Indian Street Food - The BIGGEST Scrambled Egg Ever!

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  • yummy titz
    yummy titz 6 minutes ago

    me. I like Philippiness food. .

  • 來皐
    來皐 19 minutes ago


  • باسم عزام
    باسم عزام 12 hours ago

    حفناوى أمه نونفنطفاcttمعته.

  • Trung Nguyễn
    Trung Nguyễn 18 hours ago

    very hungry

  • Caesar Ho
    Caesar Ho 19 hours ago

    Looks like something my dog just shit out from its anus....

  • Christiana Alyanna Matira

    @frank orue, if you don't want to eat that food, why are you watching this video in the first place? if you don't like it, keep your comments to you ass.

  • Arbaz Ansari
    Arbaz Ansari Day ago


  • Sensei Morihei
    Sensei Morihei Day ago

    Wow! I keep watching this over and over!

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    Laknat. Kau

  • Asso Saif
    Asso Saif 2 days ago


  • tux bobo
    tux bobo 2 days ago

    Que tal comida...!!!

  • Weslei Brandao
    Weslei Brandao 2 days ago

    Mãos limpas????? Kkkkkk

  • Rashid Naeem
    Rashid Naeem 2 days ago

    This is omelete?

  • Keluarga Surya
    Keluarga Surya 3 days ago

    Excellent cooking

  • شمس الصباح
    شمس الصباح 3 days ago


  • Roydale Edwards
    Roydale Edwards 3 days ago +1

    All that food looks delicious!

  • Ali Alhasnawi
    Ali Alhasnawi 3 days ago

    His hand is so dirty😷

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  • غصة قلب
    غصة قلب 3 days ago

    العرب اين انتم

  • ป๊อป ป๊อป


  • leo saarinen
    leo saarinen 4 days ago

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  • EZY lol
    EZY lol 4 days ago


  • safa ahmed
    safa ahmed 4 days ago +1


  • Sarfraj Ahmed
    Sarfraj Ahmed 4 days ago

    We Indian are the best

  • phuong linh pham
    phuong linh pham 4 days ago

    oh greet

  • phuong linh pham
    phuong linh pham 4 days ago


  • westflower24
    westflower24 4 days ago


  • يا شفيعي يامحمد


  • Jeysson H
    Jeysson H 5 days ago

    Scam... everything involving Indians is a scam... those eggs are probably fake too.

  • Tijah Jaidi
    Tijah Jaidi 5 days ago

    The Indian people have their skill of cooking.

  • Stardrifter
    Stardrifter 5 days ago

    show vagene and bubs

  • Yepthoshell168 Shell

    I love street food....

  • Rick Sheets
    Rick Sheets 5 days ago

    Cholesterol Level 9000

  • Dasi Foods
    Dasi Foods 5 days ago


  • Paul Simeone
    Paul Simeone 5 days ago

    It's crying out for cream

  • ホモ伝説の
    ホモ伝説の 5 days ago


  • Pavan Dhage
    Pavan Dhage 5 days ago

    tondal pani aal re

  • AdrianaDeTravis
    AdrianaDeTravis 6 days ago

    Am i aloud to cry because I'm allergic to eggs?

  • Mark Relano
    Mark Relano 6 days ago

    I hate Onions!! hahaha

  • Sura Ali
    Sura Ali 6 days ago

    لعبان نفي حشه نعمه الله

  • Daniel Ezequiel
    Daniel Ezequiel 6 days ago

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  • Tiny Tree
    Tiny Tree 6 days ago

    Only a psychopath would feel the need to be nasty and disgusting over a video about people cooking eggs. I so wish there was a way to expose these nasty creatures who hide within social media. You are far more filthy than those eggs would ever be .

  • Hoc Thai
    Hoc Thai 7 days ago +1

    lúc đầu nhìn còn đk 😯
    lúc sao lại nhìn nó 😧 ghê thui
    ko sao dù j cũnq là đồ ăn mà 😊

  • Zhuoting Yang
    Zhuoting Yang 7 days ago

    this looks like dirty

  • خديجة واسع
    خديجة واسع 7 days ago

    يطيح سعدك اذا عدت طباخ 👅👅👅👅👅👅

  • خديجة واسع
    خديجة واسع 7 days ago

    يطيح سعدك اذا عدت طباخ شكون الي رح تزوج بيك
    بخناااااااااس 😅😅😅😅😅👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Javi Dominguez
    Javi Dominguez 7 days ago

    la comida de mi perro tiene hasta mejor pinta

  • Salsabil Abdelmegid
    Salsabil Abdelmegid 7 days ago

    that looks absolutely disgusting

  • Candy Grace
    Candy Grace 7 days ago


  • komsan chhouk
    komsan chhouk 7 days ago


  • hideto
    hideto 8 days ago

    so many onions!

  • محمد حسين
    محمد حسين 8 days ago

    أريد اجربة😛😙😙

  • Hoi Pham
    Hoi Pham 8 days ago +1


  • てんねこ
    てんねこ 8 days ago


  • แพน ปีเตอร์


  • Phương Văn
    Phương Văn 8 days ago

    Đọ ken em ương dl. Đi đi do EID sơ đk đó do đùheorb đi eksjeneud đi diệu

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  • Artitaya Teearam
    Artitaya Teearam 8 days ago


  • やまもと
    やまもと 8 days ago


  • Star fish
    Star fish 9 days ago +2

    india had the spice trade which attracted white and muslim disease in india.
    your own ancestors came to us for trade when we were rich.
    so theres no need to hate spices.
    rember spices are the only reason the indian food taste so good.
    some people just hate evrything about a country they dont like.
    hes just cooking food what wrong is he doing?
    he earns money,we get food thats it.
    when he touces food everyone is like eww so disgusting.
    but when a white person touches food while cooking (you dare not say you dont touch a cake while prep it), nobody says a damn thing.

  • Joy the Ghost Rider
    Joy the Ghost Rider 9 days ago

    Hello from Greece this looks great

  • Mama Okan
    Mama Okan 9 days ago

    apa masak ky gtu enak?
    di kasih powder 1 secop hahaha edan

  • saffaboi
    saffaboi 9 days ago

    overcooked eggs that tastes grainy with all that raw uncooked spice

  • Andrew Perry
    Andrew Perry 9 days ago

    I've seen scrambled eggs with more than 120 eggs

  • Shashi Mishra
    Shashi Mishra 9 days ago +1

    Goodness this a lot of spice even by Indian standards.

  • Peter C
    Peter C 9 days ago


  • 없필요알다
    없필요알다 9 days ago

    한국어인데 왜이렇게 외국인댓글이 많지 ㅎㅎㅎ

    PRADEEP RAJPUT 9 days ago

    good idea sir j Ware is it this shop

  • Bob T
    Bob T 9 days ago

    Talking of food, is beef really banned in India for everyone, or is it banned just for Hindus who believe the cow is holy?

    Is it really banned even for all non-Hindus and all foreigners and foreign visitors and tourists?

    What about Hindus from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (who constitute more than 25% of India's population), and a minority of other Hindus, who have always eaten beef?

    And do they really kill people if they suspect them of eating beef?

    • Star fish
      Star fish 9 days ago

      Bob T yes thaks for politely asking.
      felt good.
      ok so, beef is not banned in india.
      it is banned in agriculatural states of india like maharashtra, up, bihar etc.
      sale of beef is also banned.
      killing of cows is also banned.
      however you can eat the other beef( from buffalo or ox meat).
      the states allowing cow meat are goa, kerela and north east states.
      you can get it there.
      you wont be killed as a punsihment by govt the political parties kill someone but only 4-5 cases have been known so far in two years.
      so less likely to be killed but more less likely to be killed if you are a foreginer.
      carrying beef is also not allowed in these states.
      castesim is not the case.
      the thing is that SALE IS NOT ALLOWED so no one can actually get cow meat anywhere.
      hope i answered all question.

  • Bunga Rin
    Bunga Rin 10 days ago

    Eh they cooked it until dry

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    كيكة بغداد 10 days ago

    lLove anda أحب الهند

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    كيكة بغداد 10 days ago

    هذه شنو

  • Beyond The Sky
    Beyond The Sky 10 days ago +1

    fire egg...

  • Tatiana Lee
    Tatiana Lee 11 days ago

    Обычная яичница и около 20млн просмотров,сильно..

  • heli posinh
    heli posinh 11 days ago

    Gom the

  • Emiliano Lombardi
    Emiliano Lombardi 11 days ago

    I dont mind the extreme amount of spices its the fact they over cooked the shit out of this.

    • Sagar Badade
      Sagar Badade 11 days ago

      Emiliano Lombardi it's not over cooked... Its called burji and its cooked in same way like he did, you can google for recipe 😍 it tastes really very good with bread, just give it a try

  • Lazy Sloth
    Lazy Sloth 11 days ago

    it looks like they are mixing cement ! hahah

  • Muhammad zubair
    Muhammad zubair 11 days ago

    Muslims food r the bests

    • Arun Nair
      Arun Nair 10 days ago

      What the hell is so-called Muslim food ? Did you mean Arabic, Turkish or Afghani food ?

  • Pe Ngock
    Pe Ngock 12 days ago

    eo i can't eating that

  • athi purple
    athi purple 12 days ago

    Aww the most satisfying video.... mouth is like an ocean naaaawew

  • Lex
    Lex 12 days ago

    Si va friggono tutto. Come mangi in Italia non mangi in nessuna parte del mondo.

  • Zarin 013
    Zarin 013 13 days ago

    nk muntah

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  • Feras KN
    Feras KN 13 days ago

    Poor chickens

  • Julie Dimarzo
    Julie Dimarzo 13 days ago +1

    Lots of oil

  • 中村千晴
    中村千晴 13 days ago


  • Phuong Anh Khong
    Phuong Anh Khong 13 days ago +1

    Ớ ờ ơ, Việt Nam đâu hết òi ???

  • Thiệu Nguyễn
    Thiệu Nguyễn 13 days ago

    Cám lợn

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  • Food Kart
    Food Kart 14 days ago

    Love Eggs 👍

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    مافيه عربي غيري

  • Chance Gagneur
    Chance Gagneur 14 days ago +1

    u cant tell me this doesnt look like a pile of shit

    • Phoenix323
      Phoenix323 4 days ago

      Chance Gagneur not at all. What pile of shit were you brought up on?

  • 피설리
    피설리 14 days ago

    위생 ㄱㅆㅆㅎㅌㅊ

  • boss 1
    boss 1 14 days ago

    best for all and i like it.thanks

  • 干し芋くん
    干し芋くん 14 days ago


  • Chafai ALi
    Chafai ALi 15 days ago

    (middle east media)اشتركو في قناة

  • Ksmeya *
    Ksmeya * 15 days ago

    Cái đầu tiên giống như cho Heo ăn ghê.

  • Dinh Minh Dang
    Dinh Minh Dang 15 days ago


  • Tipsy Soyiezz
    Tipsy Soyiezz 15 days ago

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