i ment lady...

  • Jean Calixton
    Jean Calixton 19 days ago

    Girl dont hate clown he is just a singer clown why are you hated clown? Answer beacuse he is now she is not young why he is sad. Guys dont fight every sad clown I was kinder 2 im so scared of clowns but my sister said dont be scared its just a clown later he will have a magic. Me:ohh ok im not salcared of clown I was kinder 1 I didnt see an clown..

  • Kisun Kong
    Kisun Kong 19 days ago

    American got talent bring me here :)

  • myoriginalname
    myoriginalname 19 days ago

    Love the way British people say the word understand.

  • Cat Attack
    Cat Attack 19 days ago +1

    All comments are about how rude the girl is lil

  • Claude Grant
    Claude Grant 19 days ago

    Deb tried to upstage Puddles and failed miserably. Puddles is all over the internet, but to see Deb is only because of Puddles.

  • Icknod Codopay
    Icknod Codopay 19 days ago

    Puddles Is the best.

  • Sister Mckenzie
    Sister Mckenzie 19 days ago

    I hate clowns but I love love love puddles

  • Dillon L
    Dillon L 21 day ago

    Lol, I thought she was a man

  • Jeyson Mg
    Jeyson Mg 21 day ago

    Couldn't she just shout her fucking mouth off while he sings? What a disrespect to her audience

  • The Notorious MGS
    The Notorious MGS 21 day ago

    Fuck that stupid annoying little justin beiber looking cunt!

    The WALLDORF 21 day ago

    Ah, Puddles! You are the man who at least does something to live the dream you dream!
    Thank you for gracing us with your presence.....or presents.

  • John Bacon
    John Bacon 21 day ago

    epic puddles.......................

  • Ismael The Emperor
    Ismael The Emperor 22 days ago +1


  • Wolfgang Aus
    Wolfgang Aus 22 days ago

    Puddles is the man.........

  • Guiseppe Tartini
    Guiseppe Tartini 22 days ago

    what a rude woman. puddles is awesome.

  • First
    First 23 days ago

    Deb is fucking annoying. She sits on her phone the whole time and laughs through it. not to mention she couldnt sing for her life

    • Mr. Grey
      Mr. Grey 21 day ago

      In her defence she could have been scrolling through the lyrics.

  • N8 Spills
    N8 Spills 23 days ago +1

    "Exchange student!!" LOL

  • Sam Walker
    Sam Walker 23 days ago +1

    She's so annoying that I wouldn't hesitate to kick all her 4 balls

  • porkinwitz
    porkinwitz 23 days ago

    Deb sux.

  • Saltoner1
    Saltoner1 24 days ago

    Seriously! She's pretty rude. I thought she was a boy in lipstick when the vid started playing.

  • Matt Fondas
    Matt Fondas 24 days ago

    FBing while you have a guest star on your show.. This is the high point of her career and saying your scared of clowns once is ok. But for 2 mins. Be Respectful he is your guest helping your ratings, making you more known.. PULL IT TOGETHER. PRODUCERS CAN HER

  • lu9thix
    lu9thix 24 days ago

    stupid women

  • Mark Banks
    Mark Banks 25 days ago

    I. LOVE LOVE LOVE PUDDLES. ...Check out EVERYTHING hes done. He has MAD TALENT! !!

  • Syibil Muir
    Syibil Muir 25 days ago

    Im pretty much like him thoug little scared of the clown... he's really an artist... golden voice... i a gree that...

  • Big Hamma Slamma
    Big Hamma Slamma 25 days ago

    I bet debs cunt has teeth

  • james randy
    james randy 25 days ago

    AEHW singing 'Royal" a song that true royal blood enjoy listen too..

    DIOGENESHUMOR 26 days ago

    Ele é uma surpresa em casa apresentação, mesma sem dizer uma palavra.

  • Rene Cesar
    Rene Cesar 26 days ago

    What a RUDE CUNT!!!

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 26 days ago

    Bitch needs to relax damn 🙄

  • ThinTheHerd78
    ThinTheHerd78 26 days ago

    I kind of want to punch her.

  • Nikki DeLeon
    Nikki DeLeon 26 days ago

    Scary effin clown. I can't decide if I like his singing or not. #creepedout

  • Lorie Love
    Lorie Love 26 days ago

    She's fucking irritating.

  • Gingernator_X
    Gingernator_X 27 days ago

    I...I found a new person I hate on this planet. How dare you disrespect Puddles.

  • whatnobodyknew
    whatnobodyknew 27 days ago

    That was fantastic. Sorry, Deb, you deserved that teasing!

  • David Drake
    David Drake 27 days ago

    Bitches and their phones. Fucking pathetic.

  • youngbess1
    youngbess1 27 days ago

    Rude cow. Puddles is brilliant.

  • Cable Vamp
    Cable Vamp 28 days ago

    Man I don't like clowns but I'd fuck with puddles anyday. He's got such an amazing voice and the guy behind the paint is actually super upbeat and talkative lol.

  • Johnny Morbuz
    Johnny Morbuz 28 days ago

    who´s that rude bitch?

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