How Anakin and Obi-Wan Tricked Dooku During Their Duel in Revenge of the Sith

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  • BryanKeithCunningham

    Apparently my understanding of the lightsaber forms is lacking. I was under the impression that the lightsaber forms were singular... can you clarify on this please I really don't like many other Star Wars channels. I'd rather learn it from you.

  • Derek Palo
    Derek Palo 17 days ago

    you an your expose,suck stop saying expose, and stop saying if not for me...... for how bad they both suuuuuucccccckkkkk

  • matthew mann
    matthew mann 20 days ago

    Thing is though that Dooku is familiar with all lightsaber forms that he trained Grievous in including Seresu I am talking about Legends versions not the Canon ones

  • Jedi Exile
    Jedi Exile 27 days ago

    It's shien!!! Not sheen you asshole!!!

  • Jedi Exile
    Jedi Exile 27 days ago

    Stop saying Expose!!!!!!!

  • Lukos0036
    Lukos0036 Month ago

    Dooku's weakness is his over reliance on a single tactic. Fight the same way long enough and people will dissect your approach and plan for it. Windu should have decapitated him on Geonosis though.

  • V3rpl3x
    V3rpl3x Month ago

    the second jedi master? who was the first then?

  • SlowTigerSteve DNGR

    Beautiful ending to a beautiful video

  • Justin Duncan
    Justin Duncan Month ago

    The Only Reason Why I Wouldn't Have Told Anakin That Before He Fought Count Dooku is Because So That He Wouldn't Loose Because of The Result of Anakin Being Consumed With The Dark Side of The Force Trying to Kill Count Dooku Before Obi Wan Kenobi Was Knocked Out Cold,
    it Would've Ruined Palpatine's Plan to Turn Anakin to The Dark Side of The Force.

  • John Porteous
    John Porteous Month ago

    Why would Dooku think killing Obi-Wan would get Anakin to join the Dark Side? Has he not heard of righteous anger? Or how Anakin is going to be pissed and go against the Sith even more for this?

    • Chronic
      Chronic Month ago

      John Porteous yeah but thats not the jedi way, jedi cant use anger or aggresion.

  • Lucian Allience
    Lucian Allience Month ago

    when Anakin taped into the dark side is that Why palpiteen while in the chair leaned forward and made that noise?

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi Month ago +1

    *in this video exposee*

  • GeneralWildDog
    GeneralWildDog Month ago

    More like Dooku tricked the Jedi duo by order of Palpatine, but then he found he tricked too much, the trick became true.

  • Matthew 1984
    Matthew 1984 Month ago +1

    for fucks sakes, You are so annoying when you change to the picture of the blue guy with red eyes and say "In this video exposay..." you know that's not you, your not the blue guy.

  • Darth Nox
    Darth Nox Month ago

    count dooku threw sand at them

  • Grant Wheeler
    Grant Wheeler Month ago

    Makes sense

  • Frank Ludwig
    Frank Ludwig Month ago

    So interesting video. I learned something new

  • Lucas Gramlick
    Lucas Gramlick Month ago

    Did obi wan use form 3

  • Aaron Barber
    Aaron Barber Month ago

    It's over Dooku, I have the high ground!

  • Olaf Widuliński
    Olaf Widuliński Month ago

    Even though ( sorry but ) I don't like U'r voice Watching THIS video with the music i listened to was realy relaxing XD

  • Lochlann Niddrie
    Lochlann Niddrie Month ago

    Would dooku not have recognized the different forms used based off prior experience (fighting anakin and obiwan every other episode of the clone wars)

  • Taylor Lucy
    Taylor Lucy Month ago +3

    Please stop saying "In this video expose" every video, it gets really tiring when you watch several of your videos in a row.

  • below zero
    below zero Month ago

    What if palpatine and plagueis somehow died before the phantom menace and the force shifted completely to the light side. (Sense the force needs balance and has to have a amount of both light and dark)

  • Zhengster
    Zhengster Month ago +1

    2:38 he looks like palpatine

  • Steven Ortiz
    Steven Ortiz Month ago +1

    Can you explain how anakin became the general of the 501st?

  • Michael Riera
    Michael Riera Month ago

    form V "sheen" lol

  • jlz Gil
    jlz Gil Month ago

    I love ,"If not for me......" part of each video hahaha

  • Operator Bravo
    Operator Bravo Month ago +1

    It's a trap

  • Przemek Wielgosz
    Przemek Wielgosz 2 months ago

    thank you for not using the word "problematic" - I'm sick of people using it. Btw I just got reminded of you by the star wars rebels season 3 :)

  • Darth Bane
    Darth Bane 2 months ago

    He wasn't a true sith.....

  • Adam HENLEY
    Adam HENLEY 2 months ago +1

    I wonder, Since Skywalker killed Dooku
    (a sith Lord) doesn't his Saber belong to Vader now?

  • All Hallows Eve 🍊
    All Hallows Eve 🍊 2 months ago +4

    I personally believe Darth Sidious told Count Dooku to let Anakin win to let him sink into the dark side... After all, Dooku did have Anakin thrown onto the floor and had Obi Wan in his grasp, he could've very easily killed them both. This is very straight forward, it doesn't take much analyzing to do.

    • All Hallows Eve 🍊
      All Hallows Eve 🍊 Month ago


    • Joseph Robichaud
      Joseph Robichaud Month ago

      All Hallows Eve 🍊 i always figured that Sideous made sure Anakin won that duel with interference thrown both ways...since the two Jedi wouldnt notice his dark powers coming into play bc dooku was already using softer versions of them....just a thought.

  • Xam Trickster
    Xam Trickster 2 months ago

    Not "sheen". shien doofus

  • Stephen m
    Stephen m 2 months ago

    Why were CIS ships pressurized?

    • Steven Jacen
      Steven Jacen 2 months ago

      because they still had organics on board. remember the neimodians in the invisible hand?

  • DarthMarvin
    DarthMarvin 2 months ago +1

    Can u do a video about why dooku didnt use force lightning during this battle?

  • TheEpicCoww
    TheEpicCoww 2 months ago +12


  • Dominic p
    Dominic p 2 months ago

    he lost because of Palpatine. they had a plan to turn anakin to the dark side and Palpatine betrayed dooku when he told anakin to kill him that wasn't supposed to happen but we all know how Palpatine is

    BRICIE 2 months ago +1

    I love all the prequel memes

  • Aurα вírdч
    Aurα вírdч 2 months ago +1

    Who would of won Dooku or Darth Vader? XD

    • Conor  Garvey
      Conor Garvey 19 days ago

      Vader as of rotj but in a good fight as dookus age would be a problem as he would tire in stamina. Dookus form 2 would be weak against his adversarys form 5 hybird would overwhelm him and would knock his guard. In terms of force abilities dooku is perhaps more experenced but vaders potential is greater despite losing 10-20% on mustafar he surpassed anakin in force abilities matching or outmatching dooku. Dookus main advantage force lighting can work to an extent but vader can block it with his saber or take it and recover using the force as shown in certain circumstances in both canon and eu material. So in my opinion vader beats dooku 8/10

  • Grigory Fazz
    Grigory Fazz 2 months ago

    Didn't Dooku lose because Palpatine ordered Dooku to hold back when fighting Anakin?

    • Dominic p
      Dominic p 2 months ago

      Grigory Fazz right this video is shit has nothing to do with anything he's saying

  • Cneak
    Cneak 2 months ago +12

    I find it utterly ironic that Obi Wan and Anakin's efforts to defeat a Sith Lord by deception was assisting in the catalyst towards Anakin's fall to the dark side.

  • Matthew Rosenthal
    Matthew Rosenthal 2 months ago

    This needs to stop. The Dark side does not give strength it gives weakness. It's momentary, easy and generally hurts only the dark side user

    • Matthew Rosenthal
      Matthew Rosenthal 2 months ago

      Toby Redguard the Force gives those abilities to anyone even Luke used force choke in Return of the Jedi. Dark or light is a choice. Secondly in the films the only person hurt by Force lighting other than Vader, because of his suit. Is Palpatine himself. Luke is Lying on the metal deck of the Death Star, Palpatine should have been electrifying his ship and killing every one. If the Darkeness gave him all this power why did he need apprentices, and Lies. Because the truth is he is weak.

    • Toby Redguard
      Toby Redguard 2 months ago

      What are you on about? I'd say shooting lightning from your fingertips and being able to choke someone with your mind from across the galaxy is the dark side giving strength and hurting others.

  • André
    André 2 months ago

    The high ground was with them that day

  • primalfury2011
    primalfury2011 2 months ago

    now.. take ur place by my side..

  • Riwillion
    Riwillion 2 months ago +2

    Is it just me, or does this make no sense? Dooku had fought Anakin, Obi-Wan, or both of them at the same time a number of times during the Clone Wars, didn´t he? And I am pretty sure they had been using Djem-so and Soresu respectively back then, because why the hell wouldn´t they?

    • Crucible King
      Crucible King Month ago

      +Jesus Christ - Regardless of The Clone Wars series, Dooku already knew that Anakin and Kenobi were Djem-So and Soresu practitioners. It wouldn't have changed a damn thing or made this plot any less ridiculous.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ Month ago

      The Clone Wars series ruined the plot.

    • Riwillion
      Riwillion Month ago

      Yeah, exactly. I mean, I appreciate the thought that went into that idea, but having some experience with martial arts including sword fighting, I have to say, this is some shit-anime-tier of a retarded plan. That shit would never work in real life, and for dumb cunts who will go "well this is STAR WARS, NOT REAL LIFE!" yes, I mean in real life Star Wars, not real life real life. It just makes no sense, Star Wars or not. Like you said, Dooku would just immediately annihilate Obi-Wan´s crap form he wasn´t used to using, and then play with Anakin and try turning him to the dark side as he planned. Trying to let you opponent build up confidence and make him go a bit easier on you by being shit at fighting him has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of regarding fighting :D

    • Crucible King
      Crucible King 2 months ago

      +Riwillion - Agreed. Dooku was a master duelist who, although preferring Makashi, was well versed in the knowledge of all forms of lightsaber combat. He was the most renowned swordsman and saber instructor at the Jedi Order. He oversaw Anakin's training when he was a youth and Kenobi was the Padawan of his own student Qui-Gon. He knew full well what they were capable of; strengths, weaknesses, favored lightsaber forms, and logically should be able to adapt to any stance they chose. Not to mention having fought them during AOTC and several times before if we include Clone Wars.

      Aside from that, this whole "plan" of theirs hinges on hoping Dooku conveniently decides to hold back? Rather than just taking advantage of their inferior stances and killing them outright? Didn't work out so well for Kenobi who nearly got himself killed in the process anyway. These two should leave deception & trickery to the Sith.

    • Toby Redguard
      Toby Redguard 2 months ago

      The movie and novelization came before the cartoons. At the time that was their second fight. You could pass it off as maybe Dooku thought they decided to switch it up since what they were doing before wasn't working?

  • l'enfoiré à lunettes
    l'enfoiré à lunettes 2 months ago

    le comte do cul

  • l'enfoiré à lunettes
    l'enfoiré à lunettes 2 months ago


    FROST BITE 2 months ago

    if dooku would have killed obi van everythimg would have changed because he still keeped hes limbs and fell to the darks side sooner

  • Echo of the 501st
    Echo of the 501st 2 months ago

    What happened to force sensitive people during the empire?

  • Broken Bridge
    Broken Bridge 2 months ago

    Dooku just had a bad day and it resulted in the loss of his life, Great video Star Wars Reading Club.

  • Dylan Higgins
    Dylan Higgins 2 months ago +8

    5:38 Dewit!

    • The Dullahan
      The Dullahan 2 months ago

      It's almost as good as the "GET!" he sputters when they climb up the platform.

  • Sanguine the Adamant
    Sanguine the Adamant 2 months ago +1

    I N T H I S V I D E O E X P O S É

  • 177SCmaro
    177SCmaro 2 months ago +5

    Would be nice to know more about which form counters which other form. For example, as I understand it Dooku was verse in all 7 forms, at least enough to teach them to Grievous, so, could he have, rather than falling back on darkside powers, adjusted to another form(s) that may have fared better against Obi-wan's form 3 and Anakin's form 5 or even countered them to some degree?
    Seem's Dooku's greatest strength and greatest weakness was his overspecialization in form 2.

    • Steven Jacen
      Steven Jacen 2 months ago

      Form V can theoretically counter form III because V was created by a group of masters that thought III was too passive and could lead to dangerous prolonging of the duel. Form V's weakness was its lack of mobility according to the novel.

  • Joshua Edler
    Joshua Edler 2 months ago

    Dew it!

    DARYL FRANKLIN 2 months ago +1

    A well-made video
    Very descriptive and understanding

  • Uncle Bleach
    Uncle Bleach 2 months ago

    Who again?

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 2 months ago

    High ground!

  • IceStride
    IceStride 2 months ago

    Are the old Clone Wars cartoons from 2003 cannon?

  • Mr.Mr. & More Mr.
    Mr.Mr. & More Mr. 2 months ago +5

    like this commment

  • wally west
    wally west 2 months ago +21

    Love the duel from the ROTS novel
    "And only then did Dooku understand that he’d been suckered.Skywalker’s Shien ready-stance had been a ruse, as had his Ataro gymnastics; the boy was a Djem So stylist, and as fine a one as Dooku had ever seen. His own elegant Makashi simply did not generate the kinetic power to meet Djem So head-to-head. Especially not while also defending against a second attacker."

  • Lara Croft
    Lara Croft 2 months ago +14

    Lmao Dooku got rekt

  • Jeremy Bowman
    Jeremy Bowman 2 months ago

    Lol lol someone did have a really bad day indeed! imagine the surprise that not even his Sith Master Darth Sidious aka Palpatine was even on his side when it was to late & he lost his head!

  • Self Elevation
    Self Elevation 2 months ago +15

    LMMFAOOOO!!!!!!..... "if not for me, for having a really bad daaaaayyy".... yo, hearing that line & seeing Dookhu's face at the end of this vid; awh man, that was fucking hilarious yo!... that shit had me cracking up just now!.. . good shit yo! . cool beanz... . .

    • Self Elevation
      Self Elevation 2 months ago

      +Slim413rd shits funny as hell, right?... Lolh!...

    • Grand Admiral Bendu
      Grand Admiral Bendu 2 months ago

      Self Elevation in still dying Laughin!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ImperialistOpinions
    ImperialistOpinions 2 months ago +35

    I am absolutely in love with how this duel plays out in the RotS novelization; Matthew Stover's particular style of presenting the characters and situations is phenomenal period. Still, I suppose that TCW has pretty much rendered this Jedi deception for naught, since Dooku encountered Anakin and Obi-Wan quite regularly during the war. Which is unfortunate, in my opinion. Dooku should have been their superior by far, but there are far too many close calls in the series. Oba Diah is one of the most noteworthy exceptions. How Dooku outmaneuvered Anakin and Obi-Wan and still managed to kill the Pyke syndicate leader is among my favourite lightsaber duels in TCW. They never even stood a chance in that fight.

    • Silver Shilling
      Silver Shilling 2 months ago

      ImperialistOpinions I agree with you 100 percent. I think in the end they just want us to think oh Anakin tapped into his rage and completely dominated tyranus with raw power.

  • Tankdavid7
    Tankdavid7 2 months ago +336

    Dooku lost as soon as he jumped down from the staircase. He simply lost the highground

  • Cheesycurve 54
    Cheesycurve 54 2 months ago +28

    Obi-wan with his high ground and Anakin with his hate for sand bitch slapped the old crooked man Doku.

  • Ryan the youtuber
    Ryan the youtuber 2 months ago +109

    roses are red
    thrawn is blue
    from my point of view
    the jedi are evil!

    • Ernesto Polo
      Ernesto Polo 21 day ago

      Ryan the youtuber Mail is red
      Thrawn is blue
      You lost anakin
      I have the high ground!

    • Darth Guilder
      Darth Guilder 2 months ago

      Ryan the youtuber From a certain point of view.

    • Ryan the youtuber
      Ryan the youtuber 2 months ago

      Tankdavid7 - Games oh well I suck at rhyming anyway

    • Tankdavid7
      Tankdavid7 2 months ago

      Roses are red
      Thrawn is Blue
      The jedi are evil
      from a certain point of view.

      This fits better with the rhymes

  • Donna Wagner
    Donna Wagner 2 months ago +10

    Djem So FTW!!! :-D This video is AWESOME as this is one particular fight I have been studying recently. Thank you so much for putting all of the effort you do into researching, compiling and presenting content in an entertaining and enlightening way! Hope you have a great day! :-)

  • hidden blade
    hidden blade 2 months ago +3

    pshhyu waam waam crrsss waam brishh

  • I'm Only Happy When it Reigns

    *0:07** Lol that image is epic. They got destroyed.*

    • Montgomery Wolf
      Montgomery Wolf 28 days ago

      @Chest Pec Respect Dooku stirred their asses like cake batter...:-)

    • Eremite
      Eremite 2 months ago

      Chest Pec Respect Anakin looks like he just binged all night.

  • Darcy Nishi
    Darcy Nishi 2 months ago +21

    Dooku sounds too much like doodoo.

    • Jacen Starhunter
      Jacen Starhunter Month ago

      Darcy Nishi: Fun Fact Dooku is the Japanese word for poison!

    • The Dullahan
      The Dullahan 2 months ago

      In Portuguese, Dooku (or "Do cu", which is pronounced the same way) means "From the asshole". I'm not even kidding. They had to change the name to "Dookan" for Portuguese-speaking countries. The same goes for Captain Panaka, with "Panaca" meaning something akin to "dumbass".

    • Existent David
      Existent David 2 months ago

      Darcy Nishi dooku is poison in Japanese

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez 2 months ago

    nice video

  • TK- 713
    TK- 713 2 months ago +11

    Resistance Rebellion you will burn these ideas away!

    • Randy Cheow
      Randy Cheow 2 months ago

      Bullshit save the rebellion save the dream

    • Tyrion Lannister
      Tyrion Lannister 2 months ago

      the Rebellion cannot be allowed to persist!

    • Mic Clank
      Mic Clank 2 months ago

      TK- 713 anything goes even CHINESE

    HAN STARKILLER 2 months ago


  • Betreyal Justice
    Betreyal Justice 2 months ago +122

    simply they had the high ground

  • 007 lord1
    007 lord1 2 months ago

    Not first

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