Trump expected to certify Iran compliant with nuclear deal

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  • GilbertoTX
    GilbertoTX 4 days ago

    traitor TRUMP 😐 rip that deal up

  • Tony Taglalucci
    Tony Taglalucci 4 days ago

    How brilliant to trust Iran...Such a close ally that promotes goodness to their people and throughout the world...Let's give them more money !!! Idiots...

  • Pannee Voice
    Pannee Voice 4 days ago

    "Americans are dumb" That’s what people say. Especially non-American people, but lots of Americans think that Americans are stupid, too. They don’t think they are the dumb ones, of course. They think other Americans are stupid, In Asian we accept American are a good educated “idiot, fool, moron, blockhead, ninny, simpleton”. Don’t believe me? Visit nearest Asian prisons.

    • christian almli
      christian almli 4 days ago

      As a European, I can assure you the EU type of stupid far exceeds that of the Americans.

  • zzzx xzzz
    zzzx xzzz 4 days ago

    So we will know that Iran has broken the deal when they put a nuke on an ICBM or ballistic missel . I guess we will have confirmation of that when the nuke hits California or New York ! Then we can thank all the politicians for allowing Iran to do it ! The politicians never thought Iran would because they told them no ! Ya that will work , right? So is FOX saying that everything is under control with this story ? Guess what , America never had or has Iran under control ! Just like America doesn't have North Korea under control ! America just gives them more money to have empty promises that won't come true !

  • Jacob Yonbo
    Jacob Yonbo 4 days ago

    He is acknowledging that Iran is complying with the deal to keep the public mind ready for the next year when he will say Iran is not complying.
    Never trust Americans and English.

  • ardetag
    ardetag 4 days ago

    How ignorant is this news agency its beyond me! I mean do americans believe this shit? we have similar chanel in Iran called Press Tv bit its not this bad!

  • Machineim Bf
    Machineim Bf 5 days ago

    Yeah now there will be military action if the break the deal it was a stupid fucking deal not trumps fault

  • Grubbs Grady
    Grubbs Grady 5 days ago

    you KNOW iran fully obeyed the deal when even FOX news says it

  • G.T. G 1
    G.T. G 1 5 days ago

    Oops, They just bomb us! Too late! When ww3 breakouts.... TOO LATE.

  • Jake Murrin
    Jake Murrin 5 days ago

    Iran and the Shi'ites are not our enemy.

  • Primero Ultimo
    Primero Ultimo 5 days ago

    Trump the liar.

  • Brooke Genest
    Brooke Genest 5 days ago

    C'mon Trump! Eliminate it now!

    BJBDF 5 days ago

    How fucking stupid do you have to be to believe Iran will not develop nuclear weapons?

  • ingle50
    ingle50 5 days ago

    Gutless CuckTrump expected to swallow billions of Putin's AIDs-tainted sperm

  • VoltronnortloV
    VoltronnortloV 5 days ago

    Don't complain. Trump just said what the deplorables wanted to hear during the election. He isn't stupid.

  • Robert Landers
    Robert Landers 5 days ago

    Marie Harf is and always will be a defender of Obama era and all the globalist NWO policies.

  • The Government
    The Government 5 days ago

    I thought he was ripping up the deal on day one? once again he's all talk

  • Ignacy Dobrzyński
    Ignacy Dobrzyński 5 days ago

    Thank you for at least temporarily resisting zionism, Trump.

  • a b
    a b 5 days ago

    yeah, not gonna mess with Trump like they did with Obama!

  • amin forozan
    amin forozan 5 days ago

    to many bullshit!! in one video. lol wtf this people talking about. go read the deal. (and you!! watching this video this 99% bullshit don't believe everything you hear.

  • Mamo
    Mamo 5 days ago

    *Trump Lies*
    He has Zero Credibility.

  • michael saker
    michael saker 5 days ago

    Make isreal great again wtf

  • James First
    James First 5 days ago

    I don't want any of my tax money going to the terrorist funding countries.

    • christian almli
      christian almli 4 days ago

      Interesting. You haven't happened to have heard of a small, modest little creek known as fucking Saudi Arabia, have you?

      Fucking retard.

    • Jacob Yonbo
      Jacob Yonbo 4 days ago

      Lol your country is by far is #1 in producing terrorist groups Al Qaeda, ISIS ...

  • kees Chill
    kees Chill 5 days ago

    Lol Americans the people with a iq of 70

  • John Marlowe
    John Marlowe 5 days ago

    Why would North Korea agree to any deal with a country that doesn't hold up its end of the deal?

  • L B
    L B 5 days ago

    Trump vindicates Obama yet again.

  • Bob Beckel
    Bob Beckel 5 days ago

    Trump can go two ways, focus on neutering Iran (cheap), or build up US military
    capabilities (expensive). The more expensive route will protect the US against
    all future threats. Trump may decide the more expensive route is more prudent.
    That would mean more jobs, security, and prestige for America.

    • Hollow484
      Hollow484 5 days ago

      And more wars necessary to justify an increased yearly defence budget. The US is already the only worlds military superpower.

  • why not me
    why not me 5 days ago

    iran can hide dealing if they have the money-I hope this lady is not handling anything to do with our government. I wonder if oboma hired her.

  • Rosalie Gilliland
    Rosalie Gilliland 5 days ago

    I don't believe for a minute that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal. They just haven't been caught yet.

  • Chewis Lou
    Chewis Lou 5 days ago

    Americans don't care about the Israelis!

  • Chewis Lou
    Chewis Lou 5 days ago

    the iran nuke deal is bad! who cares about iran! real Americans don't care about Iranians!

  • Stefan.Florin Forgo

    he's gonna ask Iran if they complied , they will say yes , then he will ask Iran if they complied in a totally different way , and they will say yes again , Trump is a genius , Trump 2020 , MAGA , covfefe !!!!!!!!!

  • Canadian kid
    Canadian kid 5 days ago

    Lets Change Iran back to Persia ! the rugs are great !!!!!

  • Derek Bell
    Derek Bell 5 days ago

    thank you Obama.

  • I Cunt Spell
    I Cunt Spell 5 days ago

    Uh-oh, israel and ziocohns won't like this; will surely make songbird's head go pop.

  • Kerkopes
    Kerkopes 5 days ago

    Trump's been running on adrenaline since January ... time for him to get up to speed on global events. More reading and less golf would maybe help.

    • Mark Green
      Mark Green 5 days ago

      You can lead a Trump to writings but you can't make it read.

  • Phantast1c
    Phantast1c 5 days ago

    Once again Trumpanzees have been lied to. Fake news?

    • Phantast1c
      Phantast1c 5 days ago

      Lol, nice burn.

    • Patrick
      Patrick 5 days ago

      happiness Does commenting *"Fake News"* under every CNN video count?

    • happiness
      happiness 5 days ago

      Phantast1c What did you do productively with your life today?

  • Francesco
    Francesco 5 days ago

    Spent months saying that the iran deal was bad and that Iran wasn't respecting it, 6 months into his presidency he thinks it's ok.
    It's pretty much like when he said that the occupation numbers were fake and after he became president they are 100% correct.

    I really pity the people that believe him and don't understand how much shit he says.

    • 32shumble
      32shumble 4 days ago

      He knew less than shit about the inner workings of the government.
      So he lied to you and you sucked it up.

    • Francesco
      Francesco 4 days ago

      Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law, this is one of the first things you learn about law.
      If a tourist\immigrant has sex with a 16 years old in the US because it's legal in his country he still committed a crime.

      So stop using their incompetence as an excuse, they run for president of the united states.

    • SlayerO013
      SlayerO013 4 days ago

      Yes, during the campaign.
      He wasn't a politician.
      He knew less than shit about the inner workings of the government.
      It's exceedingly fucking simple to stand on the outside and run your mouth as he did.Have you never imagined what it would be like if you had a steaming shit load of power? I think most people have at least once. Yes, you would fix this and that and all the other things because it's simple and you are , after all, Billy Badass and all those other buttplugs cant distinguish between their asses and their elbows. Your way is the only way.
      World peace.....problem solved.
      War on terrorism..... problem solved.
      Obamacare ......gone like a fart in a hurricane.Fart solved. !!!BONUS POINTS!!! By using these hurricane farts, climate change = problem solved
      Strategically placed walls..... Grab some bricks , pricks, lets get this shit-show started already.
      Iran.... fuck em
      Lowering the price of importing rubber dogshit from China.........
      blah blah blah blah
      So damned easy when you don't know procedures or rules or consequences when you are out there trying to get votes.
      They tell you all the things they think that you want to hear.
      This is no secret, hidden thing.
      It's just how this shit works.

      It bugs the everlasting fuck out of me when people piss and whine and moan and cry and complain about the unforgivable sin known as Broken Campaign Promises. I swear its a fucking mental deficiency of some sort. Where is the list of US Presidents that ever lived up to all the bullshit (promises I mean) they endlessly regurgitated on the campaign trail? Which hallucinogens did they come into contact with to actually bullshit themselves into believing Trump would be different in some magical way?

      Trump and every first term Promises Promises Promises President we have ever had learned the same damn thing when they got in...
      That divine power they thought they were getting just isn't all they thought it would be.

      " The Most Powerful Man In The World "
      People who spew this garbage are dumber than a sack of culturally appropriated plastic assholes. Their idea of power is when the asshole at the top has to get a signed permission slip from the lower ranking assholes before he can even take a Presidential shit on a Thursday afternoon.

    • Jacob Yonbo
      Jacob Yonbo 4 days ago

      Trumps has proved already he is a lot worse than Obama.

    • iga ninja
      iga ninja 5 days ago

      Francesco don't think fox news speaks for President.

  • Deborah Toirac
    Deborah Toirac 5 days ago

    W an Obama charged with money laundering in the unauthorized $400b illegal hostage exchange which netted us one worthless traitor and them five valued operatives.. they were laughing at the fool that he was! They had such contempt for this weakling gay Muslim..absolute contempt!

  • alun hughes
    alun hughes 5 days ago

    The USA is concerned about Iran when it is Iran who should be concerned about the USA. As for China's poodle state of N Korea, leave it alone, China's not going to let anything happen..... chill out people

  • Brian Deckard
    Brian Deckard 5 days ago

    They need Nuclear Power *NOT* Nuclear Weapons.

    • Brian Deckard
      Brian Deckard 5 days ago

      Dave S
      Why would anyone allow them to build Nuclear Weapons is beyond me?

    • happiness
      happiness 5 days ago

      Riiiiiight ...

    • Dave S
      Dave S 5 days ago

      Brian Deckard So naive.

  • DB Cisco
    DB Cisco 5 days ago

    Iran, Russia and ISIS pale as a threat to the USA compared to the Democrat Party.

  • Blerim Albert Nokaj

    in 20 years those Muslims in Iran are going to be like north Korea
    PS human's of New York (hony) went to Iran and they support terrorists
    hang them all

  • Lynn Beynon
    Lynn Beynon 5 days ago

    The whole thing with Iran is a deception Iran is not in any way developing a nuclear weapons its bullshit .

    • Wednesday Riding
      Wednesday Riding 3 days ago

      Trump said he knows who did 9/11 and it certainly wasn't Iran. Maybe Trump had to pat Saudi Arabia on the head like one does a child, just to calm them down, while maybe he looks into Saudi crimes and war crimes. I hope so, because Iran has killed ISIS and other terrorists, they have been wonderful.

    • Bob Marshel
      Bob Marshel 5 days ago

      Iran seems to be more interested in working with Europe $$$ ,BIG DEAL with France for Nat gas , building nukes nawwww , but could gear up quick if pushed

  • The Liberal With A Gun

    I guess the deal is better than Trump thought no he just said that stuff during the election to get dumbasses like y'all to vote for him y'all been hoodwinked

    • Delaney Wolf
      Delaney Wolf 5 days ago

      The Liberal With A Gun hoodwinked? Says the liberal lmao

  • CNN Is Garbage
    CNN Is Garbage 5 days ago

    If goat fuckers are still goat fuckers.....they're not in compliance!

  • Oshane Laird
    Oshane Laird 5 days ago

    Trump 2020

    • christian almli
      christian almli 4 days ago

      This might astonish you, but a far larger portion of people than you suspect wants BOTH of them in prison. Keep this in mind, just because someone makes an argument against Trump, it does not mean they are Hillary Supporters, or even Democrats.

    • Justin Bergquist
      Justin Bergquist 5 days ago

      John Marlowe I like this because you're not bias, but I disagree. Thanks

    • John Marlowe
      John Marlowe 5 days ago

      He'll be in jail, hopefully sharing a cell with Hillary.

    • Bob Marshel
      Bob Marshel 5 days ago

      yup he is doing pretty good so far

  • Toufeeq
    Toufeeq 5 days ago

    Lyin' Drumpf!

  • xpto41
    xpto41 5 days ago

    don´t be stupid and support assad

  • Jarian Williams
    Jarian Williams 5 days ago

    Trump supporters are the type of bullies, who bascially have had miserable childhoods, getting taunt in school and at home, had family members with problems, been either in jail or boot camp, or has had multiple dead end jobs, and a few of them are successful, but they bully others. Even bully the black community, the hispanic community, and the LGBT community, and insult women, they insult disabled people and they insult poor people. They're just cruel, just like their idol, Trump, FOX News and the republican party!!!

    • BJBDF
      BJBDF 5 days ago

      Spoken like a complete moron Jarian.

    • Hollow484
      Hollow484 5 days ago

      Funny how it's the leftists who are the violent protesters creating chaos and stamping their feet because democracy didn't get them what they want. Call the trump supports what you want but just like the election. They will let their voting do the talking.

    • American Girl
      American Girl 5 days ago

      Jarian Williams Why would you lump boot camp in with jail and a miserable childhood?? Some of us went through boot camp simply because we love our country. If you view boot camp on the same level as jail, then I feel sorry for you.

    • Fig Jam
      Fig Jam 5 days ago

      funny i think that of trump followers too..... they have like a russian mentality...... thugs....

  • Cheeze Ducke
    Cheeze Ducke 5 days ago

    trump sucks

    • Cheeze Ducke
      Cheeze Ducke 4 days ago

      I Cunt Spell I'm reporting you

    • Craig Peeke
      Craig Peeke 5 days ago

      Cheeze Ducke trump 20/20

    • Cheeze Ducke
      Cheeze Ducke 5 days ago

      Hillary Clinton Picks Her Nose he probably does cuz he's a rapist

    • Craig Peeke
      Craig Peeke 5 days ago

      Cheeze Ducke love Trump love America I'm a vet love America or leave

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