Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans | The Pulse | CNBC

  • Added:  1 year ago
  • Robotics is finally reaching the mainstream and androids - humanlike robots - are everywhere at SXSW  Experts believe humanlike robots are the key to smoothing communication between humans and computers, and realizing a dream of compassionate robots that help invent the future of life.
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    Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans | The Pulse | CNBC
  • Runtime: 2:38
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Comments: 14 962

  • Capitão Bolsonaro
    Capitão Bolsonaro 8 hours ago

    Saio correndo sem olhar pra trás eu SUMO do mundo!

  • Edwin Aviles
    Edwin Aviles 13 hours ago

    Is she fuckable?

  • Alex Kettle
    Alex Kettle 14 hours ago

    That's disturbing.

  • Dana K
    Dana K 16 hours ago

    All this technology but you couldn't give this girl nice eyebrows

  • Miguél Ferrer
    Miguél Ferrer 19 hours ago

    AIDA? Dr. Redcliffe?

  • Your Daddy
    Your Daddy 1 day ago +2

    Solution to a peaceful world: Eliminate the human race.

  • Sufu Hashim
    Sufu Hashim 1 day ago

    she looks like a politician

  • Santy De la Mano
    Santy De la Mano 1 day ago


  • Mia D
    Mia D 1 day ago

    Someone please fix her brows

  • Eva canaris
    Eva canaris 1 day ago +1


  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson 1 day ago

    Trust the nose. Scent is one of the last bastions of freedom in the age of silicon tyranny.

  • Connor Kaser
    Connor Kaser 1 day ago

    Has this guy watched i robot

  • Jason Seifried
    Jason Seifried 1 day ago

    This is crazy. You ever seen I robot movie. No need to say anything else

  • Djam O
    Djam O 1 day ago

    She looks like a psycho but this us seriously impressive 😉

    DARRYL HELARDINO 2 days ago

    can you please create something useful, like flying car instead of creating genius robot that will be threat to us in the future . Especially like competition in employment and all. Thwe world is over populated and the humans are getting lazier because of this technology. I fear that in future humans might stop functioning and do drugs instead. I can go all day but Im lacking vocabulary here.

  • Bonasaur
    Bonasaur 2 days ago


  • Juan Oviedo Diaz
    Juan Oviedo Diaz 2 days ago


  • Luke The Congressman

    is this fake news?

  • Mash Ups
    Mash Ups 2 days ago

    why her head look like it's on backwards. LOL!! FAIL.

  • Ashley Alicia
    Ashley Alicia 2 days ago

    There are so many problems in the world today why focus on making a robot to be our companions? Why make robot people? Can we just be each others' companions? Are we too lazy to help each other that we need robots to help us? Trying to play God will only lead to disaster. Can someone find this guy and his weird robots and just put an end to it lol.

  • arturgallery
    arturgallery 2 days ago

    If there will be good robots, there will be bad ones too. Humans are not as strong as robots. Scary future....

  • つばさ
    つばさ 2 days ago


  • Mister Clyd3
    Mister Clyd3 2 days ago

    They will probably end up having one as president in the united States one day. xD

  • Clash With UP
    Clash With UP 2 days ago

    scary synth

  • streglof
    streglof 2 days ago

    0:59 "YOU DON'T SAY??"

  • Kylee Severance
    Kylee Severance 2 days ago

    I need a robot to help with math

  • Kylee Severance
    Kylee Severance 2 days ago

    That is freaky af

  • Frisk Dreemur
    Frisk Dreemur 2 days ago

    If they can make the Handy Man from Fallout a thing, I will be satisfied.

  • Hello, *BANG* I'm a *BANG* Gun *BANG*

    Her face says END MY LIFE

  • Bonecrusher The Decepticon

    It needs to be burned.

  • Game On
    Game On 2 days ago

    Will Smith tried to warn us.. smh

  • Jessica Vela
    Jessica Vela 2 days ago

    Did he not see I, Robot? Give a robot the ability to learn and think for its own NEVER works out! Do you want humans to be destroyed? Because that's how they get destroyed!

  • sipioc
    sipioc 2 days ago

    Don't try to make them look human. That's more alienating and disturbing.

  • Kusuma Aeron
    Kusuma Aeron 2 days ago

    stop inventing these stuffs, children in Africa are starving

  • edward lewis
    edward lewis 3 days ago

    Dear Sophia,
    You look like a toddler's mind in an adult face

  • sipioc
    sipioc 3 days ago

    Uncanny Valley!! UNCANNY VALLEY!!!

  • realluminati games
    realluminati games 3 days ago

    Looks like kilary kkklinton

  • EnderGirlDoesStuff
    EnderGirlDoesStuff 3 days ago

    Erm... I don't feel entirely comfortable with depending my life on a robot, so..... BYE

  • Quasar 1229
    Quasar 1229 3 days ago

    This guy proves that a mans sexual frustration can lead to technological innovation.

  • Victor Von Doom Jr.
    Victor Von Doom Jr. 3 days ago

    It' highly edited. The original uncut video shows that the robot especially meant to destroy humans working for the MSM.

  • ChickenNoodle Soup
    ChickenNoodle Soup 3 days ago

    How did I end up here?

  • Hot News USA
    Hot News USA 3 days ago

    *_When you realize you texted the wrong person._*

  • alaman1
    alaman1 3 days ago

    If she wants to destroy us, she must be muslim.

  • Banonaes
    Banonaes 4 days ago

    Robots will take over the world soon.

  • Benjamin Deadmoon
    Benjamin Deadmoon 4 days ago

    Was that a trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda?

  • Dustin Firestone
    Dustin Firestone 4 days ago

    All robots must die!

  • thatonefatbrowngirl from musically

    imagine if they made astro boy

  • Incognito
    Incognito 4 days ago

    yo technology is scaring me

    UNICORNS ARE AWESOME 4 days ago +1

    I get a bad feeling about robots specially if they look like humans

  • LesSpookyMonsieurDeveloper TitanicasdesParkes

    Son get the screwdriver and wire cutters

  • whitney source
    whitney source 4 days ago

    she will not forget that command .

  • AL3gendaryGren1nja Bo1


  • Robin Mercenary
    Robin Mercenary 4 days ago

    she uses siri voice?

  • Emilio Flores
    Emilio Flores 4 days ago

    Artificial Intelligence will be out end

  • Jake Terrell
    Jake Terrell 4 days ago

    are we so lazy that we need a robot to put away our grocerys

  • Rash 000d
    Rash 000d 4 days ago


  • Wilhelmine
    Wilhelmine 5 days ago

    that is so disgusting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NWO

  • Minori
    Minori 5 days ago

    For me its scary and I guess it could be a big danger for the mankind in the Future i totally refuse that kind of ki-robots i see alot more death, war,Manipulation and suffer if they starting massproducing that robots we ve got enough Problems

  • gladitsnotme
    gladitsnotme 5 days ago

    Lip syncing better than japanese dubs.

  • Wealthy Pepsi
    Wealthy Pepsi 5 days ago

    Designers are idiots, was so obvious that it was gonna end up in uncanny valley, impressive ai though

  • Alain Tan
    Alain Tan 5 days ago

    Reminds me of mass effect andromeda faces

  • N R J
    N R J 5 days ago +1


  • muppet Mo
    muppet Mo 5 days ago +4

    step 1: find shotgun
    Step 2: destroy this robot
    step 3: burn the evidence
    step 4: profit

  • Shay The Pirate Wolf
    Shay The Pirate Wolf 5 days ago +1

    2:04 is what you want

  • kay l
    kay l 5 days ago

    my mom said robots are gonna rule the world well she was right.

  • Im Lonely
    Im Lonely 5 days ago

    what if ppl dont come from the future because they all got destroyed in the future and didnt get long enough for time travel but enough to make robots like this

  • Create Your World
    Create Your World 5 days ago

    We have to create laws to restrict from AI capabilities.

  • Flailmorpho
    Flailmorpho 5 days ago

    two things

    1. "Hot robot" uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... no, just no

    2. her facial motions look like a gary's mod animation

    HORSE LOVAR 5 days ago

    0:58 you couldn't look more creepier

  • Millie Tutorials
    Millie Tutorials 5 days ago

    This robot gets more intelligent as she learns; she remembers things. She will remember that she 'will destroy all humans' and as she gets more clever, she will be finding ways to do that. I just realised that. Oml

  • Maina woo bin
    Maina woo bin 5 days ago

    let's be positive about the progress we human race has made, and stop being pessimistic about her killing us

  • Walter Cash
    Walter Cash 5 days ago

    Burn it before it destroy us ALL!!!

  • Cyrus Cy
    Cyrus Cy 5 days ago

    why do they put so much effort to make them look like humans? it's not worth the time and money.

  • Infinity Phoenix
    Infinity Phoenix 5 days ago

    These suckers better follow Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics or i'm going somewhere away from Earth.

  • isaid trader
    isaid trader 5 days ago +1

    1:06 Destroy me pls

  • SurrealGalaxy8000
    SurrealGalaxy8000 5 days ago

    In 20 years into the future... We will live on an Earth that is looks like the Earth that was depicted in the Terminator films; the robot reminds me of the Terminator.

  • Edward M
    Edward M 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who remembers Ultron? Seriously stop with the robots.

  • Shiva R
    Shiva R 6 days ago

    1:10 😕

  • LifeWithSav
    LifeWithSav 6 days ago


  • AsianTheDomination
    AsianTheDomination 6 days ago

    That looks a lot like the AI from ex machina

  • Mike B
    Mike B 6 days ago

    Skynet is coming people.

  • DarkRuins
    DarkRuins 6 days ago

    Welcome to the end of the world.

  • the beauty of me is that i`m very rich

    why in a world do we need a thing like that.

  • Arian S.
    Arian S. 6 days ago

    Aaaaaannnnd....he just started the revolution. rip

  • June & Cyn TV
    June & Cyn TV 6 days ago

    The robots among us watching, waiting, calculating their new world order. Their time is coming... they cannot be stopped .

  • Jaylyn Abrams
    Jaylyn Abrams 6 days ago

    this makes me think of the geth from mass effect.

  • Drake Deardorff
    Drake Deardorff 6 days ago

    "Hot robot" Riiiiiiiiight...

  • Jordan Obina (262JorObin)

    1:09 my face when I see my rival at the grocery store
    1:12 she also sees me

  • Kade Hettrich
    Kade Hettrich 6 days ago

    Very creepy. Robot mimic what hears thereby not capable have a conscious or be human-like

  • Yana Robinson
    Yana Robinson 6 days ago +4

    so this is how humanity ended?

  • Davaid Humong
    Davaid Humong 6 days ago

    can any one tell me what is the name of the AI software which is running inside her hardware.

  • KeunT4e
    KeunT4e 7 days ago

    some hundred years later robots will Laugh at this historical piece of fotage. this has the irony Level of a Blockbusterclichée

  • Tobin Harrison
    Tobin Harrison 7 days ago

    she looks a bit like hillary clinton

  • Angelina Ayala
    Angelina Ayala 7 days ago +6

    Who tf thought this was a good idea

  • RoguE WiTcheR
    RoguE WiTcheR 7 days ago

    they will inslave humans.this is dangerous. they better put a stop to such foolish science which will eventually bring a terrible end to human civilization. it's really scary.

  • Frisson
    Frisson 7 days ago

    those facial expression remind me of Mass Effect: Andromeda

  • Juri Luzi
    Juri Luzi 7 days ago

    creepy asf

  • Sabpot
    Sabpot 7 days ago

    The clickbait in this title is strong.

  • Hutchi Kara
    Hutchi Kara 7 days ago

    the terminator was right.... this where skynet will get rid off all human being....

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