Supergirl - Extended "Wonder Woman" Promo

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  • Martha Brown
    Martha Brown 4 hours ago

    Response lay fight ocrgb conviction immigrant eager diabetes rule review evaluation.

  • Sarah Cerone
    Sarah Cerone 12 hours ago

    I love how they used Olivia holt'a version

  • UncleDeluxe
    UncleDeluxe 14 hours ago

    Movie DCverse needs to take cues from TV DCverse. Their shows have a wonderful humor to them and don't seem to take themselves too seriously.

  • Timbo slice
    Timbo slice 19 hours ago

    It was so bad lol go girls power

  • Melenie Munoz
    Melenie Munoz 21 hour ago +1

    I love it

  • Shalomi Harvey
    Shalomi Harvey 23 hours ago

    sexy people sexy. mon- el mom see them too

  • Shalomi Harvey
    Shalomi Harvey Day ago

    how did she now woderwon

  • Christian Gonzalez
    Christian Gonzalez Day ago +1

    como se llama esa cancion

  • Puppy Girl
    Puppy Girl 2 days ago


  • Ira Susanti
    Ira Susanti 2 days ago

    Wtch wonder woman #full hd here --->>> #watchmoviefullhdbymovieus and click link in the comment.

  • PaulPogbaDabKing22
    PaulPogbaDabKing22 2 days ago

    Barry screwed up the timeline again haha

  • Will deBord
    Will deBord 3 days ago

    Terri Hatcher is LOOKING OLD!!! She used to be so hot! now it looks like skin pulled over a skeleton!

  • Rajat Sharma
    Rajat Sharma 3 days ago

    God, please DC Connect TV with MOVIE universe and we will have a bang.

  • Soco Cokius
    Soco Cokius 3 days ago

    whats name the song?

  • Debanuj Kar
    Debanuj Kar 4 days ago

    Bring Mellissa into the DCEU already.

  • antonchieka m
    antonchieka m 4 days ago

    way to ruin a song

  • Stale Apathy
    Stale Apathy 6 days ago

    kill yourselves

  • Jordward
    Jordward 6 days ago

    for a little i have interested in supergirl

  • Mini Player1
    Mini Player1 6 days ago

    Barry leave the timeline alone....

  • KittenHere
    KittenHere 6 days ago

    Her voice sounds so different when she says "I borrowed them from a friend."

    Anyone else agree?

  • EnderFusionYT
    EnderFusionYT 7 days ago

    I thought this is a magnum advertisement

  • Isla Wati
    Isla Wati 7 days ago

    What this song ?

  • Jdjdjdj Mdmdmmd
    Jdjdjdj Mdmdmmd 8 days ago

    Why is it Wonder Woman's hand pressing the button on the jukebox at the beginning, but then Supergirl walking away from the jukebox?

  • red riding hood red hood

    I need the song and the remix for this song,it got me triggered

  • AndersonNeo12
    AndersonNeo12 9 days ago

    the S stands for S uper S exy

  • wonder women
    wonder women 9 days ago

    If this doesn't say girl power I dont know what does

  • Elbert Caraballo
    Elbert Caraballo 10 days ago


  • Kiara Cartagena
    Kiara Cartagena 12 days ago


  • Thirtiesguy
    Thirtiesguy 12 days ago +1

    Notice the jealousy between the older women and the younger women. The older women knows that she has hit the wall and never be attractive again, she's bitter and jealous towards the younger women who actually has sexual market value.

  • Laura Angela
    Laura Angela 13 days ago

    Lynda carter in it is not the same ❀️

  • Specialist in Failure
    Specialist in Failure 13 days ago

    Funny because supergirl is possibly the worst show on tv while wonder woman is up there with some of the best films

  • Tiger Lilie
    Tiger Lilie 14 days ago

    Ein Supergirl und Wonder Woman Crossover

    JOK3BOSS 15 days ago

    I just want an episode of The Flash where Barry goes to another Earth and messes with THEIR timeline.
    That would be priceless.

  • Justinhulk
    Justinhulk 16 days ago

    When she crossed her arms i cringed so hard.

  • Spaider verso
    Spaider verso 16 days ago

    ese bideo esta chido yo digo que es una confirmasion de que supergirl aparesera en la liga de la justisia

  • ChocolateGirl
    ChocolateGirl 17 days ago

    Supergirl is cringeing around

  • Marvel's Finest
    Marvel's Finest 18 days ago +1

    Those are nice boots!

  • Rix Reyes Robbie96
    Rix Reyes Robbie96 20 days ago

    Meanwhile, in DC it's always canon. Why?

    Ask : Barry Allen

  • carlos sotelo
    carlos sotelo 21 day ago

    esto fue muy lesbico

  • Lonystal
    Lonystal 22 days ago

    This is the best promo I've ever seen!

  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift 22 days ago

    I sent them an email about this idea!!!!!!! omg for ww to be in Supergirl!!!

  • sl maharaj
    sl maharaj 22 days ago


  • 21giu2006
    21giu2006 23 days ago

    Waiting and hoping for Supergirl Movie

  • Gero.TΓΌ
    Gero.TΓΌ 25 days ago

    What is the Name of the Song

  • Icha74
    Icha74 26 days ago

    Oh wow!!! This is such a cool trailer! I'd love Melissa Benoist's Supergirl to meet Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, with Lynda Carter as well there, must be fun!

  • undermg69
    undermg69 27 days ago +1

    They look so hot very nice

  • Guilherme Severo
    Guilherme Severo 27 days ago

    whats song?

  • Ryan David
    Ryan David 27 days ago

    Terri Hatcher's face was awfully Photoshoped.

  • ProCakeMan Playz
    ProCakeMan Playz 27 days ago

    If this happened i would watch supergirl

  • nuggistrike
    nuggistrike 28 days ago

    well that suckt !!!

  • Juanito Perez
    Juanito Perez 28 days ago

    Ok. This was dumb. And cringy.

  • earl -
    earl - 28 days ago

    Why is Lexie Grey here?

    • netwolfe
      netwolfe 6 days ago

      @earl Chyler Leigh (who plays Lexie Grey in Grey's Anatomy) is part of the main cast of Supergirl. She plays Alex Danvers, Supergirl's adopted sister. And....... Actually I will not say any more to avoid spoilers in case you want to rent and check out the first season. But there is kind of a cool surprise you learn about Alex Danvers with in the first episode.

  • ALaa  Gamal
    ALaa Gamal 29 days ago

    how this song

  • yayarea82
    yayarea82 29 days ago

    Supergirl??? More like average girl

  • sms84
    sms84 Month ago

    I love the 64 filters on Teri Hatcher

  • XxNeonBunniexX
    XxNeonBunniexX Month ago

    Oooh I see what you guys did there ;)
    And I must say I LOVE IT!

  • Danny Randit
    Danny Randit Month ago

    Not loving this show, Chyler Leigh is good though. And no it's not because Jimmy is black, lol

    NAJE GARDNER Month ago

    It's funny how you have Lois lane and ww in the same room

  • Ewald Wip
    Ewald Wip Month ago

    Well they use anything to promote this very poorly written show xD

  • Darwin Montoya
    Darwin Montoya Month ago +1

    I love Wonder Woman and Supergirl

  • ε‚ζœ¬ιΎι¦¬

    OMG It's so cute!!!!!

  • undermg69
    undermg69 Month ago


  • undermg69
    undermg69 Month ago

    That's the best ever sneak peek I give it a A plus nice very nice

  • BelieverinChrist
    BelieverinChrist Month ago

    I want those boots!

  • becky peter
    becky peter Month ago

    I just love Super girl

  • Alex VrotMneNogi
    Alex VrotMneNogi Month ago

    Π‘ΠΎΠΆΠ΅ Ρ‡Ρ‚ΠΎ Π·Π° уСбанство я Ρ‚ΠΎΠ»ΡŒΠΊΠΎ Ρ‡Ρ‚ΠΎ смотрСл

  • Jay Garret
    Jay Garret Month ago

    Looking hot in those boots

  • Darthbab 295
    Darthbab 295 Month ago


  • Akeria Bostick
    Akeria Bostick Month ago

    marley what are you doing with wonder woman!!?

  • uofc57
    uofc57 Month ago

    Why is Lois Lane (Terri Hatcher) dressed like that?

  • Vane Mene
    Vane Mene Month ago


  • Kint Aura
    Kint Aura Month ago

    Who else will actually *cry* if Gal Gadot makes an appearance on Supergirl in season 3?

  • ncc1701chris
    ncc1701chris Month ago

    Linda carter......the one true wonder woman. still looks great.

  • Shawn Mendes #1
    Shawn Mendes #1 Month ago


  • Andrea Gutierrez
    Andrea Gutierrez Month ago

    I love watching supergirl the episodes and flash its a awesome show I love it I love it so so much

  • Tappa Tappa
    Tappa Tappa Month ago


  • Fairytale
    Fairytale Month ago

    Barry i told you to not travel back and leak kim kardashian nudes look what you have done

  • Carlos Baquero
    Carlos Baquero Month ago

    Carlos Baquero

  • Kara Stark
    Kara Stark Month ago

    I want a Wonder Woman show and it will be about her adventure when she first came to the human world to right now

  • Brie
    Brie Month ago +1

    This is cute. I like it.

  • steven ginty
    steven ginty Month ago

    ofcourse trailer for a woman it must be about shoes

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Month ago

    the chick that plays Octavia on the 100 should play Wonder Woman in the CWVerse

  • FoxxOnPaper
    FoxxOnPaper Month ago


  • Jackie Manrique
    Jackie Manrique Month ago


  • Lexi Carrillo
    Lexi Carrillo Month ago

    Nice Video

  • Maxwell Ascended
    Maxwell Ascended Month ago

    I seriously want the Trinity (done correctly) in the Arrowverse

  • Alice Angel
    Alice Angel Month ago

    ya se me paro la salchicha con pelo azul

  • TJUC123
    TJUC123 Month ago

    I don't think people understand that this is supposed to be cringy.

  • love lamare
    love lamare Month ago

    Melissa Benoist is so cute . I wish I could be with her

  • Yuuki Terumi
    Yuuki Terumi Month ago +3

    Melissa Benoist would have made a PERFECT Donna Troy, (aka WonderGirl) if she ever gets a part in the cinematic-verse.

  • Carlos Sousa
    Carlos Sousa Month ago +2

    why the heroes of tv series cant meet heroes of movies?

  • SG 13
    SG 13 Month ago +2

    They are both super pretty and sexy... DC did good picking these actresses! They are freaking hoooot! Haha.

  • Rajendra Nadarajan
    Rajendra Nadarajan Month ago

    This Supergirl looks like a pornstar

  • Mymy648
    Mymy648 Month ago

    does anybody know who made this version of these boots are made for walking

  • enrique tapiz
    enrique tapiz Month ago

    is it a real episode cuz if it is im gonna go like yayayayayayayayayayayay

  • Lion Man
    Lion Man Month ago +1

    Supergirl is a pretty good hero in the comics, but them making her stronger than Superman in the show was
    Them trying to make her faster than the Flash...she could be becoming a little overpowered.
    I'm also aware this was irrelevant...

    CHEMI Month ago +1

    Queen Rhea looks like she would make a good wonder woman tbh

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