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  • Hammoudy RM
    Hammoudy RM 11 days ago

    Long live Penguins ✌

  • CorpseFukr 71
    CorpseFukr 71 28 days ago

    I never get tired of this! Love my Pens and living in MD makes it so much sweeter. 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🏒🏒🏒🏒👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀

  • Pwnsh0p
    Pwnsh0p Month ago

    sooo great

  • Aedan Mason
    Aedan Mason Month ago

    I love to hate the capitals!

  • Isabella Jeranian
    Isabella Jeranian 2 months ago

    go pens go bay Nicholas jernean

  • Julissa Gomez
    Julissa Gomez 2 months ago

    They cheat

  • Julissa Gomez
    Julissa Gomez 2 months ago

    That suck capitals are out again

  • EastBoy Plays
    EastBoy Plays 2 months ago

    holtby has been through it evry year # hop for holtby in 2018

  • Brady Durkin
    Brady Durkin 2 months ago

    Sidney Crosby is the best

  • Justin Bayly
    Justin Bayly 3 months ago

    Washington capitals 2nd round loss again coming to a theater near you

  • Jason Nguyen
    Jason Nguyen 3 months ago +3

    365 days later... history repeats itself

  • Evan Seklecki
    Evan Seklecki 3 months ago

    Game 7 tonight. Caps will take it 4-2. Ovi, Orlov, Beagle, Williams.

  • IvanRules17's Channel
    IvanRules17's Channel 3 months ago +3

    Congratulations, your team STILL can't make it past the second round!

  • Elite Gaming
    Elite Gaming 3 months ago +3

    that moment you realize you're watching the wrong year of caps vs pens game 6

  • James Williams
    James Williams 3 months ago

    We're back here again

  • Daniel Becker
    Daniel Becker 3 months ago

    I love watching Kessel score.

  • Jason Henderson
    Jason Henderson 3 months ago

    and my Sidney Crosby RC keeps going up in value 😉

  • Joshua Clifton
    Joshua Clifton 3 months ago

    hate penguins

  • Dr BloopinGlopin
    Dr BloopinGlopin 3 months ago

    lets do this again

  • jumpyg1258
    jumpyg1258 3 months ago

    Here we go again. It just wouldn't be a good year for hockey without the Pens beating the Caps in the second round of the playoffs.

  • DucksFanSinceBirth
    DucksFanSinceBirth 3 months ago +1

    11 months later and we get the same series again

  • Andrew Paul
    Andrew Paul 3 months ago +1

    back again

  • Charlie Evanofski
    Charlie Evanofski 3 months ago

    Oh Em Gee

  • Chief Keef
    Chief Keef 3 months ago

    Just think Crosby always avoids ovi on the ice

  • John Miller
    John Miller 4 months ago


  • Theo 722
    Theo 722 4 months ago

    lets go penguins

  • Kevin Durant has Clinical Depression

    4:16 when you take your helmet off for the first time in 9 months

  • Cringy Puggle
    Cringy Puggle 4 months ago

    still salty

  • Dan Neidhardt
    Dan Neidhardt 5 months ago



    CHEL TV 5 months ago

    I remember after the game during the post game thing they showed a longer clip of Ovi's face during the OT goal. And he was looking right at the camera for a few seconds, he knew the cameras would be right on his face.

  • TBrizzle01
    TBrizzle01 6 months ago

    3:30 is the shot. The crowd erupting just makes it magical.

  • stevie ray genoch
    stevie ray genoch 6 months ago

    stevie ray genoch on

  • Chief Keef
    Chief Keef 7 months ago +2

    Holtby best goalie in the league until OT

  • Hockeyman 87
    Hockeyman 87 7 months ago

    Who's watching this after the Penguins won the Stanley cup

  • tfitzgerald1023
    tfitzgerald1023 8 months ago +3

    This goal will stay with me forever. Let's go Pens!

  • phanntom
    phanntom 8 months ago

    2014 ecf not 2013

    • Datderp22
      Datderp22 7 months ago

      2013 is right, in 2014 they lost to the rangers in round 2.

  • John Kearns
    John Kearns 8 months ago

    Let's go caps!

  • FIFA 17 kids kids
    FIFA 17 kids kids 9 months ago

    let's go caps let's go🇳🇱

  • WatchMeProductions
    WatchMeProductions 10 months ago

    From a Canucks fan, Crosby and the Penguins were just on fire. Good luck to the Canucks and the Penguins!

  • Jake
    Jake 10 months ago +1

    capitals and penguins should have played in the conference finals

    how does the #1 play the #2 in the 2nd round?

    • ThaBlueCrayon
      ThaBlueCrayon 6 months ago

      cityofchamps66 ikr and NYR will probably make it to the ECF cuz they get to face the crappy Atlantic division

    • cityofchamps66
      cityofchamps66 6 months ago

      Moronic playoff seeding, it will be even worse this year with CBJ in the mix, 2 CUP favorites in the east will be out in round 2 again

    • ThaBlueCrayon
      ThaBlueCrayon 6 months ago

      Ultimate Gamer I agree, I think it was seeding a couple of years ago

    • Ultimate Gamer
      Ultimate Gamer 7 months ago

      Jake Yeah, instead of Divison seeding system, they should use the NBA like conference seeding system.

    • Freedom
      Freedom 9 months ago

      Fu*king terrible system by NHL

  • Joshua Lopez
    Joshua Lopez 11 months ago

    yay penguins win ##################

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore 11 months ago

    3:22 Holtby gives up.

  • littlesirenboy
    littlesirenboy 11 months ago +1

    This was my favorite win of the entire playoffs. Such a great win.

  • HockeyGUY66871
    HockeyGUY66871 Year ago

    Crapitals failed once again

  • Michael Ahonen
    Michael Ahonen Year ago


  • RobloxGamingGuy
    RobloxGamingGuy Year ago

    From a pens fan, You capitals made this a heck of a series!

  • No Name
    No Name Year ago +1

    Caps fan but this was the best game of the NHL Playoffs in my opinion

  • Joe Byers
    Joe Byers Year ago

    I know this is a broken record but I feel it, trotz system is settling in and 3rd times a charm! We got em next year boys

  • Joe Byers
    Joe Byers Year ago

    I know this is a broken record but I feel it, trotz system is settling in and 3rd times a charm! We got em next year boys

  • david_ek9
    david_ek9 Year ago

    im a caps fan since the ovie era and what a game its been i really hope this team goes somewhere, someday. Ovie deserves it so much but washington cant seem to find any good receipe for defence they have all but that. a top notch leagues best goalie, extremely dangerous offense but the defence is weak

  • ShadowFaction24
    ShadowFaction24 Year ago

    Bonino's OT goal was the best moment for me this postseason (excluding winning the Cup)

    • Ben K
      Ben K 7 months ago

      ShadowFaction24 same

  • asianwweblissfan
    asianwweblissfan Year ago

    Pens want that cup

  • Noah K
    Noah K Year ago


  • Pug Man
    Pug Man Year ago

    It was easy to tell Penguins were gonna win we were 4 games ahead (I think we were 4 ahead)

  • Daniel Grant
    Daniel Grant Year ago

    The crapitals are out

  • TJ McMahon
    TJ McMahon Year ago +2

    I threw a 10 pound weight at my TV.

    • XH L
      XH L 9 months ago

      Blue Orange Gaming Ovechkin and the Capitals. The best team in hockey who unfortunately gets steamrolled. Not a good day.

    • TJ McMahon
      TJ McMahon Year ago

      I can't force myself through that torture

    • Sidney Crosby
      Sidney Crosby Year ago

      If you have another one to get rid of just become a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs and watch their games lol. XD

    • TJ McMahon
      TJ McMahon Year ago

      Yeah it was actually an old boxy one so I needed an excuse to get rid of it lol

    • Sidney Crosby
      Sidney Crosby Year ago

      LOL you're gonna need a new one! XD

  • Ronny James
    Ronny James Year ago

    Wow pens are good i am a lightning fan so i am very nervous for ECF what happend to the caps they were kind of struggling to finish off the flyers. They were the the defending presidents trophy champions maybe ovechkin brings caps bad luck they never get to ECF so Lightning @ pens go Lightning!!!

  • Коренной Мичиганец

    Ovi and Kuzy are angered 4:12

    UFOROX Year ago +3

    Phil Kessel is a Crusher!

  • JiMmY VerSacE
    JiMmY VerSacE Year ago

    When your at the top, you always get hate. Sidney crosby, Drake, Tom Brady, LeBron James, all the guys are at the top of what they do and all u ever see if rude, and negative comments about them, when you got those that's how you know you made it.

  • Piggy Tales
    Piggy Tales Year ago

    They should have considered going after Crosby because without him, this may have been different.

  • Zeke Attentatore
    Zeke Attentatore Year ago

    See ovechkin cannot setup.hisown shot he needs a pixk play

  • JDtheDrunk
    JDtheDrunk Year ago +1

    Notice how all the NHL playoff videos use the NBC telecast. pretty much tells you Bettman is slowly trying to kill Canada's influence in hockey

  • JRupp95
    JRupp95 Year ago +1

    Winner of this should have been in cup finals. LOL @ ov though.

  • simon marshall
    simon marshall Year ago

    Ovie should be a Red Wing

  • Sens4Lyfe6
    Sens4Lyfe6 Year ago +1


  • Sylvain Pitre Labreche

    Poor Holtby heart... Eliminated? No. Eliminated? Yes.

  • The Real Canadian Bacon

    anyone else feel bad for ovechkin?

    me neither

  • Buddy Guy
    Buddy Guy Year ago +1

    I am a Bruins fan and 4:10 still gives me shivers. I have always loved Crosby and the look of excitement on his face is priceless. He knows what he has to do, his time has come and the Pens are going to win the cup.

  • Vian Schouten
    Vian Schouten Year ago

    0:32 too many men on the ice for the penguins?

    • TheHockeyTalk THT
      TheHockeyTalk THT Year ago

      No because the people that came off the bench never touched the puck

    • Sens4Lyfe6
      Sens4Lyfe6 Year ago

      +The Squeaky Roaster stop hurting my feelings

    • The Squeaky Roaster
      The Squeaky Roaster Year ago

      +Sens4Lyfe6 they called that dumbass

    • Sens4Lyfe6
      Sens4Lyfe6 Year ago

      +Vian Schouten yup/// fuckin refs paid shitsburgh

  • Slavik Silantyev
    Slavik Silantyev Year ago +1

    No matter how hard Crybaby Crosby tries he will never be on Ovies level

    • WatchMeProductions
      WatchMeProductions 10 months ago

      Slavik Silantyev Crosby is actually better than Ovie. Crosby is the best player in the world.

  • Slavik Silantyev
    Slavik Silantyev Year ago

    No matter how hard Crybaby Crosby tries he will never be on Ovies level

  • Евгений Журбин

    poor Ovi

  • Ken Hamada
    Ken Hamada Year ago

    As of now, I'm more upset than disappointed with this latest loss. Not because we failed to make it past the second round again, but the behaviour of certain fans after seeing the Penguins sending our asses packing. Taunting us for the loss is one thing, but saying that other teams should start raiding the Capitals for talent is pretty infuritating. Especially now that the Stars and Predators have also been eliminated, and I have not seen anyone say anything about raiding those teams for talent. Yes, I know certain fans are salty that Ovechkin will never hit the free agency market in his prime, but saying that we "don't deserve any success" or "only deserve to suck like the Cleveland Browns" is just unsportsmanlike and makes them look like pricks, kicking a hurt man while he is down. Hate the Capitals all you want, but we are here to stay, and we are keeping our core players close while improving ourselves for next year.

    You win this year, Penguins, but mark my words: we'll be back.

    Sorry for ranting, but I'm just really frustated right now.

  • madison sanderson

    what about buckle up baby. his reaction is important too

  • DeathscytheZero
    DeathscytheZero Year ago +1

    Penguins baby!

  • TheWillStrike
    TheWillStrike Year ago +2

    Where is Carey Price doesn't have a ring on it now? I believe he said Pens wouldn't make it past second round...

  • Stylo Boy
    Stylo Boy Year ago

    the pittsburgh penguins are the Best nhl team in the worl

  • It'sShowtime88
    It'sShowtime88 Year ago +33

    If Doc Ever Retires as an NHL Announcer I think I will drink bleach

  • Jimmy Jimmy
    Jimmy Jimmy Year ago +1

    Penguins in 6
    Blues in 7
    Stanley Cup : Penguins champion in 6

  • Newcastle 87
    Newcastle 87 Year ago

    Not quite sure if Bolts can take us out... No stamkos and the pens have star advantage and no injuries

    • CanadianSyrup
      CanadianSyrup Year ago

      +Newcastle 87 Well hockey is unpredictable! You never know until it's over. Good luck to the pens btw.

  • •lil pump
    •lil pump Year ago


    • Frase Fra
      Frase Fra Year ago

      You've never played hockey, have you? Bonino was right were he should front of the net.

  • Ryan The sponge
    Ryan The sponge Year ago

    Bots will win

  • Ryan The sponge
    Ryan The sponge Year ago

    Bolts will ein

  • crosshairs3
    crosshairs3 Year ago

    I would say the Presidents Trophy curse is real but again, this is just classic Capitals playoff hockey

  • XKproductions 3
    XKproductions 3 Year ago

    I miss mike Lange heeeeee shoots and scores

  • MegaFELIPE48
    MegaFELIPE48 Year ago +9

    For a team that had something to prove, Washington has proved that they cannot advance beyond the second round.

  • Biscuit Ramirez
    Biscuit Ramirez Year ago

    I'm a heavy Pittsburgh fan, Steelers, Bucs, pens and I even have the 412 tattoo but man do I feel for Alexander Ovechkin!!!! he does his part every year and he goes all in every game but hockey is a Game of extreme bounces and sometimes the champion is the Team with the best overall "team" and in some cases the best overall luck..Ovi has to rely on the success or lack their of in his teammates and unfortunately they haven't helped him much over the years. if ovi was a wrestler or a Nascar driver he would be a champion 5 times over, but in hockey your line mates determine how many times you will lift the cup no matter how great you are individually. Alex, I hope you keep doing what you do. phenomenal athlete

  • Evan Laboucan
    Evan Laboucan Year ago

    4:14 feel bad for ovi😔😕

    • 4th Place
      4th Place Year ago

      I feel horrible for the entire team. They played their hearts and souls out.

  • Global Hockey League

    I've been saying for years that if we get playoff goaltending, we can win the Stanley Cup. Even though it didn't look like it for a little while, I think Murray's our guy.

  • Nick Bozza
    Nick Bozza Year ago

    Nobody is stopping us now.. GO PENS

  • Carter Reaves
    Carter Reaves Year ago

    Tampa is a tough team good luck to the pens fans

  • Trevor likes cheese

    Stanley Cup Blues vs Penguins

  • Steven Cramer
    Steven Cramer Year ago


  • Steven Cramer
    Steven Cramer Year ago

    its just.....nevermins

  • Alex Pincente
    Alex Pincente Year ago

    I wish Holtby played this poorly when the caps faced the flyers

    • 4th Place
      4th Place Year ago

      Holtby played outstanding. I don't know what drugs you're on. He did everything to keep the Caps in the series. Talk trash when you're a Vezina finalist.

  • Danjo Banjo
    Danjo Banjo Year ago +1

    I just hate the bandwagon people so I want the pens to win

    Caps are soooo hyped

  • sophie krzysiak
    sophie krzysiak Year ago

    Tampa will beat them 100%

  • sophie krzysiak
    sophie krzysiak Year ago

    the only reason that people want the penguins to win is the other teams think that the penguins are not a big team

  • Christian Wolf
    Christian Wolf Year ago

    pens-bolts siries should be the most exciting since the stanley cup finals are next, and both teams will do everything they can to get there

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