Labyrinth - As The World Falls Down (David Bowie)

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  • MommaMccall
    MommaMccall 2 hours ago

    Oh how sweet he looked. Man my baby crush. Rip.

  • Cat T
    Cat T 2 days ago

    I really love this movie David Bowie was great in the movie I love his part.

  • Francesca Fusi
    Francesca Fusi 2 days ago

    Ti ho conosciuto con questo film. Ero una bambina, per me esistevano Cristina d'Avena, le canzoni, le danza magiche e gli abiti luccicanti di Michael Jackson. E poi sei arrivato tu, forse avevo 7 o 8 anni, allora eri il Re di Goblin. È così che ho iniziato a conoscerti. Mi manchi David Bowie ❤

  • Elijah MacKinnon
    Elijah MacKinnon 3 days ago

    Love this scene yet it used to sort of creep me out as a little kid lol

  • Mr Fahrenheit
    Mr Fahrenheit 3 days ago +1

    Okay but I need this played at my wedding

  • Bernadine Gonzales
    Bernadine Gonzales 4 days ago

    I love this part so much rip David Bowie

  • NightHawk J30
    NightHawk J30 5 days ago

    For some reason this video reminds me so much of my best friend Beautiful gorgeous Tonalli Juarez. I guess its because she give me a similar look just like in this video. When i said goodbye to her and give her hug. Towards the last day of our Senior year.

  • Alucard 54
    Alucard 54 5 days ago

    I remember watching this for the first time when I was 6, turning to my mom at this scene and saying, "I don't get it, he's the bad guy, why is he dancing with her?" She burst out laughing and said, "Because he's David Bowie and he can do what he wants." 😂

  • ghostbeast_
    ghostbeast_ 5 days ago

    omg who else likes to pretend they're Sarah and David Bowie is trying to seduce you! she's so beautiful and he's so handsome💕

  • kellydonald100
    kellydonald100 5 days ago

    Rip goblin king ❤️

  • Vrisnevsky Cediel
    Vrisnevsky Cediel 6 days ago +1

    Wrisnevsky Andrei Cediel Zambrano, Krist PRIEST VRIL, El Laberinto The Labyrinth Etcétera ....

  • Nunzia Costanzo
    Nunzia Costanzo 7 days ago


  • Léna
    Léna 8 days ago

    papa bowie <3

  • Roy Tegoeh
    Roy Tegoeh 8 days ago

    Jennifer Connelly❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Joseph Quintana
    Joseph Quintana 9 days ago

    Rest In Peace u will all ways be in my hart

  • Daughter of Eve
    Daughter of Eve 10 days ago

    The world falls down without him here.

  • MsLovestory01
    MsLovestory01 11 days ago

    I ship them so hard, I was so pissed when she chose to leave at the end. I'm like send the baby back and stay.

  • modern world
    modern world 11 days ago

    I'm sitting in front of my computer eating pizza listening to David bowie songs. i have been doing that for about 3 hrs now.... he is my life.

  • kungfubellydancer
    kungfubellydancer 12 days ago

    There's such a sad love
    Deep in your eyes A kind of pale jewel
    Open and closed Within your eyes
    I'll place the sky
    Within your eyes
    There's such a fooled heart
    Beatin' so fast
    In search of new dreams
    A love that will last
    Within your heart
    I'll place the moon
    Within your heart
    As the pain sweeps through,
    Makes no sense for you
    Every thrill is gone
    Wasn't too much fun at all,
    But I'll be there for you
    As the world falls down
    Falling down
    Falling in love
    I'll paint you mornings of gold
    I'll spin you Valentine evenings
    Though we're strangers 'til now,
    We're choosing the path
    Between the stars
    I'll leave my love
    Between the stars
    As the pain sweeps through,
    Makes no sense for you
    Every thrill is gone
    Wasn't too much fun at all,
    But I'll be there for you-ou-ou
    As the world falls down
    As the world falls down
    As the world falls down
    Falling in love
    As the world falls down, falling
    Falling in love
    As the world falls down, falling
    Makes no sense at all
    Makes no sense to fall
    As the world falls down
    Falling in love
    As the world falls down
    Falling in love
    Falling in love
    Falling in love
    Falling in love
    Falling in love

  • Dhiorgio lutti
    Dhiorgio lutti 13 days ago

    labirint ...first blood part two...

  • Silvana Ambrosio
    Silvana Ambrosio 13 days ago


  • Will Linthorst
    Will Linthorst 13 days ago

    are they in love

  • dead inside
    dead inside 14 days ago +1

    Damn Sarah there are many girls (and guys) WHO WANT DAVID BOWIE TO DANCE WITH THEM

    Btw who else felt depressed when watching this scene because they're single...raise your hand

  • Night Rose
    Night Rose 16 days ago

    Is this not creepy to anyone

  • Akiko Fujishima
    Akiko Fujishima 17 days ago

    I just imagine people hundreds of years in the future and what they would think of something like this. I'm stoned.. lol.

  • Ricky Brady
    Ricky Brady 18 days ago


  • L B
    L B 19 days ago

    love this song, when bowie sang the labyrinth songs it was the best potential i ever heard his voice, he was amazing at this type of music! this was what made me realise how amazing he is! r.i.p

  • David Lee
    David Lee 20 days ago

    I have a crooked tooth. I just realized David Bowie has the same crooked tooth in the same place as me. 1:29

  • Hank Hall
    Hank Hall 20 days ago

    make this movie now and everyone would be horrified by a 30 yr old goblin king seducing a teenager

  • Mary Noll
    Mary Noll 20 days ago

    No thumbs down, for shame

  • stephanie reece
    stephanie reece 21 day ago

    I would trade places with Sarah any day

    IBE BANGIN 22 days ago

    I don't suppose it would have worked as well if the Goblin king was an actual Goblin.

  • francesca pinna
    francesca pinna 22 days ago

    puro genio . ti amo

  • MionePlays
    MionePlays 24 days ago

    An amazing song just like the film. Rest in peace David Bowie, we will miss you

  • Natalie Ornelaz
    Natalie Ornelaz 25 days ago

    Love this scene! ❤️

  • Aida Aguado
    Aida Aguado 25 days ago

    This is the girl from the movie incredible hulk 2003

  • Ramon Jones
    Ramon Jones 25 days ago

    Love you my starman hope u shine forever!

  • Liam Doyle
    Liam Doyle 27 days ago

    Legends say It was at this moment in 1986 when the world first saw this scene that every single teenage girl ovaries exploded simultaneously to the sheer unadulterated sexiness Bowie emitted

  • Emanuel Santana
    Emanuel Santana 28 days ago

    saudades , David .

  • Athena Granado
    Athena Granado 29 days ago

    recently saw movie, and fell in love of not being to golibale..

  • Rogelio Maciel
    Rogelio Maciel Month ago

    this movir creeps me out

    GOD DOGE Month ago

    *pushes Sarah away*im here my king 😊😍😘

    GOD DOGE Month ago

    forget about the baby I wanna be his queen

    GOD DOGE Month ago

    who was scared of the red guys in the movie I was xD?

  • KISS Forever
    KISS Forever Month ago


  • TheFangirlsNextDoor

    David Bowie's highlight is better than mine.

  • Cid B.
    Cid B. Month ago

    I love that they got him to do the music for this fabulous movie. It was a perfect mesh of weirdness. Henson and Bowie were both one of a kind!

  • Ms. Rose
    Ms. Rose Month ago


  • KG Master
    KG Master Month ago

    David Bowie will rest in peace
    he was awesome in this movie the Labyrinth will be in my heart Within me at all times also as well the dark crystal

  • Camilo Mejía
    Camilo Mejía Month ago

    I'll place the moon within your heart... he was the only one capable to honor that promise.

  • Kenzie_
    Kenzie_ Month ago

    David's highlights are better than any other normal girl highlights today😂 am I right???

  • Renzokuken14180
    Renzokuken14180 Month ago

    I miss you. Mr. Bowie..

  • EpicgamerFran 473
    EpicgamerFran 473 Month ago +1

    I miss David Bowie, he was a great actor gone but never forgotten 🌅

  • Peyton Newman
    Peyton Newman Month ago

    I didn't pay much attention watching this when I was a kid, but now that I'm an adult I can't help but notice that Jennifer Connelly is freaking gorgeous!

  • Deh Sol
    Deh Sol Month ago

    A música é linda, o cantor é sensacional, mas o vídeo é horrível.

  • Rebekah Reads
    Rebekah Reads Month ago

    mk ultra

  • Jonathon Joens
    Jonathon Joens Month ago +1

    All these people acting like david is dead, he's not. he lives forever in our hearts. 😅

  • Chris Rodriguez
    Chris Rodriguez Month ago

    awww Jennifer connally , my childhood crush

  • GalaxyKittens70715
    GalaxyKittens70715 Month ago +1

    I know I'm late but rip David😭 my favorite movie of all times.

  • Christina Shepperd
    Christina Shepperd Month ago

    such a wonderful singer and actor loved by me and my kids RIP Bowie💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜you're missed and loved i love all his songs mostly this one and magic dance

  • David
    David Month ago

    The world fell down a little when you left. Love you bowie.

  • alessandra conte
    alessandra conte Month ago


  • Bethany Aaron
    Bethany Aaron Month ago

    if i ever agree to marry someone this song had best be playing ~

  • Leandro Cardoso
    Leandro Cardoso Month ago

    existe um certo amor dentro do nossos olhos

  • Just Some Random Hooman

    what the hell did I just watch??.

  • Jill K
    Jill K Month ago

    My school only does sketches as a "big production", but we are FINALLY doing a real musical. I'm going to recommend Labyrinth, and auditioning for Sarah 🖤❤️💛💚💙💜🖤❤️💛💚💙💜

  • Kris KeepinItReal
    Kris KeepinItReal Month ago

    Dude look like a lady

  • Jazzy Pooh
    Jazzy Pooh Month ago

    first you hate your parents and the baby,
    second you just want to get your brother back, then you hate the goblin king, suddenly want to dance with him, LIKE COME ON MAKE UP YOUR MIND

  • Reem Karim
    Reem Karim Month ago

    Rip david bowie, u will b dearly missed🙏🏻😢

  • Jean Marie Nadal
    Jean Marie Nadal Month ago

    Frankie C: David Was BEAUTIFUL.R.I.P

  • Rebecca West
    Rebecca West Month ago

    The look on Jareth's face when she breaks away from him 😢

  • Amber Pritchett
    Amber Pritchett Month ago

  • LPS family JAX
    LPS family JAX Month ago

    who here is watching this still in 2017? I AM! XD

  • Yolanda Greene
    Yolanda Greene Month ago

    that smile at 1.29 He was my crush #GoblinKing.

  • Yolanda Greene
    Yolanda Greene Month ago

    that smile at 1.29 He was my crush #GoblinKing.

  • Pizza._. 12
    Pizza._. 12 Month ago

    i never understood this scene.....still dont

  • Rudy Adán Ruiz
    Rudy Adán Ruiz Month ago

    I saw this movie in the the movie theatre when I was 16, and I bought a copy of the movie and sountrack as soon as they were available, long live David Bowie!!!!

  • Arlo Innis
    Arlo Innis Month ago

    Cristiano. love.

  • Buggzy Perez
    Buggzy Perez Month ago

    keep rockin the ghoul world my strange prince

  • Superior Defender XII

    One of the few men I look up to. Great musician and intelligent. We will all miss your music Bowie. Rest In Peace.

  • Alyssa Andrews
    Alyssa Andrews Month ago

    if you didn't have a mad crush on David in this movie I don't know what to tell you because oh my lord😙😙😙

  • IbleedINC
    IbleedINC Month ago

    I'm actually doing this theme for my wedding, and I plan to sing this to my wife...she has no idea! I'm gonna surprise her with the entire production! it'll be epic. she'll never forget it....I can't wait! my kids will be blown away, this is our favorite movie and I've waited YEARS to show my kids all the cool stuff I've discovered over the years!! No-one will forget it from the first note to the last light...Just epic

  • Heather Contois
    Heather Contois Month ago

    I always loved the Goblin King. I wanted to marry him when i was five. He should have kept visiting her after she saved her brother. It would have been ineresting

  • pleiadian13
    pleiadian13 Month ago

    Every Bowiephile's dream.

  • Roimata Prendergast

    isn't this just a really beautiful scene?!

  • Jason Farley
    Jason Farley Month ago

    This movie was so interesting; that its good! However I did feel that it had a ugly taste and somewhat weirdness to it but, that's what made it so interesting I guess. It did have a story, it did have a plot, great characters, great tempo and timing. I'll grade it a "B+". And of course this seen here was actually one of the best scenes in the movie. (Goes without saying.)

  • Uva Medina
    Uva Medina Month ago

    David Bowie was so sexy and very intriguing in this movie

  • Vivienne See
    Vivienne See Month ago

    "we choose the path between the stars, you find my love between the stars"


    "i move the stars for no one"

  • Luke McCormack
    Luke McCormack Month ago

    I always go back to Bowie, makes me happy when I'm feeling down 🎉

  • Ajax Infinity
    Ajax Infinity Month ago

    if u watch just this with no context to the actual movie it just looks like a random girl at a ball being stealthily stalked by david bowie with a mullet and I cant stop giggling.

  • lulugu3
    lulugu3 Month ago

    My God, this is sexy. Labyrinth has been my favourite movie since I was 5, and my school friends taunted me for 'loving an old man', i.e. David Bowie. Now they are the type that buy Bowie t-shirts from Topshop. Screw them.
    But seriously, Labyrinth starts to take on sexual connotations on par with The Company of Wolves when you get older!

  • Olivia Cossette
    Olivia Cossette Month ago

    I want her dress desperately

  • LadyGG Smith
    LadyGG Smith Month ago

    this song make my heart melt ,..

  • Ash Poo
    Ash Poo Month ago

    My whole class hated the movie and were like "No offence but how is this your favourite movie?" I was sighing so hard

  • IbleedINC
    IbleedINC Month ago

    such a master. gorgeous song David. always have a place in my heart

  • Dawn Buckley
    Dawn Buckley Month ago

    he was amazing he will always be in my heart I fell in love with him when I saw him in this just wow R.I.P my goblin king xx

  • negativezero
    negativezero Month ago

    god was i in love with jennifer lol, i wished i was jareth when this came out haha, was already a giant bowie fan

  • Tabitha
    Tabitha 2 months ago +1

    this movie will always remain one of my favorites until I die. I've always wanted to reenact this scene ever since I saw it. I love and miss you David bowie. My amazing goblin king💖😢😭I will also have this as my wedding song, I just have too!!!!

  • tara lance
    tara lance 2 months ago

    amazing work?? really?? more like creepy strange ugly work to me lol. for real

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