Weekend Update: Anthony Scaramucci FaceTimes the Show (Bill Hader) - SNL

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  • Mskittenlover12
    Mskittenlover12 25 minutes ago

    I saw this sketch pop up on my tv today and was so confused. I was like"Am I in the twilight zone? It's fucking Thursday. Is snl even airing new episodes right now. Wtf is going on?"

  • Craig Berning
    Craig Berning 5 hours ago

    Donald Trump is telling it like it is. He is no fake like the media and other assholes in this country nowadays. There is a bunch of Ignorant people i n this country. To stupid to see what has been going on for years under the other administrations.

  • Leah Stone
    Leah Stone Day ago

    police This is really# #sex helicopter ..

  • James Jeffrey Paul


  • Chicken Permission

    I don't care what y'all fuckers say, I love Bill's impression and Che!

  • chris near
    chris near Day ago

    Trump is the real Damion; The Omen and he will lead us to Hell.

  • Mr Adventure
    Mr Adventure Day ago

    Where did this audience come from? Laughter in a can?

  • Hanka Gerretsen
    Hanka Gerretsen Day ago

    It was so funny, I couldn't laugh anymore... Speaking of human cocaïne...

  • W Lee
    W Lee Day ago

    Cecily Strong is Hope Hicks hopefully soon on SNL?

  • E Dub
    E Dub Day ago

    Yeah....ummmmmm.....FUCK SNL

  • Sophie
    Sophie Day ago

    I start crying when I saw him on my TV last week. I missed Bill so much it's unbelievable. Just sad that this is probably a one time thing as Anthony is gone.

  • Kyle Lin
    Kyle Lin 2 days ago

    Just give me all the Bill Hader, the more the better!
    He is always funny!

  • Richard the great
    Richard the great 2 days ago

    funny shit.

  • Courtney S
    Courtney S 2 days ago

    ...all to be king of Idiot Mountain for 11 days! ... 😂

  • richie s
    richie s 2 days ago

    Great show

  • Andrei Agulescu
    Andrei Agulescu 2 days ago

    Is Bill back?


    They could have given the awesome Bill better lines!! It wasn't bad but it wasn't very funny either...

  • JC Denton
    JC Denton 2 days ago

    Where can I score some Mooch?

  • Lefty Two Guns
    Lefty Two Guns 2 days ago

    I dunno. I didn't think this was that funny.

  • eric131313
    eric131313 2 days ago

    Dude stop reading from teleprompter it is so obvious and annoying

  • LowerTheBoom
    LowerTheBoom 3 days ago

    Wait what's wrong with Steve Bannon? He is great! Thank God for Steve Bannon.

  • Sketchy Street
    Sketchy Street 3 days ago

    Love Bill!!!

  • Alisa Ortiz
    Alisa Ortiz 3 days ago +1


  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 3 days ago +1

    No cum feels better than the one shot inside another guy's wife.

  • Mac B
    Mac B 3 days ago

    Damn i miss Bill Hader.

  • Niccole Duquette
    Niccole Duquette 3 days ago

    Remember when SNL was funny? Pepperidge Farm remembers..

  • Hamster Bunny
    Hamster Bunny 3 days ago

    I missed you SNL.

  • Piss Off
    Piss Off 3 days ago

    Scaramucci. What happened 11 days

  • Creepy Tales Corner
    Creepy Tales Corner 3 days ago

    Yoooo, if you like scary stories check my channel out and subscribe if you like it

  • roard11
    roard11 3 days ago

    0:24 When you know you just screwed up your first kiss so you have to do it again

  • R. Campfire
    R. Campfire 3 days ago

    8 years of not being able to make jokes about Obama and the comedians have to release their hate on Trump or they'll explode.

  • Joe Schillaci
    Joe Schillaci 3 days ago

    Weak and pathetic. Saturday Night Live is just a shadow of what it used to be. Check out the Jimmy Dore show and his Goodfellas scaramucci skit. Only about a thousand times funnier than this garbage.

  • Bob Mob
    Bob Mob 3 days ago

    Is this supposed to be funny?

  • rose cohen
    rose cohen 3 days ago

    Will he do the fandango however?

  • Domino Anoniem
    Domino Anoniem 3 days ago

    white men mansplaining to us, completly oblivious to their white privlidge. They should really put more oppressed minorites on this show. How can they let chunk do this. There should be equal representation of LGBTQ and minorites on this show. The FCC should get involved and bring back the fairness doctrine and push net nuetrality. smdh. racist ass show.

  • mostworst
    mostworst 3 days ago +5

    yo let me get some *muthafuckin* subscribers

  • Anton Dmitriev
    Anton Dmitriev 4 days ago

    I mean this is not really funny or interesting

  • xlioilx
    xlioilx 4 days ago

    #LiberalNews LoL

  • Kammie Max
    Kammie Max 4 days ago

    LOVE SNL !

  • just observation
    just observation 4 days ago

    There is a cue going on in Washington. The liberals with the association of media and hollywood sabotaging and trying to take down the peoples elected president.
    People wake up from the delusion.
    The media is corrupted there is no difference in the media of America now with a third world corrupted countries media.

  • thecuteangel777
    thecuteangel777 4 days ago

    The thumbnail disturbs but satisfies me at the same time

  • Jaden Just
    Jaden Just 4 days ago +1

    He looks like Nick Cave

  • Pure_Topic
    Pure_Topic 4 days ago +1

    Check out Latest Track

  • C.
    C. 4 days ago

    Meh...I liked Mario Cantone better as Scaramucci

  • pixiebells
    pixiebells 4 days ago

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit thinking of Steve Bannon doing anything sexual. I'd be less disturbed watching Jamie and Cersei Lannister make out. THAT says something.

  • Franky V
    Franky V 4 days ago

    Guest appearances by the old snl cast is the only way snl will still have funny skits. Everyone on the snl cast now is so unfunny its sad. I remember when they had good comedians on this show...

  • cattigereyes1
    cattigereyes1 4 days ago

    The mooch Only Trump would hire such!

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 4 days ago

    Subscribe if you want to see my cat shimmy and poop at the same time.

  • Fright Supremacy
    Fright Supremacy 4 days ago +2

    "goomba Beetlejuice" ... Must immediately steal and implement

  • Tom D
    Tom D 4 days ago

    The real deal is funnier than this progressive leftist POS

  • Danielle Beattie
    Danielle Beattie 4 days ago

    Shit not funny

  • Ascent
    Ascent 4 days ago

    For a millisecond I thought someone was calling me. Lol.

  • timber72
    timber72 4 days ago

    The Mooch ain't wrong. Ok, sure, Hader AS the Mooch, but Jost and Che ARE liberal douchebags.

  • ExotikZBoy17
    ExotikZBoy17 4 days ago

    10 DAYS!!!!

  • gibbage1
    gibbage1 4 days ago

    I wanted to hear more about the raccoon. More interesting than the Mooch.

  • Blizzard Rivals
    Blizzard Rivals 4 days ago

    Are all of these just making fun of Trump?

  • Lisa Zurek
    Lisa Zurek 4 days ago

    I will admit that this is hysterical.

  • Elrey Cojones
    Elrey Cojones 4 days ago

    Looks like new York City trash to me

  • Jews Suck
    Jews Suck 4 days ago

    This segment was so much better with Seth Meyers. Now it sucks, and seths show is complete trash. Not even a political statement. It's just no longer funny.

  • stripmakah215610
    stripmakah215610 4 days ago

    Any black person that works for snl is a coon

  • Patrick Dann
    Patrick Dann 4 days ago

    Scaramuch, Scaramuch can you do the Fandango?

  • Duante Ramirez
    Duante Ramirez 4 days ago

    Kinda corny, needs more subtly, beating people over the head with over the top theatrics

  • Noseefood
    Noseefood 4 days ago +1

    dysfunction at the WH is biblical.

  • swiss moneybag
    swiss moneybag 4 days ago

    Scaramucci wasnt wrong with what he said about priebus a bannon, its just how said it lol

  • Maryam M
    Maryam M 4 days ago

    i want to say "tragic waste of Bill hader"
    but i cant. this is pure gold 😂

  • MaryRose007
    MaryRose007 4 days ago +1

    This is one the best things on SNL ever

  • Adam Blister
    Adam Blister 4 days ago

    Not funny. Bill Hader is the most talentless piece of shit ever. The SNL cast and writers suck balls now.

  • Killed by Bigfoot
    Killed by Bigfoot 4 days ago

    Bill Hader as Little VIVVY Van Kempen! Fabulous

  • Don Iguana
    Don Iguana 4 days ago

    This guy probably flipped out when they fired him

  • BC Walk
    BC Walk 4 days ago

    Remember when SNL used to be funny? Pepperidge farm doesn't remember either.

  • FclefRules
    FclefRules 4 days ago

    SNL surrounds Michael Che with real talent to make him seem funny.

  • Raccoon
    Raccoon 4 days ago

    The peanut butter was pretty good tbh

  • Juan Domingo
    Juan Domingo 4 days ago

    Can the children say "L A M E" ? Can the children say "D U M B" ? No I didn't think so, it's back to the reeducation camps...

  • ras613pa
    ras613pa 4 days ago

    Personally, I DO miss the Mooch....He was more entertaining that the rest of the clown show.

  • Reinhard Heydrich
    Reinhard Heydrich 4 days ago

    Damn, liberal comedy is just not funny.

  • Harry Martin
    Harry Martin 4 days ago

    Why cant they be funny.

  • Mary Bova
    Mary Bova 4 days ago

    honesty i was pretty disappointed when they killed of the mucch they should have let his character develop

    CASH ONLY 4 days ago


  • Tips&tops
    Tips&tops 4 days ago

    good news...

  • Forresty
    Forresty 4 days ago

    T H E M O O C H

  • Ib Khan
    Ib Khan 4 days ago

    'All I did was sell my company, miss the birth of my child and totally destroy my reputation'

  • Mia
    Mia 4 days ago +2

    God, I love Bill

  • jazzo realtalk
    jazzo realtalk 4 days ago

    This administration would be comedy gold if it wasn't so horrific.

  • lauralou1115
    lauralou1115 4 days ago

    Hire mario c. Not hader.

  • Dennis Jasperse
    Dennis Jasperse 4 days ago

    It's the Teflon Donald trump and sammy da MOOCH GERVONO NEW REALITY TV SHOW COMING TO YOU!!!!

  • Ram_Tay
    Ram_Tay 4 days ago

    Hahahahaha is the sound I used to make with hader.

  • Simon Messenger
    Simon Messenger 4 days ago


  • AdventureFaps
    AdventureFaps 4 days ago


  • Lacey Noel
    Lacey Noel 5 days ago +1

    I demand Chris Kattan!

  • Nay Doll
    Nay Doll 5 days ago

    Script may not be great by hader but seeing him made my day 😊

  • tntkop
    tntkop 5 days ago

    SNL hasn't been funny since the 80s.
    All SNL is now is a platform for far left liberal politics.
    S - Still
    N - Not
    L - Laughing

    S - Saturday
    N - Night
    L - Liberals

    S - Saturday
    N - Night
    L - Losers

  • Cam Rhys
    Cam Rhys 5 days ago

    This is all they could come up with??? The mooch was comedic gold

  • 刘阔
    刘阔 5 days ago


  • Maxmazing
    Maxmazing 5 days ago

    Looks up he has a stick up his ass in the thumbnail

  • Ping Floyd
    Ping Floyd 5 days ago

    The only fake news on TV worth watching.

  • Starlight_Feather
    Starlight_Feather 5 days ago

    Must...resist...urge to make...Samurai Jack jokes!!!

    CXOW MOO 5 days ago

    I was hoping to come down to these comments and see some funny jokes but instead it's all political jibber jabber

  • Ryan Cowan
    Ryan Cowan 5 days ago +1

    This was about as funny as a political cartoon because that's all it is. So much for comedy or satire

  • Rizz 1030
    Rizz 1030 5 days ago

    Ah nothing like beating a dead horse a few more times

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