Guardians of the Galaxy Official B-Roll Footage #3 (2014) Vin Diesel HD

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  • Harry Gadd
    Harry Gadd 3 days ago

    This isn't B-Roll. This is BTS footage.

  • David F
    David F 9 days ago

    I wonder how long it took Vin to memorize his lines. :)

  • Surfast Xtreme
    Surfast Xtreme 2 months ago

    diesel is fat why?

  • Brad Allen
    Brad Allen 3 months ago

    I font know y but vin looks so stupid doing that

  • a09as
    a09as 3 months ago

    Why in the hell would you use a celebrity to say I am Groot. Seriously. Waste of budget.

  • Kainoa Garza
    Kainoa Garza 3 months ago +1

    I never seen someone enjoy saying I am griot as much as vin diesel..

  • Simone Cighetti
    Simone Cighetti 3 months ago

    yeah yeah you have Bradley Cooper... but we have Christian Iansante.

  • Horrifyingly Hillarious

    Mantis touches Groot "you are Groot"

  • 大石ぱーこ
    大石ぱーこ 3 months ago

    Vin is so cute!

  • 68 mopar
    68 mopar 3 months ago

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  • 박민지
    박민지 3 months ago


  • Xeno
    Xeno 3 months ago

    I shat myseld

  • Tyler Church
    Tyler Church 3 months ago

    Vin Diesel has such an awesome voice. He should voice a bad guy. I could see him voicing Snoke from Star Wars. Hell, I can see him playing a Darth in Star Wars.

  • AvdenXL
    AvdenXL 3 months ago

    Dumb question, but why do the voice actors, use hand gestures while talking through the mic, do they have to do that?

  • John Danoy
    John Danoy 3 months ago

    Mans getting paid millions to say 3 words and yet there's kids starving all over the world

  • Krishna Gavarkar
    Krishna Gavarkar 3 months ago

    whats that camera like object??

  • JessieJGURL
    JessieJGURL 3 months ago

    2:48 tell me why he looks like Stevie Wonder

  • Lonnell Johnson
    Lonnell Johnson 3 months ago

    after watching this I can't Vin Diesel serious anymore

  • secondakira
    secondakira 3 months ago

    GO EAGLES!!!!

  • Muhammad Ikhlas
    Muhammad Ikhlas 3 months ago

    Pit bull says i'm groot

  • Puggyjman 107
    Puggyjman 107 4 months ago


  • Wardell Stephen Curry
    Wardell Stephen Curry 4 months ago

    Vin looks retarded at the end

  • Michael Tyson
    Michael Tyson 4 months ago

    I was expecting vin deisel to be in MCU physically :'(

  • Rob Martin
    Rob Martin 4 months ago

    who's the man with the mic?

    • READ Comics
      READ Comics 4 months ago

      Rob Martin James Gunn the director

  • the King
    the King 4 months ago

    that all get credit but not Batista I may be wrong but that's what it seems to me according to the video

  • mike8pow
    mike8pow 4 months ago +1

    The easiest role for vin

  • 91alexela
    91alexela 6 months ago +6

    How much he got paid just for saying I-am-groot? must be million with 2 digit.

  • William Doyle
    William Doyle 6 months ago +1

    1:30 aparently Luke Skywalker is involved with this

  • The Amazing Flash
    The Amazing Flash 6 months ago

    LOL,XD, #IamGroot

  • King Ahaz
    King Ahaz 7 months ago +1

    the most easiest lines in cinematic history, "I am groot"

  • Noel Down
    Noel Down 10 months ago +85

    So, Vin Diesel pretty much recorded his entire part in a single day.

    • David F
      David F 9 days ago

      Seems like he do that in one sentence. :)

    • Aaron M
      Aaron M 3 months ago

      Noel Down he actually said he did it over a thousand times

    • jwb4291
      jwb4291 4 months ago

      Pretty much. He says "I am Groot" 13 times in the movie. So that x # of different languages

    • Karmelkowy
      Karmelkowy 8 months ago

      he recorded all dubbings.
      I mean for all languages like spanish polish Czech so i dont think so 😉

  • Everything Comics

    Can some tell me
    what James is holding in the first 4 seconds? I see it all the time. is it a camera?

    • Jesse Shore
      Jesse Shore 8 months ago

      I forgot what it's called but directors and cinematographers often use those to see what a shot looks like from different distances with different lenses. It allows the director to tell the cinematographer what lens they want without putting each different lens on the camera till they find one they like.

  • TheRawGeek
    TheRawGeek Year ago +4

    Nothing against Vin Diesel at all, I quite like the guy...but considering it just needs someone to say "I am groot" in a few different ways couldn't they have just paid someone off the street a hundred bucks rather than thousands and thousands to a well known actor? Same goes for Rocket to some extent, though Bradley did have a lot more lines at least.

    • Rta Pachuau
      Rta Pachuau 8 months ago

      Its not about how small the part is or how less the dialog is. Its about his unique deep voice n immense star power! Same goes for Copper's pretty face n growing fame.. Many people likes a show or a movie jus cos some actors are in it, big or small part..

    • puzz88
      puzz88 10 months ago

      I just read an article that talked about how Marvel wants to do a project with Vin Diesel but a few years from now. Vin posted this on his facebook page and the fan reception was really good, so they wanted to include him in something happening currently, to appease fans, but weren't sure what they could do. Then people from Guardians of the Galaxy approached him or Marvel (I just skimmed this article) and thought they could include him in this role as Groot, which Vin was kind of skeptical at first but saw there was something special that he liked and thought he could bring to the character, and so thats he got the role

    • TheRawGeek
      TheRawGeek 11 months ago

      +George Hughes You're sick for asking me to die. That's not really funny. Have fun telling people to die on the internet. Bye.

    • George Hughes
      George Hughes 11 months ago

      +MisterRawlings Sicko.

    • TheRawGeek
      TheRawGeek 11 months ago

      +George Hughes No I don't. Not at all. Everything I said made complete sense. People on a video about Vin Diesel are probably fans so are not going to take anything other than praise well. That's all. The only person out of everyone here that appears stupid is you for asking someone to die - how utterly cretinous and psychopathic of you. You need mental help and fast - are your parents, friend, family, co-workers aware of your sadistic and disgusting feelings towards other people? I hope they get you the help you need before you hurt yourself or someone else.

  • SMGleader
    SMGleader Year ago +9

    this asshole is wearing sunglasses indoors? Lol

  • BlazeGamingHD
    BlazeGamingHD Year ago

    0:05 lol that whisling

  • Phoenix Prime
    Phoenix Prime Year ago

    "That is the most real, authentic, hysterical laugh of my entire life because THAT IS NOT A PLAN!!!"

  • bmaster461603
    bmaster461603 Year ago

    Irony. Watched this seconds before I saw it on TV

  • Juffy 15273830101
    Juffy 15273830101 2 years ago +14


    • luis monreal
      luis monreal Year ago

      +sebi iozu He wins the whole movie with only one phrase

  • DesertValleyFilms
    DesertValleyFilms 2 years ago

    oscar worthy

  • Hola Gen ☼
    Hola Gen ☼ 2 years ago +7

    Watching Vin Diesel repeatedly say "I am groot" was hella entertaining! Hahaha

  • Secret Society
    Secret Society 2 years ago +2

    Groot: "I am Groot!" Rocket: "yes i'm waiting for the sequel too"

  • Gavin Reid
    Gavin Reid 2 years ago

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  • thepmi factorxx
    thepmi factorxx 2 years ago

    Supper Mann

  • mrbrockpeters
    mrbrockpeters 2 years ago +51

    That must be the easiest paycheck Vin Diesel has ever made. Even less lines spoken with even more of his woodenness than in Fast and the Furious, every line is the same, and he didn't have to do motion capture, and no action scenes, no nothing. His likeness is completely protected. 

    Makes you wonder why they even paid an actor to do this.

    • Marceline !
      Marceline ! 6 days ago

      Because he's still acting... voice acting is just as difficult at normal acting. Your putting more strain and emphasis on your voice as that's all your working with. Your not using your body or facial expressions... so you've got to really work your voice.

    • CaptainGrumpy
      CaptainGrumpy Year ago

      of course there's more woodenness he's voicing a fucking tree

    • ivana dezulovic
      ivana dezulovic 2 years ago

      At least he did it in many different languages as well 😂

  • Humboldt Parks Son
    Humboldt Parks Son 2 years ago

    Lmao diesel looks like a tard he's taking a dump

  • Groot
    Groot 2 years ago

    I am Groot.

  • Groot
    Groot 2 years ago

    I am Groot.

  • Nick Jackson
    Nick Jackson 2 years ago

    I am Groot

  • Dead
    Dead 2 years ago

    why does the director sound like Howard Stern when using that mic?

  • Amir izadi
    Amir izadi 2 years ago +8

    love the way he smile after he say i am groooooot

  • Hard Boiled Entertainment
    Hard Boiled Entertainment 2 years ago +34

    Love it when he smiles to "I am Groot"!

  • adhithya sunil kp
    adhithya sunil kp 2 years ago


  • DDSam
    DDSam 2 years ago +5

    Did anyone cracked up at Vin's face in the thumbnail??

    • Conjuring Chucky
      Conjuring Chucky Year ago

      Yea, haha

    • DDSam
      DDSam 2 years ago

      The buffer and more man like version of him

    • Anything2bCool
      Anything2bCool 2 years ago

      +samcollends He looks like Dr. Evil.

    • DDSam
      DDSam 2 years ago


  • Arlenne Chávez
    Arlenne Chávez 2 years ago +206

    I keep picturing Vin Diesel receiving the script and saying "I'll better memorize my lines" 

    • Mykael_91
      Mykael_91 3 months ago

      I'm not sure but voice actors actually get their lines too read off of .I know the video games voice actors do but I get the joke

    • Sameer Khanna
      Sameer Khanna 3 months ago

      If he doesn't remember his lines though that would be hilarious.

  • Silvia Olejníková
    Silvia Olejníková 2 years ago +1

    OMG! Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper are so amazing here! Their voices are so good... :)

  • Bailey Melton
    Bailey Melton 2 years ago +1

    Lol easiest line to learn for vin diesel XD

  • Mike Diligent
    Mike Diligent 2 years ago

    pmsl is so funny watching.

  • CaptainTalon448
    CaptainTalon448 2 years ago +114

    Ten bucks says that Bradley Cooper actually got drunk to prepare to be Rocket

    • Dylan Crapé
      Dylan Crapé 3 months ago

      Ten bucks says you're wrong

    • 68 mopar
      68 mopar 3 months ago

      CaptainTalon448 you mean....that raccoon isnt really talking?!?!?!

    • Xiovo
      Xiovo 3 months ago

      CaptainTalon448 yeah he sounds better and cooler than usual

    • Groot
      Groot 2 years ago

      I am Groot!

    • Alexiz001
      Alexiz001 2 years ago


  • Adrian Jaworski
    Adrian Jaworski 2 years ago


  • Stephen Martell
    Stephen Martell 2 years ago +235

    Cooper and Diesel are amazing. This movie was seriously epic

  • Adam Warlocke
    Adam Warlocke 2 years ago

    I am Groot

  • Ammer Sehic
    Ammer Sehic 2 years ago

    2:54 the best one

    • Ammer Sehic
      Ammer Sehic 2 years ago

      I think that could be when they are captured and Quill asks who Gamora is.

    • Stephen Martell
      Stephen Martell 2 years ago

      I bet you that was the scene where they're all in a circle talking!

  • GlaciusTS
    GlaciusTS 2 years ago +13

    Now is the time for Vin to look at the camera and say "Acting"

  • Zubair Rehman
    Zubair Rehman 2 years ago +2

    i have a suspicion that Vin diesel voices Groot. 

  • Route One
    Route One 2 years ago +1

    why did he do a steve wonder?

  • Black0raz0r
    Black0raz0r 3 years ago +3

    Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel are sooo awesome!! :D

  • JamKaret
    JamKaret 3 years ago +1

    Should of got Tom Waits for Groot! XD

  • Groot
    Groot 3 years ago +25


    • The Armoured Alchemist
      The Armoured Alchemist 2 years ago

      +Rainbow Ketchum 
      I am Groot....

    • Meme Queen
      Meme Queen 2 years ago

      +The Armoured Alchemist *Ahem* I guess you need a..... Grootgle translator

    • The Armoured Alchemist
      The Armoured Alchemist 3 years ago

      +Groot  I'm guessing you ware meaning something else that we can't understand?
      Any one know a Groot translator?

  • Marcus Dembinski
    Marcus Dembinski 3 years ago +137

    Ugh I could watch Vin Diesel say "I am Groot" all fucking day

  • Deathbrewer
    Deathbrewer 3 years ago +21

    Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel.. so good.

  • helen TVD
    helen TVD 3 years ago +30

    Bradley Cooper's approach to voicing Rocket is so decent. A true professional !!!

  • alexander mclaughlin
    alexander mclaughlin 3 years ago +5

    vin looks like he is taking a poop

  • peperruti
    peperruti 3 years ago +5

    Both Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper are awesome!

  • WeakPuppet
    WeakPuppet 3 years ago +41

    How much has been paid Vin diesel to say three words?

    • The Armoured Alchemist
      The Armoured Alchemist 2 years ago

      +AleqsH  Actually he didn't do any motion capture for him. He just bought some stilts to see how tall Groot was. Groot was fully cg and no motion capture.

    • AleqsH
      AleqsH 2 years ago

      He also PLAYED Groot via motion-capture, so it wasn't just him saying three words over and over again.....

    • Eric Soto
      Eric Soto 2 years ago

      Lmfao your obviously not taken into consideration how annoying it must be to say three words all day for hours upon end until you get exactly what the director/producer wants for their movie not to mention doing the same thing in every language I can't imagine the agony

    • xcc100
      xcc100 2 years ago

      Like 100k

    • Nahben Haben
      Nahben Haben 2 years ago

      He said "I am groot" for every line in the movie. The director wanted it to sound authentic and told him to try and tone his voice to match what groot would actually be saying if he could talk.

  • Abebil3
    Abebil3 3 years ago +10

    Vin diesel looked like Paul Giamatti playing Rhino in Spider-Man 2 based on the thumbnail.

  • vahidrvahidr
    vahidrvahidr 3 years ago

    James Gunn wears Johnny Cupcakes. that's cool

  • Julio Vega
    Julio Vega 3 years ago +38

    I seriously clicked on this video because of the thumbnail. Can't wait to hear Vin Diesel's voice bring Groot to life.

  • Wade
    Wade 3 years ago +4


    • barbaro267
      barbaro267 3 years ago

      that's a sound company, which makes sense for EDR or whatever it's called that they're doing

  • israag31
    israag31 3 years ago

  • israag31
    israag31 3 years ago

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