131 Seconds That Will Change The Way You See The Ocean

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  • Just mind-numbingly deep.

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Comments: 5 457

  • Kaya Stone
    Kaya Stone 11 hours ago

    Plot twist : 67 million drop

    I hope not

  • Chicken Unicorn
    Chicken Unicorn 21 hour ago

    The ocean is still, and will forever be one of my passions. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Soph4eva 11
    Soph4eva 11 Day ago

    Wow, what I learnt is that people were more successful in the 1960's than we are now! 😂😝

  • Benjamin Dominic
    Benjamin Dominic 2 days ago

    Mo farah would run the depth of the sea in 9.58s

  • naked king
    naked king 4 days ago

    fucking jumpscare man

  • Kawaii Pop MSP
    Kawaii Pop MSP 4 days ago

    Well the ocean is blue so this is buzz feed BLUE

  • ron vigeant
    ron vigeant 4 days ago

    Put the titanic

  • Kenzie Tyson
    Kenzie Tyson 5 days ago

    Rumour has it jack is still sinking to this day

  • TheEliteBarbarian 27
    TheEliteBarbarian 27 5 days ago +1

    lol this video is 132 seconds

  • Deniah Bourne
    Deniah Bourne 5 days ago

    And I thought the remote was far

  • Macie Sailors
    Macie Sailors 5 days ago

    Damn I was scared of a lake... I couldn't see the bottom BC it was all green. I was scared fish would come up and eat me alive. So yeah... Im glad I live in Nebraska away from ocean.

  • Poopy Butt
    Poopy Butt 6 days ago

    There's much better ocean cartoons out there 😂 this ones really rushed

  • Ashleii Jal
    Ashleii Jal 6 days ago

    Mermaids are real asf

  • Ismail x
    Ismail x 7 days ago

    Markiplier should react to this...

  • Mayana11Jp11
    Mayana11Jp11 7 days ago

    Where is Nemo and Dori???

  • just whatever
    just whatever 7 days ago

    omg XX i thought it was like Eiffel tower deep MAXIMUM

  • War Inspect
    War Inspect 7 days ago

    That blue whale suicide challenge game

  • Mystery-Zamasku ジェイ

    Thanks for making my hydrophobia worse.

  • Mad Hyoomin
    Mad Hyoomin 7 days ago +2

    That's only the deepest known depth, considering we only researched 5% of the ocean, think how deep the ocean could potentially reach

  • AliceInBlunderland
    AliceInBlunderland 8 days ago


  • Raghid Abdel Khalek
    Raghid Abdel Khalek 8 days ago

    Yo u forgot bikini bottom

  • Micay
    Micay 8 days ago

    I miss these kinds of videos from buzzfeed.

  • Sarah Ros
    Sarah Ros 8 days ago

    0:49 thought we were done

  • Virgõ Sapphire Støñe

    And I thought 10 feet deep in ground swimming pools were really deep

  • ItzDeadlyProX -
    ItzDeadlyProX - 9 days ago

    L. @

  • Gisselle Diaz
    Gisselle Diaz 9 days ago

    I have a phobia of oceans and what's in it so just watching this yea it scares me//:

  • Effie Aiai
    Effie Aiai 9 days ago

    Where did the Titanic land?

  • Ben Worrell
    Ben Worrell 9 days ago

    This video is actually incorrect

  • Zara Depp
    Zara Depp 9 days ago

    I do have thalassophobia, fear of water😫😫😫

  • snowbrownie20
    snowbrownie20 9 days ago

    If your scared just think like this: the ocean is only about 6 miles deep. People can walk that far if they want too

  • HolyNozomi
    HolyNozomi 9 days ago

    You know what's deeper? My soul

  • Steve Montejano
    Steve Montejano 9 days ago

    Wow my mind is blowned

  • Samantha Sherman
    Samantha Sherman 9 days ago

    alright so this just confirmed my fear of the ocean

  • Caidyn Avery
    Caidyn Avery 9 days ago


    You ._.

  • Lilly Pier
    Lilly Pier 9 days ago

    Its Marianas trench not Mariana Trentch. :)

  • Kayla Wolvo
    Kayla Wolvo 10 days ago

    "Now that's deep" XD

  • ᗩᗰEᒪIᗩ
    ᗩᗰEᒪIᗩ 10 days ago


  • RainbowLianne GT
    RainbowLianne GT 10 days ago

    Its 30,000+ deep

  • Mr Popo
    Mr Popo 11 days ago

    IT'S OVER 9000

  • Emily Gee
    Emily Gee 11 days ago

    Can you imagine how friken dark it would be down there?!?! Wow, that's a dark thought.

  • Lubna Alhussaini
    Lubna Alhussaini 11 days ago

    im never swimming in an ocean again!

  • Artem Drachevskyy
    Artem Drachevskyy 12 days ago

    I knew al of this

  • Havoc Playz
    Havoc Playz 12 days ago

    i got scared at 2000 meters XD

  • Cutie 101 YTB
    Cutie 101 YTB 13 days ago

    I know that oceans are deep but no ocean can be deeper than Kim Taehyung/V's voice
    sorry for my bad English

  • Kaydi
    Kaydi 17 days ago +3

    Where's Bikini Bottom?

  • X Bands
    X Bands 18 days ago

    people saying the ocean is so deep while I'm here wondering how the maker of this vid knew how deep the ocean is....like bruh are you a mermaid?

  • Charnauri Simpson
    Charnauri Simpson 19 days ago +1

    I'm already terrified of the ocean bc I had a dream of myself drowning in it then when I woke up my bestfriend said she was taking me to the beach 💀💀😂😭

  • Ebony Horn
    Ebony Horn 19 days ago

    My chest got so heavy and I had trouble breathing now that's deep

  • 「TEM」
    「TEM」 19 days ago

    and who says mermaids doesn't exist. there could be a huge kingdom filled with mermaids down there.

  • HansAQS
    HansAQS 20 days ago

    Me: I wanna go on a cruise :D

    *Packs Stuff*

    *Watches this video*

    *Unpacks Stuff*

    Me: Actually, I'm alright

  • Bluecrusher Girl
    Bluecrusher Girl 22 days ago

    I am never going down the sea ever again

  • Break S5
    Break S5 23 days ago

    You know whats depper than the ocean??

    My comment in the comment section

  • Mukrima Karimi
    Mukrima Karimi 23 days ago


  • Jade MSP
    Jade MSP 25 days ago

    Nope same old same old.

  • Lucy heartfilia
    Lucy heartfilia 25 days ago

    Woah.. now I'm scared

  • Sebastian Ramirez
    Sebastian Ramirez 26 days ago

    And u guys dont believe in mermaids

  • kjell159
    kjell159 26 days ago

    Of course, it's yellow.

  • tay tay
    tay tay 27 days ago +3

    what depth does the little mermaid live

  • Wendy Ramirez
    Wendy Ramirez 27 days ago +1

    And yet people dont believe in mermaids...

  • Mattias Nelson
    Mattias Nelson 27 days ago

    I'm still not scared of the ocean

  • Tien Naomi ramos
    Tien Naomi ramos 28 days ago

    sooo deep

  • hey D-slice
    hey D-slice 28 days ago +1

    It was actually 132 seconds..

  • AsianLetsPlay7
    AsianLetsPlay7 29 days ago +1

    where are the dead body from people?😐

  • Its HaaM
    Its HaaM 29 days ago +3

    I wonder if you keeping going down and down would you fallout of earth??

  • Erika
    Erika Month ago +1

    Just thinking about what can be down there makes me terrified!

  • XOchEEr14
    XOchEEr14 Month ago +1

    Already my biggest fear I can't even go to the beach without looking at every step I take I hate dark oceans. Can't wait Even breath watching it so this video changed nun

  • Jyot Sandilya
    Jyot Sandilya Month ago

    the mariana trench is much deeper than 11000 metres

  • Waltic
    Waltic Month ago

    but what about spongebob

  • Mr Swaga
    Mr Swaga Month ago +1

    wasted my 131 Sec

  • The Shields
    The Shields Month ago

    Now that's a lot of water just saying 😂

  • Frosty_Gamer_24
    Frosty_Gamer_24 Month ago

    So basically if i drop a rock deep enough i can hit that submarine?

  • Samriddhi Aggarwal
    Samriddhi Aggarwal Month ago

    This video is sooooo deep

  • Farhan N Fahrudin
    Farhan N Fahrudin Month ago

    HELP! Dont let this comment goes more deeper than the Submarine.whenever you scrolling down

  • Guy Gamer
    Guy Gamer Month ago

    at what depth is bikini bottom?

  • Fig_ Figget
    Fig_ Figget Month ago

    I hate buzzfeed. the bottom of the Mariana trench was undiscovered because the water pressure crushed any diver or boat etc.

  • Olivia Wood
    Olivia Wood Month ago

    I'm thalassasaphobic, and after watching this I'm still terrified of the ocean :P

  • Nini Koch
    Nini Koch Month ago

    and people say spongebob is fake smh

  • Heathers Trash JD Fanatic

    I've seen deeper.

  • ZFKrazy
    ZFKrazy Month ago +1

    This makes me think the Eiffel Tower is NOTHING!

  • Victoria PD
    Victoria PD Month ago

    Actually the Marianas Trench is 10,994 meters deep, not 11,034

  • Sebastian Lind
    Sebastian Lind Month ago

    BuzzFeed is a pile of garbage, but good animation.

  • ItIsShaz
    ItIsShaz Month ago

    But the real question is is when will we find Spongebob

  • PurplePixelpHart
    PurplePixelpHart Month ago

    all I wanna say is that only 5%of the ocean has been discovered.BUH-BYE!

  • JAY KwatroBente
    JAY KwatroBente Month ago

    there is a big big monster in a verry verry deep ocean, hahaha

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy Month ago +1

    Scary 😱

  • Wassim Zoghaib
    Wassim Zoghaib Month ago

    132 seconds*

  • nugnug635
    nugnug635 Month ago

    fuckin buzzfeed im telling you

  • Naomi Roks
    Naomi Roks Month ago


  • Anesya Salsabila
    Anesya Salsabila Month ago

    Very very deep...... Speechless

  • GL1TCH 2025
    GL1TCH 2025 Month ago

    why did I watch this I'm scarred shitless of the ocean

  • Red Kirby
    Red Kirby Month ago

    what i love
    -the ocean

    what i am scared of
    -the ocean

  • Milcah Marie Obquia

    you just copy 5 minute craft

  • David Martins
    David Martins Month ago +1

    How deep is the ocean?Not deeper than uranus

  • BG R
    BG R Month ago

    girl - oh yeah oh oh oh go deep , deep deepest ,
    boy - your holes ain't marina trench !

  • Agent OO
    Agent OO Month ago

    132 seconds you mean

  • Heyitzvanilla !
    Heyitzvanilla ! Month ago +3

    And people r saying 12 feet pools r deep....

  • splat zy
    splat zy Month ago

    God is so big like really big

  • Jessie QTI
    Jessie QTI Month ago +1

    how come its not that dark in bikini bottoms then???

  • Amit das
    Amit das Month ago

    i can't understand it's very fucking deep

  • Murasa Aoi
    Murasa Aoi Month ago +1

    well that increases the chance that mermaids might exist! or other worse creatures

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