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  • I got invited to the GOT premiere in LA and watched the season 7 episode 1 with the cast and crew! Afterwards we all went to a party across the street to celebrate! I made a video/vlog about my night and what I think of this episode! Let's talk what happened and what we think is coming! Make sure you comment down below!

    Thanks Michael Hoffman and the HBO team for inviting me!


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  • Alex Semien
    Alex Semien 3 days ago

    Kyle, please do a GOT review every week. Living for your commentary!

  • RaelinaRadke
    RaelinaRadke 5 days ago

    I cant help look at his faded tattoos?? Like they need to be redone with shading again?

  • Sloan Crawford
    Sloan Crawford 5 days ago

    Just when I'm convinced you couldn't be more adorable, you fangasm over GoT AND rip on top knots in the same video!!! I die.

  • Pete 90291
    Pete 90291 5 days ago


  • Joseph McKenzie
    Joseph McKenzie 5 days ago

    How old are you? And will you marry me?!!!

  • Joanna Cielatkowska
    Joanna Cielatkowska 6 days ago

    please review every episode of the season? ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hardik Solanki
    Hardik Solanki 6 days ago

    I also laughed when I saw Ed sheeran's face....

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy 6 days ago

    I need to watch this show!! need HBO asap hahah

  • Vivita Matanimeke
    Vivita Matanimeke 6 days ago

    Yes yes yes ! GOT started of with a bang 💥

  • Andrew Arteaga
    Andrew Arteaga 7 days ago

    Kyle! You mentioned you were thinking about film school. How's it going for ya? As a beginner in photography, your work inspires me. I'd love to hear about your photography background and how you go about it (post processing, etc.) Cheers :)

  • Leah Stein
    Leah Stein 7 days ago

    Can u do another video with Ali and Ashlyn

  • Maro Krkaland
    Maro Krkaland 7 days ago

    Maybe I should finally start watching this?

  • Hardik Anavkar
    Hardik Anavkar 7 days ago

    Heyyy Kyle, I have been a subscriber and a fan for a long time, but it is the first time I am commenting. I was just so struck with how our experiences of the episode were quite similar. Especially, the part where you thought that Euron Greyjoy's gift to Cersei could be Tyrion and that is exactly what went in my head. I was also very excited to see Ed Sheeran. The whole scene was cute. And Arya's smirk when she walks out of the hall was amazing. Thanks for sharing the experience with us. I was quite struck with the live orchestra playing the theme music. That was very cool. Have fun watching the rest of the season! Love from Bombay!!!!

  • James Lozano
    James Lozano 7 days ago

    "Side characters like the Frey people" What kind of unintentional shade??

    • James Lozano
      James Lozano 7 days ago

      Well, they're all dead so I guess it doesn't matter now

  • tse tse
    tse tse 7 days ago

    Women create life i think we win....

  • pppmanly
    pppmanly 7 days ago

    Hey Kyle,

    I have never watched "Games of Thrones", but I just got back from a visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia, where some of the show is filmed. They even have excursion(s) there around that theme.

  • Βασίλης Χ
    Βασίλης Χ 7 days ago +1

    OMG I thought I was the only crazy one who laughed at this episode

  • 2008bruin2008
    2008bruin2008 7 days ago

    Kyle, you should be a guest on Gay of Thrones!!!

  • Serge P
    Serge P 7 days ago

    Gay white man being oppressed by a big mean white man in the white house. 🤦🏻‍♂️
    I can't with Libertards

  • Michael Fortunato
    Michael Fortunato 7 days ago

    Arya's direwolf still lives, set free in Season 1 to avoid being killed by Joffrey. I read the wolf just might re-appear in next weeks episode.

  • kindercolin
    kindercolin 7 days ago

    I can't imagine to be fan of a tv series! I have heard all my mates chatting about GOT all the time...never had the feeling to know more! ...And I am not going to become a follower right now, but I have to say that watching and listening to Kyle speaking so eloquently about it has taken my attention to know what GOT is about! I am also writing a comment about... What Kyle can't do!?

  • AlphaXxRoxasxX
    AlphaXxRoxasxX 7 days ago

    i want more Game of Thrones reviews!!! PLEASE

  • kris wright
    kris wright 7 days ago

    We got a woman running England and she made it shit here at min making all the wrong decisions

  • zain ali
    zain ali 7 days ago

    i knw nothing about Game of Thrones i am watching becuz i love when he talks. ^-^ ;) ♥

  • Manuel Acquisti
    Manuel Acquisti 7 days ago

    I tried my best to find GOT interesting and entertaining but boy oh boy nope, didn't work at all. Anyways I watched the whole video about it. The thirst is real.

  • X Ferens
    X Ferens 7 days ago

    Im pretty sure there was some Direwolf action implied in next weeks episode preview, so your wish might just come true :)

  • Andrew Keegan
    Andrew Keegan 7 days ago

    You have a manager?!?!?

  • Alexander Kad
    Alexander Kad 7 days ago

    Omg! Kyle I wanted to watch this video till the very end, but turned it off after your phrase about spoilers 😭

  • Ni Enye
    Ni Enye 8 days ago

    surprised that it only has 9k views and I remembered, oh right ofcourse they don't want spoilers XD

  • Luis Kitchens
    Luis Kitchens 8 days ago

    No spoilers on the dire wolf 🐺🙊

  • Luis Kitchens
    Luis Kitchens 8 days ago

    I'm interested in Jorah now he's with the misters and he's super sick. And I wonder how will Jamie Handel Cerci when the north and Daenerys have to battle the white walkers and Dorn is on the move too with the last of House Tyrel the south is going to be decimated and the North is going to get sooo much battle experience

  • Luis Kitchens
    Luis Kitchens 8 days ago

    Cerci is a definitely a driving force behind the destabilization of the empire and every move she has made has caused her family to lose members in exchange for power she is definitely a queen in that regard. Her influence forced others choices and man. Not to mention her family is poor and their strength is in shambles

  • Luis Kitchens
    Luis Kitchens 8 days ago

    That opening I was like did I miss something I just saw this guy bite it but whew when he started explaining I was on point with it and finished them 💪💪

  • Martinz
    Martinz 8 days ago +1

    Yeees I loved this, please do one for each episode this season🙏🏼 will support you no matter what you're doing😍

  • Shane Bryson
    Shane Bryson 8 days ago +1

    Lisa is a babe!

  • Kirsten Rowland
    Kirsten Rowland 8 days ago

    I live for this review of GoT, please post recaps of other episodes!!!

  • Cindy Tapia
    Cindy Tapia 8 days ago

    Arya said that when they ask what happened yo the Freys to say that "The North Remembers"

  • Cy Hall
    Cy Hall 8 days ago

    Kyle works with HBO so well! He makes GOT sound like ukulele care-free content! Bring on that white privilege, Kyle!

  • Brian Baratheon
    Brian Baratheon 8 days ago

    Euron Greyjoy is who I believe you were thinking of. He's Yara and Theon's uncle.

  • Mark Anthony Sangalang
    Mark Anthony Sangalang 8 days ago +2

    George RR Martin's Game of Thrones is his answer to JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. (I read it somewhere). About the 'future is female' it is what LOTR is lacking. Everyone who is leading in LOTR are males, yes there is a side story about the King's daughter that fought a Nazgul and thats it. But in GOT the females are so bad ass which is what I love about it. He literally turned Dragons into a sign of female empowerment which is so cool!

  • Brian Baratheon
    Brian Baratheon 8 days ago

    The Black Wolf came for the Freys 😆

  • Ren Liu
    Ren Liu 8 days ago +1

    I found this episode is a bit different from the others, pretty funny. And ed sheeran?! HAHAHAHA! so it's so much surprising~

  • Anthony James
    Anthony James 8 days ago

    I love Jon Snow and everything but I hope that either Jaime or Davos is Azor Ahai because Jon being Azor Ahai is so basic. Maybe its Beric Dondarrion tho , he already has the flaming sword for it.

  • Erica Sims
    Erica Sims 8 days ago

    Please keep doing Game of Thrones reviews! I loved your analysis! It opened my eyes to a few things I overlooked! Definitely going to rewatch the episode ha ha. Can't wait for the next one☺️☺️

    Arya's storyline is so intriguing! When she was eating with the Lannister soldiers I think she realized that everyone kind of has a story in this saga, even paid soldiers. Which gave her some perspective, but doesn't affect her goals. But I'm most excited for daenerys to just make her way through everything. I'm curious how her eventual meeting with the starks will be ha ha

  • Juli An
    Juli An 8 days ago

    You are adorable 😍

  • Diego Sperandio
    Diego Sperandio 8 days ago +2

    I heard that the gift of euron could be a corn that controls dragons and i'm scared. #TeamDaenerys til the end

  • George William Black

    Let's lay the truth out. I'd like to f**k with Little finger.

  • DorEnErnil
    DorEnErnil 8 days ago +4

    ARYA. IS. EVERYTHING!!! #ValarMorghulis

  • Adrienn Ormai
    Adrienn Ormai 8 days ago +2

    I'm really excited about what is going to happen with Jorah Mormont :)

  • Laura Dowling
    Laura Dowling 8 days ago

    Beginning was epic !

  • Laura Dowling
    Laura Dowling 8 days ago

    How were people during theSamuel poop/soup part. Omg I threw up in my mouth twice . Gross but hilarious and sad . Thought ed in there was lame and he was lame lol.

  • Jacob Sed
    Jacob Sed 8 days ago

    I hope someone filmed you filming that guy on his phone :P

  • dickwintered
    dickwintered 8 days ago +2

    Sansa is head bitch in charge!

  • Shatadru Choudhury
    Shatadru Choudhury 8 days ago +1

    North Remembers! :)

  • footballerbm
    footballerbm 8 days ago +2

    John's wolf is still alive

    • X Ferens
      X Ferens 7 days ago

      and so is Arya's. Everyone just sort of forgets about Nymeria

  • allegiant347
    allegiant347 8 days ago

    SPOILERS IN THE VIDEO just for everyones discretion.

  • Hello Xander
    Hello Xander 8 days ago +2

    Seeing kyle loving the same show i love,that is so precious. We're literally the same abouth this new season!!!!

  • van-Tien Hoang
    van-Tien Hoang 8 days ago

    I still have to catch up. The last episode I watched was Sansa's wedding night. Did I miss anything after that - or can I just skip season six?

    • Nelly Okofu
      Nelly Okofu 8 days ago

      Boy listen, if you skip season six you won't understand anything. Believe me. 😌

    • Jacqueline Springfield
      Jacqueline Springfield 8 days ago

      van-Tien Hoang Definitely DO NOT skip season 6. It's the best!

  • JESSMY99
    JESSMY99 8 days ago

    1:01 lol

  • alkestro
    alkestro 8 days ago +4

    Hahaha Maisie scolding her bf for looking at his phone while the live orchestra was playing the intro is me EVERYTIME someone gets distracted while the show is starting.

  • Sebastian Stormborn
    Sebastian Stormborn 8 days ago

    Snaps for that SNAP.

  • oy
    oy 8 days ago +7

    you should review every episode!

  • Seán Curran
    Seán Curran 8 days ago

    It was such an awesome episode! SHOOK
    I screamed several times!!!😱😍🙌

  • Rey Grewal
    Rey Grewal 8 days ago +2

    Kyle, there are two direwolves still alive: Arya's Nymeria and Jon's Ghost 😊

  • Nicole Singleton
    Nicole Singleton 8 days ago +1

    I was SO EXCITED got Brann to make it to The Wall, but I spent the whole episode waiting for Jon, Sansa, Arya - ONE OF THE STARKS, FFS, to be reunited with him!! I'll be a damn mess when that happens!

  • James Troi
    James Troi 8 days ago

    The last few seasons have been all about the ladies. And they're all going to war because of the trouble the men made. :-P

  • Amanda Rosa
    Amanda Rosa 8 days ago +6

    "The north remembers"

  • Víctor Coronado
    Víctor Coronado 8 days ago +6

    When Maisie Williams grabs the guy's phone at the beginning like no bitch pay attention and I felt the same way about the beginning!! Arya "The Badass" Stark <3 Tell them the North remembers; tell them winter came for House Frey.

  • Cale Tian
    Cale Tian 8 days ago

    I got so much joy every time Kyle says "tuning in"

  • Sarah Beckett
    Sarah Beckett 8 days ago

    I'm being good and pausing this to continue after I watch the episode tonight. The orchestra though!

  • Christopher Carr
    Christopher Carr 8 days ago

    Omg watching new fans is so cute!! 😂😂 #gameofthrones

  • Francisco Piccio
    Francisco Piccio 8 days ago

    Loved it until he started saying bullshit about how women could rule our country better

  • ThePullmymoon
    ThePullmymoon 8 days ago +3

    Soooo in the books Euron, they 'greyjoy dude'
    Sails the world collecting RARE artefacts.
    He has a thing called a dragon horn.
    Who ever blows it controls the dragon but dies shortly after. I think this is the gift. He will give it to the queen to blow and then when she dies he will be king because they will be married!

  • Erin Leary
    Erin Leary 8 days ago

    I am so excited for new GOT episodes!

  • freerides forgasmoney

    wow!!! the gayness is just too much to bear. its ok to be gay but don't be a fag about it!

  • Cristian Gonzalez
    Cristian Gonzalez 8 days ago

    "If you haven't even seen an episode before and you're watching this for the first time you need to catch up"
    *raises hand*

  • Zaid Zaghal
    Zaid Zaghal 8 days ago

    Plz add a "SPOILER ALERT" to ur title !!!

  • Darin God
    Darin God 8 days ago

    review or listening to a guy describe the entire episode

  • Zeath
    Zeath 8 days ago

    Kyle's smile can literally change my mood so fast.Its weird

  • TeddyBearrrs
    TeddyBearrrs 8 days ago

    What does your tattoo says " the night..."??

  • Olla Reisen
    Olla Reisen 8 days ago

    You should do a playlist or favorite music video!

  • Edward Jackson
    Edward Jackson 8 days ago +1

    Kyle! Please review the entire season! I lived for every single second of your review, and don't change anything. All the other reviews on Game of Thrones blogs are so serious and, no offense, boring. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your enthusiasm and the little nuggets of social commentary you threw in. Please! Please do more! Your top knot comment was hilarious! More please! Thank you!

  • Jean-Claude Mosquera

    Omg! SAAAAMMMEEE!!! Love ya 😘

  • AmIl Agarwal
    AmIl Agarwal 8 days ago

    r u gay?? i mean no hate but..

    • aj lamotte
      aj lamotte 8 days ago

      AmIl Agarwal yes he is an advocate for LGBTQ rights

  • Vick Servin
    Vick Servin 8 days ago

    Finally someone who can understand why I scream Yaaaaasss Qweeen Slay while I'm watching GOT!!! #TeamArya

    • Vick Servin
      Vick Servin 8 days ago

      freerides forgasmoney ooh!! Lol thank you for the feedback buddy!!! 😘😘😘

    • freerides forgasmoney
      freerides forgasmoney 8 days ago

      Vick Servin ......yea.....its spelled arya....dumbass...#fakefan

  • Bre Alexandria
    Bre Alexandria 8 days ago

    I'm so excited for this season, I think it's gonna be really good!!! I didn't even realize all the women in power until you mentioned it; that is really cool of hob =)

  • Oscar Jaym Astorga
    Oscar Jaym Astorga 8 days ago

    Brand Stark ? Will he ever deliver a fun scene ?

  • That's Umpossible
    That's Umpossible 8 days ago

    I knew it was ed sheeran! 😆😆😁

  • Christian Carrington

    You are so adorable omg. I'm so sad you aren't in NY anymore. I would've loved to get a haircut from you 😔❤️

  • Jonny B
    Jonny B 8 days ago +4

    Loved the part in your clip at beginning of premiere where chick grabs her man's phone out of his hand. Pay attention! Hahha. Good stuff. Cannot stand how captivated people become with their phones. Saw 4 chicks literally walk into grocery store today ALL staring straight into their phones. No idea how they didn't run into anything. Like come on people, you're grocery shopping, get your face out of your phone.

    Totally agree with the women would probably be better rulers thing though. I do wish the first few episodes had been leaked like a few seasons ago. Hate not being able to binge watch. But HBO's gotta milk this shit for all it's worth with how much they spend on each episode. Probably like what, $10 million per episode? I digged the Ed Sheeren appearance too! Saw him live when he was opening act for Taylor Swift. Great, true musician. Was a really great way to push the idea that NOT everyone, even Lannister soldiers are crazy bastards. That and the house of dead people Clegane and the crew stayed the night in. The people Clegane robbed of their silver with Arya (shown in the "before on GOT" clips in beginning) They were really trying to push the idea that there are tons of normal people caught in the middle off the Game of Thrones.

  • Mayer Gonz
    Mayer Gonz 8 days ago

    I loved it, thanks to you to be here! with us! we love you so much

  • Willow Waltemire
    Willow Waltemire 8 days ago

    I loveeeeedddd the cold open and I Jon is for sure related to my girl dany but I wish they weren't because I ship them so much!!! How badass would that be if they were together!?

  • Judy Qureshi
    Judy Qureshi 8 days ago

    literally every time my life is not the way i want it to be i get down, but every time that happens you post a video and it makes me super optimistic and happy again

  • John Park
    John Park 8 days ago

    He is beeeauuuuutifuuull. <3 😍

  • yodummy
    yodummy 8 days ago +8


    The gift will be the sandsnakes Women that killed Cersi's daughter.

    • yodummy
      yodummy 8 days ago

      Well, there was a photo leak.. That's why I'm pretty sure, and yea, the sandsnakes were a bit silly.

    • Gage Rouane
      Gage Rouane 8 days ago

      I was thinking this too. I also hope for it as well. The sand snakes are a disappointment.

  • Alfred Chuah
    Alfred Chuah 8 days ago

    I'm gonna watching now due to spoiler but I just wanna say - you're glowing in this video!!!!

  • JAVIR29
    JAVIR29 8 days ago

    the opening scene is amazing ...the rest is very dissapointing...nothing relevant happened :/

  • TheElectropiano
    TheElectropiano 8 days ago

    Kyle I was so fucking overwhelmed by Arya. I spent the whole episode screaming out loud just because that fucking scene. AAHHH ♥

  • Genevieve Perez
    Genevieve Perez 8 days ago +16

    The part where they were staring at the fire and saying what they see, I was like I just see flames😂😂

  • iamphoenixfire
    iamphoenixfire 8 days ago

    Cersei, Littlefinger, and Jaime and probably Euron will all be dead by season's end I can assure you of that. season 8 is all about them white walkers baby. and the valonqar is with cersei now. there's a distance.

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