Jeff Sessions Stars In 'How To Spot A Stoner'

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Despite Jeff Sessions' promise to crackdown on marijuana, the Attorney General seemed to display some of its side effects during his Senate hearing on Tuesday.

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Comments: 439

  • Graham Gould Maule
    Graham Gould Maule Month ago

    Does anyone know what song this is, or did hey mix it specifically for this video?

  • Jack North
    Jack North Month ago

    Even though I tried to be unbiased, the Mississippi accent really triggers me. all I can think is dumb, dumb, dumb. I know there are smart Mississippians, but the accent is really difficult for me.

  • BoingTarash1960s
    BoingTarash1960s Month ago

    Too perfect

  • Deeply Blue
    Deeply Blue Month ago

    Not a total recall

  • GiarkReleos
    GiarkReleos Month ago

    his acts are treason, fact!

  • Molly Thomas
    Molly Thomas Month ago

    Goodness... so prefect.

  • Luiz Alex Phoenix
    Luiz Alex Phoenix Month ago

    It seems more legitimate than claiming that marijuana is a high grade drug which causes more damage than already legalized ones.

  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris Month ago

    A stoner Indeed Lol Hilarious!!

  • Michelle K.Rowe
    Michelle K.Rowe Month ago

    Explains a lot.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh Month ago

    Jess "Gaslight" sessions!

  • Pink Eruption
    Pink Eruption Month ago

    the first bit i love from your team Colbert. haha Get that shit!!!

  • David Dell
    David Dell 2 months ago

    If you can't recall shit...maybe you don't need to be in government.

  • San Geet
    San Geet 2 months ago

    Nice! The music was apt

  • infinity
    infinity 2 months ago

    I love this

  • selfatrophy
    selfatrophy 2 months ago

    inbred, redneck cunt. "kill for weed" - cephalic carnage.

  • davemathewsrocks
    davemathewsrocks 2 months ago


  • Al Somethin
    Al Somethin 2 months ago +1

    Jeff Sessions acts like he is part of the Nixon administration. He needs to go.

  • bone man
    bone man 2 months ago

    "I dont recall"

  • Gunjan Vaishnav
    Gunjan Vaishnav 2 months ago

    Session kept timing out

  • Sally Bowles
    Sally Bowles 2 months ago

    am dying

  • Margus Meigo
    Margus Meigo 2 months ago

    "i no longer part of this body"
    Man, this some heavy stuff,
    right up there

  • Ari Bal
    Ari Bal 2 months ago

    No munchies?

  • Grigoria Velichkova -Trance Gori

    holy shit he was so stoned at the testimony haha 0:15

  • jenpenn22
    jenpenn22 2 months ago

    It gives me life to smoke whenever I watch this man. Suck my bowl jackass!

  • Willskull
    Willskull 2 months ago

    His wife was clearly fucked by a weed smoker haha what an asshole!

  • Gnd Smiling
    Gnd Smiling 2 months ago

    FUCK Jeff Sessions he's gotta be a fucking pot head he seems so high in this video LOL

  • Steve C
    Steve C 2 months ago

    This should be named the "Triggered Libtard Channel", but I love my triggered libtard friends.... the LIBTARD leaders try to divide and I will not fall for it.....LOL

  • CaroleAnMarcella
    CaroleAnMarcella 2 months ago

    What was the point of testifying if he doesn't remember anything? Not just because of his backward views but he is clearly beholden first to Trump and not the Country; and he's an old man who has very likely been paid off somehow so he can enjoy a comfortable retirement. Not the first time...Could be money, a house, who knows but while this bit is funny, his loyalty to the country first is in serious question. Same with a lot of Trump administration who all were bowing down to him the day before he came under investigation. I hope people won't forget these traitors when he finally get's convicted.

  • dgman smile
    dgman smile 2 months ago

    he still looks like the head of a dick

  • Tina Clark
    Tina Clark 2 months ago

    this is the brain of our supposed top prosecutor!!!???!!!??? horrifying

  • Daisy Castrillon
    Daisy Castrillon 2 months ago

    He is just scared to death.

  • Renner Hogan
    Renner Hogan 2 months ago


  • Ty're Ware
    Ty're Ware 2 months ago

    I give the official Ty're seal of approval. he is high as a kite

  • Michael James Mottram
    Michael James Mottram 2 months ago

    and the munchies

  • Yasper Casper
    Yasper Casper 2 months ago

    Sessions weedy 'i don't recall' drive me ...

  • MultiMemich
    MultiMemich 2 months ago

    Most anticipated movie this summer, Total Do Not Recall.

  • Amaranth
    Amaranth 2 months ago

    Fuck, I'm very likely a stoner. And I didn't even know!

  • #TrumpTheFascist Bigot
    #TrumpTheFascist Bigot 2 months ago

    Brilliant Colbert and team!! Revelatory of this administration. All liars and anti-Americans.

  • Tally Jones
    Tally Jones 2 months ago

    I'm not a stoner, but I fit all of these descriptions. I think maybe I did weed and just forgot...

  • Lights KYA
    Lights KYA 2 months ago

    He actually has a really cute face

  • The Joker
    The Joker 2 months ago

    How the fuck does this jackass have any control over the nation? You know he would own slaves if he could. Just by the way he talks you can tell he hates anyone who isn't white.

  • Arber Kraja
    Arber Kraja 2 months ago


  • Leeloo Minai
    Leeloo Minai 2 months ago

    Sneaky little bugger - he probably has a total recall each time he leaves the courtroom:)

  • Shannon  Byrd
    Shannon Byrd 2 months ago

    I love this!!!

  • pepino735
    pepino735 2 months ago

    fabulous !! he's a smurf's aquirt..

  • Noe Díaz
    Noe Díaz 2 months ago

    sessions looks as guilty as a rat with chesses between his teeth

  • Viscera Trocar
    Viscera Trocar 2 months ago

    He is antiweed because his money is invested in for profit prisons. Legalizing it will force a lot of them to close. That's why Republicans throw the book at non-violent offenses.

  • alvin beltramo
    alvin beltramo 2 months ago

    You Blow Jeff. Geet out of the and let people have their will.

  • Earth Lab
    Earth Lab 2 months ago

    He needs to smoke a joint. Maybe it would help him with his memory.

  • Home Wall
    Home Wall 2 months ago

    Conflating a stupid liar with those who consume cannabis is unfair to stoners everywhere.

  • Susan Hoffa
    Susan Hoffa 2 months ago

    we won't have to worry to long trump is going to ruin our country not believing in the erosion taking place,sessions will have more people in prison.great job dipshits.

  • Susan Hoffa
    Susan Hoffa 2 months ago

    what drugs is idiot sessions on. it's definitely not reefer he is to jumpy.he has no idea the medical purpose for reefer.he is so stupid him,trump if medical science knows how can he dispute their findings.i can't wait until all these clowns are out.

  • OS10100
    OS10100 2 months ago

    Whitehouse shore season 2 starts Jan 3, 2018

  • 0_o
    0_o 2 months ago

    i dOn'T REcalL

  • history view
    history view 2 months ago


  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen 2 months ago

    how to spot a stoner: see if they fall for that "Wanna Know How To Keep Stupid People Busy?" t-shirt

  • Deeply Blue
    Deeply Blue 2 months ago

    When not entertaining Russians, Sessions spends his time baking brownies inside his tree hideout .

  • garrithscots
    garrithscots 2 months ago

    Sessions is so stoned that he forgot he smokes all the time when he mentioned the Feds should go after pot. Remember folks, it is legal for him to go down the street and buy it. If someone would let him know marijuana is the same as cannabis, he'd remember and be cool with it.

  • Pall Aaarrgghh!
    Pall Aaarrgghh! 2 months ago

    Jeff Sessions smokes Nebraska ditch weed.

  • Fat Man
    Fat Man 2 months ago

    Yeah that was just awesome

  • Dominic Joseph
    Dominic Joseph 2 months ago

    Go play golf at your privet clubs and let the younger more educated and less prejudice people enter politics.

  • sami ciesielska
    sami ciesielska 2 months ago

    best one yet

  • ozayevable
    ozayevable 2 months ago

    Where is your Mccocain video huh? Seems to me like Colbert would ballgag his own daughter if it made a good trump joke.

  • sophomorocat
    sophomorocat 2 months ago

    So the guy is like naturally stoned okay?

  • Alex Glod
    Alex Glod 2 months ago


  • DrgnFlys
    DrgnFlys 2 months ago

    Sessions, the epitome of "big Government" ruling the people.

  • MBA2804
    MBA2804 2 months ago

    *AUDIBLE GASP* Sessions is so against legal marijuana because HE wants allllll the marijuanas for himself!

  • Akshay Verma
    Akshay Verma 2 months ago

    he's such a cute KKK member. I want to adopt him!! oh Mommy can I??!!

  • Kami Kaze
    Kami Kaze 2 months ago +2

    "Apple-cheeked hate goblin" - Samantha Bee

  • RoadCaptainEntertain
    RoadCaptainEntertain 2 months ago +2

    Sessions & Trump........Cheech & Chong.

  • Marijuana Saves Lives
    Marijuana Saves Lives 2 months ago +2

    I should hate Sessions for his stance on Marijuana, but hes just do darn cute!
    Give me your cookies!

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore 2 months ago +1

    Jefferson Sessions - the garden gnome.

  • Bow Wow
    Bow Wow 2 months ago +1

    Sessions looks like a retired elf

  • Nikita Salvatore
    Nikita Salvatore 2 months ago

    He is not stone. He is high in cocaine.

  • Ake Hilding
    Ake Hilding 2 months ago +2

    You can count on Republicans doing the wrong thing.

  • Kool Rad
    Kool Rad 2 months ago +1

    time to roll one up.

  • johnyjoe2k
    johnyjoe2k 2 months ago

    He doesn't even look fucking stoned!

    He looks high on something else.

  • S. Bakyhnh
    S. Bakyhnh 2 months ago +4

    Smoke covfefe everyday.

  • leavy
    leavy 2 months ago

    That like ratio

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich 2 months ago +2

    Only guilty traitors can't recall.

  • billytheweasel
    billytheweasel 2 months ago +2

    Gallup poll; Trump at 60% disapproval rating

  • Rich Trost
    Rich Trost 2 months ago +3

    "I don't recall ... I have no recollectlon ... I might have but don't remember", etc. Lawyers train folks like Sessions to use terms like that when they don't want to admit the facts. It's a way to lie that can't be proven false. We've seen it over and over with politicians.

  • Fiery Jabiy
    Fiery Jabiy 2 months ago

    Jeff Sessions: The tallest garden gnome, or should we say "the highest".

  • Against Your Brutality
    Against Your Brutality 2 months ago +3

    If he doesn't recall important details, I can't image how he manages his employees and daily activities, including all related cases for Americans. It seems he was put in that position as a "favor" not because he is worthy of being AG.

  • UncleJohn72
    UncleJohn72 2 months ago

    "It makes me nerverse!"

  • Alice's Dairy
    Alice's Dairy 2 months ago +1

    weed doesn't do those things being an asshole racist does

  • Tundra14
    Tundra14 2 months ago +2

    When is there going to be a strain named after him?

  • GreenTeaZombie
    GreenTeaZombie 2 months ago

    Some one kill this cunt.

  • Phoenix Chastaine
    Phoenix Chastaine 2 months ago +2

    😂😂😂😂Beautiful! 👏👏👏💖

  • chris nair
    chris nair 2 months ago +1

    ROFL - Best stoner ever!!

  • N P
    N P 2 months ago +1


  • J Steel
    J Steel 2 months ago +3

    Ah cayn't recawll smoking Covfefe weed afore ah came here ta testify - ah maaht have, but ah sure cayn't rememba inhaylin it.

  • The Beanie
    The Beanie 2 months ago +1

    If my boss ask me why i did it, I'm gonna to say in my defense: I don't recall?

  • Ahmed Elsheikh
    Ahmed Elsheikh 2 months ago +2

    That was just EPIC!

  • N Williams
    N Williams 2 months ago +1

    old or high the world will never know

  • llongone2
    llongone2 2 months ago

    Someone punt Jeff Sessions over a goal-post...that lying, little Keebler-ass bitch!

  • Francisco Novoa
    Francisco Novoa 2 months ago +1

    Covering his ass, when you said It is possible but I don't recall is because you know you did.

  • beatz04
    beatz04 2 months ago +2

    Unfortunately he for real managed to weasel his way through the hearing this way without even having to claim executive privilege. He basically said "i don't remember" or flat out refused to answer without any legal grounds. Even doesn't have to answer in closed session. And he gets away with it. Amazing.

  • main dog
    main dog 2 months ago

    is cool being a stoner not a big deal.

  • Katbeanz
    Katbeanz 2 months ago

    load up the bong, crank up the song, let the informer call 9 1 1

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