Legendary Skin Odds Revealed! (Overwatch News)

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  • TheAnimeWarrior
    TheAnimeWarrior 3 months ago

    I cant remember the last time i had a legendary skin

  • MrPenguin277 _
    MrPenguin277 _ 3 months ago

    I got mei-rry. Skin 5 times

  • Chivo Blanco
    Chivo Blanco 3 months ago

    i hate force gaming

  • Chivo Blanco
    Chivo Blanco 3 months ago

    haha wow hes so late on news,
    i hate force gaming

  • Super Monkey
    Super Monkey 3 months ago

    "You know that feeling when you open a loot box and that legendary skin for your favorite character comes out?" no

  • The Hobbyist
    The Hobbyist 3 months ago

    During the Chinese new year event I opened up a total of 75 boxes, One of those legendary's was the table one another one was the rien, The rest of the legendary's that I got were the mia red skin, Long story short my computer has a hole in it and is in the shop for about another two weeks.

  • Ryan Rule
    Ryan Rule 3 months ago

    they need to bring the Heros of the Storm re-roll boxes with gold mechanic into Overwatch.

  • NRool
    NRool 3 months ago

    it really feels like the drop rates for legendaries have dropped considerably since the Xmas event, I opened 45 boxes during the chinese new years event and only got one Legendary for the event, Uprising, I opened 50 and got 3 legendaries, technically 5, but two were duplicates.

  • Benjoraphi 27
    Benjoraphi 27 3 months ago

    I think there is a guarantee that sometimes u will get a legendary because i hadnt had for about 30 levels tgen i got 2 in a row

  • 97MiloProductions
    97MiloProductions 3 months ago

    uuh pretty sure i've seen boxes have 4 whites, so idk why they said there's always at least a blue item

  • X_xParadoxFoundatioNx_X

    Amazing, people care more about the odds of their skins in a gambling machine rather than actual gameplay or potential balance issues lol.

  • TheBlackestKey
    TheBlackestKey 3 months ago

    I don't mind getting the 200 gold for normal duplicate legendaries, but it'd be nice to get more gold for duplicate legendaries from the events. If you get 200 gold from regular legendaries i think we should at least get 600 from the legendaries.

    And a little off topic but I would love to see event legendary gold rewards from loot boxes. Getting 1500 gold as oppose to 500 gold would be a real nice and simple addition to loot boxes and would make dropping 3000 gold on event skins a little more bearable.

  • Pvt Lunchbox
    Pvt Lunchbox 3 months ago

    I wish you got Overwatch fun bucks for winning. It doesn't even have to be that much.

  • SirBrainTrain
    SirBrainTrain 3 months ago

    the chance of getting a duplicate depends on the items you have, no? You can just calculate it yourself..I don't think they change the probabilities if you already have an item or not.

  • -Toby-
    -Toby- 3 months ago +1

    Remember the Haloween Highlight Intro to Reaper. Have you ever noticed that is the Blackwatch Reaper Logo, on the box?! :O

  • S7Robin
    S7Robin 3 months ago

    Different regions wouldn't have different percentages for boxes. I doubt blizzard would put the effort, and if they did and that was found out then it would be a PR nightmare

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit 3 months ago

    you cant really get a % of a duplicate. it depends on your level. eg I'm level 654 but i know players who are like level 20. obviously these level 20s will not get many duplicates as i do since by playing ive unlocked 650+ loot boxes but lower levels have only their loot boxes + ones bought so you can't calculate the % of duplicate drops.

  • Dirk Schwartz
    Dirk Schwartz 3 months ago

    What they need to do is a way to target things.
    I had to buy the Uprising Mercy skin and that really pissed me off. Meanwhile I got the torbjorn and widow ones, as well as a Bastion legendary, all heroes I don't play at all.

  • weeb xd
    weeb xd 3 months ago

    how did you drag a video that ended at 2 minutes to 8 minutes

  • Merlijn Tuttel
    Merlijn Tuttel 3 months ago

    I thought every lvl 100 gives a legendary

  • Daniël Kunenborg
    Daniël Kunenborg 3 months ago


  • Wilson Chen
    Wilson Chen 3 months ago

    really..? cause i got combination of white,white,blue,white items for a freaking 10 lootboxes in a row

  • Crimson Synx
    Crimson Synx 3 months ago

    Opening loot boxes is just like throwing money in the ocean, but at least we all get updates as there are people buying hundreds of loot boxes.

  • Noodsy
    Noodsy 3 months ago

    I was expecting your first sentence about a legendary skin popping up to end with "Yeah, me neither" :')

  • Star Moral
    Star Moral 3 months ago

    On paper, 7% for legendaries is not bad. But it's the freaking duplicate and non event ratio that NEEDS to change.

    I want new crap, not something I already have or a skin I can get LITERALLY AT ANY TIME.

  • Ace of Hearts
    Ace of Hearts 3 months ago

    That can't be right. There have been numerous times (especially during Uprising) where my loot box contained nothing but grays...

  • HellGod67
    HellGod67 3 months ago

    YESSS gogo China! Now theese bastards will be forced to have some decency in setting their drop rates. The last event drop rates were a joke so it's right in time.
    Hope someone will make them correct the fking duplicates scam that can make you have constant duplicates on 1 legendary and reward you with (30?) gold?
    Or yes, make a guaranteed drop countdown so that people don't feel completely duped.

  • Roca Ferraro
    Roca Ferraro 3 months ago

    hello Force! thank you for all your videos! but there is a favour I need to ask of you, and I'm going to ask all the youtubers, maybe that way this issue can be fixed faster!
    I play on console! and with the 2.11 patch, us console players got 2 additional options to customize the aim system: aim smoothing and a new aiming mode that is linear ramp. basically, it's the best kind of console aiming you can have, it gibes you the closest 1:1 input of your joystick making it possible to rely much better on muscle memory. it's the kind of aiming system, allowed with a 0% in aim smoothing to give you the kind of aim like every other game has: CoD, Battlefield and co.
    PROBLEM: it's not working! there is some sort of issue with the linear ramp making aiming actually very difficult because there is an issue with the initial acceleration. we've been askinh for this since launch and got this aiming system only last week! we've been posting on the battle.net forum and we still have no answer. so I was wondering if you could maybe help the console community by mentioning the issue, I mean if even the pc community could just go on the forum and support us a little with youtubers help, we might get this issue fixed quicker!
    if we could have our own ptr I'm sure this wouldn't happen.
    hope you can see this!
    keep up the good work and have a nice day!

  • Freaty Clalk
    Freaty Clalk 3 months ago

    I'm proud to be a Chinese😂😂btw this video reminds me that I should go check the chance of getting a legendary card in hearthstone, I have the worst luck in hearthstone among my friends :(

  • steezyAF
    steezyAF 3 months ago

    Hey guys I'm a console scrub but I just made my first montage. Pls check it out

  • SolidMarcus
    SolidMarcus 3 months ago

    in the halloween event junrat 3 times and in uprising event widow 4 times... what tha fuck man?

  • SneakyOxen
    SneakyOxen 3 months ago

    Could we get the option to sell our lootbox for in-game currency?Sometimes when i'm trying to get a specific skin,it becomes really frustrating that the only way to get the coins is by getting duplicates.Giving me the option to sell an unopened lootbox for coins would help out people who are wanting a specific skin,yet cant get it because the odds suck.

  • Nathan Roberts
    Nathan Roberts 3 months ago

    I think overwatch does have a legendary timer, I remember I didn't get my first legendary until my level 50 lootbox, and at the time there was no other way to get loot boxes and I mean really, 50 is a pretty likely number for a legendary timer

  • Kyd
    Kyd 3 months ago

    Blizzard loot boxes....all duplicates all the time

  • zhafsan
    zhafsan 3 months ago

    Have you been out of Hearthstone for too long Force? You get in average 1 legendary card for every 20 packs you open. The pity timer is set at 40 packs. Dupes dusts to 1/4 of the crafting cost.

  • Eppul Jecks
    Eppul Jecks 3 months ago

    7% chance for legendary my ass. During uprising on 1 occasion, 4 lootboxes in a row all contained a legendary for me. Later down the line 2 loot boxes in a row had a legendary, and the 3rd box in a row dropped TWO legendaries. I swear my RNG was amazing or had to be rigged somehow. My roommate saw maybe 4-5 legendary drops during uprising. I had at least 10+ legendary drops. And we both bought loot boxes twice during the event.

    EDIT: This is also not mentioning the single legendary drops I got in boxes that were not sequential.

  • Jamie Parkes
    Jamie Parkes 3 months ago

    going off what you said about after certain amount of loot boxs you will get a legendary well I went from lvl 600 to lvl 710 with no legendary at all

  • Gabriel McMurtrie
    Gabriel McMurtrie 3 months ago

    No one gonna comment on how fucking insane Force's boxes are from halloween?

  • Joe Shanley
    Joe Shanley 3 months ago

    with hearthstone it's after 40 packs

  • Markus Adrian
    Markus Adrian 3 months ago +1

    Why did this video take 8 mins

  • JiroTheHero
    JiroTheHero 3 months ago

    I really hope they just make duplicates occur less often...with how little you get from any kind of duplicate, I would rather just roll for new things.

  • JiroTheHero
    JiroTheHero 3 months ago

    This is kind of why I have issues with any kind of loot box system. It is especially a problem in Fire Emblem Heroes.

  • JiroTheHero
    JiroTheHero 3 months ago

    201 boxes?!

  • Александр Македоненко

    7% chance of a legendary? nononono its bullshit, I am making excel table for all my drop and now my chance rating for legendary is 2.7 % yeah avr. drop for legendary is 13-14 but its average, i had leg. drop after 4 boxes, but sometimes I need to open far more than 14 boxes for legendary

  • Fallout Boy
    Fallout Boy 3 months ago +1

    The only skin I gave a shit abotu what Reinhardts Lieu Skin. But I also had 3000 credits so I figured Id buy one of the legendary, since it was also the last day. I opened all the loot boxes. Got Rein skin and nothing else. So I bought black widows talon skin. I figured, I already have skins for genji and tobj that I love. Could give a shit about mccree or anybody else, but I somewhat enjoy black widow, plus it made her look normal for once. So I bought it. Next day I got one box for some reason, maybe level'd up. Guess what legendary skin came in as a duplicate? Pro tip: known for murdering husbands.

  • nemammemo
    nemammemo 3 months ago

    I wouldn't mind event duplicates too much if I could get more coins to compensate costs of event items now it just feels unfair if legendary skin costs 3000 and i get 200 from legendary duplicate.

  • Hidden Ace
    Hidden Ace 3 months ago

    I've had Overwatch since day one and I haven't spent a dime on loot boxes...yet.

  • SomeOne1121
    SomeOne1121 3 months ago

    Best thing to come out of China since fireworks.

  • Overdoge wow
    Overdoge wow 3 months ago

    During the chinese lunar event i got the roadhog skin 4 times, 4 TIMES. fml

  • Die Already
    Die Already 3 months ago

    we have this law in korea too but its optional for game companies to inform the percentage

  • Al Elemental
    Al Elemental 3 months ago +1

    I bet the leader of China plays overwatch and he just wanted to know his chances of getting the new genji skin and so he made a law about it

    • Ocsttiac
      Ocsttiac 3 months ago

      I would think he isn't too eager to get something special for a Japanese character.

  • Endless / Paradox
    Endless / Paradox 3 months ago

    The coins you get for duplicates though...
    200 coins for a duplicate legendary...not even an enough for a non event epic skin

  • Κώστας Δαρζέντας

    I don't think these numbers are exact etc.... I mean... Each loot box has 5 items and 1 is guaranteed to be Rare++, so if the chance is 7% to get a legendary item out of 5 items from a loot box( considering the 7% is from the whole box and not each item in the box) then it's like 3.5 % for it to be a skin, considering the formula is like... 7% to roll legendary loot in general so if legendary skin chance is equal to legendary credits it's like 3.5% for each..... So, if each skin has an equal chance no matter if its duplicate....Well, u get the math etc.....

  • Fortis Byzantivm
    Fortis Byzantivm 3 months ago

    sorry blizzard (actually, no im not), but I stopped opening loot boxes completely, china was right to do that, it is gambling
    i want micro transactions either like titanfall 2, pick what you want and buy what you want
    or like halo 3, it doesn't exist

  • Jacob Cordell
    Jacob Cordell 3 months ago

    Looks like all of those lootbox opening videos were finally good for something.

  • crash bandicoot
    crash bandicoot 3 months ago

    they should totally have this law in America anywhere in the world are thar is gambling involved

  • Garrison Walter
    Garrison Walter 3 months ago

    Blizzard done it right though, when I unlocked 50+ crates in TF2 even during events, I never once got a single unusual item. Always disappointed so I stopped buying keys altogether. They can easily lose customers like me and maybe have been except for the most dedicated members with disposable income. Unboxing in Overwatch finally feels good, fair, and rewarding!

  • Alam_X
    Alam_X 3 months ago +1

    in the chinese new year event , i played very little and opened like 12 lootboxes and yet i got 3 legendaries (dva , rein , winston) , similar thing happened in halloween ...now in the uprising event i played ...A LOT !!! i leveled up 30 more levels + the arcade , so i got nearly 40 lootboxes , could be more , likely less) .... and i only got "One" legendary (Bwatch mccree) ... i refuse to believe that i had low luck and im certain Blizzard has changed the chance% of lootboxes .... but good thing these are just cosmetics ....

  • Nicholas Jerrett
    Nicholas Jerrett 3 months ago

    7.5% percent. You spent 8:30 minutes to say that.

  • TheLonelyMoon
    TheLonelyMoon 3 months ago

    For me,
    90% rare
    10% common
    0% legendary

  • Boa Drago
    Boa Drago 3 months ago

    Cash shop difference and probability difference is well, different.
    You'd see a loot box price difference but I don't think china would have different loot box item drop rate.

  • howlinglotus
    howlinglotus 3 months ago

    I would be happy if the only thing they changed was duplicate currency. Always frustrating to hit the same event legendary 2-3 times and get 200 coins back... when it's a 3000 coin purchase.

  • Trevor Houff
    Trevor Houff 3 months ago

    Good on you china

  • General Sweet
    General Sweet 3 months ago

    That is, of course, assuming that Blizzards has all the same drop rates across regions...

  • Zenya
    Zenya 3 months ago

    opened 30+ loot boxes in the uprising event. Got Ironclad torb.... 3 times...

  • 0TehDerpyMudkip
    0TehDerpyMudkip 3 months ago

    "You know that feeling of getting a legendary for your favourite hero?"
    No I dont and I'm level 165

  • Angela Gonzalez
    Angela Gonzalez 3 months ago +1

    the odds of getting a duplicate is still 7.5% its the same % no matter what character it is. in statistics we call this independent events. now the odds of getting a certain legendary for a certain character is low since there are 24 characters and every character has 4 legendarys not counting event ones the odds are. 1 : 720. (one in sevenhundredtwenty)

    • chill out
      chill out 3 months ago

      what?? the odds of getting a duplicate depends entirely on how many legendaries you currently have. if you have 0 legendaries (like a new account) its a 0% chance, and if you spend money on every event until you get all the skins its a 100% chance for duplicates.

  • Edan Glouzberg
    Edan Glouzberg 3 months ago

    good job i give you like

  • Bob Clemens
    Bob Clemens 3 months ago

    I got my first legendary skin at level 90. RNG loves to ram my asshole

  • LordShadowNWolf
    LordShadowNWolf 3 months ago

    I think we all agree that blizzard loot boxes random system sucks and is bs to people that can't buy a lot of boxes to have " a change" to get what they want

  • Flambonian999
    Flambonian999 3 months ago +1

    Opened 27 loot boxes that I earned with only one legendary

  • Jake Scott
    Jake Scott 3 months ago

    Lol force thinks blizzard would give out legendaries every 20 packs. Try 40

  • Brandon Willis
    Brandon Willis 3 months ago

    Yeah yeah force , always love seeing a video

  • RemChu
    RemChu 3 months ago

    Thank you China

  • Afterthought
    Afterthought 3 months ago

    Wtf? This guy gets most the event skins in less than 10 boxes.

  • NorthSeaHero
    NorthSeaHero 3 months ago

    "All items from the 'watch the vanguard' supply, are decorations".

  • Will Boland
    Will Boland 3 months ago

    I opened 30 loot boxes and I got nothing good

  • The Great Savior
    The Great Savior 3 months ago

    thanks china,

  • Leo Whidden
    Leo Whidden 3 months ago

    Why the heck are you opening 200 Halloween lootboxes. Dats not cool to rub your... Halloween skins in our faces! You can't get those anymore.

  • It's High Noon
    It's High Noon 3 months ago

    how the fuck did you make this video into 8 min

  • Morpheous XO
    Morpheous XO 3 months ago

    I imagine the chance of getting a duplicate would change depending on how many legendaries you have already. While possible, I kinda doubt it even checks for duplicates. It probably just has it's drop table for quality, then a second table that has all the skins of that quality. The more legendaries you have, the more likely you are to get a duplicate. I could be wrong, but chance is a bitch, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if I'm not.

  • Tomdebomb GD
    Tomdebomb GD 3 months ago

    I got 3 legendarys in uprising and all 3 were black watch mcree ;(

  • Kevin Reyes
    Kevin Reyes 3 months ago

    I want to see china ban Overwatch because of the loot box stats, all they showed was the probability of loot for an old event, not the overall probabilities of the base game loot boxes, Blizzard's trying to pull a fast one.

  • CelticFrost
    CelticFrost 3 months ago

    drop some rlm get a better chance thats how they make their money

  • Shattered 09
    Shattered 09 3 months ago

    I wish they would put in the event loot boxes that if you get a Legendary it would be an event skin.

  • Starkiller -7743
    Starkiller -7743 3 months ago

    The rng for the loot boxes is honestly ridiculous. Last event I only got like 4 skins out of like 20 boxes. This time. I have only gotten one and I only got 7 boxes. I am not even gonna bother with it. I think they need to take out the duplicates if you get it a certain number of times. Also make the skins available even if it's more expensive after the events. That is if they don't use them again.

  • Tate Folds
    Tate Folds 3 months ago

    But they could have different probabilities for if you buy them vs. earning, no?

  • DDSgames
    DDSgames 3 months ago

    that feeling when you opened 5 Wukong skins back to back and no other legendaries during the lunar event.... rip getting that sweet rein skin.

  • TheMrNickP
    TheMrNickP 3 months ago


  • dengitpeter
    dengitpeter 3 months ago

    NOPE.,,,,I opened 25 boxes and no legend....its fucking bs....

  • Sparky
    Sparky 3 months ago

    Anyone else feel like that 7% feels MUCH too high?

  • Craig
    Craig 3 months ago

    love how he used one of his past videos as background footage

  • Mr Never Lucky
    Mr Never Lucky 3 months ago

    I opened 100+ lootboxes during Uprising, none payed for. Got 3 of the new skins, 2 of them being purple, and 1 legendary.

  • Venom Wither
    Venom Wither 3 months ago

    I got 3 yellows and one purple in a loot box and THEY WERE ALL FUCKING DUPLUCATES

  • Robin Rummeda
    Robin Rummeda 3 months ago

    wait so when i calculate the chances correct... blizz owes me about 6 legendary even skins... yaaaaaay xD

  • Slayzes 34737
    Slayzes 34737 3 months ago

    During the Uprising even I got the Genji skin 3 times, the two Torb skins and the two only epic skins. You know what else I got? 6 Legendary skins that were non-eventful. I got 3 Legendary skins for Tracer, one for Mei, Mccree and a Mercy skin. I was not pleased. I had to spend 1200 credits I had earned for all my wanted skins, only missing out on Orisa's in the end

  • Patrick Rehder
    Patrick Rehder 3 months ago

    I don't think there is a pity system because I opened 25+ lootboxes during the event and didn't get a single legendary

  • StΔtιc O
    StΔtιc O 3 months ago

    So i opened 24 uprising lootboxes and got every single skin but the orisa one. WTF

  • Aero Phoenix
    Aero Phoenix 3 months ago

    Buys 150 loot boxes. Gets only one Legendary skin for the event. I HAD TO BUY THE REST WITH CREDITS. Hey~ at least the game gave me the Goth Zarya 4 times :^) like..... WHO NEEDS THAT EDGY SHIT

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