Is Earth Actually Flat?

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    Flat Earth gravity simulation by Yeti Dynamics:

    Kansas flatness study: (the pancakes used in the study were from IHOP):

    the flatness of other states:

    "The Meaning Of It All" by Richard Feynman:

    “The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten”:

    related Vsauce video, “Is Anything Real?”

    Minutphysics “TOP 10 REASONS Why We Know the Earth is Round”

    Good satirical series about how the Earth IS flat:

    What if Earth was a cube?

    MYTH of the round Earth:

    Earth is round:

    Varrazano bridge:

    Varrazano spelling controversy:

    Flat Earth Society:

    Wilbur Glen Voliva:

    Flat earth map (one theory):

    Poe’s Law:

    Science is always provisional and theories are never conclusively proven:

    Asimov on being “more wrong”:

    Occam’s Razor:

    Newton’s flaming laser sword:

    Other razors:

    relativistic length contractions:

    I really liked this one:

    Earth and cosmic ray perspective:

    wolfram contraction simulator:

    Susan Haack:

    1996 election NYT crossword:
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  • Someone Someone
    Someone Someone 2 minutes ago

    What if neil armstrong never landed on the moon 😱

  • Dog Boy Malone
    Dog Boy Malone 4 minutes ago

    But. What if the plates not fucking spinning (but the heavens), you bald headed nob...!?!

    DBM. England.

  • FlickSquad
    FlickSquad 1 hour ago

    How tf do you just travel in circles without knowing. Like that makes no sense. Is this just bullshit facts to assume earth is flat. I want video proof of someone traveling to show its flat.

  • Demo cracy
    Demo cracy 1 hour ago

    The earth is flat all over the globe.

  • tehgjunki
    tehgjunki 2 hours ago

    And as always, I have more questions than answers.

  • Ross Parker
    Ross Parker 2 hours ago

    Mind blown

  • Daniel Oh
    Daniel Oh 4 hours ago

    Then how dafuq is the volcano formed

  • big smoke
    big smoke 4 hours ago

    The earth is thicc

  • Hasnaat Marth
    Hasnaat Marth 5 hours ago

    Flat earth is just b.s.

  • Kiseki Kitsune
    Kiseki Kitsune 5 hours ago

    If they said that the sun was a few miles above the Earth, would we be burning up and dying right now? Or life would be dead by now?

  • Yaxifty
    Yaxifty 5 hours ago

    If u think earth is flat

    Why cant we fall off then

    Why can you get around the earth in many directions for example if u were at the right point of the flat earth and you want to go to the left why can u go right then and get there from the other side ?? Thats prove enough

  • Keyton Bush
    Keyton Bush 6 hours ago

    I identify as a cosmic ray particle, check you cis-male-globular privilege!

  • georules
    georules 6 hours ago

    The flat earth disc doesn't rotate, it accelerates up.

  • Dagmara Maciejewska
    Dagmara Maciejewska 7 hours ago

    you are so stupid

  • damien collett
    damien collett 7 hours ago

    I clicked on this video just to mock people who might actually believe this, dumbasses lol

  • SittingMoose Shaman
    SittingMoose Shaman 7 hours ago

    ...but, but
    - you are using the logic of scientific methodology to counter the imaginary aspects of the absurd!
    It's like painting a big tunnel on a huge, flat-faced boulder. Then, walking a quarter mile over to the guy in a semi and *TELLING* him/her that the tunnel *IS* indeed, *FAKE.* The driver - having witnessed the tunnel being just painted - still drives off and into the rock at 90mph. Exploding into a fatality and a big mess... Why? Because that particular driver *BELIEVED* the cartoon. *NOT* the reality. I'm hoping that *EVERY* single one of these Flatts *ARE* indeed, *TROLLS* - unabashedly out for sh*tz 'n' giggles. 'cause if'n they ain't... Let's hope they are taking their meds and are kept *FAR* away from any sharp things.

  • The Stig
    The Stig 7 hours ago

    Tin foil hat came out and things got real!

    LOL. Seriously though, why don't we send a flat earther up in space and send them from north to south and back around to north on the other side?

  • freddan80
    freddan80 8 hours ago

    yes its flat

  • Trantarox
    Trantarox 8 hours ago

    The earth is a sun

  • Carl Septien
    Carl Septien 9 hours ago

    Look. I have seen sun beams in the sky at sunrise. I've watched the sun come up and go down. I've witnessed the lengthening of days in summer compared to winter in the northern hemisphere, and no significant difference near the equator. I've experienced different time zones and I'm aware that if you travel in a single direction for long enough you will return to your point of origin. Objects disappear behind the horizon as they move away and the horizon appears in the bottom half of any view when you stand looking straight ahead. There are two glacial poles. Currents move in opposite directions in the northern and southern hemispheres. The earth seems to me to be a sphere on a titled axis. (whether or not it's spinning or celestial objects orbit it I haven't considered.) Now, of course, no one seems to be able to leave the surface zone of this globe and thus it might be difficult to prove by human sight alone; by this I mean a human orbiting the globe at even 200 miles up will not see much curvature if the globe is really almost 8,000 miles in diameter. I cannot see any "flat earth" model which can account for all the above phenomena, not to mention the evidence of continental drift towards the Pacific basin and evidence of antipodal shifting of material as a result of the mechanism which caused the uplifting of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Together with the many scars and evidences of surface materials shifting on this basis, I see no logical model for a flat disc shaped surface. Furthermore the overwhelming evidence of catastrophe marking the Earth facing side of the Moon suggests the origin of the objects causing those impacts was the Earth itself, otherwise the Earth would have suffered the same fate. This could not happen if the Earth is flat.

  • Silver2308
    Silver2308 10 hours ago

    1:35 - Imagine living in one of those houses and having to get back there everyday, you wouldn't have calfs, you'd have a couple of cows

  • xX Oragon Xx
    xX Oragon Xx 11 hours ago

    Earth is an oblate spheroid

  • Member Berry
    Member Berry 11 hours ago

    The Flat Earth society has members all around the globe.

  • Vinh Su
    Vinh Su 12 hours ago

    Such a meme

  • pacotaco99
    pacotaco99 13 hours ago

    In short, yes the earth is flat.

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks 13 hours ago

    NigaHiga explained it better

  • Alex Musso
    Alex Musso 15 hours ago

    people can't take the truth

  • KindSparky The VI
    KindSparky The VI 16 hours ago

    Just being dead serious, the earth, or any celestial body bigger than my ex, must be round do to it's gravitational pull. Gravity as we know must exist as there is no other way it could, and if the Earth was accelerating upwards at 9.8m/s2, then what about the people on the other side? Antarctica would be way bigger than it already is, and weather would be completely fucked, raining only in the center and everything else is a dry desert.

  • Indianaball
    Indianaball 17 hours ago

    Take a photo from the front back and sides at the same time, see no disc

  • Harry Andruschak
    Harry Andruschak 17 hours ago

    Dear flat-earthers......all 17, 634 of you.....may your lives be as pleasent as you are.

  • phantom 7020
    phantom 7020 17 hours ago

    Oh shit gravity is not real

  • Sabertooth
    Sabertooth 17 hours ago

    I've never seen a flat earther say why people are taught the earth is round if it isn't. like, to be a conspiracy, there has to be some sort of "forbidden" aspect to it. but what does ANYONE gain from having people believe the earth is round?

    • Randi Three
      Randi Three 13 hours ago

      they say it's the reptiloids, who keep up the conspiracy. And we earthlings don't understand the reptiloids. They are too smart for us.

  • Yiwan Ye
    Yiwan Ye 17 hours ago

    i mean everything can be two dimensionalized, just like space time is flat, only gravity makes curvy.

  • Prakriti
    Prakriti 17 hours ago

    you are all wrong I have it on good authority the earth is banana shaped.

  • Macabre Malefica
    Macabre Malefica 18 hours ago

    Are there really 17,634 retards dumb enough to think the earth is flat?

  • sikphuk on tha downlow

    Any man who refuse to see that the earth is flat is a closet gay homosexual

  • Kevin Gibson
    Kevin Gibson 18 hours ago

    All Flat Earth Theory believers should hop on the private jets of the Celebrities who believe it and spread out along the same latitude all around the earth and fly perfectly due north at the same time at the same speed to prove all of us scientists wrong. The moment all the jets collide and they're all experiencing an excruciating death, at least they'll know they we "Round Earthers" were right.

  • miki spike
    miki spike 18 hours ago

    How can u explain satellite pictures

  • Hoschi0913
    Hoschi0913 18 hours ago

    lets assume Earth is flat.......What is on the other side ? Has anyone ever gotten there ? Why can we not go there ? How does a 32 mile sun generate so much heat and light over billions of years ?

  • Only herbivorous animals die of atherosclerosis

    If anyone that believes the earth is flat is reading this then buy a drone with a camera on it. Fly up as high as you can, pick a direction or line in the horizon and go there and fall of the edge asshole

  • i7fan
    i7fan 19 hours ago

    Not sure why people even talk about a flat earth? If it was flat there would have been an edge going around the world, correct? So then MANY countries would have had the edge go through them and MANY people would have seen it. Not to talk about that we fly airplanes and go by boat AROUND THE WHOLE WORLD ALL THE TIME. Not to talk about all the expeditions and scientists that go around the world every damn day... People would have taken photos and videos from the edge LONG time ago if it was there LOL! Where is the edge? Thailand? North pole? South Africa? Australia? Where is it?! Invisible?

    Troll troll troll. And its not even a good one. We would never even spoken about a round earth if there was an edge around the world because it would have been spotted - OBVIOUSLY - long time ago.

  • White Knight
    White Knight 20 hours ago

    7:58 hitler would be proud...XD

  • Dankglas Quaid
    Dankglas Quaid 20 hours ago

    I always wanted to ask a flat earther what would anyone gain from lying about the earth being spherical. Would they lose out on Earth stocks? Will Big Earth go down?

  • Mandela Effect Comedy

    Everything in the universe is supposedly moving 1.3million miles per hour... from an outside observer a sphere moving that fast would flatten the faster it goes. You can even see slow motion golf ball or 90MPH fastball flatten slightly.

  • mica foster
    mica foster 21 hour ago

    How do flat earthers explain the sun going around the antarctic 24 hours daily?

  • The legendary mcboop

    i swear to fucking god if some dumbass twat uses this video as proof then i will leave this flat or round earth

  • Halcyon
    Halcyon 22 hours ago

    Of course the Earth is flat...silly video.

  • TryToReadThis
    TryToReadThis 22 hours ago

    Why would boats disappear "bottom first" if the earth is a globe?? Wouldn´t the rear be the last thing you see??

  • biokendozer
    biokendozer 22 hours ago

    Is this a parody? I can't even tell anymore...

  • John Banks
    John Banks 23 hours ago

    Dammit, Michael, you make me want to understand the secrets of the universe now!!

  • Kaera Neko
    Kaera Neko 1 day ago

    This video should've been a "No." followed by ten minutes of black silence.

  • Mega Blaster
    Mega Blaster 1 day ago

    this only shows that 15 million people is still wondering if the world is round or flat...

  • George 3
    George 3 1 day ago

    Just had an argument with a flat earther and he went out with all of the excuses and i just carried on giving the same simple answer every time

  • Casey Arbuthnot
    Casey Arbuthnot 1 day ago

    your mom should have swallowed you for this one.

    • LezPlayTF2
      LezPlayTF2 19 hours ago

      I would say the same thing to you.

  • NTYo
    NTYo 1 day ago

    what if there is no gravity, no universe... anything science says about space is wrong?

  • RMJ1984
    RMJ1984 1 day ago

    Scary that 17.000 ignorants out there think that the world is flat. Really scary.

  • Carl Rundle
    Carl Rundle 1 day ago

    I'm just thinking it must be really tempting for these flat earthers to visit the edge of earth so that they can finally close this debate right?

    • Carl Rundle
      Carl Rundle 21 hour ago

      TheRedHoody strange, that's not what I heard! I heard TheLegend27 is protecting the border.. Together with Santa claus and the easter bunny naturally.

    • TheRedHoody
      TheRedHoody 21 hour ago

      Carl Rundle You don't understand. There's a fleet of UN ships that patrol the border. If they see you they capture you, erase your memory, and turn you around so that you think you went entirely around.


  • ZAchie 123
    ZAchie 123 1 day ago

    Ok flat earthers, riddle me this. In Dubai, the tallest building in the world is there. If you're on the ground the sun is set for you because it went over the curve of the earth. But, if you're in the building you can see the sun, and if you take a thermometer you can get heat, I'll be it Very little. You can see it because the building is taller so you can see over the curve. Now if the world was flat everyone would be in day at the same time, and this would not be possible. Or how can I go one way and end up there again on the other side

  • Bo Diddly
    Bo Diddly 1 day ago

    why cant we see any pictures of earth from space of buildings up-side down?? actually is there any real pics of earth?? all the pics ive seen all had clouds that matched all over like as they were photo shoped in places

  • Geloradanan R'lyeh

    If the earth is flat, where is the edge?

  • VilSa
    VilSa 1 day ago

    I'm starting a new movement.

    The earth is a Ferrero Rocher. Creamy core with a crispy crust and we are the nuts stuck in the outside dirt.

    Prove me wrong.

  • Wolf gaming ROBLOX & More!!

    LOL stop at 2:04

  • Nukoduke
    Nukoduke 1 day ago

    Wow Vsauce-whats wrong with you.
    You're being incredibly shapist. Its actually a hexagon.

  • Emmanuel Monforte

    if the earth is accelerating 9.8m/s^2 it should have reach or passed the speed of light already since it only takes less than a year to do that, if the earth was accelerating 9.8m/s^2

  • thomas jones
    thomas jones 1 day ago

    So why does my mate from australia have to go to bed at lunch time then?

  • E4 Eagle
    E4 Eagle 1 day ago

    Nonsense ! The earth is not flat circle disc !
    Its flat Square Disc !

    This is how NEWS works! North, East, West , South.

  • Genji Tsuka
    Genji Tsuka 1 day ago

    Why would you even dislike a video like this? xD i just don't get it. Too much info for your microscopic brain?

  • losyash
    losyash 1 day ago

    Шароебы одумайтесь

  • David Chiordi - Carpet Art LLC

    but if it was spinning wouldn't centrifugal force fling the person off instead of pull him in???????

  • proudpilot777
    proudpilot777 1 day ago

    To flat earthers.
    Brain of a flat earther: error no brain found!

  • Ethan Dyson
    Ethan Dyson 1 day ago

    aaaand, let the shit storm begin

  • Luis Davila
    Luis Davila 1 day ago

    Of course it is,how else would it stay on the Turtle?

  • lol lol
    lol lol 1 day ago

    Me no understand nun by you cant get out of 🌎

  • A Hufflepuff Student

    How would a lunar eclipse even happen if the earth cant get in between the sun and the moon?

  • aBirdsGottaFly
    aBirdsGottaFly 1 day ago

    Its potato shaped...

  • Ryan Lloyd
    Ryan Lloyd 1 day ago

    Are those dislikes or fucking disclikes? 😂

  • Jim RK
    Jim RK 1 day ago

    Kim Kardashian is flat

  • Buds420King
    Buds420King 1 day ago

    The only thing worse than the flattards are the people who think vsauce is defending flat earthers.

  • Spino2Earth
    Spino2Earth 1 day ago

    Round Earth shall Proper!! Flat Earth shall Perish!!
    All Glory to Planet Earth!! All Glory to the Holy land of Africa!!

  • Godzilla McDolan
    Godzilla McDolan 1 day ago

    Subscribe to Dolan Dark

  • Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones 1 day ago

    *questioning statement*

  • PierreKiwiz
    PierreKiwiz 1 day ago

    Mind = blown

  • Matthew Rabbady
    Matthew Rabbady 1 day ago

    if the earth is flat, then why is it that you can only see the North Star from the northern hemisphere?

  • Matthew Rabbady
    Matthew Rabbady 1 day ago

    short answer: no

  • Raka IndoGamer
    Raka IndoGamer 1 day ago

    The answer is "No",thanks me later..

  • Atlas
    Atlas 1 day ago

    Plot twist: The Earth is The Moon

  • Ruz Gaming
    Ruz Gaming 1 day ago

    oo edgy

  • Sergeant Unibrow
    Sergeant Unibrow 1 day ago

    Ok, here is something for flatties to think about.
    Just think about how much power sun needs to have in order to give out so much heat and energy. I mean, it can raise temperatures of entire continents for goodness sake.
    If sun was really about 3000 miles or so as flatties say it is, then we would turn into Shish kebabs in a matter of milliseconds.
    Or if it was weaker so that it does not burn everything, then it would not have enough energy to heat up the earth... just think about it, and where would all that energy come from if sun was small???

  • Chrisko1492
    Chrisko1492 1 day ago

    Lol @ all the freaks who really believe earth is flat. But honestly you just need to ask one simple question that will shut all their "theories" down: Why? Why would the NASA, scientists etc go to such length to prove the "lie" of a round earth? What do they gain? Why even inventing the round earth-"lie" in the first place?

    Honestly, even the "moon landing was fake"-theory is more believable since at least there would have been a reason to fake this (to beat the sovjets in the race to the moon).

  • mihaitha
    mihaitha 1 day ago

    So flatties are actually moving close to the speed of light? Then how come we can see and hear them?...

  • bossman 558
    bossman 558 1 day ago

    earth is a flat and the suns a planet come on

  • Acorlan 145
    Acorlan 145 1 day ago

    Me:the crap is going on what one is it flat or not flat
    Vsauce: (some more random crap)
    Me:thanks I just ganna say it's not flat because flat earthers are too busy trying trying to kill us without acting stupid on the road so we go out and end up dyeing trying to show them the truth (and I might end up back to 5 subs

  • Acorlan 145
    Acorlan 145 1 day ago

    Guys guys we have it all wrong it's flat it's not round but is both its part of the 4th dimension

  • Arjun Vemuri
    Arjun Vemuri 1 day ago

    you are a idiot

  • Jeff McNickle
    Jeff McNickle 1 day ago

    vsauce is a fucking idiot... he is trying to take the round earth science and apply it to flat earth...

  • Fam Squadd
    Fam Squadd 1 day ago


  • #Beepoo.
    #Beepoo. 1 day ago

    I am a new subscriber to your channel as of a week ago. I saw the title and I came questioning your integrity. I sincerely apologize.
    17,000 dislikes speaks volumes of society's ability to resist indoctrination. In questioning indoctrination they have been indoctrinated. I can only speculate their false hope is that there is someone else to blame for their Miss fortunes in life. I do admire their compassion for resistance. There may come a day when that's extremely important.

  • TheWorldWarrior
    TheWorldWarrior 1 day ago

    One word two clocks that aren't working

  • poop chip
    poop chip 1 day ago

    At first I had to look at the date to see if this was April 1st...

  • Lucius Zakk
    Lucius Zakk 1 day ago

    How can earth be flat? If I swim down forever do I end up on the other side?

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