WONDER WOMAN – Rise of the Warrior [Official Final Trailer]

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  • Wm K
    Wm K 4 hours ago

    Come to think of it, wasn't Xena basically Wonder Woman?

  • LyricalXilence
    LyricalXilence 5 hours ago

    movies been out forever and I'm still jamming to this trailer

  • KirbyStarWarrior
    KirbyStarWarrior 6 hours ago

    I am here

  • hrx billa
    hrx billa 10 hours ago +1

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  • Bose Omogbo
    Bose Omogbo 11 hours ago

    After seeing this I can't wait for Gotham City Sirens!

  • Jason Barr
    Jason Barr 15 hours ago

    I loved the movie

  • Michalka Langella
    Michalka Langella 16 hours ago

    film wonder women...succes to realese

  • Ken Loves Brissy
    Ken Loves Brissy 17 hours ago

    Gal Gadot is the best!!!

  • Ashish Ranjan
    Ashish Ranjan 1 day ago


  • Reet Gadhiya
    Reet Gadhiya 1 day ago

    The movie was AMAZING the effects were so realistic I can't describe how amazing it was

  • Ellie Wirth
    Ellie Wirth 1 day ago

    Best. Movie. Ever.

  • Yoram Paar
    Yoram Paar 1 day ago

    They did ruin the song though

  • Lisa Adkins
    Lisa Adkins 1 day ago +192

    This is the best movie i've seen this year, just amazing. I watched it here gph.to/2tWPZXg?Wonder-Woman

  • Mordo Dodo
    Mordo Dodo 1 day ago

    I just want to say this one thing: Wonder Woman was probably one of the few movies that saved the DC cinematic universe.

  • Hindfacts
    Hindfacts 1 day ago

    this looks more than enough , unable to digest

  • Caitlin Pepper
    Caitlin Pepper 1 day ago

    Witness the rise of a Warrior

  • Nabin Sarkar
    Nabin Sarkar 1 day ago

    most beautiful lady I ever seen like you 😘

  • MegaMissfitz
    MegaMissfitz 2 days ago

    Is now a good time to tell you ive just had vision of you in full battle arma! (Very mild virtual little sniiger alert) 😤😤😤

  • hi bye
    hi bye 2 days ago

    Corny. Also why face over physique. She needs to be a little more muscular

  • RFM95
    RFM95 2 days ago

    'Wonder Woman' has really resonated with me :')

  • Gaffa Blackheart
    Gaffa Blackheart 2 days ago

    germans working with muslims....gas and shit...typical lying israeli jew bullshit movie...you will always be sick bastards realy 😂😂😂😂

  • Bella Belha
    Bella Belha 2 days ago +1

    Sim esse filme é maravilhoso❤❤❤❤
    Assisti 3 vezes já.

  • Zee Prioncoatl
    Zee Prioncoatl 2 days ago

    I can highly recommend the movie, it's possibly one of the most beautiful super hero movie I've seen. Not just the scenes, but motion, music, sound and acting.

  • Julian Müller
    Julian Müller 2 days ago

    You all won't realize this for a long time, but this is actually just a mediocre mainstream film without any special qualities. We'll all forget about this in a few months

  • Maddy Hennessey
    Maddy Hennessey 2 days ago

    Every time I watch this it gives me chills

  • William Ayers
    William Ayers 2 days ago

    Going to see Wonder Woman tonight, and just from the trailer........I..... CAN'T.....WAIT!!!!!

  • VP Thirteen
    VP Thirteen 2 days ago

    If Trailers were rated like movies this would be No 1. Amazing Trailer for an Awesome movie

  • Listen To Reason
    Listen To Reason 2 days ago

    Well... This is a stupid movie.. Yawn..

  • Flash FM
    Flash FM 2 days ago

    Gal Gadot is the Wonder Woman of my dreams. 😍

  • MACE_to_the_FACE
    MACE_to_the_FACE 2 days ago

    2:09 I'm in love with this woman

  • Ken Loves Brissy
    Ken Loves Brissy 2 days ago

    She's a badass!!!

  • orbitaldildo
    orbitaldildo 2 days ago


  • Kunal Kumthekar
    Kunal Kumthekar 3 days ago

    Gal gadot nailed It!!!

  • Oppai God
    Oppai God 3 days ago

    After watching this movie, it made climb out of plastic to bronze

  • Jon Mowen
    Jon Mowen 3 days ago

    Here's a decent female lead: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/21/world/asia/burmese-warlord-olive-yang.html?emc=edit_mbae_20170723&nl=&nlid=77787368&te=1

  • Danish Siddiqui
    Danish Siddiqui 3 days ago

    Lots of love from nepal 🇳🇵

  • healthystyle
    healthystyle 3 days ago

    How many Children and families did she kill and torture in real life when she was in the Israeli Army!!!! Why has nobody ever asked that question!!!

  • Weapon X
    Weapon X 3 days ago

    While fanboys fight over justice league and Thor I'm just here re watching a trailer better than both of them🔥

  • serey1970
    serey1970 3 days ago

    Ares was so ridiculous in this movie.
    The movie started so good but ended very poor.

  • MonkMovie7
    MonkMovie7 3 days ago +3

    WONDER WOMAN – Rise of the Warrior
    Watch In HD

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 3 days ago

    The reason why so many women like this movie is because it gives them false hope that theyre better than men

  • Krabicc
    Krabicc 3 days ago

    captain america - women's edition !

  • rsy nii
    rsy nii 3 days ago

    My gosh! I have goosebumps all over just from watching the trailer 😣

  • Cute Shoes and Bags
    Cute Shoes and Bags 3 days ago

    From A-F, it was a C+.

  • Beardedman
    Beardedman 3 days ago

    Even though i like sci-fi movies, i just can't wrap my mind around the woman worrior idea...i tried to watch it, but i couldn't even watch the whole trailer without being struck in the head like a hammer by the ridiculousness in this movie
    I'm sure that all those over sensitive keyboard warriors will find my "bigotistic" and "misogynistic" comment very hurtful, but this is the truth as i see it and won't change it to protect their fragile ego

  • dogan
    dogan 3 days ago +5

    You can watch Wonder Woman (2017) from here : https://sites.google.com/site/wonderwoman720hd/

  • imam firdaus
    imam firdaus 3 days ago

    Fcking israel

  • the king of Robot
    the king of Robot 4 days ago

    2017 best year forever because of those awesome movie from DC and Marvel and Transformers 5 but DC is much better than others I am excited for Justice League and want to see Wonder Woman again in November 17 and Cyborg and Aquaman .

  • Not Andre Fung
    Not Andre Fung 4 days ago

    Who else thinks that this movies does not only gives girls and females audiences a role model to look up to but also inspires both men and women to become a better human being? Spreading love and peace but most importantly believing in each one of yourself?

  • TheOopsEdaisy
    TheOopsEdaisy 4 days ago

    annoying f***** music!!

  • Abc xyz
    Abc xyz 4 days ago

    I think this trailer would've been better if they didn't repeat certain motifs, like her kicking through a window

  • MineControlX
    MineControlX 4 days ago

    Too many spoilers! I can't handle it! I haven't watched Wonder Woman yet and I really want to. She is so gorgeous!

  • Mash
    Mash 4 days ago

    cant believe there are no "fuck this feminism bullshit" comments lmaooo

  • Kyle Storey
    Kyle Storey 4 days ago

    S0C0 4

  • ارض السلام
    ارض السلام 4 days ago

    Israël. Hhhhh Wonder Woman in your dreams !!!!

  • Steven CC
    Steven CC 4 days ago

    A warrior woman? ha ha ha so funny. Feminist bullshit movie

  • La Lisa
    La Lisa 4 days ago

    100/10 but the ending depressed the fuck out of me.

  • Liliany Lie
    Liliany Lie 5 days ago +1

    Gal Gadot. :)

  • slyjayhawk 70
    slyjayhawk 70 5 days ago

    Didn't like it because it was set in the second world war and if it was In modern times it would have been better

    • Mr. RevanHood
      Mr. RevanHood 4 days ago

      slyjayhawk 70 |
      it was set during world war 1 not the 2nd

  • John Cena
    John Cena 5 days ago

    Imagine Dragons brought me here :DDD

  • Nedvalyn
    Nedvalyn 5 days ago +139

    Fantastic movie
    best superhero movie I've seen in years. Brilliant stuff
    whatch and download

  • Antonio Preston
    Antonio Preston 5 days ago

    nice movie

  • Aina Salmons Gonzalez

    y love wonder women

  • Romela Jane Gloria
    Romela Jane Gloria 5 days ago


  • Diana Moya
    Diana Moya 5 days ago

    Is anyone else's name Diana too?😂

  • Blue Water
    Blue Water 6 days ago


  • PlsGiveMeMoney
    PlsGiveMeMoney 6 days ago

    I never captain kirk knew wonder woman!

  • Deborah B
    Deborah B 6 days ago

    I'm the biggest Marvel nerd, and i've only seen The Flash from the DC universe, but holy crap I want to watch this.

  • Sevak Shahbazian
    Sevak Shahbazian 6 days ago

    bruh why the fuck you gotta make steven die like wtf

  • Nadir Falhi
    Nadir Falhi 6 days ago +2

    what a stupid movie

  • Tyler Miller
    Tyler Miller 6 days ago

    Pals Darnass tablespoon like the video heartmmy yell

  • Sawyer Ross
    Sawyer Ross 6 days ago

    She is a total smokehouse

  • Mourad Benhachemi
    Mourad Benhachemi 6 days ago

    Trop fort

  • heekyung Kim
    heekyung Kim 7 days ago

    Wow. She is beautiful.

  • brandon caruso
    brandon caruso 7 days ago

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  • Priyasha Bhowmik
    Priyasha Bhowmik 7 days ago

    The first thing that came into my mind," CAPTAIN JAMES TIBERIUS KIRK!!!! YOUR ARE A SPY NOW?????""

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  • Jimmy Firecracker
    Jimmy Firecracker 7 days ago

    Somebody reebot tomb raider and cast her. It would be lit af

  • Lifespiration
    Lifespiration 7 days ago +1

    Plot hole: When the mother was telling the story of the gods she mentioned that "with Zeus's dying breath he created this island..." but she also said that she sculpted Diana out of clay and begged Zeus to bring her to life ¿

  • Chanel Coco
    Chanel Coco 7 days ago

    Can't believe she was heavily pregnant during the filming of this movie, that's incredible x

  • Adrian Sáez
    Adrian Sáez 7 days ago


  • A Lo
    A Lo 7 days ago +2

    Who is still gettin hype watching this damn trailer, acting like the movie is about to come out?! Lmboo.

  • Amal Farah
    Amal Farah 7 days ago

    i watched it twice it was awesome couldin't miss it for the world best movie ever


    Tras la trilogía de Batman, Dc-comic da de nuevo en el clavo con WonderWoman. magnifica historia, bien tratada y con mensaje. recomendada.

  • InaneArtifactOH
    InaneArtifactOH 7 days ago


  • Shiri Dirisina
    Shiri Dirisina 8 days ago

    I feel like Diana and steve rogers would have a lot in common

  • F-15SA
    F-15SA 8 days ago

    Wonder Woman Battlefield 1 Edition

  • Rani Septiany
    Rani Septiany 8 days ago

    udh nonton di bioskop...
    seru abis...
    bikin mau nonton lagi

  • Lotfi SADI
    Lotfi SADI 8 days ago

    shitty movie

  • Bill O'Reilly
    Bill O'Reilly 8 days ago

    I WONDER if she's going to use WONDER Bread when she makes me a sandwich 🍞

    ...More on that, at 11 🎥

  • christian guzman
    christian guzman 8 days ago

    worst movie I ever seen only 5min action the rest is talking

  • Sammy Sosa
    Sammy Sosa 8 days ago +4

    I cant wait to have a little girl when im older and watch this with her. Im just glad that young girls these days can have a strong woman like wonder woman as a role model and they can look up to her. DC totally beat Marvel in this aspect, they actually give a shit about their female superheroes.

  • Andrew Aranda
    Andrew Aranda 8 days ago

    Dc or Marvel
    Like Dc
    Comment Marvel

  • Thaha Maltatissimo
    Thaha Maltatissimo 8 days ago

    isnt this the league of legends sound ? :D

  • LeicaM11
    LeicaM11 8 days ago

    Since "Rogue One" the second most nonsense movie. Who gives money for that crap?

  • Parekh Kalpesh
    Parekh Kalpesh 8 days ago

    when it will come in hindi full hd

  • Aditi Singh
    Aditi Singh 8 days ago

    when i saw ares for d first time i was like this is d guy from harry potter who turned into a werewolf wow he became god of war LOL

  • Jamie Olberding
    Jamie Olberding 8 days ago

    "Daleks vs Wonder Women! Who would win in a battle to the death?"

  • Jamie Olberding
    Jamie Olberding 8 days ago

    "Wait a minute! What is Captain James T. Kirk doing in "Wonder Women?"

  • Skankhunt 42
    Skankhunt 42 8 days ago

    Jewish propaganda!

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