Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne - No Frauds

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  • Kerry Barnett
    Kerry Barnett 49 minutes ago

    Hiya nicly. . A yam 🍠 afanl

  • Florence Smith
    Florence Smith 50 minutes ago

    pathetic step it up this aint barz or hip hop hunni came bk on a pop song you cant answer shether with a pop song 😂

  • Shanette Gordon
    Shanette Gordon 52 minutes ago +1

    Kimarly ex girlfriend nicki minaj u mad Kimarly leave Jamaica and neva told u am going new York Kimarly wud neva forgot about u nicki minaj love u rip my ex girlfriend Danielle price on Facebook and rebecca rip earnest from Kingston Jamaica Marverly

  • Kerry Barnett
    Kerry Barnett 53 minutes ago

    ILove yoo. NICIY. A yam afanovyoo

  • Nita Marius
    Nita Marius Hour ago

    i love you nicki

  • kerk frederick
    kerk frederick Hour ago

    I might be a little cracka lol but Nicki baby im NO fraud...💯

  • Angel Jones
    Angel Jones Hour ago


  • melli melon
    melli melon 2 hours ago

    Nicki's dimple are so cute 💞

  • Nathan Tv
    Nathan Tv 2 hours ago


  • bella
    bella 3 hours ago


  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 3 hours ago

    Honestly, I love the high heel intro

  • Diana Reyes
    Diana Reyes 3 hours ago

    1 like if you think this is to Remy ma to disc shether

  • Harley Quinn {DOLLFACE}
    Harley Quinn {DOLLFACE} 3 hours ago +1


  • mntuwekhaya tshemese
    mntuwekhaya tshemese 4 hours ago


  • SouthPark Fr
    SouthPark Fr 4 hours ago

    Did someone understood what Lil'Wayne said?

  • Sebastiancody Pasuquin

    I really like this song by Nicki minaj No frauds very pretentious

  • Valdelia Jose
    Valdelia Jose 5 hours ago +2

    Vamos 100M Views😍😍

  • Chekirine Rania
    Chekirine Rania 6 hours ago

    ربي يهديها و تدخل في الاسلام و تستر روحها
    النار ستاكلها هذه رفاهية مؤقتة

  • Shella Hasan
    Shella Hasan 8 hours ago

    fuck im dont like dis

  • Poppy Rose Official
    Poppy Rose Official 9 hours ago

    Jesus... Glory him mafia mean soul not go hell

  • Always Sohayla
    Always Sohayla 9 hours ago

    You better than Remy Ma

  • waldir valdir
    waldir valdir 9 hours ago

    This song "no frauds" is amazing I love all lil Wayne was the better

  • Semisi Joseph
    Semisi Joseph 10 hours ago

    Throw ya wrists up, ALL MY BITCHES UP

  • Tinker Bell
    Tinker Bell 10 hours ago

    Drake is like the 2nd pnB rock

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll 10 hours ago

    I took the price and lift that bxtch off I took the ice and lift my wrist up 😝

  • Салавудин Гаджиев

    1:39 😈😈😈

  • jordan gervais
    jordan gervais 11 hours ago

    Lik Wayne I just don't care for. Too much auto tune.

  • krishna kumar
    krishna kumar 11 hours ago

    No frauds and There for You??

  • Fayetal
    Fayetal 13 hours ago

    Check out my new single "I Remember When"

  • Cire Rieux
    Cire Rieux 13 hours ago

    Rap queen

  • Jenna Lee
    Jenna Lee 13 hours ago

    I love you Nicki!!!!!!!!

  • Tyawuan Williams
    Tyawuan Williams 13 hours ago

    Nick Minaj

  • Tyawuan Williams
    Tyawuan Williams 13 hours ago

    Still da baddest bitch

  • Tyawuan Williams
    Tyawuan Williams 13 hours ago

    U beautiful

  • PrestigeKills
    PrestigeKills 14 hours ago

    Lil TUNCH!!!

    QUEEN JAUREGUI 15 hours ago

    I love this 💜👑

  • Dashawn Grigsby
    Dashawn Grigsby 16 hours ago

    Drake had the best verse HANDS DOWN 👇💪

  • ROLANDO Meloyo
    ROLANDO Meloyo 16 hours ago


  • pablo rubio
    pablo rubio 16 hours ago

    She needs to stop listening to her people.... downfall

  • Kj Small
    Kj Small 16 hours ago

    Niki is a 21savage

  • pablo rubio
    pablo rubio 16 hours ago

    Shes fine with her fake ass. Other people gotta earn it

  • pablo rubio
    pablo rubio 16 hours ago

    Shes turning in to much of a diva. Videos are not making sense

  • Tamika Mcfadden
    Tamika Mcfadden 16 hours ago

    Lil Wayne

  • Tamika Mcfadden
    Tamika Mcfadden 16 hours ago

    Do you like bieber

  • Tamika Mcfadden
    Tamika Mcfadden 16 hours ago

    I love you

  • Tamika Mcfadden
    Tamika Mcfadden 16 hours ago

    EAR you 20

  • Tamika Mcfadden
    Tamika Mcfadden 16 hours ago

    I'm Com in

  • First-Blood Er'Meydani
    First-Blood Er'Meydani 17 hours ago +7

    Wow 1 milion like nicki :) love u baby

  • Jenny Lobo
    Jenny Lobo 17 hours ago

    Just listened to Cardi B, like her much better . This is heavy auto tune imo.

  • Renegade Girl
    Renegade Girl 17 hours ago +1

    I get Remy's anger n all cuz she's mad jealous that she's talented but Nicki's success trumps hers on the charts at least, but if she would just get along with Nicki and work together, not only would the songs be dope, but it woulda helped boost her career. Same if Cardi B would quit the beef and ride with Nicki. Hence "I am the generous Queen" and "pick a side" she's telling her "you COULD be my friend and I could be there for you, but instead you're gonna throw shade so now I'm gonna fuckin annihilate you" not a smart move, regardless of whether or not you're a fan of Nicki.

  • esther toppin
    esther toppin 17 hours ago +1

    Nicki decided to leave the rap music industry it will go down because none these bitches in rap industry can't rap like Nicki it will have no more queen rap only Nicki is Queen rap

  • Brenda Velasquez
    Brenda Velasquez 19 hours ago


  • Nikkii Torres
    Nikkii Torres 19 hours ago

    That is a good song

  • Nathalie Benoit
    Nathalie Benoit 19 hours ago

    Waw Nicki joy or beutifull I wish I can't bi your sister

  • DIY Channel
    DIY Channel 19 hours ago

    Omg the beginning tho! I get it, hahahaha!!! The generous queen; DeGeneres Queen; Ellen DeGeneres!!! Hahaha

  • nydo kade
    nydo kade 20 hours ago

    3:03 man white niggas look so weird

  • Tammy Roberson
    Tammy Roberson 20 hours ago

    i love this song

  • Cristina Landa
    Cristina Landa 20 hours ago


  • Mya Smith
    Mya Smith 20 hours ago +1

    Damn, better not come for Nicki guys. Queeeeen tho!!

  • Natasha Morgan
    Natasha Morgan 20 hours ago

    OMG Love it 😍

  • iQueen_
    iQueen_ 21 hour ago +2

    Quem ta participando do multirão pra views??

  • Baby LUNA MSP
    Baby LUNA MSP 21 hour ago

    YASSS 1MILLION likes

  • Kiairra Griffyn
    Kiairra Griffyn 22 hours ago

    Nicki need to sit down before we call Lil Kim lmaoooo

  • SelenaCavinVEVO
    SelenaCavinVEVO 22 hours ago +11

    Who is watching this in August 2017 ?
    I am damn sure many singers are using *Authentic VIEWS d o t com* to get views

  • K'wqueen Thomas
    K'wqueen Thomas 22 hours ago +3

    Bruh dem outfit nicki slaayy honety

  • Mini Watterson
    Mini Watterson 22 hours ago +2


  • Lele Smith
    Lele Smith 22 hours ago

    you look like my rack sis mom shonacia /love Aaliyah

  • Londa Barlow
    Londa Barlow 23 hours ago

    What the fuck I just watch this shit suck wasted 5 mins of my life smdh

  • kay al
    kay al 23 hours ago

    subscribe my chanel please

  • allison silva
    allison silva 23 hours ago +1

    pica sai,pica sai diogo paródia! 😂

  • Cool Isaiah
    Cool Isaiah 23 hours ago

    If I don't see you and don't 🖕 wit me

    What song is dat?

  • kelvin piña
    kelvin piña Day ago

    Te Amo Nicky Minaj Desde Venezuela-Maracaibo. <3 <3

  • Humble14
    Humble14 Day ago

    lol drizzy find anyway to shoot his stick at nicky

  • Jasmine Rahmi
    Jasmine Rahmi Day ago

    3:08 when somebody asks you for your food.

  • Dark Pink Falcon

    "we don't do diss records, we drop hit records and diss you on them"

    THIS is how to do a comeback, bitches. sit, listen, and learn.

  • DopeKickz
    DopeKickz Day ago +2

    lil Wayne messed up the whole mothafukin song

  • Daniela Roux
    Daniela Roux Day ago +1

    @Carlos S u have to watch it 2017 cause that's when it was posted?!

  • Cheryl Filardi
    Cheryl Filardi Day ago +1

    remy coming for her

  • Cheryl Filardi
    Cheryl Filardi Day ago

    NIKI started it

  • The Nicki ́s #Kingdom

    #TheKingdom will support you Nicki till the death! But you must fight with us too. I´m loving all you´re features of this year. I´m buying that features and your trisingle. We´re one Nicki, never forget it. #TheKingdom

  • Angel Dark
    Angel Dark Day ago

    Drake and Lil Wayne wtf

  • S.BYHNASA Syhly
    S.BYHNASA Syhly Day ago

    Nicki minaj vs Iggy azzela

  • Buse Acer
    Buse Acer Day ago

    Şu karıyı yerim

  • Luan Fodevai
    Luan Fodevai Day ago


  • Diamond Fox
    Diamond Fox Day ago

    CORNY 😂 I'm not even a Remy fan but bottom line Nicki got murdered. If she were smart she'd team back up with Safaree. If so she wouldn't have needed Drake or Wayne to have her back. Anyway, young money is old news. They all broke up anyway.
    Nicki's bar at 1:40 was whack too 😂 thats prolly why she repeated it. Girl, ain't nobody miss that shit we heard you

  • Nariman Si Nacer

    Y'a des algériens ?

  • aidana77
    aidana77 Day ago

    i love your song

  • Simone Ryals
    Simone Ryals Day ago

    Crazy how she mention her diss "another one" but not the famous "shether" ahhhh

    • Ellhy Geep
      Ellhy Geep Day ago

      Simone Ryals because she aint talk about frauds

  • Alia Arfa
    Alia Arfa Day ago

    Why she is looking like darker version of bebe rexha??😂

  • Mvrtjn Pvz
    Mvrtjn Pvz Day ago

    Close to *1* *billion* *views*

  • shantiana lay
    shantiana lay Day ago

    96 million. you go nicki

  • ohhKilla
    ohhKilla Day ago


  • Carolanne Shepard Kingkarolanne

    Your views on this video are still higher than Cardi Bs. Start your own independent label and start dropping these hits again! Don't give up Nicki! ❤️

  • Roy Escobar Acosta

    Los tres grandes en este video arteee puraaaa oseaaaa

  • Roy Escobar Acosta

    Nicki is my queen

  • Roy Escobar Acosta

    Nicki minaj + arte = no frauds
    Video + nicki = song
    Rap+queen = nicki minaj bitchessssss
    Comon the kindong is realiti 100 millones de views

  • Shaniya Johnson
    Shaniya Johnson Day ago

    She cuss to much but I like the song

  • Anomaly Sunday
    Anomaly Sunday Day ago

    Can we all agree that barbs are basically part of beyhive?

  • McBride731
    McBride731 Day ago +1


    I love how she says she doesn't like frauds, while using auto-tune with her fake ass and tits. Cunt.

  • Delfina Castañares Romero

    good perfect

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