Moto Z Unboxing with Moto Mods Hands on - iGyaan 4k

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  • We unbox and take a first look at the Moto Z after launch in India. Moto Z has been launched for Rs. 39999. Full Details on the Moto Z and Moto Z Play here.
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  • Runtime: 5:27
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  • Taisla Rodrigues
    Taisla Rodrigues 2 months ago


  • Sagar Pai
    Sagar Pai 2 months ago


    Can you please let me know whether it can use both Sim cards and SD Card. Or it has hyrbid slot.

  • Vinayak Sawant
    Vinayak Sawant 2 months ago

    Do we have to buy mods separately or it comes with it

  • Pushpa Chopade
    Pushpa Chopade 2 months ago


  • nicolas sanchez
    nicolas sanchez 2 months ago

    What is the name of the knife you have there?

  • nicolas sanchez
    nicolas sanchez 2 months ago

    que tipo de cuchillo es ese?

  • ʎɹɹɐɥ ʎɐɾıʌ
    ʎɹɹɐɥ ʎɐɾıʌ 3 months ago

    dude did the mods came along with the phone or did you bought it separately

  • Rishraj Singh Chauhan
    Rishraj Singh Chauhan 4 months ago

    Isle camera or b gorilla Glass Hai kya

    SCIENCE & TECH TALES 4 months ago

    It's not motog it's Moto z

  • maddy_comedy by_indians

    what would be a best smartphone under 15000

  • Jacky Jack
    Jacky Jack 5 months ago +1

    everything works really well, what is wrong man, Is "really well" is the only phrase you know. Say something about the mods, all mods don't perform well.

    • Prashant Chaudhary
      Prashant Chaudhary 5 months ago

      he is a sold out reviewer, he just brags everything in favour of the gadget to please his lords who found him worthy enough to send a review unit, he can also lick their asses if they went out of toilet paper.

  • sri Ram
    sri Ram 5 months ago

    no battery perfomance,software not compatable.and it was lenovo collabrat product.

  • sri Ram
    sri Ram 5 months ago

    dont wast your money to bye this moto products.without battery u cant do anything.un saftware.

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar 5 months ago

    Id rather get an s7 edge.. Just 8k more

  • Ziyan Kherani
    Ziyan Kherani 5 months ago

    moto z contains earphones does moto z force contains the earphones

  • Haider Nadeem
    Haider Nadeem 6 months ago

    what is nougah??????I think it is called nougat.

  • Praneeth Kumar
    Praneeth Kumar 6 months ago

    What are the two dots beside the fingerprint sensor?

    • GuanHao .C
      GuanHao .C 6 months ago

      Praneeth Kumar Sensors for Moto Display. Swiping your palm above the screen, wakes the device up without having to touch the phone. 😊

  • Shitsneeze turdhorse
    Shitsneeze turdhorse 6 months ago

    wtf motorola? India gets 1)Earphones 2)Bumper case 3) USB-C to USB-A adapter too?? Whyyyy?

  • Sana Ahmad
    Sana Ahmad 6 months ago

    Which phone would be better HtC desire 10, one plus 3, moto Z or moto Z play

    • GuanHao .C
      GuanHao .C 6 months ago

      Sana Ahmad Moto Z for entertainment, Moto Z play for fantastic battery life! :)

  • Allen Donald
    Allen Donald 6 months ago

    moto m or moto z play which is best??? reply me

  • Nayan Kumar
    Nayan Kumar 6 months ago

    total how much

  • Femin Dharamshi
    Femin Dharamshi 7 months ago

    do you get mods along with the phone ?

  • Yash soni
    Yash soni 7 months ago

    please keep it up👍👍

  • Yash soni
    Yash soni 7 months ago

    hey is your name is Bharat ??

  • Cyber14
    Cyber14 7 months ago

    which video editor do u use?

  • Akshay Gujar
    Akshay Gujar 7 months ago

    we have to buy d mods speratel

  • Tiger Minz
    Tiger Minz 7 months ago

    My moto x play is the best phone your z play 21 mp camara comprasan that x play vs z play

  • mr Bean funny videos
    mr Bean funny videos 7 months ago

    does this include mods with it?

  • pratik patankar
    pratik patankar 7 months ago +1

    If plz let us know how

  • pratik patankar
    pratik patankar 7 months ago

    did you get free

  • sanjay kumar akunuri
    sanjay kumar akunuri 7 months ago

    Moto z Play Phone is Dual Sim R Single Sim...!

  • In my List
    In my List 7 months ago


  • RJ Kapoor
    RJ Kapoor 7 months ago

    Like the moto moduler advanced technology..Great job moto..

  • Samay Ajmera
    Samay Ajmera 7 months ago

    is this better than Moto X Style ?

  • RPGStuff
    RPGStuff 7 months ago

    do we have to pay extra for the mods?

  • Nakul Chahwala
    Nakul Chahwala 7 months ago

    from where did you get that knife

  • Aditya chowdary Gogineni

    Moto z series isn't worthy 25k and 40k expected cost is Moto Z Play 20k and Moto z 30k.

  • Pratik Pandya
    Pratik Pandya 7 months ago

    HI Bharat your voice is crisp and clear, I like your all videos and the way you present, I am following your video from last 2 years.good work. keep going on. Happy New Year !!

  • param jeet verms param jeet verms

    i phone is my

    HIGH TECH NEWS 8 months ago


  • Raju Soni
    Raju Soni 8 months ago +2

    mods alag se buy karne hoge ya phone ke sath milega

  • 。RbdForever 。
    。RbdForever 。 8 months ago


  • Prateek Jadhav
    Prateek Jadhav 8 months ago

    is the mods are free with Moto z ....??? or we charge the extra money.....???

  • Wisanni Newmai
    Wisanni Newmai 8 months ago

    Man I like your knife

  • Arjun CE
    Arjun CE 8 months ago

    u called nigga??

  • SRJOO7
    SRJOO7 8 months ago


  • Shaik  Sameema bibi
    Shaik Sameema bibi 8 months ago

    really it has projector .....we should buy it externally or we can choose in phone

  • Mílàn Báğhèl
    Mílàn Báğhèl 8 months ago

    where I buy moto mode

  • Ayon Das
    Ayon Das 8 months ago

    when will incipio offgrid power pack mode for moto z will be available in india?

  • Abhijeet Vikraman
    Abhijeet Vikraman 8 months ago

    waiting for z force

  • RAM's video club
    RAM's video club 9 months ago

    small doubt :after reviewing.. what do that mobiles....

  • Sky Jawke
    Sky Jawke 9 months ago

    can we get mods with z play of rs.24999....

  • Navneet Singh
    Navneet Singh 9 months ago

    Is it worthy to buy Moto Z instead of Moto Z Play ?

  • Chetan Kolli
    Chetan Kolli 9 months ago

    Is this a single SIM or a dual SIM?

  • Abhedya Sharma
    Abhedya Sharma 9 months ago

    Hi Bharat, does these mods come along with the phone that costs nearly 40k.??

  • Suriya Suriya
    Suriya Suriya 9 months ago

    Samsung note 7 iphone 7plus Samsung s7 edge which is best mobile sir plz reply...sir n my price is 75000 thousands

  • Dev Sil
    Dev Sil 9 months ago

    great info thanks

  • prem taak
    prem taak 9 months ago

    mods are free with this phone

    PRO GAMER MANAGER 9 months ago +1

    Does the moto z comes with mods or we have to buy it separately
    please tell me somebody

    • Normie AF
      Normie AF 5 months ago

      PRO GAMER MANAGER We need to buy separately ,each almost 10k

  • Maitreya Puranik
    Maitreya Puranik 10 months ago

    1:56 Does the India unit use cornering gorilla glass?
    They haven't mentioned anywhere about the glass used in the India unit, could anyone clarify?

  • animesh kayal
    animesh kayal 10 months ago

    cost of mods

  • Azeez
    Azeez 10 months ago

    make an camera comparison between moto z and moto z play

  • 8O's neon Love
    8O's neon Love 10 months ago

    background track?

  • Vivek Bharti
    Vivek Bharti 10 months ago

    Man your videos are really good. Standard videos! Thumbs up bro.

  • Harshit Bhadauria
    Harshit Bhadauria 10 months ago

    mods with come. handset

  • Jitendra Choudhary
    Jitendra Choudhary 10 months ago

    Hey! howz the battery life of moto z? its having small battery

  • Anantha Krishnan
    Anantha Krishnan 10 months ago

    "The Style Mod will be Part of the Sales Package." Which mods I will get when I order moto Z with style mods?

  • kushagra saini
    kushagra saini 10 months ago

    Does the mod comes with the phone or do we have to purchase it separately

  • kushagra saini
    kushagra saini 10 months ago

    Does the mod comes with the phone or do we have to purchase it separately

  • Pardeep singh
    Pardeep singh 10 months ago

    #igyaan i don't see the earphones that you have showed in any other unboxing :| please clarify

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar 10 months ago

    slim slot on moto z indian variant hybrid sim slot or normal (two sims along with sd card)?

    VOICE 10 months ago

    op3 or moto z or g5

  • Anirudh Rayanapati
    Anirudh Rayanapati 10 months ago

    I'm confused so addons can be used only on motoZ and Moto Z play is it?

  • Tejas Kolhe
    Tejas Kolhe 10 months ago

    Is it a Dual SIM or a Hybrid Dual SIM ?

    TUSHAR PATIL 10 months ago

    moto modes come in box or we have to by seprately ...?

  • Nikhil Nerkar
    Nikhil Nerkar 10 months ago

    Nice video, but Can you please tell me what is the price of MOTO MODS or they come along the handset?

  • Dr. Rishi Mantri
    Dr. Rishi Mantri 10 months ago

    Is it a Dual SIM or a Hybrid Dual SIM ?

  • Alonso y su Pandilla
    Alonso y su Pandilla 10 months ago +1

    Alahu akabar

  • ashrith balaji
    ashrith balaji 10 months ago

    how do I buy it in India??

    • Wildo the Dildo
      Wildo the Dildo 10 months ago

      +ashrith balaji or better yet, you wait for the galaxy s8

    • ashrith balaji
      ashrith balaji 10 months ago

      Better yet, I'll wait for 7hours. I checked it on another website sales starting tonight.

    • Wildo the Dildo
      Wildo the Dildo 10 months ago

      ashrith balaji step 1: move to another country

  • mayank saxena
    mayank saxena 10 months ago

    Moto jee chutiya moto z mdrchod

  • Manohar singh
    Manohar singh 10 months ago

    40k price for a ~15k camera? If you can't get good indoor shots what's the point. Its 2016 so any phone above 10k will meet your daily requirements, why pay higher if you don't get significant improvements.

  • Vipul Shah
    Vipul Shah 10 months ago

    is moto z dual sim

  • Amey Shirsaokar
    Amey Shirsaokar 10 months ago

    where can i get the starting music?

  • Pradeep Chakravarty
    Pradeep Chakravarty 10 months ago

    IGyaan need to improve with the changing times. There is no clear view of whether the SD card is dedicated or hybrid sim. Sim tray shall be opened and be shown during the review. Secondly there is nothing about Volte. These two things are minimum people would like to know these days. I don't think iGyaan is listening as there is no reply from them for any comments. I believe the reviews from Geekyranjit are much better. Please improve iGyaan.

  • Rajesh Subramanian
    Rajesh Subramanian 10 months ago

    will it support VOLTE???

  • Andy D
    Andy D 10 months ago

    does moto z has the dedicated mmc slot... or it has hybrid sim card slot??? plz reply abt it...

  • Vaastav Parikh
    Vaastav Parikh 10 months ago

    Bro first of all your accents is super cool. Love to hear your voice. 👍🏻 keep uploading videos.

  • Raj Kaklotar
    Raj Kaklotar 10 months ago

    does mod come inbox? or we have to buy it? +igyaan

  • shahina Tak
    shahina Tak 10 months ago

    Wats the price if moto z???

  • Ankush Narang
    Ankush Narang 10 months ago +1

    No fuckin 3.5 mm jack...?? wtf r mobile company's upto..?? we cant carry that wierd 3.5 mm jack connector all d time we wanna use our n lenovo both r going reverse...

  • Prasad Satav
    Prasad Satav 10 months ago +3

    Man bring that old music back

  • Aneesh Punichithaya
    Aneesh Punichithaya 10 months ago +3

    0:03 he said lenovo launched moto z???

  • Vignesh Iyer
    Vignesh Iyer 10 months ago

    hi.... does the moto z nd z play comes with all the mods or do u have to buy it seperatly

  • Djbalraj Shriyan
    Djbalraj Shriyan 10 months ago

    from wher I can buy that mods. ...and does it support to moto g3

  • Priyabrata Kanungo
    Priyabrata Kanungo 10 months ago

    Dope !!!

  • cikopelo
    cikopelo 10 months ago +2

    isnt that a capasitve button ?
    i dont like on screen buttons.

    • Sanjib G Chakraborty
      Sanjib G Chakraborty 10 months ago

      cikopelo I mean the same...

    • cikopelo
      cikopelo 10 months ago

      no i mean there is so much space on the bottom why dont you place a physical button ?_?
      i hate LG , Sony, Huawei Google Pixel etc just because of their on screen buttons.

    • Sanjib G Chakraborty
      Sanjib G Chakraborty 10 months ago

      cikopelo you are absolutely right... it makes the screen small too ... I got my Moto Z .. didn't like it...

  • Jay venomoid
    Jay venomoid 10 months ago

    lenovo designed this phone so you dont need to expect moreeeee

  • Leo Learning
    Leo Learning 10 months ago

    annoying intro

  • Karthik Arjun
    Karthik Arjun 10 months ago

    I am using Moto X style. I am interested to buy Moto z. I need suggestion to buy it, is Moto Z(5.5″ AMOLED)battery life is better then Moto X style(5.7" LCD) for a day performance (without any mods) ?

  • Bhaskar Varshney
    Bhaskar Varshney 10 months ago

    could you please compare the the thickness of moto z after adding incipio power pack to other flagship phones. it would be a good add on to your next video

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