TOP 15 NEW Upcoming Games of 2017 & 2018 (PS4 / XBOX ONE / PC)

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  • 15 NEW GAMES Coming in 2017 & Beyond | NEW UPCOMING GAMES of 2017 ON PS4 XBOX ONE PC

    0:00 SCUM

    2:24 GreedFall

    3:11 DieYoung

    5:04 The Avengers Project

    5:55 D.R.O.N.E


    9:00 Roots of Insanity

    11:01 Edge of Eternity

    12:30 Hellion

    14:00 LUNACY

    15:33 Shiness

    16:49 REDEEMER

    18:32 Daymare 1998

    19:56 Lost Region

    22:06 Middle-earth: Shadow of War

    24:23 AVATAR Game 2018

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  • 15 NEW Upcoming Games in 2017  NEW Upcoming Games of 2017  PS4  XBOX ONE  PC  

Comments: 154

    SWAG POLICE Month ago

    Haha one of them was a drone shooter!

    TANGY FLAVOUR Month ago

    have I ever told you the definition.

    of insanity?

      TANGY FLAVOUR Month ago

      JDiablo ESP wut

    • JDiablo ESP
      JDiablo ESP Month ago

      TANGY FLAVOUR Yeah the funny thing is that ubisoft diez his insanity definition

  • gamelog x
    gamelog x Month ago

    What about far cry 5 ? AC origins ? Fifa 18 ? Sniper elite 4 ? Grand theft...iii'm kidding :))) about this one.

  • Navindra Gopaul
    Navindra Gopaul 2 months ago

    Even though PC games can be graphically triumphant compared to consoles, i feel like the PC's are always left behind when it comes to quality AAA games. We are always stuck with FPS or MMO's etc. Why can't we have games with quality like Uncharted, Last Of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn or God Of War? Most of these games feel half baked. Smh. Hopefully Avatar can change that perspective. We need more Adventure games that can bring out the beauty of what PC's can put out. Sony as far as I can see seems to bring the "Epic" into their games and I don't even own a PS4. I'm a little envious here.

  • SpryFilly239 Gaming
    SpryFilly239 Gaming 2 months ago

    I want avatar to come out now it's a game game on Xbox 360 but I want it Xbox one

  • мокренькая кисонька

    The Scum have got the multiplayer?

  • UnlinKingKhan
    UnlinKingKhan 2 months ago +1

    Where's FIFA 18

  • Barriath
    Barriath 2 months ago

    Holy shit....i got extreme goosebumbs from that 14:00 game...extreme good use of shadows and creepiness
    and here i thought all games would kinda suck. still most of them are kinda meh

  • Adam Rogers
    Adam Rogers 2 months ago

    would they just remaster conflict Vietnam already

  • JW3bbz
    JW3bbz 3 months ago

    oh god not more dayz clones

  • teo_B_boy
    teo_B_boy 3 months ago

    9:23 don't copy outlast!

  • Jaydon Gunz
    Jaydon Gunz 3 months ago

    Oh look another outlast copy 😒

  • BlitzKrieg
    BlitzKrieg 3 months ago

    only Middle-earth Shadow of war is aweasome the rest is shit

  • Cam Stan
    Cam Stan 4 months ago

    Seems like horror games are a product of a lack of imagination... Like... Come on.

  • Jake Reed
    Jake Reed 4 months ago

    GreedFall trailer ok this looks dull

    Monster appears OK you have attation

  • Overkill
    Overkill 4 months ago

    Well I can tell you like horror and survival games

  • Zerosoldier
    Zerosoldier 4 months ago

    Did you just someone outrun a bear WTF? #realistic

  • Austin Marchbanks
    Austin Marchbanks 4 months ago +2

    all of these games look like shit

  • Robert Silva
    Robert Silva 4 months ago +1

    wtf is going on with people's creativity?

  • Friendly Ryan
    Friendly Ryan 4 months ago

    did anyone else hear the tazmanian devil during the edge of sanity?

  • aliawesome12fab
    aliawesome12fab 4 months ago

    middle earth trailer gave me massive goosebumps

  • Wunzero
    Wunzero 4 months ago

    Good list!

  • Rafal Sabisz
    Rafal Sabisz 4 months ago

    2:40 like a fiend from witcher 3

  • Randybailey Bailey
    Randybailey Bailey 4 months ago +1

    99.6 games are trash now

  • River Man
    River Man 4 months ago

  • Brody Nicholson
    Brody Nicholson 4 months ago

    Lol Shadow Of War comes out on my birth day

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro 4 months ago

    2017.. and these is what they came up with..

  • Yeti
    Yeti 4 months ago +1

    where is call of chtulu

  • DiGITaL - GriZZle
    DiGITaL - GriZZle 4 months ago

    what a great time in life to own a ps4 and an Xbox one.

  • Nikitos Nikitovij
    Nikitos Nikitovij 4 months ago

    why niga? In lotr no niga's!

  • [M O S A K I]
    [M O S A K I] 4 months ago


    "More like residents evil and silent hill"

  • [M O S A K I]
    [M O S A K I] 4 months ago

    Welcome to hanwell

    "More like silent hill"

  • Invisible Fiddle
    Invisible Fiddle 4 months ago

    Every one of them except for Greedfall looks boring.

    • Playboy X
      Playboy X 4 months ago

      Invisible Fiddle Exactly, it seems nowadays game developers are focusing more on world building than actual gameplay.

  • MrGaming EST
    MrGaming EST 4 months ago

    Wasn't there an avatar game some yrs ago?? I used to play it on my uncles laptop

  • Jamal Abinal
    Jamal Abinal 4 months ago

    Is that cleric the beast?

  • Canadian Krieg
    Canadian Krieg 4 months ago

    so many people trying to be the next outlast lol

  • Elvis Camilo
    Elvis Camilo 4 months ago +1

    #3 is dying light for kids

  • terry mcginnis
    terry mcginnis 4 months ago

    "with the power of massives snowdrop engine" it hasn`t impressed me in all honesty

  • The Gaming K
    The Gaming K 4 months ago +2

    why is scum called scum
    am I really the only one who noticed that

  • Odranoel Seven
    Odranoel Seven 5 months ago +1

    Die Young copied dying light Animations and parkour. sorry for bad inglish

  • gamer nx
    gamer nx 5 months ago


  • Cybernetic Augment
    Cybernetic Augment 5 months ago

    Middle earth shadow of war thriller true message is "The Great Deceiver, One Eye Dajjal" will return in the middle east and gather his army to rule the world.

  • TheBlazersfan22
    TheBlazersfan22 5 months ago

    shines looks really good.

  • NakedAvanger
    NakedAvanger 5 months ago +1

    I like how avatar didn't show a single in-game scene, only scenes from the movie

    Besides ubishit is working on it...

  • amir miro
    amir miro 5 months ago

    best video of the year isaw my fav redeemers and that all horror games amazing

  • Derek Roberts
    Derek Roberts 5 months ago

    Mechwarrior 5 mercenaries in 2018 as well...

  • Лёва Максимов
    Лёва Максимов 5 months ago +1

    what is the name of soundtrack in Lost Region

  • JordanReece
    JordanReece 5 months ago +2

    The best game on here was the clash royals ads

  • Crassus
    Crassus 5 months ago +1

    suvival games and horror games

  • Crassus
    Crassus 5 months ago +10

    if this is top 15 where gonna have a bad year

    • SuperJayXD
      SuperJayXD 4 months ago

      NakedAvanger It's too late for PC. It will get small sales since we already missed the first game. There's no point in delving into the story this late.

    • Crassus
      Crassus 4 months ago

      this is sad to much of the same game with two or three different mechanics is all you need to make money

    • Skumtomten1
      Skumtomten1 5 months ago

      Red Dead Redemption 2, late 2017. That and Dirt 4 are the only games im looking forward to, seems like another trash year for gaming...

    • NakedAvanger
      NakedAvanger 5 months ago

      Cuthulu Dagon don't worry borderlands 3 might release this year, and I guess I should mention destiny 2 that might come to PC

  • Reesy Man
    Reesy Man 5 months ago +6

    am I see is complaints.... some of the games didn't look that bad. if you gonna bitch so much then become a game maker and make good games

    • WowLookItsAnAsian
      WowLookItsAnAsian 4 months ago

      Playboy X *cough* *cough* Gordon Ramsay *cough*

    • Playboy X
      Playboy X 4 months ago

      Reesy Man By that logic I must be a five star cheff to judge food.

  • Are you really mad
    Are you really mad 5 months ago +8

    Greed fall is gonna be so awesome

    • Ray Hoodoo
      Ray Hoodoo 4 months ago

      Are you really mad the trailer is fucking bad. Too gay and cliche

    • Invisible Fiddle
      Invisible Fiddle 4 months ago

      Are you really mad MIYAZAKI?

  • glubfrost
    glubfrost 5 months ago

    gaahh you forgot so many games!! 😣

  • Kevin OnHeight100
    Kevin OnHeight100 5 months ago

    Welcome to Hanwell looks like it will fuck with your head seems lit

  • Kaiser Krysalis
    Kaiser Krysalis 5 months ago

    What the hell did I just watch???

  • Zakari Houston
    Zakari Houston 5 months ago

    wheres red dead redemption 2

  • Hassan Moussie
    Hassan Moussie 5 months ago +1

    i hope SCUM puts in low kick or i wont buy it :P

  • AH-64A Apache attack helicopter

    SCUM did a great job with fighting . but it will be shitty online if u have lag

  • alucard vladimir
    alucard vladimir 5 months ago

    God of war + Hatred = Redeemer.

  • alucard vladimir
    alucard vladimir 5 months ago

    Nice Video! this one is unique, i have never scene some of this trailer before.

    CS:GO MOMENTS 5 months ago +19

    well its official...Ubisoft's gonna ruin Avatar for us too guys...

    • NLTops
      NLTops Month ago

      As if Avatar didn't ruin Avatar already. Unobtainium. Psh.

    • Derek Roberts
      Derek Roberts 5 months ago

      Part of the reason is they give shithead studios the task of creating AAA games when they have no idea what their doing, putting any more faith is Massive after The Division is a huge waste of effort and money.

    • King SpriceGaming
      King SpriceGaming 5 months ago

      I think ubisoft should just stick to competitive multiplayer games like rainbow six seige and for honor which are both good games and assassins creed, coz they are absolutely shit at making good online coop games which

    • Derek Roberts
      Derek Roberts 5 months ago

      Massive? why do you people have any faith in them after their Division debacle? this is why we keep getting trash games because you people support studios that have no business making AAA tities.

    • wolfbite6
      wolfbite6 5 months ago

      so true ubisoft ruins everything even ghost recon god that game is terrible

  • DirtE Pistol
    DirtE Pistol 5 months ago

    What's this, the top of the worst games ever? These look so painfully boring. Hellion, no thanks I'll get mass effect. And wtf is with roots of insanity? Hahaha my god the dialogue alone is fucking terrible. Hope your games bomb horribly

  • Pravda DoHuby
    Pravda DoHuby 5 months ago

    same shit over and over again. boring games

  • Markus Bopp
    Markus Bopp 5 months ago +1

    Ok, and where is the vid with the actually good games of 2017?

  • Aldor PeaceKeeper
    Aldor PeaceKeeper 5 months ago

    guess ill be saving alot of money for the rest of 2017

  • Noe Sandoval
    Noe Sandoval 5 months ago

    the first one is shit

  • TheMetalViking666
    TheMetalViking666 5 months ago +3

    Die Young.. such worthless piece of crap.
    the state of gaming has never been worse! all we see is EARLY ACCESS, PRE ALPHA so on, so forth. it's a travesty and not even the ideas are any good

    • chris winter
      chris winter 4 months ago

      Youre a Metal Bitch... haha

    • TheMetalViking666
      TheMetalViking666 5 months ago

      wth are you even talking about, you don't know anyone in this comment section. grow up

    • Ashton Harris
      Ashton Harris 5 months ago


    • michael stillwell
      michael stillwell 5 months ago

      cry more, state of gaming isnt just this video, plenty of other games to play over the last year, 2 years (besides interest in ideas = opinion) i mean there isnt much here I am excited about, but I'd prefer to be gaming now vs 20 years ago (there was shit then, there is shit now) yet here I am (gasp) enjoying plenty of games - it all comes down to where to look - plenty of great games you cant go based on 1 random list. all i see is "the state of blah blah cry more, overly cynical" thats why you dont buy early, or pre-order, and you buy the games you are interested in down the road I can list 30+ games I want to play right now (that are already out, have been reviewed, and have been on the shelves for quite awhile) buy games down the road, reduced price after they've been proven cant go based on some random video of upcoming games lol - there is tons of garbage in every gen (but I can bet you I can name better games from 2014, 2015, 2016 - that are EASILY more challenging or more enjoyable then those from 1993, 1994, 1995) and I've been a long time gamer (across several generations) nostalgia= a drug (it makes people stupid, thinking about "the good times" when they tend to forget there was TONS of greed, and TONS of shit back then too, in 1992 = for every good game that came out, there was 2-3 bad games with horrible ideas) so lets not forget that. I'd rather have a bad game today (with online options & modern graphical fidelity) vs a bad game in 1992 = there was no chance to make it better, to upgrade it, to have a fun multiplayer aspect (if it was bad THEN, it was just plain-old bad, no redeeming values) a game bad today = can be patched, and updated, fixed (or as we've seen with titles in the MMO or Online-arena world changed over time).

      Theres good and bad in every generation, besides if its all so "sad" then why play games ? if you are unsatisfied on awhole then why even come here ? you've already made up your why even come to the video, if its all you've had to say about 1 game. lol - I think you are just overly cynical and (no matter what) cant be satisfied (even if you ignore all the great titles ppl are enjoying that are ALREADY OUT) nooo lets go to a video and talk about lesser-known-random-upcoming titles. For every "Die Young" theres a Fire Emblem, for ever "Scum" theres a "Prey" (for every bad game, theres a good game, or a game ppl will enjoy) we have more options now then ever before (with online gaming, multiplayer arenas, multiple devices from PC/console/VR/handheld&mobile) so this is only 1 video, showcasing a few random games - plenty others (much bigger & better games) like Red Dead 2, Rain World (looks amazing) and the retro/indie titles that are (oftentimes BETTER) then their classic counterparts (name a game that was more challenging then Super Meat Boy, or had more emotional grasp then Braid) and those are "modern" games....see the knife cuts both ways...for every cry-baby "sad state of gaming" guy, there is 1 enjoying all those games you fail to mention, but noooo lets just focus on the bad, the negative, HALF of these games I've never even heard of...there is bigger & better games coming out (and better videos) to watch, do remember that...or uh ..stay...unhappy I guess ?

  • Savion Ramsundar
    Savion Ramsundar 5 months ago +1

    lol daymare
    the move animation, cant dodge
    character is like "oh shit what to do"

  • Cm a cG
    Cm a cG 5 months ago

    over half this video was PC games wtf only a small amount of gamers are on PC I mean come on

    • Haru Yanto
      Haru Yanto 5 months ago

      Cm a cG There are more PC players than there are for both console combined

    • chiCo andtheMan
      chiCo andtheMan 5 months ago

      It'sYaBoiDJDJ nope

    • itsyaboidjdj
      itsyaboidjdj 5 months ago

      But seriously, pc is worth it. Trust me.

    • itsyaboidjdj
      itsyaboidjdj 5 months ago

      Just because you don't have a pc, doesn't mean everyone else doesn't have one.

  • SeriouStuff
    SeriouStuff 5 months ago

    0:14 that bear sounds exactly like ursa lol.

  • Ferran Sardar
    Ferran Sardar 5 months ago +1

    scum looks good

  • Joakim Lennartsson
    Joakim Lennartsson 5 months ago +1

    I got too see some new games that I have not seen before but sry this list have too many games that do not look finished and games that I do not look forward too. But as this video, that is just my opinion🤗

  • Joakim Lennartsson
    Joakim Lennartsson 5 months ago

    last region or what the name is was just a total copy of DayZ, did they copy the game and just change the name?

  • Leandro Abella
    Leandro Abella 5 months ago +2

    6:38 forsaken 64

    • DirtE Pistol
      DirtE Pistol 5 months ago

      Leandro Abella that's the fucking game I was trying to think of. Haha couldn't remember the name. Exactly my first thought

  • Vítor Gouveia
    Vítor Gouveia 5 months ago

    22:08 Kerrigan?

  • Jerry C
    Jerry C 5 months ago +1

    What is with all of the shitty horror games? Those things are boring as hell and not a single one of them has ever been scary! So who are the people that buy those games and exactly how are the entertaining since they are all exactly the same?

    Edit: Oh look another Day Z want to be. As if the original wasn't boring enough.

  • calmingspeed
    calmingspeed 5 months ago

    South Park 2...GOTY

  • TardisCoreST
    TardisCoreST 5 months ago

    Wait what..?
    ANOTHER Avatar game?!
    Oh hell yeah, please-please-please make it better that the first one. It was good, but got old very quickly. We need something really cool. Especially when the next movie coming.

    • chiCo andtheMan
      chiCo andtheMan 5 months ago

      TardisCoreST game is shit along with the movie

    FSSL DW 5 months ago

    All the games are bored.. this happens when the community is making a lot of games

  • Noah Birthisel
    Noah Birthisel 5 months ago

    The third game has a lot of audio sampling from temple run.

  • Aziz
    Aziz 5 months ago +2

    Most of this is shit no one is gonna play them expect for a few like avengers

  • jefries Sanchez
    jefries Sanchez 5 months ago

    You don't even know if the avengers project will come out next year.

  • Mark Sheldon
    Mark Sheldon 5 months ago

    well, that was mostly utter garbage :(

  • KoustavSpecials
    KoustavSpecials 5 months ago

    hahahaha The division is built on Snowdrop,sucked totally

  • spibo
    spibo 5 months ago +14

    ye lets bring another open world survival zombie early acces game on the market

    • Joe Bade
      Joe Bade 4 months ago

      It hasn't been done that good yet tho

    • Playboy X
      Playboy X 4 months ago

      Spibo lol ikr

  • Zaine Barnard
    Zaine Barnard 5 months ago +3

    Trash ass games, only decent one is shadow of war

  • Mauricio rivas rivas
    Mauricio rivas rivas 5 months ago

    tanto juego reculiao challa que sacan ¬¬_

  • SprayedToTheBone2
    SprayedToTheBone2 5 months ago +2

    22:16 so now they are putting black people in Lord of the Rings as well huh? Thats like 12 years a slave starring a white guy.

    • SprayedToTheBone2
      SprayedToTheBone2 5 months ago

      Not really even fantastical worlds have some rules that they adhere black people not existing.

    • Old Man
      Old Man 5 months ago

      SprayedToTheBone2 LOL xD

      How is that a correlation? During the historical time period of 12 years a slave the slaves in America during that period were black. The movie studio could have made a slave movie starring a white man if they wanted. There was a white slave in that movie. 12 years a slave is based on true events. Also Lord of the Rings is fantasy so it doesnt have to adhere to any historical facts because its not fact. So the characters can be anything in that fantasy world.

  • Comrade Yuri
    Comrade Yuri 5 months ago

    bruh they were doing some wacky sex

  • Juan Yanez
    Juan Yanez 5 months ago +1

    Lmao the 3rd one is a dying light clone

  • andrew southward
    andrew southward 5 months ago +1

    where is Nintendo games

  • Charlie Squires
    Charlie Squires 5 months ago


  • Randy M
    Randy M 5 months ago

    the first game is just that... scum

  • roemer schoenmakers
    roemer schoenmakers 5 months ago

    most looks like shit

  • Darkness
    Darkness 5 months ago +1


  • carveratutube
    carveratutube 5 months ago +75

    I don't get it? Most of the games are bs.

    • Popular Meme
      Popular Meme 4 months ago

      Tomas, you are acting like a really big retard right now.

    • Tomas Salcedo
      Tomas Salcedo 4 months ago

      I have asperger's Sindrome, which is in the upper end of the Autism Spectrum, so me.

    • SuperJayXD
      SuperJayXD 4 months ago

      Conshe Tumare Who is autistic?

    • Pala Nathan
      Pala Nathan 4 months ago

      carveratutube ikr

  • Mehrad Bagheri
    Mehrad Bagheri 5 months ago +30

    Where is God of War, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human, The Last of us 2?

    • JDiablo ESP
      JDiablo ESP Month ago

      Mehrad Bagheri Red dead redemption 2????

    • Deon Spinks
      Deon Spinks 3 months ago


    • Edie Jordan
      Edie Jordan 5 months ago

      Mehrad Bagheri the goal of this one seems to be newer trailers/gameplay, the ones you listed have been known for quite a while

  • Antonio Ml
    Antonio Ml 5 months ago +7

    Whats the third game about apart from running?

    • The Gaming K
      The Gaming K 4 months ago

      well that's a ripoff

    • JordanReece
      JordanReece 5 months ago

      Antonio Ml it's an escape game.
      No weapons or anything

  • Dim Val
    Dim Val 5 months ago +1

    Thanks, cool vid.Btw i would love to play a new LOTR.!

  • ViZiO Music
    ViZiO Music 5 months ago

    So great !

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