Top 10 Iconic Skill Moves in Sports

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  • You may not play the game, but you still know the moves. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Iconic Skill Moves in Sports. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►

    For this list, we're looking at moves made famous by some of the greatest names in the game.

    Special thanks to our user Ayoub Mahmoud for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at

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  • 1psplegend
    1psplegend 19 hours ago

    Should be called "Some Skills used in Sports that are played in the USA"

  • Cianstar 16
    Cianstar 16 2 days ago

    My favourite move is the datsyuk in hockey 🏒

  • Kleszczu PL
    Kleszczu PL 3 days ago

    it pisses me off that theres no racing on any lists that involve sports

  • exreality
    exreality 3 days ago

    ultimate frisbee layout

  • GXM Pyette91
    GXM Pyette91 3 days ago

    lol the lacrosse move part describing a toe drag she said 'the plug'. A 'plug' in hockey is described as a player put into the roster simply because they needed a heart beat to fill the spot. lol a plug being able to do a toe drag against its competition.

  • goblin pradas
    goblin pradas 4 days ago +1

    saenchai kick!!! 😒

  • Peter Moriarty
    Peter Moriarty 4 days ago

    How the hell did you make a crossover sound so difficult

  • ImEasyAs
    ImEasyAs 5 days ago

    those are good 1 handed catches? lol ... watch some cricket.

  • Marty.R Woodcock
    Marty.R Woodcock 5 days ago

    The CFL size ball is much harder to catch one-handed, making it that much more spectacular. On the other hand, the hits of the NFL is like watching 2 or more semi trucks smashing into each other, which is fun to watch.

  • that weird channel
    that weird channel 5 days ago

    I'm a defensemen in lacrosse and I think that the rusty gate check is something that should definitely be considered here.

  • Maxim Braun
    Maxim Braun 5 days ago

    Permanent recession separate welcome next discourse proud dark alarm slap ah post.

  • Grodperspektiv
    Grodperspektiv 6 days ago

    The Peter Forsberg is actually another swede, Kent Nilsson (Calgary) Who did that move years before.

  • Mac Martin
    Mac Martin 6 days ago

    surely you should add the step, a manover in which a player pretends to go one direction but goes the other.
    if you want to see some footage look at Kaln Ponga in the NRL

  • GamingCubed
    GamingCubed 7 days ago

    how about the jeter throw

  • Daniean McCulloch
    Daniean McCulloch 8 days ago

    Football deserves it own top ten...The Cruyff Turn, The Scissor Kick, the Rainbow, Bolasie Flick, The Step-over, The bicycle kick, Elastico, etc

  • Matt Pfeifer
    Matt Pfeifer 9 days ago

    Calls the Michigan the lacrosse move, then proceeds to not even show the Original Michigan

  • Chelsea FC
    Chelsea FC 10 days ago

    My god, that payet free kick was filthy 😱👌⚽️

  • IM_THE_BOSS 83
    IM_THE_BOSS 83 10 days ago

    Layups are far more efficient than dunking because of how much energy you drain in a dunk

  • christian carrieri
    christian carrieri 11 days ago


  • JohnnyBro Yolo4
    JohnnyBro Yolo4 12 days ago


  • Strike 3
    Strike 3 12 days ago

    What about the bunt

  • Wyatt Corbin
    Wyatt Corbin 12 days ago +1

    I see Foppa, I click.

  • Mark Sojer
    Mark Sojer 13 days ago

    how can u mention the curve ball without showing mesiii bruhhh

  • Connor Ponticelli
    Connor Ponticelli 14 days ago

    My bad didn't listen all the way through

  • Connor Ponticelli
    Connor Ponticelli 14 days ago

    Hey watch mojo the spin o Rama got banned in the NHL shoot out

  • Adam Skillz
    Adam Skillz 14 days ago

    At soccer the rainbow should have been in

  • Aslan Hasan
    Aslan Hasan 14 days ago

    Between the legs

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G 14 days ago

    Not sure if it's a skill move but the hail Mary maybe deserved a spot

  • Andrew Tamera
    Andrew Tamera 15 days ago

    Don bradmans last duck

  • Miki Muylaert
    Miki Muylaert 15 days ago

    no look pas can be done in almost every team sport with a ball

  • Unorthodox Gamer
    Unorthodox Gamer 15 days ago

    Ever heard of the helicopter shot in cricket?

  • teamchancery
    teamchancery 16 days ago

    Between the legs deserved an honourable mention

  • Qwalnuts
    Qwalnuts 18 days ago

    Hockey: the Pavel Datsyuk.

  • JacobDoesLife
    JacobDoesLife 18 days ago

    Clayton Kershaw curveball best play in sports

  • CanadianCthulhu 1337
    CanadianCthulhu 1337 18 days ago

    That Malkin goal vs the Oilers makes me smile.

  • KyleIS NotHere
    KyleIS NotHere 18 days ago


  • Kamos Patreon
    Kamos Patreon 18 days ago

    Marian hossa - invisible puck:

  • Hugo Barnes
    Hugo Barnes 19 days ago

    i thought the rainbow flick would be in it

  • Garrett
    Garrett 19 days ago

    the spin-o-rama in the shootout was fucking retarded

  • owen4340 owen4340
    owen4340 owen4340 19 days ago

    I think zorro from hockey should have been on this list

  • Zeeara
    Zeeara 20 days ago


  • Blake Mullins
    Blake Mullins 21 day ago

    Umm anybody catch it when she said ronaldo is brazilian

  • kaneki kun
    kaneki kun 21 day ago

    Lol Ronaldo is fuking Portuguese not Brazil

  • Its ya Savage
    Its ya Savage 21 day ago

    I use the double kick but super rarely

  • Ali Sonde
    Ali Sonde 21 day ago +1

    Messi faint is just unbelievable

  • Casey Pickle
    Casey Pickle 25 days ago

    When you turn your head while you pass the ball, that is not a no-look pass.

  • Petr Breed
    Petr Breed 26 days ago

    no Antonin Panenka football penalty kick? shame on you...

  • Oskar Reit
    Oskar Reit 26 days ago

    Pavel datsyuk move is my favorit

  • jeremiaas15
    jeremiaas15 26 days ago

    Bicycle kicks aren't rare because they're hard to do, they're rare because they are very dangerous last-ditch efforts. It's something you do when you're forced to (by a bad pass for example). As such, goals scored via them are not as much a question of skill as they are of luck, since they're impossible to aim (beach soccer aside, it's not as dangerous to do there, and it is a sport designed by and for show-offs).

  • Dino Gacina
    Dino Gacina 26 days ago

    Number 1 is the overhead kick but Rooneys overhead kick against Manchester City isnt mentioned.

  • Jacob Westberry
    Jacob Westberry 27 days ago

    TAMPA BAY ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • JepaFilms
    JepaFilms 28 days ago


    TROGZORP 28 days ago

    what about the tweener in tennis!?

  • dforero4
    dforero4 28 days ago

    Where is Wayne Rooney's epic bicycle against Man City?!?

  • soccerrboy17
    soccerrboy17 Month ago

    For soccer they say step over when they're actually doing scissors not a stepover

  • M.C. Far-Land
    M.C. Far-Land Month ago

    I can't believe they didn't show rooneys bicycle kick it's by far the most iconic goal in football history

  • Tnez26
    Tnez26 Month ago

    I think that the toedrag is the most effective deke in hockey i use it all the time

  • Stevie G
    Stevie G Month ago

    Where is spike. I'm pretty sure it's famous among people

  • mjt gaming
    mjt gaming Month ago

    The handaovic over head kick vs Real Madrid was 👌

  • Jason Ronin947
    Jason Ronin947 Month ago


  • marouane jr
    marouane jr Month ago

    no look pass is used in football too -_-

  • Marc El
    Marc El Month ago

    Where is Panenka?

  • Tiago Wakabayashi
    Tiago Wakabayashi Month ago

    no look pass could have a Ronaldinho examples for football

  • Avi Tublu
    Avi Tublu Month ago

    if i was the maker of the video there would have been 7 skill moves from football!!!....and sorry to say but curling the ball is a skill but that doesn't make it a skill move...i hope u won't find difference between skill and skill move because u r Americans

  • Avi Tublu
    Avi Tublu Month ago

    bicycle kick!!...where is wayne rooney?...oh u Americans

  • Paul Insana
    Paul Insana Month ago

    What no Ali Shuffle

  • Bobby T.
    Bobby T. Month ago

    As a hockey goalie my favorite is the windmill. ;)

  • Leo The racer
    Leo The racer Month ago

    Nutmeg for sure

  • ericmarseille2
    ericmarseille2 Month ago

    the "impossible" try in rugby, with the body totally off the pitch but with just the hand pressing the ball in the end zone.

  • Vukilan Jensen
    Vukilan Jensen Month ago


  • TimTV
    TimTV Month ago

    The Zidane Spin is good

  • CS:GO Plays And Fails

    well, you see, when i'm playing soccer, and i "step over" it most likely means i "stepped over" the ball and just said "ay yo piere, u want this soccer ball?"

  • Lama Goat
    Lama Goat Month ago

    Mention bicycle kicks and doesn't show ronney

  • Mason Sunderland
    Mason Sunderland Month ago

    No look is also very common in soccer

  • minigaming
    minigaming Month ago

    bicycle kick I always try to do it nd I could do but in matches sometimes it's hard because you dont get the right pass and it can hurt

  • Dimitris Mpargkas
    Dimitris Mpargkas Month ago +1


  • moodi abdalla
    moodi abdalla Month ago

    The curl is not a skill.. it's a technique

  • Leopold Penschke
    Leopold Penschke Month ago

    where are tweeners?

  • Nimiraanan Raanan
    Nimiraanan Raanan Month ago

    as far as im concerned all these moves should be from football-the bicycle kick, panenka, vaselina etc

    • Nimiraanan Raanan
      Nimiraanan Raanan Month ago

      rabona, scorpion, stepover, the maradona, elastico, pedalada, cruyff turn,
      also the curl is a technique not a skill move

  • Filip Hedlund
    Filip Hedlund Month ago

    lol at #1. The scissor, overhead and bicycle kicks are all different moves

  • M. eP
    M. eP Month ago

    talks about basketball skills, doesn't mention the shamgod

  • JoeevoGaming
    JoeevoGaming Month ago

    Just don't understand how the fake shot/fake pass/pump fake wasn't on there

  • Kshitij Chaudhary
    Kshitij Chaudhary Month ago

    How do you put bicycle kick and not put Rooney's goal on it

  • Bettina Schmidt
    Bettina Schmidt Month ago

    Peter Forsberg or The

  • Reuben Mahal
    Reuben Mahal Month ago +1


  • Jose Zapien
    Jose Zapien Month ago

    the no look is also soccer

  • Tommy McManus
    Tommy McManus Month ago

    Number 8 is the scissors not the step over.

  • Michael Haburay
    Michael Haburay Month ago

    how do you not put the "rondo"on here

  • Elijah Valerjev
    Elijah Valerjev Month ago

    Soccer shots can go up to 131 miles per hour....

  • minecraft
    minecraft Month ago

    the zidane

    CAMDEN FLACK Month ago

    Meg or 5 hole

  • Colby Brewster
    Colby Brewster Month ago

    You have it wrong. the Soccer Stepover goes counter clockwise. in the video clips they were all doing sisers.

  • Lord Aizen
    Lord Aizen Month ago

    fucking slam dunk r u serious

  • Rico Chet
    Rico Chet Month ago

    Bicikel kick

  • Cole Buechel
    Cole Buechel Month ago

    who else hates when people call Football/Soccer is easy lets see them do a Bicycle kick or a Rainbow, Maradon/Roulette, well placed/clean shot, Take on a World class defender, Professional defender, or even a Panna/Nutmeg/Through the legs

  • Cooper Dunkerley
    Cooper Dunkerley Month ago

    A scissor kick is different to a bicycle kick

  • Erik Norell
    Erik Norell Month ago

    im a swede....happy to:)

  • MarcoTheMan Staffiere

    Ronaldo is Portuguese not Brazilian

  • MarcoTheMan Staffiere

    Ronaldo is Portuguese

  • Saksham Shrestha
    Saksham Shrestha Month ago

    Admit it ! Zayn is the most skillfull person !
    Cuz he pretended to go ONE DIRECTION and then he didn't !

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