Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne - No Frauds

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  • Brown Sugar
    Brown Sugar 5 minutes ago

    nicki is a flop???? lol. i dont see remys mans videos over 84,00000

  • Brown Sugar
    Brown Sugar 7 minutes ago

    guess you needed a pap💀

  • Andrea Hawkins
    Andrea Hawkins 8 minutes ago

    is that locked in or locked out??????

  • JustaLone Guy
    JustaLone Guy 20 minutes ago

    what is happening to music nowadays? 🔥

  • Sasha Kennedy
    Sasha Kennedy 51 minute ago

    very nice...

  • Senpai Knox cosplay

    song starts at 0.23 your welcome

  • Leestevens stevens
    Leestevens stevens 1 hour ago

    I like: how Niki says how. she. ,. LIFT THAT BITCH UP: Meaning: She repeats): She lift that Bitch up:::. I'd like 2 lift bitches up from the rough, bad suburbs I live in.. Meaning .. Own those Bullies.. The bitches that bully... OK..


    niggas really think Nicki won?

  • anxhi meta
    anxhi meta 1 hour ago

    who's here before 100M?😏

  • Victoria Gautrelet
    Victoria Gautrelet 2 hours ago

    c ne te dérange pas de te balader a poil dans les voie public ???

  • cameron mcduffie
    cameron mcduffie 3 hours ago

    You giitin it Nicki

  • Issa baee.
    Issa baee. 3 hours ago


  • Ranulfo Millanes
    Ranulfo Millanes 3 hours ago

    Does anyone hate nicki minaj?

  • Anny TV
    Anny TV 3 hours ago

    she is perfect

  • Laura Tobias
    Laura Tobias 3 hours ago

    I like your song s

  • Prince CallisteTV
    Prince CallisteTV 4 hours ago

    Go suscribe my channel people !!! upcoming soca artiste !! TRINIDAD IN THE HOUSEEE <3

  • Emma Love
    Emma Love 4 hours ago

    Am I'm the only one who did not know remy until she stared stuff with nicki

  • Thalia Dipas
    Thalia Dipas 4 hours ago

    "Left the operation table still look like"... nah !!

  • Даниил Беляев

    Русские есть???

  • buddha
    buddha 5 hours ago

    the gods are on the earth.

    • buddha
      buddha 4 hours ago

      I have made many realizations that i want to take the time to share with you all and we have an eternity to get to know eachother and our capabilities... there is more to us than meets the eye... we need to change our laws and policies so that they benefit the all... if we all just stopped and thought about all this.. the vastness and the depths of eachother ...we truly are cosmic beings ..we are in the heavens already..think about it... we are in space lol...please google

      willem thomas benedict near death experience helped me get to my state of mind ... along with the help of marijuana lol..and shrooms...and dmt... lol......we are creators and we create through our imaginations and bring them to this reality...we are thinkers..if we all just sat and thought there would be no blood shed and we would solve all our problems by thinking.... truly..philosophers do have the divine right to rule...because they would be busy thinking of how to better our situations for the whole...everyone ...we have the answer ..and we will make this happen and i see a happily ever after... we can make it that starts with those we are around...we treat eachother with kindness and stop hurting eachother and just enjoy existence ...i can feel the universal intelligence..its like we are al electricity and those halos around saints and buddhas could mean that enlightened meant that they were glowing and like in energy bodies or something of golden light i think we are that..

      science and religion are just two different languages talking about the same subject...are way to a brighter future is to just think our way to a better future hahahaha lol.....

      ...all that third eye and science saying we are energy beings is true... i cant comprehend through my mind but i can feel these things..i can feel my third eye i can feel the cosmic energies touching me through my crown chakra at the top of my head and there are very intelligent beings in this and i think those could be our future selves or they know our true potential..this is wild stuff but just know i think every will be alright for us we are coming to a new age of thought and being. and we will live in a world of peace and love for all... if we just stop and think and stop killing eachother lol.....we are all thinkers and together we can think a better future than what we see on television...i am happy to share in this experience with you guys and i hope you all achieve your dreams..and let those dreams benefit us all. live life to the fullest ..Thank you for your time.. i know its a random message

  • MrPocketaces88
    MrPocketaces88 5 hours ago

    Nice to see London in the vid

  • Asen Petrow
    Asen Petrow 5 hours ago

    I don"t need no frauds <3 I love you Nicki <3 BULGARIA <3

  • sabatha mkhize
    sabatha mkhize 5 hours ago

    Any one whos a new youtuber, sub me Ill sure sub back;)

  • Manuel Katsaros
    Manuel Katsaros 6 hours ago


  • Ágica Mihályi
    Ágica Mihályi 6 hours ago


  • louisa blot
    louisa blot 6 hours ago

    Fireworks Lil Wayne in the end. Great virtuosity. oh la la adore

  • Teiana Martinez
    Teiana Martinez 7 hours ago

    drake never fails 🔥🔥

  • Kay Stephan
    Kay Stephan 9 hours ago

    hi Nicki Minaj if you can sant your number one fan can go on a soppingspreed because my birthday is coming on Friday and my dad has no money so please ☺☺😆😆😇😇😢😢😢😢😢😢☺☺😀😢

  • Whistling_ Dog
    Whistling_ Dog 9 hours ago

    Back to pack
    Oh you mean "Back to whack"?
    Pack to pack?

  • Jovi730
    Jovi730 10 hours ago

    Queen is back 😈😈

  • Eduardo Ochia
    Eduardo Ochia 11 hours ago

    Is funny how drake rap about other niggas lifes because i dont believe anything that he claim he do, only thang i believe he does is when he says he fucked a bitch nd when he says he spend money on a bitchs nails . the rest is just entertainment lmao

  • Prince Mason
    Prince Mason 11 hours ago

    Shots at Remy and Chyna

  • Raw DanDan
    Raw DanDan 12 hours ago

    What type of a bum bitch shot a friend over a rack

  • Guilherme Cambraia
    Guilherme Cambraia 13 hours ago

    Aooo poder 😍😍🇧🇷

  • Gabino Martinez Hernandez


  • Late night memes
    Late night memes 13 hours ago

    "wtfff are these bitches inhallliinnn" hahah

  • Morris Buttermaker
    Morris Buttermaker 14 hours ago

    *Boring ASF!*

  • Serefina Dmitri
    Serefina Dmitri 14 hours ago


  • Gloriann Urbina
    Gloriann Urbina 14 hours ago


  • shavonya wilkes
    shavonya wilkes 14 hours ago

    dis my shit

  • Jeanica2Natural
    Jeanica2Natural 14 hours ago

    80 Millions Views but not even a million likes or comments???

    How is that even logical or possible?? Just humm kaayyyy

  • xman 12dr
    xman 12dr 14 hours ago

    2.CRADI B
    3.YOUNG M.A

    YASSIN NOOS 15 hours ago

    📁 Documents
    |_ 📁Music
    |_📁Nicki Minaj
    |_ ⚠ This folder is emty

  • Sedillo Angel
    Sedillo Angel 15 hours ago


  • Ebonie Nolen
    Ebonie Nolen 15 hours ago

    ALL 85K dislikes are Remy Ma fans and they hating on #Queen Nicki

  • Terrelle Moore
    Terrelle Moore 15 hours ago

    Nicki can you make a Nicki manja doll Barbie or Bratz

  • Justin cain
    Justin cain 15 hours ago

    😋😋🤤 yes girl

  • Griselda Padilla
    Griselda Padilla 16 hours ago


  • Yvonne rea
    Yvonne rea 16 hours ago


  • Tamia Mccullough
    Tamia Mccullough 16 hours ago

    Lil Wayne kilt it

  • jamie wilson
    jamie wilson 16 hours ago

    Nicki Minaj you is the badess women in the world reyma Nicki Minaj got on your head

  • jamie wilson
    jamie wilson 16 hours ago

    Nicki Minaj you look better than reyma I like your outfits your outfits look better than reyma outfits it ugly you shouldn't seen how Drake was looking at your butt

  • Kaspa. Zauka
    Kaspa. Zauka 16 hours ago

    kill me please.

  • Diamond Mccauley
    Diamond Mccauley 17 hours ago

    nicki has a gost writer

  • Diamond Mccauley
    Diamond Mccauley 17 hours ago

    really bitch ass nigga you are not the qween ew is true. you like boy. and girls and drake why you in there you to lilwayne. drake you again what do nicke have to do with remy ma i dont get it what is about nicke geting pretty

  • christina jensen
    christina jensen 17 hours ago

    You needed a pap

  • Marie Danielle Elessa
    Marie Danielle Elessa 17 hours ago

    Nick i love y ou ❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋

  • christina jensen
    christina jensen 17 hours ago

    Lmao she said what the fuck is this bitch inhaling

  • Aydjf Xjdj
    Aydjf Xjdj 18 hours ago

    nicki mniaj

  • mich miranda
    mich miranda 19 hours ago

    lol drake hiding behind nicki. Love all of them.

  • Thalia 123
    Thalia 123 19 hours ago

    Nicki is Queen❤

  • Sarah Chavez
    Sarah Chavez 19 hours ago

    Great Video!!! - Good job!

  • BigBrothaBo
    BigBrothaBo 19 hours ago

    This is my mood today

  • just makeup
    just makeup 20 hours ago

    Sing more like you singing gave my dead fish life again😍😂

  • Bouchra Naciri
    Bouchra Naciri 20 hours ago

    I remember when she dressed like Lil Kim

  • Xavier Padilla
    Xavier Padilla 20 hours ago

    What's kinda jacket drake wearing??

  • jazZy bae
    jazZy bae 20 hours ago

    Whoever still hating on Nicki is FUCKING STUPID. She slays💯❤👑 -just like everyone wants to pretend JB has no talent, that's bs

  • Caprice Slade
    Caprice Slade 20 hours ago

    she def came at remy neck...

  • Precious Tracy
    Precious Tracy 20 hours ago

    Fuck Remy👹👹👹👹
    Nicki Minaj is the 👑 Queen 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Ditlind8i8 Zhuta Diti

    nicki minaj its so nice

  • Jose Arellanes
    Jose Arellanes 21 hour ago

    nicki es mejor

  • Key Allen
    Key Allen 21 hour ago

  • Souzaa Johnny
    Souzaa Johnny 21 hour ago


  • João Vitor Oliveira
    João Vitor Oliveira 22 hours ago

    whats wrong with the views?

  • niyani Rideout
    niyani Rideout 22 hours ago

    She really is doing her thing

  • robo
    robo 22 hours ago

    Aww I feel bad for fraud Drake XD

  • lolroca
    lolroca 22 hours ago

    Bruh lil Wayne's part 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

  • Mia Shady
    Mia Shady 22 hours ago

    Real Queen Nicky Minaj💖

  • Destinee Haddix
    Destinee Haddix 22 hours ago


  • Pit Huit
    Pit Huit 23 hours ago

    Who wants the lyrics video??

  • dom the best
    dom the best 23 hours ago

    i love it

  • YoungA170
    YoungA170 23 hours ago

    What a Great song! Wish you guys could come and check my music out too. Thanks

  • angela filippi
    angela filippi 23 hours ago

    if u dont want no fraud ...u shall put ur self and ur brother in the acid and die

  • Jake Howath Msp
    Jake Howath Msp 23 hours ago

    2:41 ehhh :D ahahahaha

  • robo
    robo 23 hours ago

    Lil Wayne he get honored.

  • christina jensen
    christina jensen 1 day ago

    you are the shit nick

  • christina jensen
    christina jensen 1 day ago

    the snake out fit was bomb

  • Alisha James
    Alisha James 1 day ago

    Nicki's dimples thoo 😍😍

  • Mo Dance Studio
    Mo Dance Studio 1 day ago

    like Nicki MInaj is prettyer the queen

    Comment if remya ma is

    i vote for Nicki

  • Zovellia
    Zovellia 1 day ago

    Drake must be thinking..
    ''She hella hot!''
    ''Why does he fancy me ;-;?''

  • Papa Diallel
    Papa Diallel 1 day ago

    ohhh my God weezy u are the best

  • Kerolos Ashraf
    Kerolos Ashraf 1 day ago

    your "rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" makes my dick up!

  • Xander Frassem
    Xander Frassem 1 day ago

    Nicky always gonna be bad asf

  • alonedarq GT
    alonedarq GT 1 day ago

    nicki dunya fani olum ani bi kere versen nolur yani yavrum

  • Alexus IGHILE
    Alexus IGHILE 1 day ago

    Nicki Minaj your favorite color is pink that my favorite color to I want to be your friend forever I miss you like when you work with my girl Ariana grande I hope you do a new song next year I have your CD to 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Mayca Rando
    Mayca Rando 1 day ago

    no entiendo cómo tantas visitas supongo será la letra pues no se lo q dice

  • Jim bopy
    Jim bopy 1 day ago

    "i get those goosebumps every time". fucking over the copying ...

  • The Akatsuki
    The Akatsuki 1 day ago

    its my birthday but no oane come can you give le 1 subscribe plz

  • Jessie_official
    Jessie_official 1 day ago

    Niki is acc queen, this song proves it, all her songs proves it😍 People might get salty and Idc tbh but who is Remy Ma?

  • reda ad
    reda ad 1 day ago

    lil wayn : ininaaaliliwigiiiiziiiinifanaaaawaaaanaaaa

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