Top 5 Awesome Tech Under $50!

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  • $35 Gaming Headset VS $235 Gaming Headset! -
    Xbox One X - Hands On: Here's What Matters! -

    Time for another Top 5 tech under $50!

    Find them here:
    iRoller Touch Screen Cleaner -
    Bluetooth Audio Transmitter -
    Jakemy Precision Screwdriver Set -
    Soundpeats Q12 - (Only $20 now!)
    Gracety Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker -

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  • Julian Romero
    Julian Romero Day ago


  • Jacques Bromby
    Jacques Bromby 2 days ago

    That is the shitist speaker going do not buy

  • Dronzee Fpv
    Dronzee Fpv 5 days ago

    4:17 copyright strike

  • Nightslash360
    Nightslash360 7 days ago

    I have a couple of questions: How many Gundams do you have and how much have you spent on them? :P

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor 10 days ago

    love these videos. saves me so much time keeping up with new tech and fun stuff!

  • Mex Gamer
    Mex Gamer 12 days ago

    Uravgconsumer is somebody that we use to knooooow

  • Dubzeey Wu
    Dubzeey Wu 12 days ago

    Subscribed this just because the end of the video and the way you talk. Keep up brahhh

  • Alexei Maximov
    Alexei Maximov 14 days ago

    This dude is not black

  • connorr
    connorr 15 days ago


  • TechTubeHD Reviews
    TechTubeHD Reviews 15 days ago


  • PrettyHard 01
    PrettyHard 01 17 days ago

    copyright spotted.

  • CaptainCupcakez115
    CaptainCupcakez115 17 days ago

    I got a waterproof, suction cup, Bluetooth speaker from Lidl for like £5

  • koen bergen
    koen bergen 17 days ago

    Iroller is just a lint roller i tried it and its the same

  • Jermagne Gabriel
    Jermagne Gabriel 18 days ago

    Good, the only thing that i need know is $50

  • Muhammad Hussain Mughal

    Can you do a video on new job essentials or like a new job backpack. Thanks

  • TheDiamondCuber
    TheDiamondCuber 19 days ago

    i got the screwdriver set for Php 100 ($2)

  • Aaron Trace
    Aaron Trace 22 days ago

    Condom cabinet?

  • Why Tho
    Why Tho 24 days ago

    So does this only work on apple products

  • Tayla Hopper
    Tayla Hopper 25 days ago

    I couldn't tell weather the iRoller works because of all my smudges on my screen were in the way 😂😂😂

  • PimpShrimp247
    PimpShrimp247 25 days ago

    I have a REUSABLE LINT ROLLER that does the same thing for waaaay less money. Check Amazon!

  • Thedominator893 :-p
    Thedominator893 :-p 27 days ago +1

    Who is watching even tho you don't have any money

  • Mubarak lawal
    Mubarak lawal 27 days ago

    When He Said Because Of My Dad I Thought He Said Because I'm A Dad Before He Said Shoutout To You Pops

  • kingkong kingkong
    kingkong kingkong 28 days ago

    I definitely need the roller

  • livelaughForte
    livelaughForte 29 days ago +1

    this guy needs a microfiber blanket

  • Tyler Larkin
    Tyler Larkin 29 days ago

    they already have "sticky" it's a YouTube meme no doubt. also your name is interesting considering the home this is recorded in.

  • # unknown
    # unknown 29 days ago

    "gundams are on earth"

  • MannyEEP
    MannyEEP Month ago +3

    “So we also have a Mac book pro”

    me:OMG IS THAT UNDER $50!?!

    “You know this things can get dirty”
    *cleans it with the iroller*

    Me: FUCK!!

  • balf of all balfs
    balf of all balfs Month ago

    i dont need half of these but i want them allllll

  • BJ Chaos
    BJ Chaos Month ago

    Iroller and the toolbox for me pls

  • Curve Nation
    Curve Nation Month ago

    what's that laptop called

  • Bill Namadar
    Bill Namadar Month ago

    In 2:40 what are the figures from in the background?

  • Overloaded Entertainment

    when you think an i roller is a blunt maker from apple

  • unsuccessfull gamer123

    hey is anyone excited for nintendo 2ds xl

  • JLA Station
    JLA Station Month ago

    it should be like this ">50".. cuz "<50" this means over 50 dollars

  • john barschat
    john barschat Month ago

    I like those cabinets, where did you get them

  • I'm Not Mirr
    I'm Not Mirr Month ago

    Why spend $20 on a piece of plastic that doesn't even work 100% when i can use my shirt for free and it works

  • Ash Sewell Films
    Ash Sewell Films Month ago

    where can you buy JBL Pulse's?

  • Bart Huissen
    Bart Huissen Month ago +1

    How's that background music called?

  • dumboli0321
    dumboli0321 Month ago

    Just saw this video and I have to let you know that I bought that screwdriver set July 1 not knowing you did a video with it 😀. It is great, especially being a dad and having to CONSTANTLY open the battery covers to toys and games and now I don't lose those darn little screws.

  • Rebecca Colegrove
    Rebecca Colegrove Month ago

    I am blown away by your channel and love how easy it is to understand the products you review. I really am interested in the latest tech gear .Great tutorial and concise explanations. I saw 2 items I am going to buy the wireless Bluetooth ear buds and cleaning tool for my husband. Thank you. Have you considered doing must have electronic gear for those who have limited Christmas funds ?

  • Oh It's Me.
    Oh It's Me. Month ago

    This Guy Needs More Subs

  • Xeon
    Xeon Month ago

    Just use an Ifix it kit

  • siglo_12
    siglo_12 Month ago

    stop the vid at 4:15 ha ha ha that face XD

  • Shawn SQ Zhang
    Shawn SQ Zhang Month ago

    You should check the SoundPal speakers. They're $20 on amazon, but they have pretty good bass for small speakers! I'm not joking with the sound, they're pretty good!!!!

  • Unboxing Report
    Unboxing Report Month ago

    What stands are you using for the gundams?

  • Javier Salgado
    Javier Salgado Month ago

    I can't get enough of your videos, love them so much bro.

  • Daniel Aguilar
    Daniel Aguilar Month ago

    Are these sponsored vids where he talks good about anything ? Or legit

  • Ulsar Pulsar
    Ulsar Pulsar Month ago

    6:01 I see that hi res barbatos OwO

  • Troy Miller
    Troy Miller Month ago

    What's the whole room worth ?

  • nassimishere
    nassimishere Month ago

    Whats goin' on guys, it's your PremiumConsumerHere.
    Waiting for this sentence since 2016.

  • Joshu
    Joshu Month ago

    Yoo those Q12s are the bomb! Had them for 5 months now and llove them

  • Kouki JP
    Kouki JP Month ago

    i just ordered the earphones and the speaker ty! your doing a great job

  • Syllism
    Syllism Month ago

    those gundams!!!

  • The Steel Armored Dragon

    Subscribed for the Gundam cabinet.

  • -ATNx7-
    -ATNx7- Month ago +2

    Dude, I want to buy a gift for my bro on his birthday, I know you love Bluetooth Headsets/Earbuds.
    So would you consider doing a Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset Review or Best Tech Under $100/50 so you could help us (Bikers) find the best bang for the buck?

  • Carlos Villegas
    Carlos Villegas Month ago

    You just earned yourself a sub

  • Blake Sammons aka Blueberry

    I wish colorware allowed you to send in a Nintendo switch if you already have one! I don't want to buy another one just for a custom switch

  • Marvin Joosten
    Marvin Joosten Month ago

    I think you should watch some of Jonathan Morrison videos for inspiration. His videos are really organised, yours arn't.

  • David Matthew
    David Matthew Month ago

    who else cringed when he started dancing

  • qasimsfl14
    qasimsfl14 Month ago

    Finally! Bluetooth Earbuds I can actually buy which is in my budget thank you man

  • Tristan Parham
    Tristan Parham Month ago

    i want one

  • Tristan Parham
    Tristan Parham Month ago

    it is worth it

  • Sharde Alford
    Sharde Alford Month ago

    How do I find a good 1TB for my ps4 I see a lot online like eBay are Amazon

  • akeem anderson
    akeem anderson Month ago

    I just found you and what the actual fuck. Where are you been all my YouTube life

  • Amir Rodriguez
    Amir Rodriguez Month ago

    kudos on the video. question: what model are they?

  • Lisa Blanco
    Lisa Blanco Month ago

    The mini i roller can be used for apple warches

  • Akeem Kendall
    Akeem Kendall Month ago

    dude. that tshirt is killer dope🔥. could you hoke me up with a link for it ?

  • Edgar Garcia
    Edgar Garcia Month ago

    you should review the new Sony XB40 speaker

  • Underwater Medusa
    Underwater Medusa Month ago

    sticky buddy is better

  • mosesdigitalguy4341

    UAC, I love the vids bro but I hear the same music every video, kinda gets tiring.

  • Jevy J
    Jevy J Month ago

    loving the Gundam

  • Hunter R.
    Hunter R. Month ago

    I'm pretty sure I seen him on a Samsung ad on my tv

  • Sanu
    Sanu Month ago

    Why on earth am I watching this...i am broke

  • Hollis Holcombe
    Hollis Holcombe Month ago

    Scooped up the Soundpeats and Bluetooth speaker and both are fantastic.  Thanks UAC!

  • Finn2982
    Finn2982 Month ago

    I'm looking to buy some wireless headphones! I want to spend around $200

  • Zeh Zahl
    Zeh Zahl Month ago

    4:44... There's a crumb or spec of whatever on the arm rest of that chair and it's bothering me, lol...

  • Silvers000
    Silvers000 Month ago

    the roller is cool and all... but can you tell me where you got that shirt?

  • Darren Pasek
    Darren Pasek Month ago

    I'm such a techy so I tried to leave when he pulled out the hardware kit and i couldn't leave LOL

  • Jack Anderson
    Jack Anderson Month ago

    Typing essay on MacBook with Cheeto fingers...thank god for iGlass cleaner

  • Barbara J. Maggiani

    Beware of the cheap roller cleaner sold at Office Depot, luckily I tried it on my old phone screen (S5) first before using on new S8. Plastic edge scratched the heck out of screen!

  • ross
    ross Month ago

    $20 roller?

    Shoulda bought a ShamWow

  • Fanis The Gaming Programme

    Who thinks we need a Tech Survival Kit update?

  • Omar D
    Omar D Month ago

    I have the same tool set and that case was not cooperating with me at first haha

  • Mars Gaming
    Mars Gaming Month ago

    Doooooooood I just saw u in theS8 commercial

  • TREX
    TREX Month ago

    Try a ue doom 2 its so good

  • VA.Baseball1
    VA.Baseball1 Month ago

    You're in a tv commercial!!!

  • Jason Heginbotham
    Jason Heginbotham Month ago

    Good vlog just a quick question? whats with the bad music?

  • Unknown Error
    Unknown Error Month ago

    What up Peeps!

  • Jblaze600
    Jblaze600 Month ago

    Blasphemy lol

  • Albert Martinez
    Albert Martinez Month ago +1

    Isn't it >50 not <50

  • Noah Bachman
    Noah Bachman Month ago

    So are the Sony MDRXB650BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

    Good for a budget under $100

  • Lemonitus
    Lemonitus Month ago

    i cant wait to spend $20 on a plastic spinning wheel

  • Nathan McCollum
    Nathan McCollum Month ago

    Where you get your Gundam figures from?

  • UndeadSaint
    UndeadSaint Month ago

    4:14 black people have such good dance skills

  • Yusuf Doğruyol
    Yusuf Doğruyol Month ago

    does anyone knows if galaxy note 5 supports aptx ?

  • Navid Azimi
    Navid Azimi Month ago

    2 new monitors 😰😰wtf??!

  • PSU Calculator
    PSU Calculator Month ago

    was that a MAC? ewww :-)

  • Ousel
    Ousel Month ago

    one guy does a "Tech under vid" and now everyone is doing them

  • Sonny Young
    Sonny Young Month ago

    I like the iRoller tool

  • Amarbir singh
    Amarbir singh Month ago

    get a better microphone man

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